RegnR8's Panda Power!

Sports Cards and Collectibles, Fayetteville, Ga.
$5.00 entry fee for a pack
# of duelists: around 20

Good day! I hope this tournament report finds you all well and winning!

I had a very cool day today! Last week, I built an anti-Chaos deck based on Gyaku-Gire Panda and Ojama Trio. It did fairly well. I  revised it a little more towards a beast/trample/beatdown sort of thing for this week's tournament, to see how far I could get. I hoped to play some Chaos decks to see how it faired. I got my wish (in a wierd sort of way).

After the tournament, I got to take home the stores Duel Masters display, the one with the blinking lights. It's very neat. It's sitting in my game room now, blinking merrily at me from the corner!  Whee!

OK, on to the details. Got to the store a little before 11AM. Went to the Dunkin' Donuts, as usual, for the large French Vanilla coffee. I can't start a Saturday morning tournament without my large French Vanilla coffee from Dunkin' Donuts. My wife had already gotten one for me earlier in the day so, I was on a caffeine buzz!! Wow! I think I'm still on it! I said hey to everyone. Steve (the owner) told me he's getting in Ancient Sanctuary next week and is holding me a box. I told him to hold two. It's good to be employed. Bernadette (Steve's wife), had a friend's dog with her this week. It was a very tiny white puff of fluff poodle puppy.

I bought some new sleeves for my deck. I got green ones because it goes with the theme of Beasts. You know, beasts in the forest. Forest's are green. Yeah, it's a stretch.

We got Pharoah's Servant again this week for our pack for entering. Morphing Jar #2. Yippee. Sarcasm.

Any way, here's the deck as it stands this week:

1x Jinzo
2x Dark Driceratops
3x Gyaku-Gire Panda
3x Nimble Momonga
2x Berserk Gorilla
2x Enraged Battle Ox
1x Giant Rat
1x Fiber Jar
1x Witch of the Black Forest
1x Sangan
1x Magical Scientist

1x Pot of Greed
1x Graceful Charity
1x Monster Reborn
1x Heavy Storm
1x Harpie's Feather Duster
3x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x United We Stand
2x Scapegoat

1x Imperial Order
1x Call of the Haunted
3x Ojama Trio
3x Secret Barrel
3x Waboku


1x Injection Fairy Lily
1x Berserk Gorilla
2x Giant Rat
2x The Fiend Megacyber
2x Stealth Bird
2x Creature Swap
1x Dark Hole
1x Scapegoat
1x Ceasefire
1x Nightmare Wheel
1x Final Attack Orders

The usual bad guys
As you can see, I put a lot more trample stuff in it. The whole idea behind the deck is to damage my opponent in a hurry, locking up their field with Ojama Tokens, and get Fiber Jar whenever possible to keep their graveyard empty of pesky light and dark monsters. Throw in some possible brutal damage with Secret Barrel and, viola, victory!


Panda VS Chaos

Guess what? I have to play a Chaos deck in the first round. Good. I totally killed this guy last week with the first incarnation of the Panda deck. How well will it do this week in it's transformed state? Let's see, shall we?


He won the die roll and chose to go first. He summoned Kycoo and activated SoRL. Grrr. I set a WotBF, a Scapegoat and Ojama Trio and ended my turn.

I activated Ojama Trio. He attacked my Witch with Kycoo and I got a Panda with her effect. He ended his turn.

I Mystical'd the SoRL, summoned the Panda and attacked Kycoo for 1000 damage.

He set a monster card face down and ended his turn. This is too easy. Suspecting a Fiber Jar or Cyber Jar or something, I attack it with the Panda. I was right, it was Cyber Jar. He still took some major damage, though. I got a Secret Barrel in the Cyber flip, so I set it. I got a Dark Driceratops, Jinzo, 2 MST and Graceful Charity. I played Graceful and got Fiber and something else not important. I discard for Graceful and set Fiber Jar.

