Grunt Chaos Deck Matt Barnes Regional Tournament Days Inn Knoxville TN 5-29-04

There were 79 participants.  I normally play a weekly Sunday tournament at CM Gifts in the Knoxville Centre Mall that usually has 15-25 participants. There were ten of us I noticed from the store.  We placed well.  There were seven rounds in a swiss tournament.  Then they choose top eight to continue playing.  This is my first report so hope it is acceptable.  It was also my first regional tournament. You can email me comments at  You need to put Yu-Gi-Oh or yugioh exactly in the subject line so doesn’t get trashed with the Spam.  I am a 32year old who loves the game.


Here is my deck.  It is a pretty straight forward Chaos/Necrofear deck with ways to discard needed monsters for special summon help as well as several ways to special summon monsters needed or monsters for tributes.  Tried to shrink my deck but it keeps creeping back up there; 47 cards in deck. Here is a brief comment on each card:


Monsters:     18


Giant Orc      (2).  Giant Orcs instead of Goblin Attack Forces because Orcs are Fiends.  Good attack.

Giant Germ   (3).  Dark Fiends.   Special summon ability plus extra 500 lp burn if destroyed by battle.

Mataza the Zapper .  Great effect of two attacks; cannot be controlled. Bypasses Gravity Bind. Dark.

Big Eye              .  Dark Fiend.  Great effect arranging next five cards. Under appreciated.

Spirit Reaper      .  Effective stop and delay.  Dark.  Hates Airknights.

Roulette Barrell   (2). Light monster with 2000 defence and great effect of possible monster destruction.

Witch Black Forest  .We all know her effect.  Dark monster.

Magician of Faith    . Light monster. We know her and love it.

D.D. Warrior Lady  . Light monster. Decent 1500 attack. Awesome remove from play ability.

Crimson Ninja      . Trap Master Ability. Choose Ninja so less likely to be removed by own Nobleman.

Pyramid Turtle      .  Perfect to summon Reaper or Vampire Lord when destroyed by battle.  Kamikaze.

Slate Warrior        . Great 1900 slammer. Fiend.  Good effect of atk reduction of destroyer.

Cyber Jar             . We all know this one.  Also a Dark monster.

Newdoria             . Choose rather than man-eater-bug types because is Dark Fiend.


Tribute Monsters/Special Summons:   6


Dark Ruler Ha Des      .  Too bad cannot be special summoned.  Dark Fiend.  Excellent…

Jinzo                          .  Hate him or Love him there he is.

Vampire Lord            .  Kill him with card effect. (Laughs). NOT!  Dark Monster.

Dark Magician Chaos   .  Dark Monster. 2800 attack great. Special effects awesome.

Dark Necrofear                     .  As if you didn’t see this coming with all the Fiends above.

Black Luster Soldier Envoy  .  Hey it is Chaos after all.  Removing one dark and light almost too easy.



Spell Cards:  16


Dark Hole           .  Use it.  Smile.

Raigeki                .  Use it.  Smile even larger.

Pot of Greed       .  Pot of Greed, Pot of Greed, Please give me what I need…

Gracefull Charity    .  Again Discarding can be very usefull.

Snatch Steal        .  Cannot tell you how many times I have lost/won due to this card. 

Change of Heart   .  Staple. Save for tribut summon or take controll of face down.

Mystical Space Typhoon  . Only room for one in main deck. More in side deck.  Chainable.

Giant Trunade         .  Field magic/trap return effective.  Allows another premature burail activation.

Harpies Feather    . Not banned yet.

Heavy Storm        . Sure I’ll destroy my one card to destroy many more of yours.

Nobleman Crossout . Pattered deck so wouldn’t remove too many of own monsters;

Card Destruction      . Ha Ha cannot get Envoy or Dark Ruler Ha Des or spirits back from graveyard.

Painfull Choice       . Mean card. Perfect set up for special summons. Easy to get great set up.

Monster Reborn     . Why wouldn’t you use it?

Premature Burial     . Perfect when used with painfull choice or set down before card destruction.

Autonomous Action Unit  . More expensive opponents graveyard Premature.  Love special summons.


Traps:   7


Call of the Haunted  . Chain after Mirror Force or so can have a monster to tribute.

Solemn Judgement   . Great later in duel when half life points insignificant.  Negates ANY card.

Raigeki Break        . Destroys any card on field w discard. Discarding can be very usefull.

Imperial Order       . Surprise your opponent and actually pay and keep it.

Ring of Destruction  . Game winner.  Chainable. 

Mirror Force         .

Torrential Tribute     . Not limited?  Possible to be abused.


The Side Deck:  15 of course.

Dust Tornado   (2)     . More magic/trap removal for specialty decks like Wave Motion or Gravity Bind.

Mystical Space T.     . Another magic/trap removal.

Curse Seal of the Forbidden Spell   . For use in defense of Wave Motion or Gravity Bind, etc.

