Deck Name: Metamorph-Chaos Control Deck | Theme: Chaos/Envoy Deck
Name: Richard Day
Date: 5-22-04 (Saturday)
Time: 12:00-2:30
Place: All About Sports
Location: Winston-Salem, NC
Entrance Fee: $7.00
Tournament Style: Swiss Tournament
Hey wass up people in North Carolina yeah! If you guys don't know me, I've posted my previous tournament deck before in P0J0s (My Zombie Deck).
:Monsters: 16
Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning (Better say your prayers)
Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End (This is the "End" for you)
Dark Magician of Chaos (Dump it, Monster Reborn it)
Jinzo (Am I abused too much?)
Breaker the Magical Warrior (Break it! Pow!)
Magical Scientist (Why am I a short-print common?)
Witch of the Black Forest (Yeah I deserve to be placed in every deck)
Sangan (*Witch* Uhhh same here)
Magician of Faith (Flip, oh I just got a Spell Card to win it for me)
Reflect Bounder (Sure attack me with your BEUD with Megamorph on it)
D. D. Warrior Lady (I'm Blonde, wear tights, remove stuff, and carry a bright stick)
D. D. Warrior Lady
D. D. Warrior Lady
Tribe-Infecting Virus (Your monsters are gonna be sick)
Sinister Serpent (I can't leave your hand!)
Yata-Garasu (Lock-down "Game")
:Spells: 18
Dark Hole
Painful Choice
Pot of Greed
Graceful Charity
Mirage of Nightmare
Monster Reborn
Change of Heart
Snatch Steal
Premature Burial
Heavy Storm
Harpie's Feather Duster
Mystical Space Typhoon
Mystical Space Typhoon
Mystical Space Typhoon
Metamorphosis (Whaa? He's transforming!)
Scapegoat (Baahhhhh sheep!)
:Traps: 6
Torrential Tribute
Ring of Destruction
Mirror Force
Imperial Order
Call of the Haunted
Richy's Word of Wisdom: I'm testing an extreme Chaos deck featuring the new sytle of game-play "Metamorphosis". I've noticed that everyone has taken a notices of how powerful this deck is combining really good cards and control the field. My deck's main focus is to do tremedious field control. I've retired from the Hand Disturption for now and fully concentrated on the field instead. Has it work? Well read along and find out! I didn't type all this for nothing!
To bring another note, I just received an E-mail from someone in Greensboro. That person read my last report on pojos and liked to know where the location of the tournament I go to. I hope you find your way here. Ok, lets move on!
6:30: Bah I felt a little sick and could not go back to sleep
8:00: Went on the internet a bit
9:00: Left home and driving all the way to Winston (about 40 miles away)
9:45: Arrived at Burger King a little early
10:20: Noticed that Lacy, Homer, and Justin arrived
10:25: Stan arrived
10:30: Lacy and Justin calling Homer a B****! eh you'll find out
11:00: Walked to All about Sports
11:10: Signed up and got a TP4 pack and pulled the Exiled of the Wicked (bah)
11:15: Playtest my deck a bit to get a good warm-up
12:00: Let the tourney begin!
Richy's FINAL Word of Wisdom: I've finally gotten use to all of your names. If I spell your name wrong, be sure to ask me so the corrections will be made in the future. This is a Swiss Tournament. I'm not really familar with the rules and all but you get a ratio count like 2:1 which means 2 Wins and 1 Lost. You need a good rep of winning streaks to move on. Even though you lose, you still play. Ok enough, let the round begin!
Swiss Tournament Match #1
[Me V.S. Eric]
Status: 0-0
~1st Round~
I've never faced Eric before. But he runs a Zombie Deck to me since I've been seeing Royal Keepers and Pyramid Turtles. He used Delinquent Duo I think and wasted my hand. But I had the flow going. He could never serach with his Pyramid Turtles thanks to my Magical Scientist and Dark Balter the Terrible trick. Then I brought out my CED and Boom! Sorry man, but I took the goal for this round.
~2nd Round~
Isn't me, or does CED rock! This didn't last long at all! Thanks to the Painful Choice combo and Graceful discard combo made me do a one turn wonder! I had BLS in my hand and I think it was my 2nd turn, and I pulled out DMoC with Monster Reborn, and I think I got Graceful back and used it again. I drew the other Envoy! So then I summon Breaker and destoryed the facedown card (BREAK IT) What? Call of the Mummy? Gezzz oh well, then I removed 2 Lights and Dark to summon both BLS and CED and attack him. He had little Lps left so its time to go BOOM for CED! A small price to pay....but it was worth it ^_^. Good game Eric, I gave him a good handshake and he understood.
Match #1: I Win!!
Swiss Tournament Match #2
[Me V.S. Justin]
Status: 1-0
~1st Round~
Yeah I creamed him at BK this morning so I know I can do it again! So it started bumpy when he started to go after my hands first. Then I felt stupid that I summoned Sinister and played Metamorphosis when IO was already on the field. That totally screwed me! I lost that Round.
~2nd Round~
Grr no way I'm going to back down. I got my Envoy out and prepared to counter-attack his every move! No mistakes this time!
