regnR8's Absolute Rule of teh Monarchs - Dec. 26, 2004


RegnR8's Absolute Rule of the Monarchs
Tournament Report for Dec. 26, 2004


Hi all,


Welcome to this weeks tournament report.


I hope this report finds you well and winning! Ho! Ho! Ho!


Today is the day after Christmas. I hope you were all good boys and girls this year and Santa brought you every thing you wanted.


I got a bag of coal. Ha.Ha.


Before the report, I want to thank everyone who has been so supportive of my reports and this deck in particular. Unfortunately, I have seen some posts on a few websites where people have taken my deck and claimed it as their own.


Now, I do not mind people taking my ideas and incorporating them into their deck. Heck, I don't even mind people taking my entire deck and using it. Information sharing is important and I really want every one to become better players. I do mind people stealing my deck and claiming it to be their own. That's just wrong. I have also seen posts where people have stated they have gotten the original idea from me and that is fine. I have recieved PM's and emails from lots of people who have used the basic deck and switched it up a little to their liking and that's fine, too. I have been working on this deck since October, changing, testing and tweaking it and it is kind of frustrating to see it copied and then passed off as someone elses idea. So, please give credit where credit is due. It's just common courtesy. Thanks!


Now that is over, onto the rest of the report!


Newnan Sports Cards
Newnan Ga
Free to Play
Single Elimination
Advanced Format
4 packs for 1st
3 packs for 2nd
2 pack for 3rd
24 people signed up today, but a lot more came after the tounament started and couldn't sign up.


SUPER! Advanced format this week. No lame Traditional crap. Well, I think we finally talked the manager into ONLY running Advanced Format. After the tournament, I spoke with him and it's advanced all the way! Great! (and there was much rejoicing!)


Well, I changed the Monarch deck a little this week. Again. The biggest change was to the side deck. I've noticed there is a large dependency on spell cards in my meta and I wanted to add more spell negation to the side deck. I already have 2 Magic Jammer but added a couple of Magic Drain to help thwart some of these "spell-dependant" deck types. Last week, I saw a LLAB deck and a Last Turn deck, both of which depended on a lot of Spell cards. You'd think the Last Turn would depend on traps, and you'd be right, but this particular build also has a lot of draw power due to Reload, Spell Reproduction, Dragged Down Into the Grave, that sort of thing. The Last Turn deck is fast and if I can go first, hopefully, I can shut it down before it gets a chance to get moving. Also, the everpresent Chaos/Warrior deck depends on Spell cards like The Warrior Returning Alive, Reinforcements of the Army and Painful Choice. Zombie and Level decks are seeing a rise and I would definately want to stop those, too. Plus, Change of Heart and Snatch Steal are nearly staples in my meta, and its always good to put a halt to them, along with Heavy Storm. So, I thought I'd try some more Spell negation in the side deck and see how it goes.


I took out the Divine Wrath from the main deck and dropped in Swords of Revealing Light. Having played with this deck for a few months now, I have noticed it runs fairly slowly. Now, most people want a fast deck and I usually do too, but this deck actually seems to benefit from being a little on the slow side. I decided on the SoRL because I do draw a lot of opening hands with "Little Monsters" like Night Assailants and Peten, with nothing really strong to help me out. I have 12 cards in the deck that I consider to be "Little Monsters" and they include all the Assailant, Peten, Sinister, 2 Scapegoat, Cyber, Fiber and TIV. I put TiV in the "Little Monster" category because it's a terrible top deck when you have nothing to discard for it, and by itself, it ain't taking out much. TIV played a crucial role in the Finals today. More about that later.


I had thought about replacing the Night Assailant with Spirit Reaper this week and decided not to. A lot of people have emailed me and suggest the Reaper/Assailant change. I thought about it for a while and am still considering it, but there have been a lot of times where I have been able to flip up my Assailant, destroy my opponents monster and tribute for Mobius, thereby clearing their field. I didn't want to give up that dynamic of the deck and adding in the SoRL may actually help that little trick. Plus, the Assailants do have the added second effect, which I think I have pulled off once, but hey, it could be a game saver. Sure, they get NoC'd a lot but, that just thins my deck out so, it's all good. If I ever build a deck around Thestalos, the Reapers are going in for sure.