I activate the Secret Barrel for 2000lp damage. He activates Harpie's Feather Duster. I activate Scapegoat. Hee. Hee. I love that.

The rest of the duel is a little sketchy, because I was taking notes, and now, looking over them, I can't really remember, or figure out what happened. I know it involved a couple of Fiber flips, suiciding Jinzos and me gaining life with Nimbles, but in the end, all that in-between stuff didn't matter because I killed him with a Secret Barrel.


He chose to go first. He set a monster and a M/T card..

On my first draw I get Monster Reborn, Ojama Trio, MST, and a Nimble. Not too great. I draw Fiber Jar. Still, not too great, but servicable. I go ahead and set the Nimble and the Ojama Trio.

On his turn, I activate the Ojama Trio. He activates Ceasefire and I take 1000LP. His face down monster was a Magicain of Faith. He summons Reflect Bounder. Why he didn't summon Reflect Bounder, flip the MoF first, and then activate Ceasefire, I'll never know. He then attacks my Nimble. I gain back the 1000LP I just lost. Ha. Ha. Ha. Man, that's funny. I get two Nimbles and set them both. He ends his turn.

I draw a Panda. I attack the MoF with a Panda. Brutal. The Panda was at 3300ATK. Trampled 2900LP with that one. Woot!

He sets another monster card on his turn. He's begging for a spanking from a Panda! I draw Enraged Battle Ox and attack a token with it for 1000LP damage. I attack his set monster card with the Panda. It's a WotBF. 1200LP damage. 2200LP in that turn!

On his turn he summons BLS-Envoy of the Beginning! He attacks my Panda and Battle Ox. Darn. That hurt. I'm feeling like I may loose now unless I draw something good. I have a hefty LP advantage but that won't last long with a BLS on the field. Heart of the Cards! I draw another Panda, summon it and attack a token for the win! Ha, Chaos bows to the mighty wrath of the Pandas!

RECORD 1 - 0


Pandas VS Dragons

Oh, no. I get paired up with my daughter in the second round! We both hate to play each other this early in the tournament. Her deck can be totally devastating!

Game 1

She chose to go first. I drew Scientist, Scapegoat, Secret Barrel, Waboku and a Panda. She set 2 M/T and a face down monster.

I set the Scapegoat and Secret Barrel. I summoned a Panda and attacked her Morphing Jar. She had just added the Morphing Jar to her deck to see if it would help speed it up a little. She took some damage. I drew I.O., Monster Reborn, PoG, Graceful and Call of the Haunted with Morphing Jar's effect. Yeah!

I activated the Secret Barrel for 1600 damage on her turn. The Morphing Jar filled her hand so, that really hurt. She summoned a Spear Dragon, Monster Reborn'd her Sangan and attacked my Panda with the Spear Dragon and I activated Scapegoat when she attacked with Sangan. She destroyed one of my tokens and ended her turn.

I drew another Secret Barrel. I played Pot of Greed and she activated Imperial Order. Crap. Where's a MST when you want one!
I set the Secret Barrel and that was it. I had three tokens on the field. Not too good.

I was winning: 6100LP - 3900LP.

I activate the Secret Barrel for 1800LP damage. The Secret Barrel's are really working for me. They are saving my butt and keeping me in this duel. She doesn't pay for I.O. Uh, oh, that's not good. Raigeki. Argh! My tokens! My protection! I see my life points vanishing before my eyes!  She summons a MFC Luster Dragon. She attacks with Luster, Spear and Sangan. OUCH!

I was losing: 1300LP - 3900LP

On my turn I Harpie'd her Reload, which she activated for 3 cards. I Call of the Haunted a Panda, summoned and Enraged Battle Ox. I attacked her defense position Spear Dragon for 2300LP damage. I knew she couldn't kill me with her Luster dragon so, I attacked her Sangan for 700 more damage. I set I.O. and end my turn.

