SeeD.Squall.Chaos Knights.San Mateo Regionals..4th Place. 12/18/04


Event: NorCal Regionals

Place: San Mateo Expo Center

Participants: 120

Entry Fee: $15


*Tap*Tap*Tap* …




Warriors come out to PLAAYY…


*Tap*Tap*Tap* …






3 Blade Knight

3 Scapegoat

3 Exploding Armor


2 Reinforce the Army

1 Mirror Wall

1 Apprentice Magician

2 Preneg (con.forceful)

1 Call

1 Magician of Faith

1 Swords

1 Ring

1 Airknight

1 Pot

1 Torrential

1 Black Luster Soldier

1 Change of Heart


1 Don Zaloog

1 Painful

Guardian Forces

1 Scientist

1 Heavy


1 Breaker


3 Balter

1 Jinzo

1 Snatch

3 Ryu Senshi

1 Sinister

1 Premature

3 Fusionist

1 Tribe

1 Monster Reincarnation

3 St. Joan

1 Exiled

1 Enemy Controller

3 Mokey Mokey King




16 Creatures

17 Magics

7 Traps/ 18 GFs



I arrived at the San Mateo Expo Center at 9 A.M. I met up w/ Seifer and the rest of the crew. We wrote up our deck lists, traded, and play tested until 11 A.M.


Round 1

Squall vs. Chaos Beatdown


I played this guy in the previous Regionals and lost.


Game 1

I don’t remember much, but I gained enough field control to destroy his LP.


Game 2

He put up some good defense w/ DDWLs, but I believe I shut him out w/ BLS 8000-0.


[1-0 Games]


Round 2

Squall vs. Beastdown


Game 1

I think this guy was from Junky Spot—don’t remember. My Knights kept running into Nimble Momongas (those things are g00d).

I eventually broke through, and won w/ Jinzo.


Game 2

I don’t remember much of this match, but I remember getting beat by Gorilla and Jinzo.


Game 3

This game was crazy. His Nimble Momongas gained field control, while his Scientist destroyed my F/Ds. I was around 3000 when he felt the need to end it quick w/ a Gorilla. I torrential (whew). I set a Fiber and reset. He drew a Sinister and set it. I draw Knights and end the duel a couple of turns later.


[2-0 Games]


Round 3

Squall vs. Kevin L. (Chaos Warriors)


Game 1

This match was pretty much in his favor. I kept running into Mofs and he kept reusing  Book of Moon. He swapped his goat token for the win I believe.


Game 2

Even worse than before. He beats me down with BLS. GG.


[2-1 Games]


There was a short lunch break after round 3.

Keanson was 3-0

Raymond was 2-1

Tony was 2-1

Seifer was 2-1


I spent my money on a Ring for Seifer (I expect my money back…) so I had cinnamon rolls for lunch…


Round 4

Squall vs. Keanson (Chaos Warriors)


Wow, two ppl from the same store/clan paired up. This guy is a hella fast-paced duelist, I knew this was gonna be a hard match.


Game 1

Don’t remember much, but I think I won w/ Gorilla, or some other beat stick.


Game 2

We were at a standoff for a couple of turns, due to my Scapegoat. He scraps two/three goats leaving my field open. I summon Scientist and pay for Dark Balter. I Get out BLS and take the win.


[3-1 Games]


Round 5

Squall vs. Zombie Control


Game 1

This guy used an unorthodox strategy, using Trap Dustshoot and Mind Crush. By my first main phase 1, I had three cards. He brings out Vamp and I reach for my side deck.


Game 2

I set a DDWL and end. He sets some F/D M/Ts and a monster. I summon a Knight and attack. He didn’t respond tto most of my attacks, so I force a Game 3.


Game 3

Same as the previous games, He uses Mind Crush and Trap Dustshoot, however, I recover and win w/ Knights and Gorilla.


[4-1 Games]


Round 6

Squall vs. Sean N. (Warriors)


This guy plays at Games of Berkley, where some other ppl I know play at. This was his first Regionals, but he was  4-1, not bad at all.


Game 1

I play Forceful, sending back his Breaker. I pull out the Wang (lol) and end. He was unable to play his Don, but plays Scientist and uses priority to summon Balter. He attacks, but I destroy it via Exploding Armor. I send down BLS and DDWL for the win.


Game 2

He comes out strong with Forceful and DDWL. He obliterates my defenses and plays BLS to clean out my clocks. Ouch.


Game 3

This game was close. The few opening turns were brutal. We continuously attacked each other. My Bounder held off his attacks, but he ends up killing it w/ Scientist. I topdeck a Change of Heart and win.


[5-1 Games]


After Round 6

I was 5-1

Keanson was 4-2

Raymond was 4-2

Tony was 4-2

Seifer went 3-3 then dropped.



Round 7

Squall vs. Junky Spot Chaos


This was it. The final two rounds. Going into this round, I was 14th. I was placed in the top two tables, and top 8 was in my grasp. However, I had to win this round in order to place 8 or better.


Match 7

By this time, I felt funky. I ran out of water around round 5, I had no lunch, and my nose was SOO stuffy, so I don’t remember this match that well.

Every game, we were exchanging blows w/ Knights and DDWLs. He swapped his Sinister for one of my beatsticks and ended. I drew into a morph to bring out TER for the win.


[6-1 Games]


Round 8

Squall vs. Jeffrey (Warriors)

This was the last round of swiss.

This round, they gave out two raffle prizes and I got the best one: 6 RDS packs, 3 Exclusive Packs, 1 European TP-1, and a free admission to the next regionals. Talk about luck!


Match 8

It was still game one about twenty minutes into the round. Game 2 or 3, I drew into a Pot of Greed to replenish my hand and grabbed a beatsitck for the win.


[7-1 F]

After swiss:








Top 8- 1 Burn///1 Scientist///6 Chaos



Squall vs. Junky Spot Burn


Game 1

I used Forceful to see his hand and I got a surprise: 2 Lava Golems, Torrential, and two other cards. I kept one monster on the field at all times to make sure that Golem did not come out.  His LLAB shut me down for half the game. However, my Breaker broke it and the attacks flowed in. Solar Flare Dragon, and Scapegoat were key factors in the game.


Game 2

I sided-in six cards to help fight off LLABs. I had a pretty nice opening hand: Forceful, Heavy, Dust Tornado, etc. I gained early field control and put down the beat down.



Squall vs. Jeffrey (Warriors)


The rematch of the century! Winner would advance to the Finals.


Game 1

I got pwned. He took my Bounder, busted out Don, and raped my hand.


Game 2

His Mobius just dominated. He blew away my F/Ds and took out my hand. For three turns, I drew Confiscation, Jinzo, and Airknight. GG.


I end up 4th overall. I got 12 RDS boosters, 1 Top8 playmat, and an invite to Nationals!



[Post Game Carnage Report]


The tournament was fun, but really long. There were a lot of good players there, but some sore losers. The next Regionals is on Jan.15, hope to see you guys there.


Props and Slops



-Getting 4th

-Winning Raffle

-Getting a ride fr. Mikes dad



-Punk @$$ nub who lied to the judge, giving Tony a game loss.

-Nub for trying to DQ Seifer

-No food all day =/




Seifer – Mike

Squall – Dan, me

Tidus – Lawrence


The BZX Alliance—for the 12/18 San Mateo Regionals






IM:: Quickstyle510


Happy Holidays