Kevin Alcantar (AKA Rage)
Tony's Hobby & Comic Shop
June 26,2004
Los Angeles , CA
Free Admission Unofficial Tournament

Hi there.For those who don't know me this is my second Tourny Report. Well, lots have changed since my first Tournament report other than my nickname. Fiend Anarchy is back and is pumping iron. But I'm still on a budget and can't get much-needed staples and Fiends that would really boost this decks playability. This tournament was different because of the different finale planned, double duel. According to how many finalists there are, a double duel was to decide the finalists. The metagame is tougher now since people are playing Chaos a lot and some kid was playing Machines. Beatdown is more common now. Here's Fiend Anarchy now, still on a budget and I'm itching to get better cards:

Jinzo x1
Dark Necrofear x2
Invader of Darkness x1 (Becoming Dark Ruler Ha Des or The End of Anubis)
Normal Monsters:
Sasuke Samurai x1
Kryuel x2 (Becoming Giant Orcs as soon ASAP)
Witch of the Black Forest x1
Shadowknight Archfiend x2 (One of them is becoming Tribe Infecting Virus)
Possessed Dark Soul x1 (Becoming Night Assailants)
Wall of Illusion x1
Winged Minion x1(Turning into another Kuriboh)
Dark Jeroid x2 (At least one is becoming an Archfiend Soldier)
Sangan x1
Opticlops x1
La Jinn x3
Coach Goblin x1(Becoming Slate Warrior[s])
Twin Headed Wolf x2 (Becoming Newdoria[s])
Kuriboh x1
Gren Maju Da Eiza x1 (Becoming Terrorking Archfiend)
Cyber Jar x1
Magic Cards:
Pot of Greed x1
Share the Pain x1
Monster Reborn x1
Mystical Space Typhoon x2
Dark Hole x1
Graceful Charity x1
D.D. Designator x1
Raigeki x1
Change of Heart x1
Horn of Heaven x1
Raigeki Break x1
Magic Drain x1
Drop Off x1
Waboku x1

I woke up late so I missed some of the practice duels and didn't get a clear view of the competition. Each duel was one match so it's the same deal. I had no idea that it was a double duel and that's why everyone was practicing double duels. I came in and saw double duels going on. I thought they were trying to be like on TV but whatever. I started hard off against a Beatdown.
-Duel 1:Fiend Anarchy vs. Beatdown
I started off with Gren Maju, Winged Minion, Magic Drain, D.D. Designator, and Share the Pain.We flipped and he went first (I never found out his name) and layed a card in defence. I drew a La Jinn and I laid Magic Drain. I attacked his Witch and he got the effect and got an Berserk Gorilla. I took the opportunity and removed his Gorilla with D.D. Designator and played another La Jinn and attacked directly. He drew and played Gemini Elf and attacked one of the La Jinns. I drew and got Necrofear and I played Winged Minion and tributed it for it's effect on La Jinn and it was downhill for him.
Me: 8000-7900
Him: 8000-4400-1900-0

-Duel 2: Fiend Anarchy vs. Defensive Exodia
I had duel this kid before and he was pretty good except for the fact that he couldn't keep monsters on the field that long without getting them blasted. I am sketchy with this duel since I was chatting with my friend at the time. I started off with Monster Reborn, Dark Jeroid, Wall of Illusion, Share the Pain, and Possessed Dark Soul. I started and drew Winged Minion. I played Wall of Illusion and laid Share the Pain. He played Spirit Reaper and a card facedown. I drew Horn of Heaven and laid it. I don't remember much except me playing Dark Necrofear and attacking a Witch and he getting an Exodia Head and Grean Maju after removing six monsters (Dark Necrofears) from play and me attacking directly.
Me 8000-? -6500
Him 8000-? -0

