RegnR8's  Black and White Panda Orange Crush!

June 5, 2004

Hi all,

Welcome to this week's tournament report.

Not a whole lot to write this week, since I eliminated myself early from the first tournament of the day, and got eliminated early in the second. Overall, a pretty rough day for me and the Pandas. I still have confidence in the deck, and I know it can win a tournament! This week could have been their week if I hadn't had to drop out of a tournament early! Oh well, enough of the idle introductory chit-chat!

The first tournament of the day.

Sports Cards and Collectibles
Fayetteville, Ga.
$5.00 to enter
4 packs for 1st
3 packs for 2nd
There were a lot of people there today. Maybe even topped 25 or so. I didn't count, but there seemed to be more than usual.

After the obligitory large French Vanilla Coffee from the Dunkin' Donuts, we went on in. The store was suppose to have Ancient Sanctuary boxes in today, but they hadn't arrived yet. Darn. I bought a couple of Ultra Rare Mystical Space Typhoon for $12. Steve really does have the best prices on individual cards around!

The pack for signing up this week was Pharonic Guardian. I got a Newdoria. Yip, yip, yipee, blegh. More like, Moronic Guardian.  My son got a Sasuke Samauri. Figures. My luck started off sucky and went downhill from there.

This week, I switched up my Panda deck to more of a pure trample deck. I threw in some Book of Moon and Nobleman of Crossout to add to the general trample mayhem. I had to make room for the NoC's and Book's so I had to cut out a couple of things. Here's the deck this week:

x3 Gyaku- Gire Panda
x3 Nimble Momonga
x3 Enraged Battle Ox
x2 Berserk Gorilla
x2 Dark Driceratops
x1 Giant Rat
x1 WotBF
x1 Sangan
x1 Fiber Jar
x1 Magical Scientist
x1 Jinzo

x1 Graceful Charity
x1 Pot of Greed
x3 Book of Moon
x2 Nobleman of Crossout
x1 Monster Reborn
x1 Harpie's Feather Duster
x3 Mystical Space Typhoon

x1 Imperial Order
x2 Secret Barrel
x3 Ojama Trio
x3 Waboku

x2 Scapegoat
x2 Creature Swap
x1 Ceasefire
x1 Secret Barrel
x1 Call of the Haunted
x1 United We Stand
x1 Dark Hole
x1 Heavy Storm
x2 Giant Rat
x1 Berserk Gorilla
x2 The Fiend Megacyber

The usual Bad Guys

OK. The first pairings were called and I got a noob. Again. This makes like a whole month when I get paired up with a noob in the first round. Ugh, it's getting kind of old.


Panda VS A Whole Lot of Nothing

Nothing important to note here. Lot's of funny noobish things happened in this duel.

I used Nobleman of Crossout on a Toon Summoned Skull he had set from his hand.....

He summoned Zolga in face up attack position and said he gained 2000LP....

He tried to draw another card in his Main Phase 2....

I MST a set Monster Reborn...

He summoned Gaia the Firece Knight from his hand without a tribute....

Next turn he tried to summon Swordstalker! I explained AGAIN about having to tribute for a high level monster....grrr......

I was going to help him with his deck, but it was such a mess, I didn't really feel like it. He had around 9 or 10 tribute monsters in it. But hey, if you never have to actually tribute for them, I guess 10 isn't too many. Ha. Ha.


Man, I'm getting tired of this. I don't mean to sound negative, but I have been dueling noobs constantly for weeks! If you are going to sign up for tournament play, PLEASE know how to play!!

We were going to have to leave in about a half an hour so, I wanted to get my next duel in before I had to drop from the tournament. Hopefully, I can duel somebody good.

I got my wish.


Panda VS Chaos

Yeah! A different Chaos deck to test the Pandas against. For the past two weeks, I had duel T.J.'s Chaos deck and won. I was pretty familiar with Tony's Chaos deck because our Chaos decks are somewhat similar. I knew what to expect, and I hoped I could win at least one game. My game plan was to keep his field locked up with Ojama Tokens and reset the game with Fiber Jar as many times as I could. I really hoped to Book of Moon and NoC a Chaos Monster or two.

Game 1

On my first hand, I get Monster Reborn, Fiber Jar, Book of Moon, Dark Driceratops and Secret Barrel. I draw a Panda. I set the Fiber Jar, Book of Moon and Secret Barrel and end my turn.

In his draw phase, I activate the Secret Barrel for 1200LP damage. He sets one M/T and activates Painful Choice. Oh, no! Not already!!! He picked 3 DmoC, TIV and a Thunder Dragon. I gave him a DMoC.


He special summons BLS. I Book of Moon him. Whew....that was close. He plays Card Destruction and ends his turn.

I flip Fiber Jar on my turn. I get a Berserk Gorilla and attack him. 8000LP to 4800LP. Going pretty good so far. I set a Waboku and end my turn.

I was feeling pretty confident until he got BLS on the field and attacked 2 of my Pandas for a whole bunch of LP damage. I Book of Moon'd his BLS once to stall, but nothing helped. Where were my Nobleman of Crossout!!??!! He did activate Dimension Fusion and I chained with Imperial. That got him down to 1400LP. I was at 900LP and there wasn't much I could do after that. BLS simply beat me up.

Game 2

I chose to go first. I draw Fiber Jar (deja vu), 2 Waboku, Monster Reborn and a Panda. I draw another Panda. This sucks. I set Fiber and a Waboku and end my turn.

He did the Thunder Dragon thing, set 2 M/T and a monster and ended his turn.

I flip Fiber Jar. I set a NImble and Secret Barrel after the Fiber flip. Darn, I really wanted something bigger than a Nimble to attack him with. Maybe I should have attacked him with the Nimble anyway....