I was winning: 1300LP - 900LP

She got a Lord of D. with Sangan. Gulp. She activates Pot of Greed and I chain with Imperial. Whew! No MST. She attacked my Panda with the Luster Dragon. Oh no.

I was losing: 700LP - 900LP

I drew a Nimble. OK.This could be a good thing. I couldn't pay for I.O. with only 700LP left. I turned my Battle Ox in defense position, set the Nimble and MST and ended my turn.

She Snatch Stole my Battle Ox! Crap! I almost MST'd it, but I thought I could use the LP gain to my advantage. She attacked my Nimble with the Battle Ox. Interesting. I loose 1600LP and actually get to -900LP , but gain 1000 back to go up to 100LP. Cool. I am so glad Nimble's effect gets to resolve!

I gain another 1000LP from the Snatch Steal. I was going to win on this turn. I hated to do it to my own daughter because she is so competitive. I Monster Reborn'd her Spear, summoned a Battle Ox, flipped up the two Nimbles. I suicided into her Luster Dragon with the Spear Dragon and attacked with the Battle Ox for the win.

Game 2

She chose to go first. She activates the best first hand combo. Pot of Greed followed by Graceful Charity. She discards Sangan and Lord of D. for Graceful's effect. She then activates Forceful Sentry and gets rid of a Waboku. Urgh. She set a monster and a couple of MT cards and ended.

I drew Imperial Order and set it along with a Scapegoat. I set Fiber Jar because I didn't have diddly-squat in my hand, and she knew what I had anyway.

She activated Harpie's, I chain with I.O.. She flips her Morphing Jar. We get 5 new cards. She brings Sangan back with a Call of the Haunted and attacks my Fiber. She didn't normal summon a monster becasue she knew I had Fiber set. She's a smart player.

After the Fiber flip, I had to take a break! 2 large French Vanilla coffees can go through you, you know!

Back to the duel. She summoned Spear Dragon and set 1 MT.

I got Pot, Graceful Charity, a Nimble, Ojama Trio and a Secret Barrel in the Fiber flip. I drew something I don't remember. I played PoG and she activated Imperial. Dang it! I set the Trio and Barrel, the Nimble and ended my turn.

She paid for Imperial. I hate that. I hit her with the Trio, Secret Barrel combo. She attacked a Nimble with the Spear Dragon. I got both Nimbles and set them on the field.

I drew a MST and set it, ending my turn. DOH! Why didn't I attack the defense position Spear Dragon with a Nimble? I'm stoopid!

She paid for I.O. again. Stop it! She summoned another Spear Dragon and attacked both my Nimbles. Argh!

5600LP - 4800LP. I'm winning but, I'm not playing smart, as usual.

I draw a Panda. Oh no. I hit one of her Spear Dragons with 3300LP damage!

5600LP - 1500LP

She stopped paying for I.O. She Forceful Sentry'd my Graceful Charity. She attacked my Panda with her Spear Dragon because she gave up. A bitter sweet victory for me. I didn't particularly enjoy that pair of duels.



Panda VS Chaos (AGAIN!?!)

This is messed up. I have to duel the same guy I dueled in the first round that I had already beaten! What the...? That was stupid! If I lost, I wouldn't go on in the tournament. I complained. I should not have to face someone I have already defeated. I suppose since it was an odd number of people or something, I guess it just happened to pair us up, I don't know. Whatever. I had already beaten him so, I'd just have to do it again. If I lost, though, it really would suck. Somewhat.

Game 1

Late in the game, I had to pay a lot for Scientist to get rid of a bunch of monsters on his side of the field. I paid 4000LP for 2 Dark Flare Knights, a Ryu Senshi and a Dark Baltar. Then I had to pay an addition 1000LP to negate Magic Cylinder. That took me down to 3000LP. Next turn he summons CED, attacks the Scientist for 2900LP damage and blows up everything for the win. Oh well.

Game 2

I drew a Nimble Momonga, Imperial Order, Berserk Gorilla, Call of the Haunted, Waboku and Secret Barrel. I set the Secret Barrel, Imperial Order and summon the Gorilla.

