RegnR8's Bad Fur Day. Sport's Cards and Collectibles, Georgia. 6-12-2004
Welcome to today's tournament report!
I'm glad you decided to check out this week's Yugioh action, although there's not really much Yugioh action to check out in this week's report.
Once again, there were two tournaments on the same day. One store had to move their normal Yugioh tournament from Sunday to Saturday in order to celebrate the pre-release of some Pokemon thing. It messed my weekend up. Instead of 2 days filled with leisurely dueling, it was a rush, rush single day of duels.
The first event of the day:
Sports Cards and Collectibles
Fayetteville, Ga.
$5.00 to enter. You get a pack for signing up.
Swiss Format
1st place gets 4 packs
2nd place gets 3 packs
3rd place gets nothing!
There were close to 20 people there this week. I didn't count.
After purchasing the traditional large French Vanilla Coffee with cream and sugar from the Dunkin' Donuts, we went in and said hello to everyone!  I traded 2 Theban Nightmare for a Needle Burrower and 1 Theban Nightmare for a Spirit Reaper. Pretty good deals I suppose, since I had 6 Theban Nightmare and only one Needle Burrower. I'm thinking about building a Machine/Burn deck and the Needle Burrower is a pretty good card for it. I traded a bent Left Arm of Exodia for a Dark Magician of Chaos. That was the trade of the day.
They were giving out Pharonic Guardian again for the pack when you sign up. I get a Fusion Riochie. It's not playable, but at least it's an Ultra Rare and possible trade material!
I decided to go with the Panda/Trample deck again this week. I switched it up again. I didn't like the way it performed last week, so I sort of mixed some of the old with the new. I took out all the Secret Barrel's and chose to go with 2 Book of Moon and one NoC in there place. I still want to try to get more trample going in the deck. The deck just doesn't seem to "feel" right without the Secret Barrel though.
Panda Crush
x3 Gyaku-Gire Panda
x3 Nimble Momonga
x3 Enraged Battle Ox
x2 Berserk Gorilla
x2 Dark Driceratops
x1 WotBF
x1 Sangan
x1 Fiber Jar
x1 Magical Scientist
x1 Jinzo
x1 Graceful Charity
x1 Pot of Greed
x2 Book of Moon
x1 Nobleman of Crossout
x1 Monster Reborn
x1 Harpie's Feather Duster
x3 Mystical Space Typhoon
x1 Dark Hole
x1 Raigeki
x1 United We Stand
x2 Scapegoat
x1 Imperial Order
x3 Ojama Trio
x3 Waboku
x2 Scapegoat
x1 Creature Swap
x1 Ceasefire
x3 Secret Barrel
x1 Call of the Haunted
x1 Heavy Storm
x2 Giant Rat
x1 Berserk Gorilla
x2 The Fiend Megacyber
x1 Curse of Anubis
The usual bad guys
The first pairings were called and I have to duel T.J in the first round again. He runs a Chaos deck and I've pretty much owned him with the Panda deck every week. This week was different, he pretty much owned me.
Panda VS Chaos
Game 1
He plays Painful Choice and summons CED on his first turn. He blows up everything. 4700-8000. That so SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
I draw a Waboku. I set it and end my turn.
He draws Pot of Greed! That so SUCKS!!!!!!! He then plays Graceful Charity. That so SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He uses Premature Burial to get back his CED. He attacks and I activate Waboku. He doesn't use CED's effect and ends his turn.
I draw a totally useless Dark Driceratops. I conceed. That so SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Game 2
He gets CED out early along with an Imperial Order and pretty much shuts me down from the fourth turn. Waboku's delay the demise of the Panda Crush deck but, it's no use. I lose.
Since this is Swiss format, I'm not out of it yet.
Panda VS Noob
Not much to tell here. More fun Noob things happen during this duel. I wanted to pull my hair out a couple of times. Here are a couple of things this kid tries to do.
He activates Reliable Guardian and turns his Opticlops into defense position and claims Opticlops defense stays at 2400 permanantly! What the...?