OK so, here's the deck as it stands this week:


Absolute Rule of the Monarchs


x2 Mobius the Frost Monarch
x2 Zaborg the Thunder Monarch
x3 Night Assailant
x3 Peten the Dark clown
x1 Sinister Serpent
x3 Berserk Gorilla
x1 TIV
x1 Breaker
x1 Fiber
x1 Cyber


x1 PoG
x1 Change of Heart
x1 Snatch Steal
x1 Premature Burial
x2 Scapegoat
x2 Enemy Controller
x2 NoC
x2 Creature Swap
x1 Painful Choice
x1 Heavy Storm
x1 MST
x1 Swords Of Revealing Light


x1 Dust Tornado
x2 Bottomless Trap Hole
x2 Horn of Heaven
x1 Call of the Haunted


x3 Kinetic Soldier
x1 JInzo
x1 Royal Decree
x1 Scapegoat
x1 Book of Moon
x2 Divine Wrath
x2 Magic Jammer
x1 RoD
x1 Raigeki Break
x2 Magic Drain


We got there early and I tested out my Raging Flame Sprite deck and got stomped. I got some advice and made some changes and got stomped again. I made some more changes and hung in there for a while and won a few games here and there, but basically got stomped. So, I'll make some more changes in the future and see what happens.




Monarchs VS Beatdown




I go first and get Assailant, Fiber, Peten, Gorilla, Mobius and Bottomless. OK. Not the worst hand I've ever drawn. Just for fun, to see if I can get away with it, I set the BTH and Fiber. Heh.


He plays Heavy Storm. Oh well. Strategy #1 shot. He summons a Spear Dragon. Oops. Strategy #2 shot. He attacks my Fiber Jar and I get two NoC (I hate that), Assailant, TIV, Sinister and 1400LP damage. He sets one S/T card and ends.


I draw Change of Heart. Now, should attack or set? Hmmm. I take a chance and summon TIV and attack into a Cylinder. Meh, whatever. I think I would have kept my Cylinder for something higher than 1600 attacker. I set one NoC as a bluff.


He summons his TIV and suicides, then uses Premature Burial to get it back.


I Change his TIV, and tribute it for Mobius and attack.


He sets a monster. Two NoC's a bad draw...hmmmm maybe not.


I NoC his Gorilla and know I have him on the ropes. I attack again with Mobius, then set a Night Assailant.


He NoC's my Assailants but big deal, he can't do anything else and I win.




He goes first and sets two S/T and a monster.


I get Cyber, Pot, Sinister, Assailant, Peten and Scapegoat. I play Pot and draw TiV and Heavy Storm. I Heavy his Torrential and Draining Shield. Good. I summon TiV, set the Goat and attack his face down Slate Warrior. He was depending on the Draining Shield to protect his Slate. OK. TiV's attack goes down, so I'm probably going to get hammered pretty good next turn.


He Heavy's my Scapegoat, which I chain, Snatch's my TIV, discards for Beast (darn) and attacks.


I set a Night Assailant and gain 1000LP from Snatch.


He sets a monster, calls aqua for TIV and destroys it.


I flip up my Assailant, destroy his set Spirit Reaper and tribute for Mobius. THAT'S why I have the Assailants in the deck. Every time I think I want to take them out of the deck, they get rid of a Reaper for me or do something really useful! I attack with Mobius, uncontested.


He sets a monster. I have him on the run again.


I attack his set DD Warrior Lady with Mobius and he removes both from play. Ok whatever, I don't really care. I set a Night Assailant.


He summons TIV and attacks my Assailant and I destroy his TIV. Man, the Assailants are really useful sometimes.


I draw SoRL, activate it and set Cyber Jar.


He sets one S/T and a monster.


I draw Enemy Controller and flip my Cyber Jar. He gets 5 freaking monsters and I get Fiber Jar and Zaborg. He sets all his monsters. I remember one is Cyber and a GAF and I forgot the rest.


I have so many options now, I have to think for a really long time as to what I want to do. I still have SoRL, so I could do nothing and hope to flip my Fiber next turn, but that may backfire. Hmmm. Decisions, decisions. Ok I figure it out.


I NoC a monster and it's his GAF. Pooey. I wanted it to be his Cyber. I set an Assailant, a Goat and Horn of Heaven ending my turn, taking a calculated risk.


He NoC's my Fiber. Well, strategy #3 is destroyed. Since he can't attack, he ends his turn.


When SoRL is gone, I activate Scapegoat in his draw phase and when he flips his Cyber Jar, I negate the summon with Horn. Hahahahahah! LMAO. He attacks my Assailant with something and I destroy it. He attacks a token with a Slate Warrior at 2400 attack and sets a monster.


