RegnR8's Horrible Horus - Tournament Report for Dec. 18, 2004


RegnR8' Horrible Horus
December 18, 2004


Newnan Sports Cards
Newnan, Ga.


Free to play
Advanced Format
Single Elimination
1st gets 3 packs
2nd gets 2 packs
3rd gets 1 pack
About 25 people this week.


Hi all,


Welcome to the second tournament report for this weekend! I hope you are all doing well!


This weekend, I let someone talk me into using my Horus deck instead of my Monarch deck. The store is running Advanced Format this week. Since I hate Traditional, and this was the only traditional format deck I have, I decided to totally abandon traditional and rework this deck to advanced format only. Since I used the deck last, I managed to get another LV8 and decided to run two, add a third Level Up and a few other changes. Mirage Dragons really helped so, I suggest using at least one in a dragon deck.


So, here's the deck as it stands this week.


2x Horus LV8
2x Horus LV6
3x Horus LV4
2x Spear Dragon
2x Luster Dragon
2x Mirage Dragon
1x Fiber Jar
1x Cyber Jar
1x Jinzo
1x Sinister Serpent
1x TiV
1x Breaker the Magical Warrior


3x Level Up
1x Pot of Greed
1x Change of Heart
1x Snatch Steal
1x Painful Choice
1x Premature Burial
1x Heavy Storm
1x MST
1x Giant Trunade
2x NoC
2x Stamping Destruction


1x RoD
1x Royal Decre
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Call of the Haunted
2x Divine Wrath


The side deck is messed up right now because I pull so many cards from my other side deck. So, I'm not going to bother listing it.


Well, we get there a little early and I am bombarded by people who want to trade. I do a lot of trading and finally get to sit down and work on my deck a little.


First pairings are called.




Horus VS Dark Magician Deck


Well, I'm thinking I am going to lose in the first round to this guy, even though he isn't the best duelist around. His deck actually surprised me and he had some pretty good ideas in there.




He choses to go first. I draw Level Up, Luster, MST, LV6 and Change. Not bad.


He summons a Skilled Dark and plays Reload for 4 cards. His Skilled Dark gets a counter.


I draw RoD and set it. I Change his Skilled Dark, it gets another counter but I tribute it for LV6, attack for 2300, then play Level Up. That was actually stupid on my part. I should have played Level Up first, but it's too late.


I negated his Card Destruction, then summoned Breaker my next turn and attacked him for 4900. He was at 800Lp and I played Ring on my Breaker for the win. Wow. That was over in three turns. Good job. I don't expect that to happen again.




He chose to go first and I get RoD, MST, PoG, Heavy and Torrential. Grr. Not good.


He sets a S/T card and ends his turn.


I draw LV6. Still not good. I play Pot of Greed and get 2 Level Up. What the heck?! Curses on this deck! I set the Torrential and Level Up and end my turn again.


He isn't getting anything any better so, I'm safe for now. But that's probably going to change real soon!


Finally, I draw a Spear Dragon, MST  his Ring and attack him for 1900. I set my Ring and end my turn.


He tosses out Fusion Gate and discards Dark Magician and Buster Blader for Dark Paladin and I played Ring on him! Wahaha!


He then pays 2000Lp for Dimension Fusion and I Torrential. HAhahahah! That was so funny! If I was drinking milk, I would have spewed it out my nose!


I draw another Spear Dragon and kill him for the win. Man, that was funny....


RECORD 1 - 0




Horus VS Level Limit Raging Flame Sprite thing.


He wins the die roll and choses to go first. He activates LLAB and 1 S/T.


I draw 2 Spear Dragon, RoD, LV6, Fiber Jar and Painful Choice. I play Painful and offer Cyber Jar, Breaker, Stamping Destruction, Sinister and Heavy Storm. He gives me Sinister. I set Fiber Jar and Ring.


He MSTs my Ring, plays PoG and ends his turn.