-Duel 3: Fiend Anarchy vs. Dark Magician Deck
This duel I can remember a bit more but whatever. I dueled him before too if anyone can remember my last Tournament report. He got better and he told me he wanted to get back at me because of that last time I dueled him. I hadn't competed in the tournaments because my deck was pretty weak. I started off with Invader of Darkness, Necrofear, Kryuel, Coach Goblin, Mystical Space Typhoon. I drew Raigeki and basically owned him the rest of the match. Talk about putting it in few words.
Me 8000-? -3400
Him 8000-?-0
-SemiFinal? Me, Kid with Beast Deck, Kid with Weenie Deck, and Chaos Deck
This was weird…I don't remember this very vividly but I remember most of the important stuff. I was teamed up with a kid with a Chaos deck. His name was James. He was probably spoiled and had won the past tournament. I drew Shadowknight, Jinzo, Raigeki Break, La Jinn, and D.D. Designator. He drew Chaos Emperor, Jinzo, Soul Absorption, Raigeki. Not bad for our first draws. The order was Weenie kid, Chaos, Fiend, and Beast. Weenie kid played a card face down and a monster in defense mode face down. My partner drew and got Graceful Charity, he played it and got D.D. Scout Plane, Strike Ninja, and Mystical Space Typhoon. He played Ninja and set Soul Absorption. My turn. I drew Wall of Illusion and played La Jinn and set Raigeki Break. Beast turn. He drew and play Berserk Gorilla (uh-oh big one) and played Pot of Greed and drew two. So far it seemed Beast kid was having a good hand because as soon as he drew from his Pot he got all happy and jumpy. Anyway, Weenie kid's turn. He drew and played Giant Soldier of Stone and activated Solemn Wishes and also activated Des Lacooda and drew. Partner's turn. He drew and got Fiber Jar. I kept telling him not to play it yet because it would kind of mess up my deck if I summoned Necrofear and he played that. He said okay and played Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Solemn Wishes. He sacrificed Strike Ninja for Jinzo. Well, that was an okay move. I drew and got Dark Hole. I sacrificed La Jinn for Jinzo. I played D.D. Designator and called Gravity Bind. I checked their hands and none had it. Darn. I had to remove a card but my partner took the hit and removed Fiber Jar. I thanked him and it was Beast turn. He drew and played the Enraged Battle Ox he had in his hand. I got to see his hand when I played D.D. Designator so I saw it coming. He had to attack my Jinzo because of Gorilla's effect and lost 400 life points. Gorilla was destroyed and I thought that was the last of him. Weenie kid drew and played Change of Heart and took James' Jinzo and rammed It into my Jinzo. Both Jinzos were destroyed. He attacked directly James' directly with Giant Soldier of Stone. So far Weenie kid and I were in the lead. James had 6700 and Beast kid had 7600. James drew D.D. Warrior Lady and he planned to take out the Battle Ox with it so we nuked it but he took 100-life point damage. My turn and I drew Graceful Charity and I got Change of Heart, Dark Jeroid, and Pot of Greed. I discarded and Shadowknight and I played Pot of Greed and got Sangan and Dark Necrofear. I played Raigeki Break and destroyed Giant Soldier of Stone and discarded Wall of Illusion. I special summoned Necrofear by removing Shadowknight, La Jinn, and Dark Jeroid. I attacked Des Lacooda and ended my turn. Beast turn and he played Mad Dog of Darkness and attacked but I blocked with Sangan and I took 800 damage and gave it's effect to him and he got Mystic Tomato. Weenie kid drew and set a card facedown and played Inaba White Rabbit and attacked me. I took 700 more life points. James' was going to save CED for later but Weenie kid activated Gravity Bind and he had to play Shining Angel. My turn and I drew Kryuel. I attacked Weenie kid with Sangan directly and he took 1000. All I could do. Beast kid sacrificed Mad Dog for Manticore. Then he played Axe of Despair on Manticore giving it 3300. Weenie kid's turn. Well, I won't continue. All I will say is that I felt really pissed at my partner for not playing Emperor Dragon. Weenie kid kept attacking under Gravity Bind with Inba White Rabbit. Kind of a Rabbit lock instead of a Yata lock. Beast kid lost to Weenie kid at the final so whatever.

-Meeting new people
-Getting to check out James' deck for next time I duel him
-Plain out dueling

-Losing to Inaba White Rabbit
-My partner never summoning his Emperor Dragon.
-Getting nothing in my entry booster.
-Having a budget fiend deck

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