I draw Creature Swap and swap a token with his Slate Warrior, I tribute it for Zaborg and destroy his set Fiber Jar. WooT! I attack into a Cylinder. Bagh. Whatever. I set Enemy Controller.


He tries to Change of Heart my Zaborg, but I tribute a token to take it back with Enemy Controller. Oohhh, people have suggested taking out the Enemy Controller from my deck but, wow did it ever help this game!


He can't muster any more defense and I win.






Monarch VS Pyro


He has been working on this deck for a while and it is getting better and better. Last week he told me he was tired of never getting out of the first round. I told him I couldn't believe he'd never been out of the first round before because he has kicked my booty in like three turns before! Well, he made it out of the first round this week, and deep down, I really hope he beats me, but I'm not going to give him the win, he's going to have to earn it.




He wins the die roll and chooses to go first. He sets one S/T. He has a crappy hand.


I draw a Night Assailant, Peten, MST, TIV, Swap and Call of the Haunted. I set the Assailant and MST.


He plays Tribute to the Doomed on my Night Assailant, removes The Spirit of Flames from the graveyard to special summon another one attacks me for 2000LP right off the bat! Crap!  In his end phase, I MST his set Draining Shield.


I draw Enemy Controller, summon Peten and Creature Swap it with his Spirit of The Flame. I attack my Peten, get another, set the Enemy Controller and end my turn. Whew, I think I got out of that one OK.


He uses Hammer Shot on the Spirit. Darn Hammer Shot. Then he removes the Spirit to summon an Inferno, then Normal summons UBKid! WooT! That's funny! He hits my Peten and I take 1500Lp damage from Infeno's effect and get another Peten which he attacks with the Kid. Now, I am in serious trouble!


I draw Premature Burial and feel kind of bad for him when I summon my TIV and discard for pyro and attack his Kid with the TIV.


He draws and plays Dragged. He only has Thestalos in his hand so, that goes and he takes my Change of Heart. I draw a Gorilla with Draggeds effect. He sets a monster.


I attack his face down Charcoal Inpachi with TIV and take 500LP damage but then discard to destroy it.


He sets an S/T.


I draw a Goat and summon Breaker and break his Divine Wrath. He can't activate it because he has no hand. I get him down to 100LP and he top decks a Tyrant Dragon and conceeds.




I draw Mobius, NoC, BTH, Swap and Cyber.


He sets 3 S/T and plays Dragged again. DOH! I pick his Thestalos. I doesn't matter because he has an Inferno and a Spirit of the Flame, so one of them is going to be summoned! I just didn't want Thestalos to make an appearance! He picks my NOC and I draw Fiber Jar for Dragged's effect. heh. He summons a Solar Flare Dragon and ends his turn.


Ok. I draw Snatch Steal. I don't like ANY of that, so I set Fiber, BTH and Snatch to throw him off and end my turn.


He Heavy's and attacks my Fiber with the Solar Flare Dragon. I get 2 Assailant, Gorilla, PoG and Sinister. Pretty decent for once.


He sets 2 S/T and a monster.


I draw Horn, play Pot and get NoC and Change. I NOC our Cyber Jar and set the Assailant and Horn.


He attacks my Assailant with The Thing from the Crater and I destroy it. He has no other monster to use Thing's effect with, so he has to end his turn.


I draw a Peten, set another Night Assailant and end my turn.


He special summons an Inferno, attacks my Assailant and I destroy it, but take 1500LP damage in the process.


I draw SoRL, summon a Gorilla and attack for 2000. I activate SoRL.


Hammer Shot! Dang it I am really HATIN' on that card now! Ha. He special summons Spirit of the Flame but Swords is protecting me.


I draw MST, set it and a Peten.


He sets a S/T and ends.


I draw an Assialant and set it, too.


He plays Change on my Peten. Heh. Heh. he still can't attack, so he gives me my Peten back. What a waste of Change of Heart. I was lucky he didn't Change my Assailant.


I flip the Night Assailant and destroy his Spirit and attack him for 200! Go Assailant!


He draws and ends his turn.


I draw another Peten and turn my Assailant to defense. I was lucky there.


He sets a monster.


I draw Creature Swap and Change of Heart his face down Thing in the Crater and attack him with it.


He draws and attacks my defense position Assailant.


