Pat's Tourny Report #1


Tourny Info:

Location: The Wizards Tower - Ottawa Ontario

Entry Fee: 5$

Prize: Points + Pack + Bragging Rights

# of Players: 30 (around)

The Crew: Pat (me), Marcus and Justin(JC)

The Crew Name: The Baby-Makers.5

My Deck:

Monster (19):

[3] Dark Magician of Chaos (best monster ever)

[3] Skilled Dark Magician (skillz)

[2] Strike Ninja (le $ex)

[3] D.D. Scout Plane (le condom)

[1] Jinzo

[1] Sangan

[1] Witch of the Black Forest

[1] Breaker the Magical Warrior

[1] Fiber Jar

[1] Exiled Force

[1] Tribe Infecting Virus (cough)

[1] Sinister Serpent

Magic (16):

[1] Monster Reborn

[1] Raigeki

[1] Harpie's Feather Duster

[1] Change of Heart

[1] Dark Hole

[1] Snatch Steal

[1] Premature Burial

[1] Painful Choice

[1] Delinquent Duo

[1] Graceful Charity

[1] Pot of Greed (my fav magic :D)

[1] Nobleman of Crossout

[1] Heavy Storm

[1] The Forceful Sentry

[2] Mystical Space Typhoon

Trap (6):

[1] Ring of Destruction

[1] Magic Cylinder

[1] Torrential Tribute

[1] Imperial Order

[1] Call of the Haunted

[1] Mirror Force

Sidedeck (basically a joke):

Exodia (5 pieces)

Ced - Envoy

Bls - Envoy



3 Cannon soldiers

and other stuff...

Well... the night before, me and my friends planned to go to some charity tournament. It was pretty far. Apparently my friend Justin "heard wrong" (i think he's just stupid :P) and thought we had to be there at 12.

We ran into a demo team member on the bus and told us it started at 10... o well... however that demo team member (curtis) was going to work at The Wizards Tower as the judge at the tourny. So we went there...

So we arrive there... played a warm-up duel with my friend Marcus who plays a very nice chaos deck... (ced, bls, dmoc, thunders, etc...) He claims he won.. but i think we tied.. 1-1 and just didn't finish... Anyways... it started!!!

1st Round

Me vs. Noob with no sleeves

Uh, this one was aver very fast... maybe 5 mins tops... i remember getting dmoc out once or twice + strike

anyways... 2 - 0

Marcus Input: "Well., from what I saw, Pat got Non-Agression Area'd'd, but he recovered from that horribly, horribly broken card. :o"

Inbetween rounds ( DuelMasters Game):

MOST ANNOYING KID EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and he really sucked...

he challenged me to put up my bolshack dragon for his grangure... it was in his favour but he sucked and was really arrogant and annoying.. the type of person to say " i can't believe u just did that" and " that was a fatal mistake, i'm going to win" (things he actually said).

so i played him...

opening hand.... OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was pretty bad... and it didn't get better... anyways... long story short... he almost beat me... but I had the worst hand ever... i managed to beat him and take his card... haha...

Marcus Input: "After seeing that kid, it made me wonder why I never bought a gun. Anyways, it was close as hell, and I was vomiting due to the kid's @$$ hole ish nes."

2nd Round

Me vs. Choas Playing Person

He was a lot better then the first player but still had some playing to do before getting good.

1st Duel: I dduo'd his hand... managed to get dmoc and just beat him down with it...

2nd Duel: All i remember from this one is that strike + scout planes really annoyed him... then jinzo...

2-0 this one as well...

Marcus Input: "Didn't really see it, but the kid really didn't really have the best playing style. Good deck, no skillz."

3rd Round

Me vs. Mike (how to describe words appart from bad teeth and annoying laugh can describe him - hope he doesn't see this...)

Marcus Input: "If Bo (*sniff*) can put up with him, I guess we can."

JC Input: "His hair looks like.. no... just... no. He also always wears the same shirt... some weird hawaiian anime shirt"

Anyways... despite those other things.. he actually has a pretty decent deck (chaos)... it's won tournys and it beat JC.. but that's just cus he sucks...

1st Duel: Dmoc was played at some point and but this lasted soooooooooo long just because he fibered maybe... 5-6 times.. i'm dead serious... one after the other... and we shuffled... either way.. i won in the end.

2nd Duel: to be honest.. i don't remember a thing... i think i played fiber and dduo but that's it.. i ended up winning though...

Marcus Input: "What can I say, the guy's deck has po-ten-ti-al. He's pretty good, but he plays too recklessly."


Record so far... 6-0

Marcus so far... 6-1 (1 lose to steve)

Justin so far... 0 - 100 ( he realy sucks) ; )

Anyways, that was the swiss part of the we went into single elimination... i had one of the best records so i made it...

4th Round - Quarter Finals

Me vs. Steve A.

Steve is my canadian idol... maybe 40 years old... give or take...

He kinda has this aura of thought... a thought cloud if u will... and his thought lasts a while when he plays.

