Matrix Deck, Samuel Gomez, Borderlands, Salem, Oregon



Matrix Deck

Samuel Gomez


Salem, Oregon

December 11 2004


About 16 people entered this tournament.


The Matrix Deck:



Jinzo x1

Goblin Attack Force x2

Berserk Gorilla x1

Spear Dragon x2

Archfiend Soldier x2

Breaker the Magical Warrior x1

Tribe Infecting Virus x1

Don Zaloog x1

Witch of the Black Forest x1

Exiled Force x1

Fiber Jar x1

Cyber Jar x1

Spirit Reaper x2

Sinister Serpent x1



Swords of Revealing Light x1

The Forceful Sentry x1

Delinquent Duo x1

Pot of Greed x1

Graceful Charity x1

Change of Heart x1

Snatch Steal x1

Monster Reborn x1

Premature Burial x1

Raigeki x1

Dark Hole x1

Heavy Storm x1

Harpies Feather Duster x1

Nobleman of Crossout x1

Mystical Space Typhoon x1



Imperial Order x1

Waboku x2

Torrential Tribute x1

Magic Cylinder x1

Mirror Force x1

Ring of Destruction x1

Call of the Haunted x1


Total Cards: 41


I woke up at 9 and got in the shower and caught the bus at around 1030. When I walked in there it didn’t seem like I would have much competition until everyone I knew showed up. Me and my friends did some trading and then it was time to start the tourney so I paid my $3 entry fee and received and tournament 5 booster pack. I didn’t get anything good though. The tourney started with three rounds swiss then top four would face off.


Round One – The Game ( as I like to call myself ) vs some little kid


The first match was nothing he played a lot of tribute monsters so I nailed his life points down to zero in like 5 turns. Second duel was pretty much the same thing.


Winner: The Game


After the duel I helped him with his deck and taught him some better ways to play his cards. Because he would play his graceful charity facedown and wouldn’t even play it.

Soon later the tournament organizer KC announced the pairings for round two.


Round Two – The Game vs Sam ( haha he has the same name as me )


This guy was a bit tougher than the last kid lol. He had the cards but he never played his deck to its full capabilities. I managed a delinquent duo and forceful in the first hand and after which I left him in the dust with my berserk gorilla. For some reason he had 3 m/t down but never stopped my attacks, finally I finished him and I won the first match. Next duel he got pot of greed and graceful charity in the first hand which I hate when people do that because its too much of an advantage. Again he never played his cards right and my jinzo got summon and I reborned his jinzo and hit for 4800. Next he played swords and I had to stall out for 3 boring and meaningless turns. Finally the swords were over and I guess he drew nothing to help him so I attacked for game.


Winner: The Game


Me and my friend started talking strategies when KC gave out tp5 packs to everyone. Everybody started opening like crazy and so did I, but again I got nothing good. Then a kid starts yelling saying he got Luminous Soldier. I took a look and he got it and he started saying he was never going to trade it and I just smiled because I knew I would be able to get it from him. After showing him my trading binder he found some cards he wanted but he couldn’t seal the deal because the next round was starting.


Round Three: The Game vs my friend John ( I couldn’t believe it )


The First match he just forfeited to me because he said he got a bad hand, I was like ok! Second match I won by field control and his hand size was real low. He managed to get a cyber jar which was funny because I got all monsters and he got only a yata which couldn’t be special summoned and he had no m/t so I just attacked with all for game.


Winner: The Game


After winning I felt pretty confident of winning the tournament. I went back to the kid with the Luminous Soldier and starting negotiating. This kid took forever and finally asked if he’ll trade for jinzo. I said in a heartbeat ok and so I traded him but since I knew I was ripping him off I couldn’t hold a guilty feeling so I gave him about seven other cards that were fairly good such as hollowed life barrier, firestorm monarch, mobius, etc.

Now it was time for round four to begin so I sat down and waited.


Round Four – The Game vs a guy with a really good Last turn deck


First duel I tried to attack him for as much as I could and finally I took him out with my exiled force. Duel two went by in ONE turn, in one turn he got jowgen, wall, and last turn. I was pretty mad at this point. Duel three was really close all I remember is he got pot and graceful in one turn then set down 3 m/t and summon jowgen and played reload and got 8 cards reloaded. Next it was my turn and our life was low he like at 3000 and something and I was at 1400. I drew and I played premature and he played solemn judgment so then I played reborn got my jinzo and then summon breaker and used his token and I breakerized his seven tools. Next I attacked for game.


Winner: The Game


After winning my hands were cold because I thought for sure I was going to lose with that reload. I went to my friends and we started playing for fun. KC finally announced the top 4 pairings and told everyone thanks for coming. I was in and so was my friend john and two other guys one guy ran a last turn deck I thought oh gosh, and another guy ran a beatdown deck.


Round One of Semi-finals: The Game vs my friend John


First duel I didn’t pull anything all I got was a hand full of monsters so I lost pretty badly. Next duel I managed a victory but barely. The Third duel has to be the toughest I’ve had for awhile. It was move for move and we were dropping life points like crazy. My hand was gone and he was killing me with his jinzo and swords on the field. I drew my fiber jar and set it facedown. Next turn he summoned goblin attack force and attacked and sure enough fiber came through. We both drew our five cards and he played pot of greed gosh I hate drawing power on first moves. He set one facedown card and said go. I played space typhoon and blasted his imperial. Next I summon archfiend soldier and attack for 1900. then I set 2 facedown m/t. his turn he played feather duster I played imperial and he attack with berserk and I cylindered for game.


Winner: The Game


After the match we congratulated each other and I told him I would give him 3 of my packs that I win. The finals narrowed down and it was time to begin.


Finals: The Game vs Last Turn ( why me! )


This guy ran a weird last turn it was like scientist and last turn combined. The fist game I managed a solid victory of this guy. Next game he played reload like 2 times and got what he needed to win. Third duel he played jowgen and one m/t, I was wondering what is he doing? I played breaker and used his token and got rid of magic jammer and attacked his jowgen. Next his played scientist and got  thousand eyes restrict and sucked up my breaker and attacked with scientist owww. This guy did not know how to play and finally I finished him off. Duel three came and I was winning when I flipped cyber and played my cards down and his turn came and he summoned asura priest and said he can attack directly and now it was time to ask for a ruling. KC said he can attack directly which was pretty dumb so I let him, soon after I fried him with raigeki and attacked full force for game.


Winner of the tournament: The Game


After the tournament KC found out the priest couldn’t attack directly, but by then I didn’t really care. I got my five packs and gave three to my friend he pulled all rares. Then I opened my two packs and I got the ultimate rare the creator and I was really surprised. The next pack was just a silly rare.




1 Me getting tp5 packs

2 getting luminous soldier ( although im still looking for a needle worm )

3 getting the creator

4 winning the tournament




Having to face last turn decks ( I hate  that deck, I wish UDE restricted the jowgen of wall )

Only getting two packs dumb me


Sam Gomez, XXxTheGame72xXX@aol.com