I draw a Bottomless. I swap my face up attack Peten with his Thing and attack, he activates Draining Shield. Grr.


He plays Tribute to the Doomed on his Thing in the Crater on my side of the field and drops down a Thestalos. I guess this is a legal move, because his Thing goes to his graveyard and TTTD says "destroy" so, it's all good. He attacks with Thestalos and I activate Scapegoat.


He attacks a token with Thestalos and my Peten.


I draw TIV. How lucky can you get! I MST his Call of the Haunted and summon TIV, discard for pyro and attack my own Peten with TIV and get another Peten to the field. I set BTH this time.


He top decks Pot. Crap. He plays Forceful and takes my Peten. Whatever. I don't care. I draw a Gorilla, summon it and attack for 3600 with TIV and the Gorilla.


He plays Dragged on my Serpent. It's the only card I have left in my hand! Ha. That's too funny. He gets a Tribute to the Doomed and can't use it because he has no hand and I win.


RECORD 2 - 0




Monarch VS Dark Magician Deck


This is a new guy I have never dueled before so, I have no idea what his deck is.


I win the die roll and chose to go first. I get a Gorilla, Enemy Controller, Cyber Jar, Zaborg, Dust Tornado and then Pot of Greed. This is a good opening hand! I play Pot and get Call of the Haunted and Bottomless. I set the Bottomless, EC and Cyber.


He plays Pot, too. He sets a Monster and 2 S/T cards.


I draw Swords and flip my Cyber Jar. He gets Magical Scientist and Peten. These are the first monster cards I've seen so far. An Apprentice Magician was the set card that went to the graveyard in the Cyber flip, so that gave me an idea it was a Dark Magician or some form of Spellcaster deck. I get a Mobius and a Gorilla. I'm thinking I have to get rid of his Scientist. I tribute the Gorilla for Mobius and destroy his two set cards and I attack one of his face down monsters, hoping it's Scientist and it is! Whew.


I set Call of the Haunted and activate SoRL.


He sets an S/T and plays Smashing Ground on my Mobius. Dang it. That card now! First it was Hammer Shot! Now it's Smashing Ground! Curses. He sets a monster and 2 more S/T cards and ends his turn. What is he doing? Hmmm.


I draw a Dust Tornado. I set it and a Night Assailant.


He sets another monster. Hmmm. He has three monsters on the field, a Peten and 2 face down. He has 3 S/T cards set. He has enough monsters to tribute for Dark Magician.


I flip up my Night Assailant, destroy his set Skilled White, then tribute the Assailant for Zaborg, He BTH my Zaborg but I destroy his other set Skilled White in the process. I just cut his monsters down to one Peten and his S/T zone to two.


He sets another monster. I Dust Tornado his Enemy Controller in his end phase.


I draw Fiber Jar, Call Mobius back and attack into a Sakeretsu Armor. Ok, whatever. His S/T cards are now gone and he has only two monsters on the field. Im tired of this stall junk and set Fiber Jar.


He sets another monster and ends his turn. That's aggravating.


I flip Fiber Jar and get PoG, Change, EC, Horn and Swap. I play Pot, get another Gorilla and Goat. I summon the Gorilla and attack for a clean 2000, set the Goat and the Horn.


I activate Scapegoat in his draw phase. He sets an S/T, Change's my Gorilla and tributes it for something face down. What? This confused me. Guardian Sphinx? Helpomere? Hmmm..


I draw Fiber Jar again I creature Swap a token for his face down card. It's a Dark Magician Girl. OK.....I don't understand how he's playing. I set Fiber Jar and end my turn.


He summons Breaker and I activate Horn, negating Breaker's summon.


I draw Premature and activate Enemy Controller, tributing a token to take control of his token, which was my token, get it? I flip up his Dark Magician girl and Premature a Gorilla. I attack with Dark Magician Girl and he takes it. When I attack with the Gorilla, he activates Sakeretsu Armor. Whatever. I set Change of Heart as a bluff and give him back his token.


He sets a monster. Man, this is getting quite bothersome.


I draw a Goat and Change his monster which he Magic Jammer's. I flip Fiber. He gets mad and says "I am tired of Fiber Jar."


I get a Gorilla, MST, EC, Snatch and Goat. Good draw.


I summon the Gorilla, and he says he's tired of Gorillas, too. I attack him and set EC and MST.


