Time Warped Beatdown

Melissa H.

Aventura Mall (Mall Tour)

Miami, FL

February 1st, 2004

More than 1,000 people overall


Hey fellow YGO players, as it is clear, I managed to go to the mall tour today, and yesterday, but I’ll only be reporting today’s. It was a great day, despite standing in the registration line for two damn hours. Met some great people there, made a lot of trades and such. Now for the deck…


Time Warped Beatdown


Monsters x14


Vampire Lord

Goblin Attack Force

Injection Fairy Lily

Gemini Elf

Archfiend Soldier

Skilled Dark Magician

Spear Dragon

Breaker the Magical Warrior

Tribe Infecting Virus

Exiled Force

Sinister Serpent

Spirit Reaper

Fiber Jar

Witch of the Black Forest


Magic x20



Harpies Feather Duster

Dark Hole

Mystical Space Typhoon x2


Premature Burial

Monster Reborn

Nobleman of Crossout x2

Pot of Greed

Graceful Charity

United We Stand

Book of Moon

Change of Heart

Snatch Steal

Painful Choice

Swords of Revealing Light

Delinquent Duo

The Forceful Sentry


Trap x6


Mirror Force

Ring of Destruction

Imperial Order


Torrential Tribute

Call of the Haunted



Now after waiting in line for 2 hours, I get my blue time card to go wait on another line, the tourney one for another 30 minutes, woohoo! While standing there, got to see some games and some amazing victories, which left my jaw hanging open, truly incredible, is what luck does.


Duel 1 Area A:

They paired me up against another girl duelist, which was the fun part. She seemed to be running a deck somewhat similar to mine. I admit on this game I played a bit sloppy, using a lot of staples on the first turn. She had me worried since I wasn’t drawing the right cards, but I got lily and started pounding away, little by little. In the end, she had around 200 life and I around 2600, ring activated on my lily, and it’s game!


Duel 2 Area A:

This guy also had me worried, I saw him play earlier and he wasn’t kidding when he played. We both started out pretty slow, I drew PoG and DD right on first hand, that got me a nice hand advantage early on. Again, Lily managed to save me in this game (it always seems unstoppable when I bring her out). I just took control of his monsters, brought out my own, and bashed him with Lord for game.


Millennium Puzzle Challenge Time!

This duel was the ice breaker, had me shaking in my boots the whole time, since I played Jason and Kevin yesterday and lost both times, I wasn’t ready to lose a 3rd time. This time, I got to play Phil, who was running a very good warrior deck. In the beginning, he had some scary hand advantage, round 3:1 going actually. I played gaf, fissured his, attacked. He got rid of mine with gear, I play waboku fd, he MSTs it on his turn, plays another gear and attacks for 0. I draw exiled, kill off one of his, he plays Don with equip (ouch). My turn, I get lucky with lily, kill off his don! Later in the game, he had 1600, I had 600, I had breaker in field, he had a fd card (m/t). I took a risk, and attacked and it was a…………… United We Stand! I was jumping with happiness, got my prize, signed the book, my day was done!


Well, rents wanted to leave already, so I was forced to leave so early on. It was worth it though, and fun as well.



Parents taking me

Mill. Puzzle People being so nice

Josh for holding my binder for 2 hours and hanging with me J



Not playing Kevin again!



My email: wardragon@hebra.com