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RegnR8's Absolute Rule of the Monarchs - Tournament Report for Dec. 18, 2004


RegnR8's Absolute Rule of the Monarchs
Tournament Report for December 18, 2004


Hi all,


Welcome to this week's edition of the Tournament Report! I hope this report finds you well and winning!


Well, I've gotten a lot of feedback from recent tournament reports and many people have been really kind in pointing out the unusual "timing" requirements for Peten, the Horn/Scapegoat combo and the rulings on Divine Wrath. There have been times when I would inadvertently use Peten's effect when I could not. I now realize the Horn/Scapegoat combo does not work how I have been doing it. I now fully understand when Divine Wrath can be effectively and accurately used. Thanks again to all the fellow duelists who consistantly email me with encouragement, comments and suggestions. Your emails only encourage me to be a better, more informed duelist. Even with my increased knowledge of the cards, and the better understanding of specific rulings, the Monarch deck still works extremely well, I just need to play it a little differently.


So, onto the weekend's first tournament!


Sports Cards and Collectibles
Fayetteville, Ga
$5.00 to play and you get a pack for entering
1st place 3 packs
2nd place 2 packs
3rd place gets nada, zip, nothing
Advanced Format
5 rounds Swiss Format
15-20 people today


Large French Vanilla coffee with cream and sugar from the Dunkin' Donuts. MMMMM... No better way to start off the day. I'm married, so there actually IS a better way to start of the day but, but we won't go into that here...Hehhehehe...


This week, I made one change to the deck. I main decked a Divine Wrath and side decked a second. I am really happy with the way the deck performs 90% of the time. I am debating on replacing the Night Assailant with some other heavy attacker or heavy defense monster to sit on the field until I grab a Zaborg or Mobius. The Assailants work well, but I rarely seem to get it's second effect, which was what I wanted in the first place. Currently, the Assailant's just seem like another form of monster removal, something the deck already has a lot of. Any suggestions for replacement monsters will be welcome.


Absolute Rule of the Monarchs


x2 Mobius the Frost Monarch
x2 Zaborg the Thunder Monarch
x3 Night Assailant
x3 Peten the Dark clown
x1 Sinister Serpent
x3 Berserk Gorilla
x1 TIV
x1 Breaker
x1 Fiber
x1 Cyber


x1 PoG
x1 Change of Heart
x1 Snatch Steal
x1 Premature Burial
x2 Scapegoat
x2 Enemy Controller
x2 NoC
x2 Creature Swap
x1 Painful Choice
x1 Heavy Storm
x1 MST


x1 Dust Tornado
x2 Bottomless Trap Hole
x2 Horn of Heaven
x1 Call of the Haunted
x1 Divine Wrath


x3 Kinetic Soldier
x1 Share The Pain
x1 Royal Decree
x1 Scapegoat
x1 Magic Cylinder
x1 Divine Wrath
x2 Magic Jammer
x1 RoD
x1 Raigeki Break
x1 Book of Moon
x1 Monster Reincarnation
x1 Jinzo




Monarchs VS Aggro beatdown with a slight focus on trample.




He wins the die roll and choses to go second. That's sort of unusual, but I'll take it. I get Sinister, Peten, Bottomless, Scapegoat, Divine Wrath and Enemy Controller. Ugh. Not the best hand in the world. This is falling into the aforementioned 10% of crappy first hands. I set Peten, Scapegoat and the BTH.


He summons a Gyku-Gire Panda and attacks my Peten and I take 50Lp damage. Ha. I remove the Peten to special summon another. At least I know he's running trample now. I really have to be careful because I have the two Scapegoats and one of them is already set!


I draw another Bottomless and set the Divine Wrath.


He attacks my Peten with the Panda again and I take another 50LP damage. I get my last Peten to the field and now am hurting. I need a monster to take out his Panda.


I draw Zaborg. Wow. That was lucky. I tribute Peten for Zaborg and destroy his Panda and attack him for 2400LP.


Next turn, he uses Hammer Shot on my Zaborg. Awww. Boo. He removes his Panda from play to special summon Gigantes and I BTH it. Wahaha. He sets a monster and ends his turn.


I draw a Horn, set it and the other BTH. I have no monsters but Sinister and I want to use him for the Divine Wrath when he flips whatever card that is he set.


He flips his Fiber Jar and I negate the effect and destroy his Fiber with the Divine Wrath. He summons Bazoo and I BTH it, too.