He plays Painful Choice. NO!!!!!  He offers me 2 DMoC, (this means he probably has the third in his hand) WotBF, Sangan and a Thunder Dragon. I give him the DMoC. He plays Reload for 4 cards. He probably doesn't have anything useable in his hand, or he wouldn't have played the Reload. He's looking to get something like Monster Reborn. I go ahead and activate the Secret Barrel for a little damage.

Fortunately, he really couldn't get his deck moving quickly enough.

Later in the game, I tried to Monster Reborn my Jinzo and he activates Imperial Order. So, I set a Sangan.

He had TIV on the field and set a monster card.  He attacked my Sangan. I got Magical Scientist. As soon as I summoned Magical Scientist to the field, he activated Ring of Destruction. I had to end my turn. This is not looking good.

I was at 1300LP and he was at 3800LP.

I managed to save my butt with another Fiber flip.

We ended up top decking a little later in the duel. He got a Spirit Reaper, was going to attack me with it. The only card I had in my hand was a Panda and I was not going to let him take it out of my hand. I Book of Moon'd the Reaper. (Spirit Reaper is not destroyed by Book of Moon. Go figure.) Then I managed  to get a Panda and a Battle Ox out and continued to hammer his Spirit Reaper for the win. Go Pandas!
Game 3

This was a really interesting duel.

He used Drop Off on my Dark Driceratops. I Monster Reborn'd it and started hitting big chunks of his LP off by attacking Ojama Tokens. I got Imperial Order out early and kept paying for it. This hurt him a lot.

I was ahead by over 5000LP when he managed to Call of the Haunted his Jinzo back and then played Raigeki. I had a WotBF out, so I got Fiber Jar.

I paid for Imperial once anyway, even though Jinzo was on the field. 

I stopped paying for Imperial the next turn, which I thought may have been a mistake but turned out all right. I summoned Magical Scientist and sucked up his Jinzo with TER, set a Waboku and ended my turn.

He activated Monster Reborn and I chain my Waboku to it. I pay 1000LP next turn to get TER again and suck up his Jinzo to get rid of it agian. Go away Jinzo! Do not come back again!!

Somewhere in all of this, he uses Magic Cylinder on my Scientist's attack.

Tony summons TIV, I Book of Moon it. I draw an Enraged Battle Ox, attack the TIV, then attack with Scientist for the win! Yeah!


Well, we had to leave after that, so I had to drop. I felt good about how the deck performed, except I never really got to do the Book of Moon/NoC combo any this morning.

We took off to the tournament location in Newnan.

Newnan Sports Cards
1st place 4 packs
2nd place 3 packs
3rd place 2 packs
Free to play!
There were around 35 people playing today

We got to the store in Newnan and they DID have Ancient Sanctuary. I ended up buying 2 boxes. I'm an idiot. I didn't really have time to go through them all in detail. Some cards of note I got were the SCR: End of Anubis and 2 Sanctuary in the Sky. There were some other interesting cards in there, especially the ones that increase level 1 and level 2 monsters attacks. I see a Skull Servant deck on the horizon!!! I did get a Curse of Anubis, which I wanted to test in my Panda deck. The cards from this set aren't tournament legal until July, but they let us use them anyway. We spent most of the time before the pairings looking at the new cards and trading.

OK. The first pairings were called and I got a noob. Again. What?!? NO!!! My head is going to explode!


Pandas VS Yet Another Deck With a Whole Lot of Nothing In It Again for Like the Millionth Time...

These duels aren't even worth a detailed report. The following are a couple of high points, if you can call them that.

He summoned Armor Exe and equipped it with an Axe only to have it destroyed in my standby phase because he didn't understand it's effect.

Once I attacked his Sangan and he didn't know Sangan's effect and I had to explain it to him.

He did manage to summon Mystic Clown (?), Celtic Guardian and Change of Heart my Gorilla but hey, the best common in the game saved me. Waboku.

He tried to activate Raigeki Break from his hand. Yawn......

I tried to help him as best I could with his deck afterward, but he simply didn't have a lot of cards he could use and he didn't have anything worth trading for.



Panda VS Chaos

NO!!! I have to face Ramone, one of the best players there, in the second round!

Game 1

Not too good. I drew 2 Secret Barrel, a Book of Moon and Sangan. He played Confiscation and got rid of Sangan, my only monster. I'm here to tell you, Ramone gets Forceful, Delinquent or Confiscation on the first turn against me every, single duel!!

Well, I managed to Secret Barrel him for 2100LP damage, and attack him a few times. It was too little too late. He got a DMoC on the field, hit a Nimble and removed it from play, then Yata locked me. I was winning, too. 6900LP - 3700LP.

Game 2

Crap. This so sucked. To make a long story short, he summoned CED with a Sangan on the field. He blew everything up and got Yata with Sangan's effect. We were both topdecking and I was praying for a monster so I wouldn't get Yata locked again. I was at 1700LP and he was at 7000. CED just about wiped me out!

I draw a Berserk Gorilla! Hooray, I might be saved! If I can hit him a couple of turns and regroup, I might win! I attack him with the Gorilla and end my turn.

He top decks a Snatch Steal!! Oh man that SUCKED for me!!! Game over. What luck!

Oh well, another fun day of dueling! Too bad I lost, but got a couple of Ancient Sanctuary boxes.

As usual, we hung out afterward and dueled. It seems today just was not my day for winning. Even when dueling for fun with all of my decks, I lost. It didn't matter. Beatdown, Chaos, Panda, every deck I dueled with I lost with. Just not my week, I guess.

The Pandas will return again next week, though. I'm not sure the Book of Moon, NoC combo is working. The Book of Moon's helped, but I never seemed to have an NoC when I needed it. I got beat by a freak top deck!

Back to the drawing board!!!

Happy dueling!!