Ode to Ricky

Zack Dzwonkiewicz (Sir Kirby of Pink)

Vintage Stock

Rogers, Arkansas


Hello, fellow duelists!! Iíve been ďretiredĒ from Yu-Gi-Oh for probably half a year now or something like that. However, one of my friends and I kind of slipped back into the style.. in case any of you remember Sir Kirby of Pinkís reports, I plaed a Gravity Bind deck with an emphasis on Princess of Tsurugi, Hayabusa Knight, and Dream Clown. He only new cards added to the deck were 2 Swarm of Scarabs and 1 Stealth Bird, which I immediately fell in love with. Other than that, my newest cards were from LOD.. Old School. I played a tournament 2 weeks ago with that deck, and then decided something: When I first began playing this great game at the young, fresh age of 12 I think.. I was inspired by a muchacho named Ricky, who set me up with my first deck ever: an 1800 attacker beat down that I loved. However, after maybe a month, I grew tired of playing the same as everyone else, and adopted one of Rickyís old decks (he had switched to a turbo deck with Exodia side-decked, VERY nice) which was the Gravity Bind deck. I have played and loved that same old school Ricky-inspired deck ever since.. a week ago. However, last Friday, my friend and I decided we should slap together something new, something no one would expect from me..

††††††††††† So, we broke out my old binder and my (literally) shoebox of commons and went to work, reviving Rickyís deck from when we last saw him, about a year ago. A Turbo Cannon Soldier deck. When I get some money, Iím going to get a hold of some Exodia pieces and go from there. However, allow me to introduce my newest deck: Ode to Ricky.


The Deck

Monsters (18)

3x Cannon Soldier

3x Spear Cretin (FLIP: After this card is flipped, when it s destroyed both you and your opponent select 1 monster from your respective graveyards and special summon it on the field in face-up attack or face-down defense position)

3x Troop Dragon

2x Amazon Archer

2x Jowls of Dark Demise

1x Cyber Jar

1x Sangan

1x Magician of Faith

1x Witch of the Black Forest

1x Twin-Headed Behemoth


Magic (15)

3x Soul Exchange

3x Last Will

2x Messenger of Peace

2x The Shallow Grave

1x Scapegoat

1x Change of Heart

1x Pot of Greed

1x Snatch Steal

1x Monster Reborn


Traps (8)

3x Gravity Bind

2x Ultimate Offering

1x Imperial Order

1x Ceasefire

1x Solemn Judgment


Total: 41


So there you have it: The Deck. Itís not perfect yet, but it will be eventually. One thing you will notice (and probably e-mail me about, despite my best efforts) is that this deck does not contain many staples such as Magic Cylinder, Mirror Force, Raigeki, etc. This is because I donít plan on getting attacked. With 5 (soon 6) cards to stop attacks, and plenty of Soul Exchange and that lucky Solemn Judgment for Jinzo, Iím usually ok. Now, on to..


The Tournament

This was an official sanctioned tournament, with official bullcrap tournament packs, and official beat stick decks all up on my grill... son... dawg G homie skillet scratch. Ok, Iím done. Here it goes!


Round One


Sir Kirby of Pink


Jon Overstreet


WeeeeÖ I lost the first match :/ I didnít have anything to take notes with, and it happened a week ago, but basically Jon is Evanís little brother, and theyíre both spoiled rich kids whose parents buy them all the cards they want! 8D But whatever, I make do. The first match actually was going in my favor to begin, he has a solid beatdown with all the Skilled Darks and Gorillas and Zombrya (Zombyra?) and so onand so on and the like. However, he has NO M/T removal!! Yay! Long story short, I was owning him with a Cannon Soldier and Gravity Bind until he Tribe-Infected my Soldier, Mbed it, sacrificed it for a Jinzo and did 2400. Next turn I set a Cyber Jar and he Raigekiís it and summons a nice little Yata for the lock and win.


Match two went to me!! I started with a lucky hand: Cannon Soldier, Last Will, Troop Dragon, Pot of Greed, Gravity Bind, and drew a Twin-Headed. My PoG gave me a Ceasefire and SanganÖ Woo boy!! Set GB, play Cannon Soldier,and end. He plays Skilled White and attacks, GB. Next turn I draw Ultimate Offering. Set Offering and Ceasefire and set Sangan, end. Next turn he sets a monster and ends. I draw Solemn Judgment, which I set. Summon Troop Dragon and Twin-Headed via Ultimate Offering, Last Will, sac the Dragon for his brother and Last Will brings out Amazon Archer and I ceasefire for 3500. Archer sacrifices Sangan, 2 Dragons, and Twin-Headed for 2400 direct. Sangan (for 500 life) brings out Witch which is sacrificed along with Cannon Soldier for 1200 and brings out (for 500 life) Spear Cretin (first monster I found :x) and is sacrificed with the Archer for 1200 direct: a total of 8300. Turboesque.

Miraculously, I lost Match Three. I didnít keep my eye on the timer and we ended up having 5 minutes to play. On turn 3, right before my big combo, I Solemn Judgmented a Scapegoat (yes, I was going to win that turn) that would have prevented 2000 from a Reborned Hayabusa. It dropped me to 4000 life and the time ran out. He grabbed up his deck before I could remind him that I still got to finish my turnÖ he was prepared to fight to the death over that rule, but I was tired and just wanted to watch my friend play anyway 8P


So, it ends. Oh well. Props to Ricky once again for a great deck.


If you want to get a hold of me for anything (people were asking for deck reviews when they found out I was second in my store ^.^;;) e-mail me at sirkirbyofpink@yahoo.com