I draw Call of the Haunted, get Sinster banck and set the Call to end my turn.


He draws, and I activate Scapegoat so I can use Horn of Heaven in the correct manner if I need to. He summons a Giant Rat and I negate the summon with Horn. He chains with a Solemn Judgement. He's losing already. He's taken 2400LP damage so, the Judgement gets him down to 2800 and I am at 7900, so I'm fine with the Judgement. He attacks me with the Rat. So, that cost him 2800LP just to attack me for 1400LP. I think I would have saved the Judgement for something a little better than a Giant Rat summon. Oh well.


I Call Zaborg back and attack his Rat. He activates Draining Shield. Oh, that is more annoying than a Sakeretsu Armor. Now the Judgment makes a little more sense if you run some Draining Shields, too. I expect Injection to be cropping up sometime soon.


He tributes the Rat for Dark Driceratops and I negate the summon with Horn and a token. Ouch.


I draw NoC and attack again with Zaborg. I get Cylindered.


He sets a S/T but no monster.


I draw Mobius and attack with Zaborg. I set the NoC.


He draws and ends his turn.


I draw a Creature Swap and he doesn't have a monster so, I attack with Zaborg again. I'm winning, 5400 to 400.


He plays PoG. NO! This could be bad. He Changes my Zaborg, summons an Ox and attacks me with both. Ouch. That hurt. I'm down to 1300 now. Not good. He sets a S/T and ends his turn.


I tribute Zaborg for Mobius and he chains with Torrential! Argh!!


Luckily, he doesn't have a monster.


I draw Zaborg, set Night Assailant and end my turn.


He NoC's all my Assailants! Darn. He still doesn't have a monster he can summon or set!


I draw a Dust Tornado and set Sinister.


He sets another S/T.


I draw Premature Burial and end my turn.


He sets another S/T.


I draw a Gorilla, summon it, Premature Burial my Zaborg and he Rings my Gorilla and the duel ends in a draw.


Well, I should have set my Dust Tornado, but I didn't. It may not have mattered anyway.




We re-roll and I win and go first. I get 2 Goats, Change, Night Assailant, Painful Choice then Premature. Ok. This is fine. I play Painful Choice and offer him Zaborg, 2 Peten, Sinister and a Gorilla. Surprisingly, he gives me Zaborg. I dind't expect that. Maybe he has Change of Heart or Snatch Steal in his hand. I get a Peten to the field (as far as I know, that IS legal because the last thing to happen in the chain is the remaining cards being set to the graveyard through Painful's effect). I set a Night Assailant (I couldn't bring out Zaborg and I wouldn't this early in the duel anyway) and a Goat.


He plays Swords and my Assailant flips up. Darn. He sets a S/T but no monster.


I draw TiV and end my turn.


He draws and ends his turn.


I draw NoC and end my turn, too. We are both waiting on each other to do something!


He still does nothing.


I draw a Gorilla. Now I have something to back me up if I tribute for Zaborg and he gets rid of it. I tribute Peten for Zaborg and he Bottomless' him! Dang it! I have to destroy my own Assailant for Zaborg's effect, so I have nothing on the field to protect me next turn except a Goat, and against this deck, that may not help at all. I set the NOC and Horn and end my turn.


He summons Exiled Force and attacks. I activate Scapegoat and he attacks one.


I summon TIV, discard my Serpent for Warrior and attack into a Cylinder for 1600. That wasn't too bad. I'm using up his set cards, so, that's good. I don't mind getting Cylindered early or even mid game. At least I know the card is gone and can't hurt me again, unless thay run Mask of Darkness and even then, you can usually guess that they're going to immediately set it anyway.


He uses Hammer Shot on my TIV. Dang. I'm starting to hate that card. He doesn't have a monster still, so I'm good.


I draw Snatch Steal, summon the Gorilla and attack. He activates Widespread Ruin! ARGH!


He summons a Panda and I negate the summon with the Horn. THAT would have HURT a LOT! Whew!


I draw another Horn, set it and Premature Burial my Gorilla because my Zaborg had been removed from play. I finally manage an attack! Hooray!


He uses Hammer Shot on my Gorilla. MAN! I am really SICK of that Hammer Shot! He summons Pitch Dark Warwolf and I negate it with Horn. I'm sure he's as sick of my Horn as I am of his Hammer Shot!


I draw Mobius, set another Scapegoat and end my pitiful turn.


He draws sets an S/T and ends his turn.