He draws and says, "This'll work." I'm thinking yeah, whatever, I'll Snatch whatever you get out on me next turn so hit me with all you got! He sets 2/ST, summons a Pixie Knight and equips it with Mage Power. It's at 2800Attack and I'm all like, oh no! This is going to hurt, and he's all smarmy and everything I activate Enemy Controller, turning it to defense. Ha.


I draw Zaborg, Snatch Steal his little jacked up Pixie Knight and attack him with it for game! HAHAHA! If he had Sakeretsu Armor down, I don't think he'd destroy his on monster. If he had Cylinder down, it wouldn't have killed me. I was going to tribute my Gorilla for Zaborg anyway and destroy his Pixie Knight if he negated her attack somehow!


If any of you have been a  regular reader of my reports, you know that any deck that runs power up equips is doomed to my WRATH! If you live by the sword, you must DIE by the sword! I loved killing him with his own card. He was nice and all, but there was an underlying attitude of superiority he gave off. It only became more apparent in the second duel of our match.




I told him he confused me during the duel by setting so many things. He said he was "feeling out my deck". I asked him if I could expect a more aggressive playing style this duel and he said yes.


He choses to go first after drawing his hand. Hmmm...well, I assumed he was going to go first anyway so, I let that slide. He set one S/T and a monster.


I get a Gorilla, NOC, Call, MST, Premature and Swap. Not stellar, but workable. I MST his Enemy Controller and NOC his Apprentice Magician. I summon a Gorilla and can tell he is LESS than pleased and attack him for 2000. I set Call.


He Change's my Gorilla and attacks me with it. OK. He's got nothing. He sets a monster. So much for a more aggressive play style!


I draw another Gorilla and attack his face down Kycoo. Oh yeah, he's hurting.


He sets another monster and one S/T.


I draw a Night Assailant, summon it and Swap it with his face down MoF. Oh, too bad I can't flip it up this turn! I attack my Night Assailant with my Gorilla.


He sets another S/T, pays 800LP to Premature Burial Kycoo and summons Magical Scientist. Hmmm. Let's see what he does here. He pays 1000LP for Baltar and 1000 more for Dark Blade the Dragon Knight. He's really low on LP now, so he can do whatever he wants. He can't kill me so, meh.


He attacks my Gorilla with the Dark Blade. When he tries to remove him from my graveyard, I Call him back. Ha. He attacks the MOF woth Baltar and then pays ANOTHER 1000LP for TER and takes my Gorilla. That got him down to 200LP while I was at 5800.


I draw Horn of Heaven, summon a Gorilla and Premature Burial the other one and he gets mad, says "Forget It!" and Rings my Gorilla and I win.


I got the feeling this guy was not use to losing. Why on earth would someone pay that much for the Scientist when their LP is so low and your'e getting you butt kicked anyway? Scoentist isn't going to save you when you only have 200LP left. Duh.


RECORD 3 - 0




Monarch VS Last Turn


Ok. I am ready for this deck. I hope I win the die roll and get to go first because I have a better chance of winning. If I lose, I am going to my side deck in a major hurry. I watched this deck totally tear up the guy sitting next to me and he didn't have a side deck and I'm telling him, you HAVE to have a side deck if you want to be competitive.


GAME 1- 4


OK. Before I get started, I'm going to tell you he ended the first four duels with Self Destruct Button and Wall of Revealing Light. They all ended in draws and he kept going first. Just to give you some idea of how much draw power this deck has, I am only going to detail one of the four draws.


He wins the die roll and goes first. I'm not even going to list what I drew because it doesn't matter.


1. He plays Painful Choice and offers me Dragged Down into the Grave, Card of Safe Return, Morphing Jar, Cyber Jar and DMoC. I give him the DMoC.


2. He plays Spell Reproduction, discarding The Shallow Grave and Card of Safe Return to get the Dragged Down into the Grave.


3. He sets 2 S/T cards and plays Dragged. He only has the DMoC in his hand. He takes my Gorilla and I draw Premature.


4. He plays the Shallow Grave and gets his Morphing Jar and I get the Gorilla.


5. He plays Book of Taiyou on his Morphing Jar.


6. He pays 800LP to Premature Burial his DMoC and gets his Painful Choice back and plays it.


7. He offers The Shallow Grave, Card of Safe Return, two Book of Taiyou and Spell Reproduction. I give him the Card of Safe Return.


8. He sets 2 S/T cards and summons Jowgen. Uh Oh. Then he plays Dragged and picks my Enemy Controller and I chose his Card of Safe Return.