I flip Fiber Jar and get nothing to attack him with! I get Fiber, Divine Wrath, LV6, Call and Level Up. I set the Fiber and the Divine Wrath.


He does nothing.


I flip Fiber again and get NOTHING again. I get Decree, RoD, LV8, Change and Heavy Storm. My deck hates me. I set the Ring and Decree.


He activates LLAB and summons Raging Flame Sprite and I Ring that ugly little thing! There is no way I'm going to keep that monster on the field for any amount of time.


I draw Change of Heart, play Heavy Storm and summon a Mirage Dragon and attack.


He activates another LLAB and plays Card Destruction. I only have one card so I get a LV4.


I draw a Luster do nothing.


He draws, sets a S/T and ends his turn.


I draw Painful again and offer MST, Tornado, 2 Stamping Destruction and Breaker. He gives me Breaker. I summon LV4 and play Level Up, getting LV6 to the field.


He activates Final Countdown. I draw Cyber and set it.


He keeps doing nothing. I tibute my Mirage for Jinzo and it's in defense and someone comes up and looks at the field and says, "Hey, you know LV 6 isn't affected by Spell cards, right?" OH my. I feel like a total MORON and finally start attacking with LV6 because I can! Well, he activates Scapegoat but I attack one  with LV6, get LV8 and then negate everything else he does. That deck was messed up and I really played mega-badly and stupidly.




Well, I side deck in all my level 3 monsters. 3 Kinetic Soldiers, 3 Masked Dragons and add more M/T removal with another Stamping Destruction.


He goes first and I get Fiber Jar, PoG, Kinetic, LV6 and LV4.


He sets 2 S/T and thats all.


I draw MST, play PoG and get the Decree and a Level Up. Oh, nice hand. I summon the Kinetic and attack. He chains Scapegoat. I hit a token, set the Decree and MST and end my turn.


He activates Xing Zhen Hu and I chain with the Decree. He chains with Waboku. Oh yeah. He sets a monster.


He's hurting now. I got the Decree out on him. I summon LV4, Level Up for LV6, hit his face down Raging Flame Sprite and get LV8 in the end phase. I have total Spell and Trap negation on the field. Well, soon I have 2 LV8's and a Mirage Dragon on the field and kill him pretty good.


RECORD 2 - 0




Horus VS Cookie Cutter Chaos Control




I go first and draw 2 Level Up, TiV, Luster, Jinzo and Stamping Destruction. I summon the Luster, set Level Up and end my turn.


He sets 2 S/T cards, summons Exiled Force. Then sets another S/T card. Ok.


I activate Stamping Destruction and he Magic Drains it, I discard a Level Up, he takes 500LP damage from Stamping Destruction. I attack and he activates Waboku. He just used up all three of the cards he had set in the previous turn and he only has 2 cards in his hand. I set a Dust Tornado.


He tributes His Exiled for Jinzo and attacks my Luster Dragon. Smeg.


I summon TiV and discard for machine and attack.


He pays 800Lp for Premature Burial and I Dust Tornado it. He sets a monster and ends his turn.


I attack his set Sinister with TiV.


He gets Sinster back and sets it. I have the upperhand now.


I draw Mirage Dragon and attack his set Sinister with TiV, then directly with the Mirage Dragon.


Well, things are going hunky dory for me until he starts to special summon BLS and I get so mad I quit. I freaking HATE that cheap card! Its as bad as Yata was Post Ban! He is like all apologizing and stuff saying he's sorry and I tell him he isn't sorry. He needs to make a deck without that cheap crap in it. I am SICK of BLS. I BARF on BLS!


OK so, Horus Level 8 is pretty broken too, but you don't see every one running around with a LV 8 in any deck they happen to want to make! It's ridiculous! BLS is too overpowered in the advanced format! What is Konami thinking!?! BLS has single handedly ruined more wins for me in this format than any other card in the game! That has GOT to mean something!




I am still rattled from my loss to that crap and am so screwed up, I don't go to my side deck. I don't really care because I didn't want to use this deck today anyway! I should have gone with my gut instinct and used the Monarch deck.