I draw a Gorilla a attack into a Draining Shield. Yes, it is THAT annoying!


He uses Call to get Exiled back and tributes it for my Gorilla. MAN! Where's my Divine Wrath now!?! He summons his Gorilla and attacks a token.


I draw Creature Swap and summon Sinister in attack position and Swap it with his Gorilla and attack.


He sets a monster and an S/T.


I tribute his Gorilla for Mobius, destroy his set NoC and NoC his Fiber Jar and attack. I set Bottomless and end my turn. OK. I'm feeling like I'm beginning to take control of the duel now, so this is usually when all the wheels fall off!


He sets a S/T.


I attack with Mobius again.


He sets a monster and I use Change of Heart on his set Gorilla next turn and attack him with Mobius and his own Gorilla for the win.




I side deck in Royal Decree for an EC to stop those Draining Shields. I ahould put in some Jammers to stop those Hammer Shot, but I don't. I figured if the Hammer Shot hurt me again in this duel, I'll side deck them in next time.


He choses to go second again. What's up with that? Oh well. I get Painful Choice, TIV, Peten, BTH, Goat and Snatch. I play Painful, offer him 2 Assailant, Sinister, Peten and Zaborg. He gives me the Serpent and I remove Peten to get Peten. I set the BTH and the Goat.


He sets 2 S/T and a monster.


I draw Divine Wrath, set it and another Peten.


He summons Exiled Force, I activate the Goat. He attacks a token and uses Exiled's effect on my set Peten and I let him. I could have negated Exiled's effect with the Divine Wrath but chose not to, thinking I could use it on something better. He's wasted a monster and I have one left on the field so, who cares?


I draw NoC and use it on his set Fiber Jar? What? Why didn't he flip it himself last turn? Oh well, whatever. Both our Fibers are removed from play so, it's all good.


He sets another monster and ends his turn.


I draw Change of Heart and use it on his set Cyber Jar. I flip it and he gets an Ox and and a currently unuseable Gigantes. I get a Gorilla. I'm still in main phase one, so I MST his Cylinder, Snatch his Ox and set my Tornado. I attack with the Ox and when I attack with the Gorilla, he uses Draining Shield. Annoying.....


He plays Heavy Storm. Pooey. He removes Exiled Force from play to special summon Gigantes and uses Hammer Shot on my Gorilla. Grrr....Those Magic Jammers are looking pretty good about now. I wish I had put some in the deck. Then he tributes the Gigantes for Inferno Hammer, a card I had never seen before so I asked to examine it. Ah, it was really no big deal. He attacks a token.


I draw and set Call of the Haunted. I summon TIV and he BTH's it. I use priority to get rid of his Ox because I want to Swap his Inferno Hammer.  I turn a token to attack position, and Swap it with his Inferno Hammer and attack him with it for 2400LP. Hah.


He summons a Berserk and Torrentials. Blegh.


I Call back Zaborg and attack. He Calls his Inferno Hammer and I suicide anyway. Curses.


He summons a Gorilla and I Bottomless it.


I draw an Assailant and set it.


He plays SoRL. Man, we are really going at it. We seem to be countering everything! It's really fun!


He stalls for a while with Swords and I set my Cyber Jar, hoping to time it right with the ending of SoRL. He plays Change of Heart on it though! He gets Injection and TiV and I get nothing. He attacks me for a lot.


I have to Premature Burial a Night Assailant and tribute it for Zaborg, destroy his Lily then attack his TiV.


He Premature's Lily, summons a Spear Dragon, attacks Zaborg with Lily, then kills me with the Spear Dragon. Man, that was close!




He goes to his side deck. I decide to keep my deck the same. I'm still thinking about those Magic Jammers though.


I go first and get 2 NoC, Change, Sinsiter, Goat and Mobius. I set the Goat and Sinister. Not much I can do, yet.


He plays PoG. Grrr. He sets 2 S/T and summons a Rat to attack my Serpent.


In my draw phase he activates Mask of Restrict. Uh oh.....This could be harmful to my existance. I set Peten and end my turn.


He tries to tribute his Rat but I remind him he has Mask of Restrict on the field. He is like, whoops. He attacks Peten and I get another to the field. He sets a monster.


I NoC our Cyber Jars. That's actually fine with me becasue Cyber has always been a 50/50 chance card. I set Sinster.


He summons a Gorilla and now I am stalling with all I got. This Mask of Restrict is killing me. I can't hold out much longer unless I draw some bigger monsters soon.