Penguin Soldier      . Returning pesky monsters if has Gravity bind or similar block up.

Shadow of Eyes     . For those flip dependant stall decks.

Nobleman Crossout  . Another face down removal. 

Mataza the Zapper    . If needed against gravity bind.

Servant of Catabolism   . If needed against gravity bind or super high defenders/effect monsters.

Mage Power         . To power up Matazas and Servant if needed.

United We Stand     . Also to power up Matazas and Servant if needed.

Guardian Sphinx      .  Helpfull against super high defenders or effect monsters. Clears their field.

Book of Moon       .  Can save your monster from Mirror Force/Ring Destruction etc.

Horn of the Heaven   . Will STOP summon so may help if they have CED or Lavia Dragon.

Dimension Fusion     . Almost main deck.  If my opponent uses any removal cards like soul release then    this card is swapped for the main deck and is VERY powerfull if not costly.

The report:

Registration was open untill 10:30.  The tournament required you to write down your desk’s cards but didn’t look thru the decks to make sure was valid.  Next time I will print my list and bring it with me.

Noticed about nine other participants from my usual Sunday tournament.  Hung out and waited.

The head of the tournament closed the registration and announced the first parings.  He gave a ‘door prize’ of a Yu-gi-oh pin to the first person without Jinzo in their deck.  Then he made a joke that he had another prize for the person with two Jinzos in their deck.  Big laughs.  Good tension breaker.  Now of course your initial record is most important but after that your opponent’s wins are most important  and so you really try to encourage your previous opponents to do well and it is frustrating to play someone who you know will bring your tie breaker score down like my first opponent.   I am sorry I am not great at remembering exact plays or monsters.  My memory is bad.  Next time I will try to keep more notes and will try to be more specific.  Oh and of note: I add lifepoints to reach to/above 8000 rather than subtract to zero


Round One.  Me Vs. Derick.    Winner:  Me.

Derick was a nice guy and admitted newbie. He had a 70+ card Exodia deck.  I politely suggested shrinking his deck down to more managable size. We played for fun after the match.

Game one:  Summoned Pyramid Turtle and he used Ring Destruction.  I was able to get Slate Warrior on field and give him a good smack.  We traded and I was able to hit him with a Roulette Barrell for 1000. Eventually I was able to get Jinzo out and he had no protection.  Win.

Me.  1200-1700-2200.

Him. 1200-2400-4300-4800-5800-loss;

Game two:  His deck was too large and kept getting situational cards so I wore him down and won.

Me.  1500-1700-2950-4150.

Him. 3200-5650-6850-loss;


Round Two.  Me Vs. John.   Winner:  Me.

John was also a nice guy and in the military (great respect for that young man!!!).  He was decent opponent.  General Deck. Don’t remember anything extraordinary about it.

Game one:  Loss due to Snach Steal.  Both up to around 4900 life points and he snatched my Vampire Lord and was able to overwhelm me.

Me.   300-3400-4900-loss;

Him. 1000-2000-4000-4800.

Game two:  Win due to Snatch Steal.  He barely touched me.  Got Slate Warrior out and beat him down.

Me.   200-800.

Him. 700-1200-1900-4100-4300-6600-loss;

Game three:  Win due to Vampire Lord.  He used this Spirit card when summoned forces a player to give up all the cards in their hand and I was top decking but I got lucky and pulled V.L. and had a monster on the field I could tribute! I was able to hit him several times with V.L. and removed several traps. He evenually killed him with a monster but later I revived him at the end with Monster Reborn for the winning strike.

Me.  200-1900-3500.

Him. 700-1500-3500-5500-6500-6900-loss;


Cool things going well with a 2-0 start.  Off to the winners bracket. Long time between rounds.

Round Three.  Me Vs. Timothy.    Winner: Him.

Timothy was HOT!.  He was a perfect 7-0 after the seventh round.  I’d like a rematch.  He was pretty cool.

Game one:  Loss due to Chaos Emperor Dragon.  Was wearing him down but couldn’t prevent the CED. He ran that as well as tried to set me up (unsuccessfully) for Yata Lock.  Two of the cards I hate the most.

Me.  1100-1900-4600-loss;

Him. 900-5800.

Game two:  We traded blows for a while but he attached a United and I was top decking and couldn’t defend.

Me.  900-3800-4800-6500-loss;

Him. 2200-3200.


Round Four.  Me Vs. Christopher.  Winner: Him.

I know Chirstopher from the weekly tournament. He is around 13years old and a worthy duelist. Our game was one of the most fun I had even though I lost.  He has a Basic type of beatdown deck.

Game one:  Close game thruout.  Cannot remember specifics;  Had him down to 1100 life points.

Me.   1300-2600-5300-5700-6000-7500-loss;

Him. 1300-1800-3200-3900-5400-6900.