9. He plays Pot of Greed.


10. He plays Upstart Goblin.


11.He plays another Dragged. I pick his Spell Reproduction.


12. He ends his turn.




I finally get my first draw. It's SoRL. I fully expect Wall/Last Turn but it doesn't happen. Whew. I tribute my Gorilla for Mobius and destroy his set Self Destruct Button and Last Turn. I attack Jowgen with Mobius and activate SoRL and set Call.


He draws and does nothing.


I tribute Mobius for Zaborg, destroy his DMoC, Call Mobius back and attack his Jar with Mobius and attack for another 2400 with Zaborg.


He draws, sets a S/T and plays Reload for 2.


I my draw phase he activates Wall of Revealing Light and Self Destruct Button.


Well, I go to my side deck and take out all my Bottomless, Scapegoat, Swap, EC, and one Peten and replaced them with 2 Jammer, 2 Drain, 2 Divine Wrath, Decree and Jinzo.


Games 2 and 3 are pretty much like before but they don't last as long. He Walls and Self Destructs each time.




He sets 2 S/T, summons Jowgen and Reloads for two.


He activates Wall and Last Turn in my draw phase and I lose.




Ok Now, I get to go first.


I draw Jammer, Drain, Sinister, Change, Cyber and Jinzo. Pretty good. I think I might have a chance now. I set the Jammer, the Drain and Cyber.


He draws and sets 4 S/T. He plays Dragged and I Jam it with the Sinister. He plays Dragged again and I Drain it and he can't discard. He sets a monster and ends his turn.


I Change his set Cyber Jar, tribute it for Jinzo and proceed to thrash him with Jinzo.


He does the Thunder Dragon trick, sets a monster and ends.


I NOC his monster and continue to hammer him with Jinzo and I win.




He lost so chose to go first. He does the Thunder Dragon trick, sets 2 S/T and ends his turn. Oh this is good. he didn't get a "power drawing" hand. Excellent. I get a turn. All is not lost.


I draw Horn, Berserk, 2 Assailant, Dust Tornado and get NoC. I set the Tornado, Horn and summon the Gorilla and attack for 2000.


He draws and does nothing. I know he doesn't have Self Destruct and Wall set because he would've activated it then.


I draw another Gorilla and attack with the one. I do not summon the second. No response.


He draws and activates Card of Safe Return and pays 800LP to activate Premature Burial and I Dust Tornado the Premature so he doesn't get Card of Safe Return's effect.


Next turn, I summon the second Berserk and attack for the win.






Monarchs VS Beatdown/Control


OK, This is where the whole report falls apart. There were a few new guys there in the shop. They had come a couple of times before, but are not regulars. I dueled one of them in the 3rd round and now one of their members made it to the finals.




I win the die roll and chose to go first. I get 2 Zaborg, Cyber, Change, NoC and a Goat. I set the Goat and Cyber Jar.


He NoC's my Cyber and takes both of ours out of play. I'm glad because I know his Cyber's not going to show up anytime soon. He sets 2 S/T cards and ends his turn.


I draw Pot of Greed and play it. I get Snatch and Horn of Heaven. I set the Horn and end my turn.


He draws and I activate Scapegoat in his draw phase. He summons Injection and I negate her summon with the Horn. He ends his turn.


I draw a Gorilla and summon it. He activates Bottomless. I set NoC as a bluff. This is a good duel so far.


He plays Painful Choice and offers DD Warrior Lady, TIV, Reaper, Serpent and a Mad Dog. I give him the Serpent. He plays Monster Reincarnation and discards his Sinister for TiV. He summons his TIV, discards for beast and destroys all my tokens. He attacks for 1600 with TIV.


OK, this is where it gets a little controversial. I use Change of Heart on his TIV and attack. He activates Waboku and I discard for TIV's effect, calling aqua to destroy his TiV and he says I can't do that. We have a big debate on TIV's effect. He (along with all his buddies with him) loudly claim there has been an update to UDE's rulings which say TiV can not destroy monsters on both sides of the field, it's only opponent's monsters. I tell them I do not believe that is the case. They claim UDE had just changed it. I told them I keep pretty close tabs on the rulings, and I haven't seen anything new about TIV. They asked me when was the last time I checked the rulings for TIV and, I had to admit, it wasn't recently simply because this question had never come up. All of the store regulars were saying they were wrong and they were telling us we were wrong. I told them if they could go to the UDE web site and prove to me they were right, then I would conceed. A couple of the 'posse', went to the computer in the front of the store with the judge. They were gone a little while and I waited until they returned. The judge came back and said they were right. Well, ok. I continued the duel as if the ruling had been changed. 