Well, I draw Royal Decree and that breaks the game wide open. I finally can tribute for Mobius, wiping out his Cylinder and Draining Shield, which doesn't matter because he can't activate any traps anyway. After he Heavy's my Decree, I manage to Divine Wrath his Exiled and BTH his Gigantes and he can't recover. Whew. That was nerve wracking!


RECORD 1 - 0




Monarchs VS Skill Drain


OK. before I get nailed for this, I have to admit an oversight here. I forgot to return my deck the way it was before this duel. I just now, as I am typing this, realized I did not return the Royal Decree to the side deck as I should have. I can assure you, this was simply an oversight on my part. I have no need, nor intention of cheating. If I did cheat, why would I type it up for all to see?


I go first, get Cyber, Peten, BTH, Gorilla, Goat and the Decree. I set BTH and Cyber.


He activates SoRL and I BTH his GAF and Gorilla after the Cyber flip. I get an Assailant and a Peten, setting both. He also got a Roulette Barrel which he set.


I flip my Assailant, eating his Barrel and summon a Gorilla and have to end my turn due to SoRL.


After I Bottomless another of his GAF, he plays Offerings to the Doomed on my Gorilla and has to skip his draw phase.


I play PoG, tribute my Assailant for Zaborg and destroy my Peten, removing it from play to special summon another. I still can't attack because of SoRL.


He plays Painful Choice, offering me Dark Elf, Archfiend Soldier, Giant Orc, Enchanted Javelin and a Roulette Barrel. I give him the Dark Elf. He sets another S/T card and ends his turn. I know he just set the Skill Drain. It's a hunch.


I attack with Zaborg and he chains his Scapegoat. Oops. My hunch was wrong.


He tries to summon an Orc and I negate it with Horn and Peten.


I attack another token.


He pays 1000LP for Skill Drain, summons a Dark Elf and I activate my Decree. He can't do anything after that and I win.


I don't really think the Decree made a big difference in the duel anyway. I had a Zaborg and he only had the Skill Drain out. I don't know, maybe it would have made a difference.




He choses to go first and sets an S/T.


I get 2 NoC, Change, Peten, Goat and an Assailant. I set the Scapegoat and Assailant.


He plays Change on my Assailant and attacks me with it.


I set another Assailant, turn the first into defense. He summons an Archfiend Soldier and attacks my defense position Assailant.


I flip up my Assailant, destroy his Archfiend and attack for 200Lp which he freakin' Kuribohs! What! Oh well, this kid is only nine years old.


He sets a monster which I NoC next turn and then attack him with a Peten and an Assailant for 700LP damage. I have a Horn set and use it when he summons a GAF.


I draw yet another Night Assailant and set it, turning Peten to defense position. He plays Skill Drain, summons an Armor Exe. and I explain to him it will be destroyed during his standby phase next turn because the token to keep Armor Exe. on the field is a maintenece cost and Skill Drain does not negate those. Some guy I had never seen before, comes over and starts spouting off at the mouth, claiming Armor Exe. would stay on the field because Skill Drain negates his effect, blah, blah, blah and I try to explain it to him, but he gets all superior on me and I'm like, dude, I know what I'm talking about so get out of my face. I ignore him and Change of Heart it on my turn and attack my opponent with it anyway. It IS destroyed in his stand by phase and he can't muster up anything else and after I NoC his Roulette Barrel, I win.


RECORD 2 - 0




Monarchs VS Chaos


He wins the die roll and chooses to go first. He activates Cost Down, discarding a Peten to get a Peten (I guess that works?), then activates Reload. He sets one S/T then plays Painful Choice. Gulp. I don't like the looks of this. He offers me Jinzo, Dark Ruler, DMoC, Reload and Card Destruction. I give him the Reload.


I get Mobius, Zaborg, 2 Swap, and a Goat. I draw NoC, set the Goat and end my turn.


He sets another S/T and attacks me with Peten for 500. I take it. I draw Change of Heart and activate it. He chains Spell Shield Type 8. I have to end my turn. I was going to tribute his Peten for Mobius, but that didn't work out did it?


He plays Reload, Calls his DMoC back, gets his Reload and attacks. I activate Scapegoat. Whew. He attacks a token.


I turn a token into attack position and activate Creature Swap. He choses Peten and I tribute it for Zaborg and destroy his DMoC and I attack.


He pays 2000LP for Dimension Fusion and gets his Peten and DMoC back, then attacks Zaborg and a token.


