Galactic Goods
Kenner, La

Pre Tourney

I was laying in my bed, and my mom walks in my room and tells me it is about 12, well I usually leave at about 1 for teh tourney so I did not have alot of time to mess around, I woke up finally, and got in the shower, threw on a white tee, and some blue jeans my norm getup and walked out the door...I got to the shop, walked in to see Jamies people there, that d00d Donald and this fat kid they come with, They only wish they could handle me, lol. I was half expecting Jamie to be there, Honestly, I was alittle hopeful that he WOULD be there so I could give him a nice run for his money...He would have got served ^_^...I am also Crediting a Fellow Tournament Report writer, his name is Regn8 I believe, I saw his report with the Monarchs, and I was WOWED how there was a combo to do with ever possible hand, so I had to try it out, sure enough, it worked out very nicely and I was amazed at the results...

Ricky VS. Jerome G.

Jerome is kool, he usually runs off the wall things like Rituals and things like that, today he was running a burn I am pretty sure he has been working on for quite a long time...

Duel 1. Well We start off, I had, what I would get used to for the rest of the day, A nice hand, things like Night Assailant and Peten the Dark Clown would show up for combos with Horn Of Heaven Share the Pain, among others, this one was not that easy, I know I one by like 1400 though, I just whipped out of nowhere a ARMY of monster, including Mobious which is what REALLY slowed him down, He still had 2 facedown cards, but I knew they were not anything good, I got him this one, but it sure was not easy, MVP of this duel was non other then Peten...

Duel 2. THIS time things went better my way! I side decked in a Jinzo, Pikerus Circle, and other Anti Burn cards, I drew into the Pikerus VERY quickly, with one in the opening hand, It was no problem winning this match, lol...

Mid Tourney

I had won the first round, so had Brent and Charles I believe also won his match, I was talking to Brent, gave him a Guardian Ceal for nothing, I was just giving it to him, and he decided to take 5 bucks off of the price he was gonna sell me for his chaser, He was gonna give it to me for only 20 because it was creased, I got it for 15 though, I had more money a day earlier, actually 220, I spent it on my moms X-Mas present, it was great though, she needs some new plates, spoons, and cups, among other things she has been wanting for, so I picked them up, now...Im broke -_-

Ricky VS. Roberto H.

This is a cool guy, his name is Roberto, you may remember him from my other reports, he runs a beatdown of the sorts, but with alittle Beastdown in it...

Duel 1. I took this one, he makes mistakes, bad one to. I was down to like 2200, and he had a Injection on the field, he only had 2000, I played change of heart, attacked him, and in the damage step, pumped for game!

Duel 2. I was gonna put in 2 kinetics, but he does not run enough monsters of that type (warrior) so I decided against it, in the long run, it helped my game, we finished this one with 2 ways for this one to end, I could have again changed his Injection, and tribute it for Zaborg and killed my own Gorilla, I had already had on the field, but Instead I just killed gorilla anyway, and summoned it to knock out Injection, I prceded to attack directly, I won, he had EXACTLY 2400 life left, he run a Over-Extension beatdown of the sorts, thats the thing, he had me down to about 2800 with one attack, but next turn I Heavy stormed his field, and change of heart, thats his main deck problem, he needs to concerve, He had 9 cards in his hand, and set them all to make a Tribe/Gorilla like a billion attack only to have it took away next turn ;(...

Mid Tourney

Well I am pretty sure this is the round charles lost in, I dunno, I think Jerome beat him...All that aside now, I want to give thanks to Brent for doing the favor of lending me 2 Horn Of Heavens, I thank you very much! They helped me SOOOO much today at this tourney...With those, Night Assailant can handle BLS-EOTB :P...

Ricky VS. Brent D.

Nice, I have to play him JUST when I want to, lol I love playing him mid tourney, its better then late sometimes, because im not really tired of playing (late) and I am not really not warmed up (early)...Mid is JUST right...