I activate Harpie's Feather Duster on 2 M/T cards he has set. One is a Waboku and the other is Needle Wall. I told him he could activate the Waboku in response to my Duster. Thinking Needle Wall was Needle Ceiling, I told him he could activate it, too. He asked, "What's it do?"  D'OH!!!!!!!!!!!! I took the card and when I saw it was Needle Wall, I told him he couldn't have activated it anyway. I told him to not play with cards in his deck if he didn't even know what they did!! That so SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OK. I win.
In the third round I have to play my daughter, Tara. I've beaten her with my Panda deck but, she can hand me a fast loss if she gets her cards early. She's been using a dragon deck since forever and it can be pretty brutal.
Panda VS Dragon
Game 1
Not much to tell here. My Panda's are getting pushed around a lot today!  I tried to Fiber flip as much as possible but she was killing me! My deck just didn't want to cooperate today!
She played Graceful Charity, put a Tyrant Dragon in the graveyard with Graceful's effect. She summoned a Spear Dragon, then tributed the Spear Dragon to Monster Reborn the Tyrant Dragon!! That so SUCKS!!!!!
The first game ended when she Snatch Stole my Enraged Battle Ox and killed me with my own monster and about a million dragons she had on the field!! That so SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Game 2
Death to me in a hurry. She simply killed me. Nothing to see here folks....Move along.....That so SU.....well, you know the rest.
I'm out of the tournament. I do a boat load of trading with some little kids while Tara went on dueling. I got a lot of good stuff and the kid's went home happy, too.
Tara goes on to place 4th. Hooray for Tara! 
I'm going to put the Secret Barrel's back in the deck and forget the Book of Moon/NoC thing. The Barrels work better for me.
We're off to the second tournament of the day!!
Newnan Sports Cards
1st place 4 packs
2nd place 3 packs
3rd place 2 packs
Free to play!
Maybe 24 people showed up today.
There was a small crowd today. They usually have the tournament on a Sunday but, had to switch it to Saturday. I got an email from the store informing me of the switch but, I don't think a lot of people got the news of the change.
We got there a little early, not as early as we usually do. I did some trading but didn't have time for any practice duels.
I asked Mike, who runs a deadly burn deck, which deck I should play with today, and he suggested my zombie deck. I decided to play with it this week. Now, we all know AST isn't tournament legal until July 1st, but we got to play with the AST cards anyway. No one objected. Here's my re-"vamp"ed zombie deck with some of the new AST cards.

x1 Vampire Lord
x1 Despair From the Dark
x2 Ryu Kokki
x3 Pyramid Turtle
x3 Spirit Reaper
x2 Regenerating Mummy
x2 Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower
x1 Double Coston
x1 WotBF
x1 Sangan
x1 Fiber Jar
x1 The Cheerful Coffin
x3 Book of Life
x2 Call of the Mummy
x1 Harpie's Feather Duster
x3 Mystical Space Typhoon
x1 Raigeki
x1 Dark Hole
x1 Painful Choice
x1 Change of Heart
x1 Snatch Steal
x1 Graceful Charity
x1 Pot of Greed
x1 Monster Reborn
x1 Imperial Order
x2 Waboku
x1 Call of the Haunted
x1 Yata-Garasu
x1 Magical Scientist
x1 TIV
x1 Despair From the Dark
x1 Patrician of Darkness
x3 Fear From the Dark
x1 Regnerating Mummy
x1 Double Coston
x2 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
x1 Waboku
x1 Premature Burial
The usual bad guys
Zombie VS Beatdown
I had to duel this kid a couple of weeks ago with my zombie deck and won. I know he plays a heavy equip beatdown with Axe's, Mage Power and United We Stand so, I was ready to adapt my play style to his. I really don't like to duel him because I don't like those types of decks and he has an attitude. I did not want to lose to him in the first round.