I play Heavy Storm, and he Rings his Peten. I set Scapegoat and Horn.


He Trunades and I chain the other Scapegoat. He attacks a token.


I draw Peten and set it.


He summons TIV and I negate the summon with Horn and a token. He attacks my Peten with DMoC and it's removed from play.


I get Cyber Jar and set it. This is my last hope because all my tokens won't save me for much longer.


He attacks my Cyber Jar and I get Breaker and an Assailant. He plays Change on my Night Assailant but can't flip it because it hasn't been set for a turn. He plays Reload and then Monster Reincarnation and gets Jinzo. Then he tributes for Jinzo and pays another 2000LP for Dimension Fusion and kills me next turn.




I side deck out both EC and an Assailant for two Magic Jammers and another Divine Wrath.


I go first and get a Jammer, Peten, Sinister, Zaborg, NoC and draw Call. Hmmm. It's workable. I set the Jammer and Peten.


He sets a monster and two S/T.


I NoC his face down and he activates Spell Shield Type 8. Hmmm. Maybe those would work in my deck....It's a thought. I summon a Gorilla and he Rings it. Crap. He really wants to flip that monster himself. I bet it's Cyber Jar. I set Call and end my turn.


He sets another S/T and ends his turn. Ok, so his set monster is not Cyber Jar. Hmmm. Peten maybe?


I draw and tribute my Peten for Zaborg and destroy his set Peten. He gets another Peten to the field and I attack it and he special summons the third from his hand.


He tributes Peten for Dark Ruler and pays 2000LP for Dimension Fusion to do what? Get a couple of Petens back? That's wierd, so I Jam it anyway and he still has to pay the 2000LP. He attacks my Zaborg with his Dark Ruler for a whopping 50LP damage.


I draw another Zaborg. What luck! I call my Zaborg back, tribute it for my other Zaborg and destroy his Dark Ruler and attack.


He draws and then conceeds.




He choses to go first. I get a Jammer, Sinister, Snatch, Painful Coice and an Assailant. He does the Thunder Dragon trick. He activates Cost Down with one of the Thunder Dragon he just drew and plays Reload for four cards. He gets his four cards and starts looking through his graveyard. This is a dead give away he either has Premature or Call in his hand. He sets one S/T (Hmm could it be Call of the Haunted.. I wonder...) and ends his turn.


I draw a Gorilla and activate Painful Choice. I offer him MST, 2 Peten, Mobius and an Assailant. He gives me the MST. OK. I now know his one set S/T is now a chainable card. Should I MST it now, or save it until later? I decide to hold my MST until a more opportune time. I summon a Peten to the field through his effect after Painful resolves. I summon the Gorilla and attack. He activates his Scapegoat. Good call on my part for not wasting my MST. I Magic Jam his Scapegoat and attack him for 2000LP.


He plays Card Destruction for three cards and I get two, a Divine Wrath and Dust Tornado. He sets a S/T and a monster.


I MST his Cylinder. Good call on me for saving it. I attack a Peten and he gets another. I set my Divine Wrath and the Dust Tornado.


During his draw phase, I Dust his set Cost Down. He plays Painful Choice and offers Jinzo, Dark Ruler, Change of Heart, Cyber and Fiber. If he doesn't get rid of my set Divine Wrath, I know I can negate Fiber or Cyber so I give him the Fiber Jar. Hopefully, he has no way of getting Jinzo on the field any time soon. He sets a monster. It's Fiber Jar.


I don't have anything good to attack with besides the Gorilla and I hit his Peten and he gets another. I'm going to negate his Fiber when he flips it.


On his turn, he flips the Fiber Jar and I negate it with Divine Wrath. Sweetmama. He can't do anything else.


I draw a Bottomless, set it and attack his Peten. He gets his third.


He draws Pot of Greed and plays it. He sets one S/T then Reloads for 1. He activates Swords. Darn it!


I draw both NoC's in each consecutive draw phase. I need to split those two up next duel. I keep drawing them together. Fortunately, he keeps getting nothing useable as well.


I am patiently waiting till Swords is gone before I do anything. He summons Breaker and I Bottomless him.


I draw a Goat and set it.


He draws and sets one S/T.


Finally, SoRL is gone and I attack his last Peten. I set NoC just to make him think I have something else.


He discards a Thunder Dragon for it's effect, but can't do it because the other two are already in his graveyard. I draw Cyber Jar and set Call of the Haunted and attack with the Gorilla.


