Good Ole Beatdown


Morning Glory.Paramus, NJ.



Tribute Monsters: 3

1xAirknight Parsath

1xVampire Lord



Regular Monsters:

3xArchfiend Soldier

2xBerserk Gorilla

1xSlate Warrior

1xSpear Dragon

1xInjection Fairy Lilly

1xWitch of the Black Forest


1xTribe Infecting Virus

1xExiled Force

1xSinister Serpent


Spell Cards:

1xMonster Reborn

1xPremature Burial

1xChange of Heart

1xSnatch Steal

1xPot of Greed

1xGraceful Charity

1xHarpies Feather Duster

1xHeavy Storm

3xMystical Space Typhoon

1xNobleman of Crossout


Trap Cards:


1xMirror Force

1xRing of Destruction

1xCall of the Haunted

1xImperial Order


First Match: Myself vs. Unknown (Beatdown)

Once again, I face someone with little to no experience of dueling, oh well, better for me.

I let him go first; he summons La Jinn, and ends.I go, and draw my 6 (Vampire Lord, Waboku, Snatch, Lilly, Archfiend and MST).Hmm, what to do? I decided to Snatch his Genie for Vampire Lord, then set Waboku and attack.I send a Trap card with his effect, and end.He draws and sets a monster, then an m/t, then ends.I draw my next card, and he uses Drop Off?Oh well, summons Berserk Gorilla, attack his facedown Mask of Darkness, and then hit him with V-Lord and end.He draws again, sets another M/T, and ends.I draw, and its Drop Off again, now Iím annoyed.I played my Graceful Charity, discarded and reborned Jinzo, and then summoned Lilly, pumped her up, and attacked him for Game.


Match 2: Myself vs. another unknown (Beatdown)

Yet another quick and somewhat amusing match.He started off playing Magician of Faith in attack mode, then tried to play Shadow Spell from his hand.After explaining the rules to him, he ended up setting Shadow Spell and ending. I draw; get Berserk Gorilla out, then MST the Shadow Spell.I attack the Magician, then set Waboku and end my turn.Fast Foward to the end of the match, I have Vampire Lord on my side, he had a Blue Eyes. I have a Berserk Gorilla and Heavy Storm in my hand.Does he attack my Vampire Lord? Nope, he plays Burst Stream of Destruction, killing my Lord and ending his Turn.Oops, Vampire Lord comes back; I draw, and get Pot of Greed, use that to get Exiled and Reborn.I use Exiled, kill Blue Eyes then Reborn it, and then attack with both for Game.


Match 3(Best of 2) Vs. Chaos

Part 1:Argg, annoying Chaos decks, First I loose my Airknight to Thousand Eyes, then Chaos Emperor Blew me up.

Part 2: I lost track of the match here, but I remember having no hand and getting Yata Locked.


Match 2(Best of 2) Vs. Chaos/Control

Part 1:

I brought out Airknight early, keeping most of his monsters in check.He tried using his Discard magic, but Imperial Order laughed at those.Then he tried using his Black Luster Soldier, but my Ring of Destruction stopped him cold.I eventually won; all he brought out were tomatoes.

Part 2:

He starts off with Confiscation, but right after he plays it, the judge calls time on the match.Hey look, Confiscation helped me win, Woot!



Myself: I rule!

Airknight: Amazing tribute

Confiscation: Iíve won 2 matches so far thanks to people playing this.


Yata: Damn this fiendish creature, his reign of terror must end!


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