Game 1
I won the die roll and chose to go first. I pick up a WotBF, Pyramid Turtle, Bone Tower, Regenerating Mummy and Call of the Mummy, then I draw a Spirit Reaper. I didn't want to empty my hand with Call of the Mummy on my first turn. I set the Witch and the Call of the Mummy, hoping he'd waste an MST on the Call of the Mummy and end my turn.
On his turn he NoC'd my Witch. That so SUCKS!!!!! He summoned Injection Fairy Lily and attacked, boosting her for 3400LP damage. Ouch.  4600LP-6000LP.
I drew a Book of Life and set the Spirit Reaper and ended my turn.
He paid 1000LP to activate Delinquent Duo and picked my Regenerating Mummy. The Regenerating Mummy's effect is, if it is sent from my hand to the graveyard by my opponent's card effect, it returns to my hand. LOL! I put the Regenerating Mummy back into my hand and chose it as my discard for Delinquent Duo. Guess what? It came back to my hand! Gotta love it! He summons a KA-2 Des Scissors (which sort of suprised me - I didn't expect it from him) and attacks my face down Spirit Reaper. He ends his turn.
I draw Sangan and suicide with his KA-2 Des Scissors. I take 1500LP damage due to the Scissors effect, but get Fiber Jar with Sangan's effect. 3100LP - 5000LP
He plays Confiscation and puts my Fiber Jar in the graveyard. He then turns Injection into defense position (?), sets a monster and a M/T card and ends his turn.
I set a Pyramid Turtle and end my turn.
On his turn, he summons Reflect Bounder, equips it with a United We Stand and activates Ring of Destruction for 3300LP damage to me and wins. Oh well, that wasn't too bad, except I lost.
Game 2
I chose to go first. I use Call of the Mummy to special summon Ryu Kokki and end my turn. I wanted something big on the field in a hurry against him.
On his turn he MST's the Call of the Mummy, plays Delinquent Duo and picks The Cheerful Coffin. I chose Regenerating Mummy and it returns to my hand. Ha. He sets a monster and ends his turn.
I attack his Sangan with the Ryu Kokki and he gets Injection with Sangan's effect. I end my turn.
He summons Injection Fairy Lily and attacks my Ryu Kokki, boosting her for her effect! Lily is destroyed at the end of the turn due to Ryu Kokki's effect! I don't think he realized that!  7400LP - 5000LP. He's already paid 3000 of his own LP for Delinquent and Lily's effect.
On my turn, I Book of Life the Ryu Kokki back, removing his Sangan from play, summon the Regenerating Mummy and attack with both to get him down to 400LP.
He plays Raigeki and summons a Mad Dog of Darkness and attacks. 5500LP - 400LP.
On my turn I summon the Bone Tower, Book of Life my Ryu Kokki back, removing Lily from his graveyard and have him discard the top two cards of his deck for the Bone Tower's effect. I attack his Mad Dog with the Ryu Kokki for the win.
Game 3
He choses to go first. He summons an Archfiend Soldier and sets one M/T card and ends his turn.
I pick up MST, Bone Tower, Sangan, Dark Hole and Call of the Mummy. I draw a Spirit Reaper. I MST his Trap Jammer, set Sangan and end my turn.
He draws, sets a monster and attacks Sangan with the Archfiend Soldier. I really have to think about what I want to get with Sangan. I know I could activate Dark Hole and Call of the Mummy, summoning two Spirit Reapers and start taking cards out of his hand. He had four cards in his hand, and if I'm lucky, I can quickly get him top decking. If I get Fiber Jar,  I could reset the game and hit him for some bigger LP damage. I decide to go the hand disruption route and get another Spirit Reaper.
I draw Monster Reborn, then activate Dark Hole, sending his Archfiend Soldier and a set Mad Dog of Darkness (?) to his graveyard. I activate Call of the Mummy, summon the two Spirit Reapers, Monster Reborn his Mad Dog and attack, taking 2 cards out of his hand.
He draws, sets a monster card and ends his turn.
I draw Painful Choice and activate it. I choose Raigeki, Change of Heart, Vampire Lord, Despair From the Dark and Ryu Kokki. He gives me the Ryu Kokki. I attack his face down monster with Mad Dog. It's a Man-Eater Bug! He eats one of my Spirit Reapers and I attack with the other one, taking another card from his hand.