I chose to go first and draw Level Up, Spear Dragon, TiV, Mirage, NoC and LV8. Why, oh why, can't I ever draw a LV4 with a Level Up or two? It NEVER happens. I am doomed to wander the vast expanse of non-victory! I summon a Spear Dragon and set Level Up.


He sets a monster and a S/T.


I draw a LV6. Oh woe is me. Where is a Level 4? I NoC his Shining Angel, summon the Mirage Dragon and attack. I didn't tribute for the LV6 because his set S/T card concerned me and with the Mirage Dragon out, he can't activate a trap during the battle phase. Hopefully, I can tribute the Spear Dragon next turn and Level Up the LV6.


Well, TiV hits the field and totally screws that plan up in a major way. Discarding for Dragon totally kills my field, and with only a Level Up set as a bluff, I am certainly going to get killed.


I have to summon my own TiV and discard to kill both our TiV. That really sucks and I am staring to spiral into a Yugioh depression so deep, only a miracle can save me from it's gaping maw! Visions of BLS spin through my head and I am dizzy with destruction.


He sets 3 S/T cards, summons a DD Warrior Lady and attacks. Why didn't I side deck in my Kinetics? I am an idiot.


I summon a Mirage Dragon and attack his DD, he removes them from play and Dust Tornado's my Level Up. Level Up? Oh yeah, that card IS in my deck. Too bad I NEVER GET TO USE IT!


Then he summons a Spirit Reaper and starts to take my hand apart with that little Zombie. Bye Bye LV6. You were pointless anyway.


Oh JOY! I get a Luster Dragon and attack his face up Spirit Reaper! Maybe there is hope for me after all.


Oh, he Drops Off my Call of the Haunted and another DD Warrrior Lady takes out my Luster and the Spirit Reaper takes the last card I have in my hand. Horus Level 8. A nice and shiny looking card. It's got pretty art on it and it has a really good effect. Too bad a 3000 attack, spell negating Dragon gets taken out by a puny 300 attack Zombie!


Oh boy. I draw Snatch Steal and play it on his dumb Reaper just to get rid of the stupid thing.


He sets a monster.


I draw RoD and set it.


He draws and sets a card.


I draw and he Drops Off my Luster. Ohhhhh, that hurt.


He summons Breaker and I Ring him.


I draw Torrential and set it.


He sets a monster.


I draw Change of Heart and am praying that he's set a Cyber Jar or Fiber Jar. It's a Magician of Faith. Well, that'll have to do and I flip it and get my Change of Heart back. Can I even do that? I've heard somewhere the card has to stay on the field until it's effect resolves. Does Change's effect resolve after it's activated or in the end phase? I don't know and I didn't really care at the time.


He plays Forceful Sentry on my Change of Heart. Boy, that *&^%#@(*&^ sucks.


He keeps attacking me little by little because I can't draw a monster. He finally summons a DD Warrior Lady and I Torrential.


@#$%^&*! I keep pulling useless magic cards! This time I get a retarded Stamping Destruction! I set it anyway, like it's really going to help me!


Then I get a Divine Wrath, but without a card in my hand it's freaking POINTLESS! I set it too, but it doesn't matter because I lose. He summons a Don, hits me with it, and I get rid of the top two from my deck because I have no cards in my hand!


Man, I got owned by a Cookie Cutter Chaos Control. I guess that's why they are so popular, because they work, even though someone else thought up the deck and anyone can just copy it and pretend they have deck building skills.


I didn't really want to use my Horus deck today anyway.


Ok, the rest of the afternoon goes miserably as well. It seems like every deck I play with gets owned. Oh well, the heart of the cards just had a coronary on me today. I did get an Ultimate Monster Reincarnation though. It's purty.


So, that wraps it up for this weekend. Next weekend is Christmas, so there will be no tournament next Saturday but there will be one on Sunday, so....Until that time, have a happy holiday and keep on winning!