~3rd Round~
Darn don't you just hate 1-1? I do!! Darn I was sooo close!!! Ok this is exactly what happened! He set two cards facedown and a monster in DEF and end. Ok my hands were: Yata-Garasu, Raigeki, CED, Sinister Serpent. I didn't know what to do...I wanted to summon Yata-Garasu first and let him spring one of his traps and I can bring out Raigeki and CED and knock him out. So I decided to CED instead.....but he flipped over his trap! Ring of Destruction! I had 2900 LPs and it was right on the money that it took me out. Lucky person! But it wouldn't matter if I played Raigeki because his other facedown is IO.
Match #2: I lost!!
Swiss Tournament Match #3
[Me V.S. Josh]
Status: 1-1
~1st Round~
Hey I faced him in the final round with my Zombie Deck that I posted here in April! Oh boy, I've wanted to face him again. He has 2 DMoC in his deck and I only have 1. He asked I would trade mine, but I'm like........No. Anyways. I won that round with the DMoC reborn trick and summon CED and attack directly and BOOM in MP2 and game!
~2nd Round~
Come on, where's the love? Oh man he got my LPs down fast, but his hand was depleted while my hand stayed fresh! So I can't remember but I somehow took control over the duel and overwhelmed the field "again".
Match #3: I win!!!
Swiss Tournament Match #4
[Me V.S. Jill]
Status: 2-1
~1st Round~
Heh I hardly see a girl playing Duel Monsters but I did show her how to do the hand shuffling trick! She has gotten better! Good job! Anyhow, she runs a ocean deck. You never know that the waves might strike, the mighty wave takes his time and before you know it, pow! There is stuff that she hates.
1) Envoys
2) D.D. Warrior Ladys
3) Exodia
Well I have 2 out of 3 so I guess she will have to deal with it! Luckly I CoH her facedown Penquin Soldier and attack directly. Then later on, I played Harpies, then Raigeki, and summoned my Envoy and she was like "aaawww". Sorry. But hey, it was close!
~2nd Round~
Ehhh I didn't lose any LPs at all. But hey I took the medal!
Match #4: I win!!!!
Swiss Tournament Match #5
[Me V.S. John]
Status: 3-1
- This was one of those things, where if you win just automatically choose your next person to duel-
~1st Round~
Huh? Whats this? His deck looks like mine! Oh yeah John liked the idea of the Metamorphosis trick and decided to try it out! I don't mind at all. His Fusion Deck is amazing though! Anyhow, he special summoned his Fiend Megacyber with his effect and got his BLS on me and finished my LPs down.
~2nd Round~
Ahhhh my hands hurt from all this typing!!! Anyhow I can't remember but I won!
~3rd Round~
Did I mention that I hate 1-1, I guess so! But this time, I was in the lead! His hand got depleted fast! So I pummeled him down for good! Take that John! Don't mess with Richy!
Match #5: I win!!!!!
Swiss Tournament Match #6
[Me V.S. Lacy] btw, do you like bowling?
Status: 4-1
~1st Round~
Aww man he already depleted my hand with Delinquent and Forceful!! Then I somehow drew the card! I mean a life-saver! Yata-Garasu! Its time to Lock you down!!!
~2nd Round~
He was like "Aww man your going to win" and stuff. Will he first played the Delinquent Duo and then deplete my hand. But I brought out my DMoC and got Pot of Greed. Then I drew my Envoy buy it didn't work that well since he Snatch it. I let him keep my CED to gain LPs but that wasn't a good idea though....he CoH my monster and attack, then BOOM him! Soon he got me! It was close!
Me:8000:6500:3000:4000(snatch steal):0
~3rd Round~
This was the close game!! I even saw Lacy trying his best! I tryed to fake him by setting a MST facedown and end (since I had nothing else to do!) Then he just attacked and I'm like, "Thats game" Lacy let out a huge *sigh* of relief!
Match #6: I lost!!!!!!
"Final" Swiss Tournament Match #7
[Me V.S. Chris] not the person with the fiend deck
Status: 4-2
Well my hands hurt from typing and I don't have much to say. It was a 1-1 and he Ringed his monster when my turn started and it was game! Grrr..... darn it. I came 4th!!!
Match #7: I lost!!!!!!!
--------------------------------------------------=----------------------------------------------- didn't turn out the way I wanted it to be, but I'll do better next time. Time for the Prop, Slops, and the Ultimate Prop of all!
1) Well came 4th is good
2) Got a cool membership card from Upperdeck
1) Darn I came 4th though....I could have done better
Ultimate Prop:
Oh man this was the funnist thing I have ever did with my DV Camera! Here I'll give you the exact story!
Ok Justin came to me and said that it would be cool if I took a picture of him doing a Pimp Slap on Stan. I told Justin that my camera can record videos. We both had a strange idea going and we didn't had to say it! Justin said that he was going to Pimp Slap Stan while wearing the fake Afro! Can't you image that?! LMAO!! So after the tournament, we all went to BK (of course). Then I found Justin and reminded him about our plan! He was like ahh man, I left the afro in the car, oh well! I said when are you going to do that? Justin was like "Now"! He got up out of the seat and I got the camera ready. He started to run up to Stan while he was in a middle of a Double Duel. He slap the crap out of Stan's chest. Stan was in pain as he repeatly yelling out "Owwwww". Stan saw the camera and he was saying "don't use that camera again". But he laughed too, so no harm done! I was going to post this here so you can download it, but it seems that it won't let me.

Contact me if you have any questions or comment, I will be happy to respond. Until then, I'm logging out. -blink-