When I got home from the tournament, I looked up the rulings for myself and have come to the conclusion they bullied and intimidated the judge into making a wrong decision. There is no new "errata" for TIV and the rulings for it state NOTHING about only destroying monsters on your opponent's side of the field. If you were a young man, surrounded by vehement older men pointing out some ruling someone obviously had missinterpreted and wasn't too sure yourself, I can see where one would side with the protestors.


Now, this could have possibly cost me the Tournament and TIV played a factor in the second game as well. More on that later.


He attacks with the TIV next turn and I Snatch Steal it my next turn and he Rings it. I set my Serpent.


He plays Confiscation and takes out one of my Zaborg. He summons his Sinister and attacks my Sinister.


I draw a Peten, get Sinister back, summon Peten and he Torrentials. I get another Peten to the field.


He sets 1 S/T and ends his turn.


I draw Premature. I pay 800LP to get Zaborg back and this gets my LP down to 2400. I attack with Zaborg and he activates Magic Cylinder and I kill myself.


Oh well. I don't care. I'm not afraid of Cylinder and I won't play any differently even after I lose to attacking into a Cylinder.




I go first and get Horn, Goat, NoC, BTH, SORL and a Night Assailant.  I set the BTH and the Assailant.


He sets 3 S/T cards and ends his turn.


I draw a Dust Tornado and he Tornado's my BTH. I activate Swords.


He draws, sets a monster and ends his turn.


I draw a Gorilla and summon it. He Torrentials. That sort of sucks. It got rid of my Gorilla and set Assailant. I regret not setting my Dust Tornado a turn earlier. I set it now.


He Forceful's my Change of Heart and sets another S/T card.


I draw Breaker, Dust Tornado his Enemy Controller and summon Breaker, removing the token to get rid of his set Cylinder. I attack for 1600.


He plays Monster Reincarnation, discarding to get his Reflect Bounder he had set earlier and Torrential'd. He attacks my Breaker.


I draw MST. I set it and another Assailant.


He plays Painful Choice. I told him that was not the card I wanted to see. He offers Magical Scientist, Mystic Swordsman LV2, Zaborg, Exiled and Sinsiter. I give him Sinister. He attacks my Assailant with Reflect and I destroy it.


I draw a Creature Swap and set it.


He summons his Sinister and attacks me with it.


I draw a Peten and set it.


He summons a DD Warrior Lady and hits my Peten, removing both from play. He attacks me with Sinister.


I draw Change of Heart.


He attacks with the Serpent.


I draw Snatch Steal.


He attacks with the Serpent.


This is getting ridiculous. A monster would be nice. I draw Enemy Controller.


He summons Breaker and removes the token to destroy my EC, which I activate. He attacks me with the Serpent. ARGH!


I draw another Enemy Controller. I'm beginning to wonder if I have any monsters in the deck! I set the EC.


He tributes Sinister and Breaker for DMoC. Whoops, I wasn't expecting that! He gets his Monster Reincarnation back. I use EC to turn his DMoC to defense. He attacks with the Serpent.


Ok. Here's where it gets screwy with the TiV thing again. I draw TiV, Change of Heart his DMoC and discard for spellcaster and he doesn't blink an eye. I end my turn.


Right after I end my turn, one of his friends said I couldn't have discarded for the DMoC because of the new supposed "ruling" on the TIV. Then I remembered I never declared an attack with the TIV. All this is distracting me from the duel and I am now making mental errors. I start getting sloppy and start making stupid mistakes. He doesn't seem to care I got rid of his DMoC with TiV this time. I thinkhis hand must have been strong and didn't care. Seems to me, if he was all fired up about TIV earlier, why wasn't he now? I think they all cheat.


Later, he uses Change of Heart on my Fiber Jar and tributes it for Jinzo. By that time, it was too late for me and I end up losing.


That's how the finals went down. We still hung out afterwards and I dueled a whole lot more with other decks. I didn't really think too much about the TIV thing. I trusted the judge and I guess I will live and learn. The guy I lost to in the Finals said he had only ever come here two times and won the tournament both times. I see how now. By cheating.


I still had a great time and second is still good, so I'm happy!


Until next time, happy dueling!!!