Post –Ban report insect invasión

5 november 2004

ivec, fco canal entre Zaragoza y Gomez farias

Veracruz , Veracruz México

Total 35 people


Hi this is my first report this was one of the fist post ban tourney in the region , no many players were preparated for the ban , but they were a lot of noobs there the decks were weaked a lot with the lost of many cards but my deck got the upperhand in this format i decided to use an insect deck because my beatdown deck was not ready enougth for this format


This is my deck




3x arsenal bug

2x swarm of locust

2x swarm of sacarabs

2x pinch hopper

1x insect princess

1x armored metal bug

2x man eater bug

1x nobleman eater bug

1x prickle fairy

1x 4 starred lady bug

1x jurai gummo

1x neo bug

1x stealth bird




2x insect  barrier

1x axe of despair

1x mage power

1x shallow grave

1x heart of clean water

1x scape goats

2x insect imitation

1x giant trunade

1x pod of greed

1x hammer shoot

1x reload

1x change of heart



2x dna surgery

1x mirror wall

1x curse of the forbidden spell

1x magic jammer

1x waboku

3x gravity bind



1x michizure

1x bowganian

1x dark triceratops

1x mystical

1x jinzo

1x beserk gorilla

1x matazza zapper

1x needle ceiling

1x card destruction

1x soul release

1x seven tools

1x dark magician of chaos

1x special hurricane

1x card destruccion

1x fissure




Insect vs generic fiends


The opponent was just an average beat down with archfiend soldiers giant orcs  all big hitters level 4 and some of the most used tribute monsters jinzo and dark ruler



In the first draw i only got my swarms and a neo bug i was in trouble i used my inscet imitation on the neo bug to get my nobleman bug on the field he got fast out dark ruler i was in trouble then he got jinzo i knew it was over fast i could only delay defeat but i was lose

Me –8000-7700-7400-6400-5400-3400-0




I went to my side deck i took out nobleman m eater b. And neo bug , i got  special hurricane and jinzo

Second game was sweet i got all my swarms waboku and gravity the rival was unable to hit me i got the swarms to clear the field and my arsenal cleared the field  my opponent got frustated





He didnt got goods draws so he only set monsters i got my swarms to do their works in the first turn he use mystical in my set card i waboku he didnt attack big mistake chan,ge of heart attacked swarms did their work with insect barrier i was able to kill him with pinch hopper plus swarms sweet



Rival 8000-5300-4800-4300-3500-1000-0





If i did bring my beatdown deck i could loose to this guy he got troops , nimbles and petes his main hitters were dark triceratops and gigantes i used my swarms to clear the field again my man eater were on fire but he swarmed a lot the field i got the upperhand with my stealth bird that make him very frustated



It was a total victory with stealth bird and gravity i made sweet damage

ME 8000

RIVAL 8000-8800-8700-7700-5700-4700-3700-2700-0



In the first turns i used my stealth bird to low his life he used and equip card to one of his low level monsters to kill the bird i used my swarms to get rid of that monster with cyber jar i was in trouble with no hand and just arsenal bug and waboku in the hand, on the field i only got just an activated dna then i set waboku and summon arsenal bug he used his gemini elf to kill my insect i waboku, my turn i got another arsenal yes i was happy , he only got 2 cards on the field gemini elf  and a facedown monster i killed his gemini and the facedown card was a spirit reaper my next turn i got insect princess i was happy i tribute summon her with dna the reaper got in attack position and with that i got the win


ME 8000





It was a hard battle he luckily used painful choice in the first turn in both duels he used matazza zapper and a lot of traps to rid of my arsenals



I bluffed and played only faced down cards he used nobleman and mystical i got hurt with his saphire dragon i set gravity and swarm of scarabs he used matazza zapper  with axe of despair and i fell with his troops dragons

I lose



I got good hands arsenals pinch hoppers  and metal armored bug , he did not get nothing good

He got saphire dragon killed my pinch hopper big mistake i special summoned metal armored bug in my turn i used arsenal and finished him very quickly

I won



This was fast i fell very fast i wasted my hand summoning neo bug i used insect imitation to get nobleman man eater bug  because i didnt get a good hand but he used nobleman with his traps i was unable to do a thing then he got jinzo so it was useless when i got just ladybug and just one swarm on the field so i lose







 I didnt think it could be a hard battle  he was a novice that he barely got to the semifinals he didnt have a theme in the deck it was just an upgrated starter deck i got a lot of traps and swarms he got jinzo out and killed me quickly



I got a better hand now gravity and a lot of flip monsters i set a bluff he heavy storm killed my monster with a 1800 attacker in my second turn i used my man eater bug and gravity i  got control of the field but i didnt draw good monsters just jurai gummo then he got giant of stone on the field 1300/2000 on the field he activated cease fire bye bye flips then equiped 2 axes of despair then i lose manly because all my summons were negated and he could attack my life points then it was over




Thanks arsenals , swarms and insect princess for the win

Got a few  good cards

Making to the semifinals



Beaten in the semifinals


Not having level-b spell

Not using use my sidedeck in the semifinals