I activate the Secret Barrel on his turn for 1200LP damage. He activates Dark Hole and I chain my Imperial Order. He sets a monster and a MT card and ends his turn.

I pay for Imperial. I attack with the Berserk and am greeted by a Mirror Force. Meh. Oh well. I set a Nimble and end my turn.

He does nothing and ends his turn. I'm thinking, "O.K., he's waiting for me to do something. If he didn't want me to attack his card the first time, he's protecting it for a reason."

I pay for Imperial again.  I tribute the Nimble for a Dark Driceratops and attack his face down monster. It's a Magician of Faith. He gets whacked for 2000LP damage. He gets his Dark Hole back. I set Call of the Haunted and end my turn.

He summons Roulette Barrel in face up ATTACK position. He's desperate, now! He rolls and doesn't roll the correct level. He sets a M/T card and ends his turn.

I pay for Imperial. That card is so broken. It should be banned! :) I summon an Enraged Battle Ox and get the Gorrilla back with Call. I know have the Gorilla, Ox and Driceratops on the field. I attack. Waboku. Crap.

He use his Call of the Haunted to get the Roulette Barrel back and did not roll correctly again. He died. I win.

Game 3

This gane was wacky.. He had attacked all my Nimbles so I was sitting at 11,000LP. I had to pay for some Scientist Fusions and got hit a little aftewards Avoiding a long explaination, I ended up locking his field down with 5 tokens. I was at 3800LP and he was at 2500LP when we got into a stalemate. He couldn't summon anything, and I didn't want to attack a token to free his field up, unless it was for some major damage.

He was waiting for something, and I was waiting for something. He had some cards in his M/T zone, and I was waiting for some removal. He was waiting for some removal, too. Monster removal. Namely, my monsters. I ended up with a Battle Ox, a Panda and a Gorilla on the field. Eventually, I got all the M/T removal I needed and attacked 3 tokens. He was all relieved. I got him down to 900LP and he was all happy becasue he thought he could summon something. I end my turn.

On his draw, I activate another Ojama Trio, filling up his monster zone again! HA!  He asked if he played Dark Hole would the tokens do the damage. I said they would. If he played Dark Hole, he would kill himself. He ended his turn. I tributed the Battle Ox for a Dark Driceratops and he quit.



Panda VS Fiend

I had never dueled this guy before. I knew he did the Dark Necrofear thing, so I somewhat knew what to expect.

Game 1

Boy, talk about getting your butt handed to you on a plate. He simply dominated with a great first draw. He Dark Holed everything, then Raigeki showed up next turn. He did the Graceful, Monster Reborn trick, had 3 hitters on the field and pummeled me by the third turn. Big, sloppy loss.

Game 2

Well, the draws just kept on being good for him while, sucking for me. I hit him a few good times and was doing pretty well. I couldn't really get too much damage in on him though. I was at 1300LP and he was at 5500LP after he activated Change of Heart (that card should be banned. LoL) on my Dark Driceratops and special summoned Dark Necrofear. On my turn I attacked his Dark Necrofear with the Dark Driceratops. At the end of my turn he brought back the Necrofear and took my Driceratops. I MST'd the Dark Necrofear. Whew. I got rid of it without her damaging me again.

On his next turn he Monster Reborned the Dark Necrofear and ended his turn. Dang. If I attacked her again, she'd just come back again and I'd lose.

I hoped I'd draw something to get rid of her on my next turn and I didn't. I went ahead and attacked her. He just brought her back and took control of my Dark Driceratops and attacked me for the win.

Oh well, it was still another good showing for the Pandas.

After the tournament, I traded a Mirror Force for a Dark Ruler of Ha Des, Kaiser Glider, Blast with Tribute and a Creature Swap. I thought it was a pretty good trade since I had about 6 Mirror Force and I usually don't play with them anyway.

That ends Saturday's tournament. See you next report, and happy dueling!