He plays Heavy Storm and I chain the Scapegoat but lose Call and the NoC. He summons TiV and discards to destroy everything and attacks.


I draw Creature Swap, summon Cyber Jar in attack position and Swap it with his TiV. I discard for rock and attack with his TiV. I win the next turn.


RECORD 3 - 0




Monarchs VS The Mystery Deck


This is the gentleman who usually runs a Last Turn deck. I knew he wasn't using it today, because I saw him dueling with some other guy earlier in the day and it wasn't Last Turn. I didn't know what it was, but I was about to find out.


I win the die roll and go first. I get Dust, Fiber, Mobius, Call, Horn and draw another Mobius. Not the best hand. I set the Tornado, Horn and Fiber Jar, hoping to bluff a little and get Fiber to go off.


He draws and sets 3 S/T cards. He plays Painful Choice and offers Sinister, Jinzo, End of Anubis (What the?), DMoC and an MoF. Hmmm. This really doesn't tell me much. Three darks and a light. BLS? I don't know. Maybe. I haven't seen enough of the deck to know what is going on. It must be pretty good to make it the the semis, so I need to pay attention to what's going on. I think about the cards he offers and, in my opinion, the DMoC is harder to get out from your hand than it is from the graveyard. He's going to get the Sinister regardless of what I do, so I give him the DMoC.


He activates Premature Burial and I Dust it. Whew. He was going for Jinzo and he kind of questioned the Dust Tornado, but that was a legal move on my part. He summons a Spear Dragon and hit's my Fiber Jar. Now, I'm thinking this is some form of Beatdown and nothing I should really be overly concerned about. I don't expect too many surprises here. I'm still thinking BLS is lurking somewhere in this deck. I get my Fiber Jar back, an Assailant, Horn, Change and a Bottomless. He sets 3 S/T cards. Hmmm. That's a lot of setting.


I draw a Zaborg and set Night Assailant, along with the BTH and the Horn.


He activates Nightmare Wheel (What? That was from out of nowhere. Maybe I underestimated this deck) on my Assailant. He sets another S/T and activates his Scapegoat. Ok. That was strange.


I draw another Bottomless. I take 500 from the Nightmare Wheel but, tribute my Assailant for Zaborg and attack. He actives Widespread Ruin. Whoa.


He summons Breaker and I Bottomless him. He activates 7 Tools. Dang. That was unexpected, too. He Breaks my Horn and attacks for 1600.


I Change his Breaker and tribute it for Mobius and destroy his Hallowed Life Barrier which he chains. I set the Bottomless.


He doesn't do anything on his next turn but draw a card.


I draw TIV and attack a token with Mobius and get Cylindered. Crap. I'm down to 3500 now.


He summons his TiV, Changes my Mobius and attacks me with both for the game. Dang. Oh well. Things may have been different if I had summoned my TiV. Maybe not. Who knows.




I chose to go first and get Sinister, Cyber Jar, Assailant, Goat, Change and Dust Tornado. Man, I am not getting really good first draws today. I set the Assailant and the Tornado.


He sets one S/T and a monster.


I Dust Tornado the Nightmare Wheel in his end phase.


I draw a Bottomless, flip my Assailant and destroy his Serpent. Yipee. I attack for a huge 200LP damage. I set Cyber Jar and the Bottomless.


He summons Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke and hits my Assailant. I did not want to Bottomless the Ninja becasue I wanted to save it to Bottomless whatever he draws with the Cyber Jar becasue I'll get to flip it in my main phase.


I draw and flip my Cyber Jar. I get 2 Berserk, Breaker and a Peten. He gets TiV and a Giant Orc, both of which I Bottomless. He raises an eyebrow at that, and I explain that Bottomless can remove multiple monsters at the same time. He also got a Spirit Reaper which he set. I attack the Spirit Reaper, then activate Change of Heart on it to destroy it and have to end my turn.


He plays Double Spell to get my Change of Heart, plays it on Peten, tributes my Peten for Zaborg and then special summons BLS! AH HA! I knew that big mutha broken jerk card was in his deck, I just knew it! He then proceeds to totally kick my butt with Black Luster Broken Soldier Envoy of the Toilet.


Oh well. That's a bummer, eh?


But! Life goes on and there is another tournament to attend today! Maybe I will fare better!


Still, it was a good outing for the Monarch's and I can't wait until BLS hits the banned list!


Until next report, keep on dueling and keep happy!