He draws and sets another face down monster. I have him on the ropes.
I attack his face down KA-2 Des Scissors with the Mad Dog and hit him again with the Spirit Reaper. He has no cards in his hand at this point.
He draws and plays Graceful Charity. He discards a Gogiga Gagagigo and something else, summons a Gemini Elf and attacks my face up Spirit Reaper.
I draw a Book of Life. I summon a Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower, activate Book of Life, bring back my Despair From the Dark, dump 2 cards from the top of his deck to his graveyard and remove his Gogiga Gagagio from play. I did not want a 2950ATK monster suddenly showing up on his side of the field by having him Monster Reborn it! He didn't have anything else that could really hurt me in his graveyard. I attack the Elf with the Despair, and attack him with Mad Dog and the Spirit Reaper.
He draws and sets the only card he has in his M/T zone.
I MST his set card. It's Delinquent Duo. Ha. I attack with all my monsters for the win.
That was beautiful!
Zombie VS Burn
OK. I have to play Mike and his brutal burn deck in the second round. I know I might be in trouble with this, because he won't be attacking any of my Pyramid Turtles since he's very defensive. I need to keep one monster on the field at a time so he can't tribute them for a Lava Golem. I have to rethink my entire strategy playing against him and I will go to my side deck if I lose the first game.
Game 1
He wins the die roll and chooses to go first. He sets 3 M/T cards and a monster and ends his turn. This isn't good for me.
My first hand consists of Book of Life, Regenerating Mummy, Pyramid Turtle, Pot of Greed and Vampire Lord. I draw Painful Choice.
I play Pot of Greed and he actives 2 Secret Barrels, pounding me for 2400LP in one fell swoop! That so SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL. I activate Painful Choice and get some crap that really doesn't matter because I attacked his Cyber Jar and he Secret Barrels again for like 3000LP and just kills me. He activated Ojama Trio and gave me the Lava Golem and it burned me up! A Tremendoius Fire and a Ookazi later, I'm dead. Man, that was fast! It was over in about 4 turns.
Game 2
I went to my side deck and put in Yata-Garasu, Magical Scientist and TIV. I was going to try to Yata lock him and was going to use the Scientist to negate his M/T and use the TIV to get rid of the Lava Golem if it showed up on my side of the field.
Well, to make a long duel short, he gets me down to 2800 pretty fast. He's sitting pretty at 8000LP!
I set the Sangan and Waboku, hoping I can get Fiber Jar, reset the game and attack for some LP damage.
He plays Pot of Greed, then Graceful Charity. Darn. He sets 3 M/T cards and summons a Panda. Crap. I know one of those cards has got to be Ojama Trio.
On my turn, he activates the Ojama Trio. The Panda is at 2800ATK. I was going to Dark Hole, get Yata with the Sangan and hopefully lock him up. I activate Dark Hole. He chains with Imperial Order. Well, there goes my plan. I set a Pyramid Turtle, and Call of the Mummy and end my turn.
He draws and doesn't pay for Imperial. He summons another Panda and attacks a token. I activate Waboku. Dang it! I've got to get something good soon!
I have Change of Heart and draw Snatch Steal. I flip up Sangan and the Pyramid Turtle to attack position, Change of Heart one Panda and Snatch Steal the other. I attack. He activates Waboku! Oh no!!
On his turn, he sets a face down monster and ends his turn.
On my turn, he activates Ring of Destruction on his Panda which is at 2800 ATK and kills me!!! NO!!!!!!!
I'm out of the tournament in the second round! Curses!
My daughter, Tara goes on to the finals and finishes 4th here, too. She had two 4th place finishes today. I guess it was her week! Hooray!
When is it my week? I thought it was going to be this week, last week. Oh well, maybe next week! LOL!
We all hung out and ate pizza, dueled and traded some more.
Until next time, happy dueling and may all of you finish winners!!