Game two:  Best game of the day.  We traded blows andI was able to summon Black Luster Soldier Envoy and Mataze and blasted him bringing him down to 1000 lp.  But then he was able to bring out his own Envoy and then Snatched my Envoy and it was all over.

Me.   1800-2100-3600-loss;

Him.  300-800-4400-7000.


Round Five. Me Vs. Darrell.  Winner: Me.

Darrell was an older guy like me but I really don’t remember a lot about his deck or the match.

Game one:  Vampire lord and Mataza run wild.

Me.  1500-1800-3800.

Him. 100-1500-2000-5200-7200-loss;

Game two:  Just beat him down. Wish I remembered more but was pretty quick game.

Me.  1400-2800-4200-5700.

Him. 1500-2000-3600-4400-7800-loss;


Well lunch break.  3-2 so far.  Playing well. Just not in ‘the cards’ on a few matches.  Deck running well. Had a burger and chatted with friends from my normal tournament.  The put up the rankings after the fith round and I was ranked 20th out of 79. Not bad.  Wanted to move up.


Round Six.  Me Vs. Paul.   Winner: Me.

Paul was also an older guy who was bald as a bean but had a beard. Nice guy that was frustrated because he played poorly the game before and should have won it but I just had the cards and combos to win out. 

Game one:  Dark Magician of Chaos and special ability won the day.  I started with a Slate Warrior but he used Ring on it and so both started out 1900 damage.  I was able to get Vampire Lord on the field for a few strikes.  He snatched the Vampire Lord but I activated Mirror Force on his attack. Then at the end I was able to summon DMC and he was wide open and I struck him for the game.

Me.   1900-2800-3200-2200.

Him. 1900-2400-4400-4900-5000-5600-loss;

Game two:  Sorry, cannot remember much, I was able to get Mataza with a free attack early traded blows and I thought I had him but he was able to hold out.

Me.   1600-2600-2900-4800-7200-6200-loss;

Him. 1300-2600-3600-4800-7200-7600.

Game three: It was a slaughter.  He got a 1900 strike in and I don’t remember how I got rid of the attacker but I was able to bring out Dark Ruler Ha Des. Then I got painfull choice and gracefull and filled up the graveyard and was able to make my special summons of both Dark Necrofear and BLS Envoy and blast.

Me.  1900-2700.

Him. 2450-loss;


Well now 4-2. New rankings posted and I have moved up to 15th.  The whole goal is to get to the top eight were it becomes anyones game and single elimination.  I would have to win my final match and hope my opponents played well enough to boost my score. But first I would have to face another 4-2 duelist.


Round seven.  Me Vs. Nick.  Winner: Me.

Nick was a  nice kid around age 12.  His deck didn’t stick out as unique or unusual.  He was ranked 20th.

Game one:  He Snatched my monster and pounded me.

Me.   3200-6400-7900-loss;

Him. 500-1300.

Game two:  Jinzo won the day!  First I suommoned a pyramid turtle and got a free hit. He dark holed it.  I then got a free hit with a Giant Germ.  He destroyed it but then I destoryed his monster (raigeki?) and hit him with my trusty Slate Warrior.  He snatched it and gave me 1000 life points.   Eventually I got Jinzo out and stuck for the win.

Me.  1000-2200-1200-1500.

Him. 1200-2200-4100-4900-5900-loss;

Game three: Vampire Lord was ruler this game.  Getting him out with a few strikes and his returning ability is incredible.  In the end he summoned something strong (or did he snatch VL?) well I used my ring of destruction to finish him off. 

Me.   2200-3000-4000-4600.

Him. 300-2300-4300-5300-7300-loss;


So I won out and ended up being 5-2.  Now the agony of waiting to see final standing and If I made it to the coveted top eight.  Well the rankings came out and I ended up being 12th out of 79.  Not good enough for the top eight but certainly respectable.  Of the other people from my normal tournament location one woman was top eight (not sure where she ended up). Another was 10th.  Me at ranking 12th.  Another was 20th. Not sure of others. So I was really ranked third in the store. (One good player I consider my equal wasn’t able to attend.  Too bad. I would have loved to see how he would have ranked because I missed the previous regional tournament.)



For coming in 12th in my first regional tournament.

For a great tournament.

Not getting caught in Yata lock.

For getting hit with Chaos Emperor Dragon only once.

For not seeing gravity bind  or messanger of peace (I did have a side deck!).

For not having to use my side deck at all.



For my friend Chris D. not being able to show up.

The kid who kept calling the judges to challenge several plays on different players. (I didn’t play him.)

The same kid who complained his opponent’s card sleeves were too shiny and forced him to desleeve.


Thanks for reading. If you reached this far it must have been of interest and/or use.  Again you can email me comments at  You need to put Yu-Gi-Oh or yugioh exactly in the subject line so doesn’t get trashed with the Spam. Take care.