Deck Name: Ectoplasmic Fortification Zombie Deck VER.2
Theme: Zombie/Field Control
Name: Richard Day
Date: 6-12-04 (Saturday)
Time: 12:00-1:15 (didn't last long)
Entered: 10-12 people
Store: All About Sports
Location: Winston-Salem, NC
Entrance Fee: $7.00 (LOD or TP4)
Tournament Style: Elimination Gameplay

My Metamorph-Chaos Deck was good, but it lacked speed and it went rough and placed around 2nd or 4th place.  So it's time to bring out my 1st place winning deck that won me the tournament a long time ago, my Zombie Deck.  Let's just say that Zombies rule.  It has everything you need to finish your opponent off fast and with ease.  This is a little upgrade from my previous Zombie Deck and it is faster than before.  Fiber Jar was good reset and refresh my hand, but it also makes it a whole new game and my opponent could waste me.  Reasonings are out, not because it sucks.  Its actually great for this deck, but it thins my staples that I usually just lose because I’m out of cards in my deck.  So I thought they should be gone.  So that’s about it and I’ve created this.

-Remember, Ancient Sanctuary isn’t tournament legal until July 1st, so I couldn’t use cards like Vampire Lady, Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower, and Double Coston-

Monsters :16:
01 .:. Jinzo
02 .:. Vampire Lord
03 .:. Despair from the Dark
04 .:. Ryu Kokki
05 .:. Ryu Kokki
06 .:. Patrician of Darkness
07 .:. Patrician of Darkness
08 .:. Spirit Reaper
09 .:. Spirit Reaper
10 .:. Pyramid Turtle
11 .:. Pyramid Turtle
12 .:. Pyramid Turtle
13 .:. Magical Scientist
14 .:. Sangan
15 .:. Witch of the Black Forest
16 .:. Tribe Infecting Virus

Spells :19:
01 .:. Pot of Greed
02 .:. Graceful Charity
03 .:. Mirage of Nightmare
04 .:. Monster Reborn
05 .:. Snatch Steal
06 .:. Change of Heart
07 .:. Raigeki
08 .:. Dark Hole
09 .:. Harpie's Feather Duster
10 .:. Heavy Storm
11 .:. Mystical Space Typhoon
12 .:. Mystical Space Typhoon
13 .:. Mystical Space Typhoon
14 .:. Painful Choice
15 .:. Call of the Mummy
16 .:. Call of the Mummy
17 .:. Book of Life
18 .:. Book of Life
19 .:. Book of Life

Trap :5:
01 .:. Call of the Haunted
02 .:. Waboku
03 .:. Mirror Force
04 .:. Imperial Order
05 .:. Ring of Destruction
:40 in deck:

Our Tournament Judge is not there so we had our man Justin to handle it.  Since we can’t do Swiss, we have to do that usual Elmination.  I paid $7 and got a TP4 pack and pulled all common crap.  I think only around 10 people entered (that’s bad).

Elimination Tournament Match #1
[Me V.S. Tirus (the person that says mother f***** a lot….]

~1st Round~
We rolled the dice to determine who goes first.  He won the dice roll and decides to go first.  Drew, and played Painful Choice.  As he was getting his cards out with his Spell Card, he ask me “Do you know what kind of deck I’m running?”.  I said “No, not really”.  Tirus said “Well when I show you all 5 of these cards, you will find out”.  I checked out the 5 chosen cards from Painful.  It was all 3 of the Gate Guardian pieces.  I let him keep Sinister Serpent and he sent the rest to the card graveyard.  Later on, I brought out my Zombies by special summoning them and overwhelm Tirus.  

~2nd Round~
I went to my side-deck and switched back to my Metamorph-Chaos Deck.  I know that he must have Soul Release and Dimension Fusion because I’ve heard about his Gate Guardian Deck before.  So he went first.  Then later, he played Painful Choice (again) and then removed them with Soul Releases.  Later on, he Dimension Fusion all 3 Gate Guardian pieces with some other cards as well.  Then I summoned Sinister and played Metamorph on it and took his strongest Gate Guardian piece (Sanga:2600 ATK).  Then somehow later, he did something and it would have been game, so I just ringed the monster and lost.

~3rd Round~
I switched back to my Zombie Deck and decided that field control will win me this round.  So I started out playing Painful Choice.  I then realize that D. D. Warrior Lady was in my Zombie Deck, it was suppose to be in my Chaos Deck and then I looked in my side-deck and saw Magical Scientist in there.  Tirus told me that I can switch it.  All of a sudden, Tirus was yelling that you can’t switch your side-deck in a middle of a duel.  Geeezzz Tirus, what was that all about?  Fine I can handle without Scientist.  Then later he Soul Release my monsters so I’m left with nothing to reborn them with.  Then he seemed to top-decking and I had Vampire Lord out with Ryu Kokki and everything and went out of control on him.  He then drew his final card before I bombarded him.  He cleaned up his field and said that’s game.  Nice dueling man, your Gate Guardian Deck is surprising.
Elimination Tournament Match #2
[Me V.S. John (my deck is huge because of my double sleeves!)]

~1st Round~
I love dueling with John.  I knew this would be a nice match.  The game started and I started to thin my deck by playing this in order: Painful Choice, Pot of Greed, Graceful Charity.  I can’t remember much but we did have Jinzos flying around and he summons his X-Head Cannon and plays Limiter Removal to destroy it.  Later it was game and it was close too.

~2nd Round~
Can’t remember much since both me and John plays fast.  I won the duel.  Nice XYZ Chaos deck btw.  You should call it “XYZ Project Alpha Chaos”.
Elimination Tournament Semi-Finals
[Me V.S. Zach (My friend that I took him here)]

~1st Round~
Well I rolled a 5 and Zach wanted a bye but I ended up facing him.  Last night, we were dueling and he creams me with his DMoC.  I thought, I might as well be in 3rd place and get this over with.  So it started and for some reason, he barely drew any monsters.  So I just went all out with my Zombies.

~2nd Round~
Same thing!  He pulled another bad hand.  I got my Scientist out and won the game.
Elimination Tournament Finals
[Me V.S. Jason (Don’t slap me please…)]

~1st Round~
Well he seemed confident, I’m not sure where he got that motivation from but give me all you got.  He started out good by setting a monster and end.  Then I summoned Scientist and pay to bring out Dark Balter and let him attack the facedown monster.  It was Troop Dragon and I’m glad he is out of the way, and attacked directly.  Later it was game.

~2nd Round~
I guess he drew a bad hand.  I, of course did the same thing about getting Dark Balter and took out his Troop Dragons.  Then I summoned Spirit Reaper and attacked him like 2-3 times directly, making his hand very thin and his chances of winning this duel.  I think he was top-decking a high-level dragon monsters.  I finally ended it and won the duel.  
Oh yeah, my 1st place Zombie Deck won me the tournament again!!!

1st Place: Richy (That’s me)
2nd Place: Jason (Good job)
3rd Place: Zach (Nice try)

1) Winning 1st Place
2) For Justin not entering, giving me a good chance of 1st Place

1) Jason took my Des Counterblow and ran off with it.  Please just give it back……….

Well it was a fine day, later we all went to Burger King and double duel and stuff.  My friend Zach got his first Envoy, CED so he was happy.  Geezzz he traded like a heck of a lot of cards of it!

Ahem, Aqua Teen Hunger Force is a funny show!  Just had to say that.

Well this has been fun.  If you want to contact me online or send an E-mail to me, its  Until then, see ya space cowboy.