This guy is actually one of my favs to play.. even if he takes a really long time... just the way he thinks... i would give anything to know what he thinks about... I hope u know what i mean

... Marcus Input: "Well, this guy knows how to run a deck; and he knows how to run one well. The concentration he puts into every move is awe-inspiring. Anyways, his deck is Catapult-Scientist, and his Skull-Mark Ladybugs own. His deck is everything JC's deck is and more, cuz it's actually playable." BOOM!

Duel #1 (Best duel of the tourny for me)

This was just.. so good...

I knew he played scientist cus i had seen him play marcus right before me... so i was ready for him.. My opening hand was 2 scout planes 2 searchers and a magic or something...

He got really really lucky... he got pot, graceful, thunders, skull marks in the gy, painful and card destruction in his opening hand... he summoned scientist before card destruction so he had that monster and 3 m/t(i think). Anyways... i knew that he had to have some last wills in there somewhere... so i premature my witch... and instead of sacking for jinzo... i decided to play stike and risk the traps... so strike atacked the scientist, he nightmare wheeled it so i removed it with scout planes and then atacked scientist with witch... he didn't counter... the reason i didn't sac for jinzo was cus i then set imperial and cylinders so his turn.. he summons cannon and plays last will.. IMPERIAL SAVED ME...or else he would have gotten catapult and reboned his scientist...anyways.. i toke 2800 Lp because of imperial but it was worth it.. He admitted that was the only thing that won me the duel... What a good game though... i was happy after that one.

2nd Duel

He went 1st.. set 1 monster and 1 m/t. I went.. set my witch and ring.... He plays last will and sacs his monster reaper for cataoult... get scientist... i ring scientist... he prematures it... o no! I lose...

3rd Duel

This one he plays messenger or soemthing but my scout planes and sangan got some quick dmg done so i wasn't that worries bout scientist combo anymore... He still lasted a while but i got strike out with 2 scouts in the grave and after tht point it was pretty much over... i got jinzo out and stuff... his last turn was this:

Sets 1 m/t and plays 2 messengers(i think Lp was Me: 2900 or 3100 or something Left - He had 1800 left or somthing around there... summons cannon soldier, plays last will... gets 2 more cannon soldiers and goes for the atck.. i cylinder one and then i chnage and snatch both of them and send'em both for the win... this won was good as well

In the words of steve " this deck wins in the 1st 4 turns or loses after the 1st 4 turns..." - Inspireing

Me vs. Choas Playing Person (same guy as second round)

1st Duel: This one was over pretty fast... i got DMOC out with strike and 2 scouts in the gy.. hard to beat... so i won that one and he made some sidedeck changes...

2nd Duel: This was down to the wire.. we both drew crap but he got the locking bird on his side... and had just enough monster removal to get a few shots threw cus all i had was raigeki, duster and snatch.. at some point he changed a monster then saced for jinzo.. that let me snatch it... but he got the luster out and locked me : ( Getting locked really isn't fun...

3rd Duel: Another close won with some fast hitting but it was over pretty quick.. he got jizo out to early and my snatch screwed him over... i had strike + scout planes which won me the duel...

Finals (this is only the second time i have made it to the finals :D.. the 1st time i lost to Marcus :S)

Me vs. Mike (again...)

1st Duel: Got some monsters out quick and 1st turn dduo helped me... got skilled, strike and tribe to deliver the final blow... 1-0... 1 win away from my 1st tourny victory... he makes some sidedeck changes...

2nd Duel: Nothing that interesting although he used lily here(one of his sidedeck changes)

Lily is the card which ended up winning me the tourny... i got some early atacks through at the beginning and he pumped 2 times... so he was at 500 Lp and i was at 1200... He had call with the lily and one face down monster... i needed something good... strike ninja.. yay! Summon, attack Lily, he can't pump so i win!

MY 1ST WIN!!!!!!!!

i was so very happy...

Marcus (lost to chaos guy i played in semis) 6-3 record

Justin (lost to mike in semis) 8-2 record

Pat (WON! :D) 10-2 record


- Winning

- Beating the annoying kid and winning his card

- Playing Steve

- Beating Mike twice

- Getting My F I N A L set

- 12 - 2 record


- Nothing in packs

- Having to wake up at 9 with a hangover :s


Marcus ...

JC ... Wizards tournament 4 season champ... visit his report in the Febuary 2004

DMOC being the best monster in the game... and i'm dead serious...

Dark Paladin... my babies (Dark Paladin LE5, Dark Paladin 303-051, Dark Paladin DMG - HUGE MISPRINT(name printed on top of stars), Dark Paladin DMG, Dark Paladin Unl, Dark Paladin 1/e wrong art x 3) <- Have them all :D

Steve.. canadian idol 04

Bo Jessome... COME BACK... the Baby-Making.5 crew is so incomplete without you...


Roasted Chicken

My cats

Slush Puppies

Curtis (for being a good judge)

That just about does it for me here... thanks for reading.

If u have anything to say or want to play just let me know...

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