Duel 1. He goes first, I dunno what I draw, I did notice however that he gets handless VERY quickly in this deck, the Spins make it that way, the discard was hurting him BAD, expecially when he used it twice in a matter of 2-3 turns, that was hurting him, I was not really drawing many monsters, and the only ones I DID draw where the ones he Spinned...-_- Either way I won this one...

Duel 2. I used to be barely able to win a duel with Brent, I think it was because I got to nervous then and now, its like...Just Brent, not "Just Brent" as in he is now easy to beat, its "Just Brent" now because, NOW I know Brent, we hang out at the tourney and at the card shop on sunday, whenever we go out of town we end up eating out together all 4-5 of us, and its not nearly as nerve racking as it used to be, Brents cool, but I took this duel, and the match too ^_^

Mid Tourney

I like the way this is going, I brought this deck expecting to get killed and possibly get 4th place if Im lucky because I never played with it, but I found a "nook" with the deck and we charged our way down to the semis!

Ricky VS. BYE

This match was so hard! This guy only comes around every now and then, when there is a Un even number of players present, but when he does it SURE is a hoot trying to beat him! -_- Yeah I got a BYE -_-

Mid Tourney

Well beens I had gotten the bye, I watched the match that would decide who I play in the Semis...It was between Charles, and Adam, If you ask me? I could not give a care in the world who wins, I thought I could take either, Charles better feel lucky he did not win, or else he would have had gotten to feel the pain Adam did when we played in the semis *Maniacal Laughter starts*...-_-...>_>...

Ricky VS. Adam

Brent was like "Ricky, nothing personal, but I hope he beats you -_-, He has never gotten into the finals before, and you have MANY times, so I hope he gets the chance" I was like, thats cool, I would feel the same way ^_^

Duel 1. I got a GOD hand, and I had a counter to pretty much anything he played, so I took this one kinda easy, the way it went was, He would get out Wave Motion and not set ANYTHING, I think he was trying to lure me to kill it with my M/t killers, I was NOT about to waste my Heavy Storm for just 1-1 advantage, I would wait until it had 2-3 counters on it, make him believe I had no MST/Storm, and get him to set a few making 1-1 1-3 ^_^

Duel 2. He stalled to much, I did not like it, I put in Jinzo from the side and some Dust Tornado, I thought it would make this alot easier, lol, anyways I finally got him after a long string of hits...

Mid Tourney

I had beaten ALMOST everyone worth mentioning in todays tournament, lol j/k anyways I now had to play Jerome in the FINALS!

Ricky VS. Jerome G.

They would joke about the day they would beat me (Jerome, Roberto, and James) was the day they had to quit Yugioh ;( So I was like, say man, your young, you CAN'T retire now *wink*

Duel 1. I was comptelplating whether to scoop and let him win, or win and get the extra packs, I was being greedy, and I won this one, not too easy though ^_^

Duel 2. No side decking here, I just went with le flow and Beat him again, this was like a mirror match of the one earlier in Round 1, so lets just cut to the chase...I won FPRIVATE "TYPE=PICT;ALT="

Post Tourney

Well I recieved my 3 packs, Hoang took one to open, my mom did, and my cousin Shawn did, I got nothing but a Rare Kycoo, -_- On the other side Jerome recieved his second TP5 super from the same store in 2 weeks, last week it was Needle Worm THIS week it was Big Shield Guardna, I SO wish I would have lost and gotten that card, If I did, I could have tryed to trade it to Brent for this Tp4 Morphing Jar I have been DYING for ;(...Oh well, thats what you get when you get greedy kids!


FINALLY getting on Brent/Ronshawns level and WINNING TOURNEYS!!!
Getting my Own Tp Super today...Mechanical Chaser!
To me for winning my tourney Un Defeated
Them giving extra packs to the winners and runner up because of attendance!
SO many more, but my cat needs food, so I g2g...


Charles talking **** all the time and rarely Backing it up -_-
^^^Although he DID beat Brent today, same as yesturday, but Brent is trying a new deck BOTH days, normally that would be a ****ty exscuse, but I mean it IS true...

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