damage deck matt vick batters up north carolina


This is my first time giving out a tourney report so hope u like it.



Subject:damage deck  matthew  at batters up north carolina


im Matthew Vick

the tourney was at batters up and 18 poeple intered

french style 3 rounds

this is post bans(about time)


MY DECK 40 cards


Tribute 3 cards


2xNeedle Burrowers


Non-Tribute 16 cards

3xspear dragon(goes through defense!!!!!!!)

2xmatazas(attack twice....NICE!)

2xamazoness swords woman(nice cards period)


1xbreaker the magical warrior

1xinjection fairy lily

1xtribe infecting virus

1xsinister serpent

1xexiled force

1xmagician of faith

1xtwin-headed behemoth


MAGIC 13 cards

1xchange of heart

1xswords of revealing light

1xpremature burial

1xforceful sentry



1xmystical space typhoon

1xcreature swap

1xpot of greed

1xsnatch steal

3xaxe of despairs


TRAPS 8 cards

2xdrop offs

1xnegate attack

1xring of destruction

1xcall of the haunted

1xnightmare wheel

1xtorrential tribute

1xmagic cylinder





First Round

this guy was overly dramatic about dueling( i hate that!!!!!!!!).Anyways,i drew my five cards so he went first,then i drew my sixth card and all i said was holy crap and showed him my hand and he agreed that that was game(my hand was 3 axes 1 mataza heavy stom and drop off).


me: 8000

him: forfiet


The next duel i just dominated with my drop offs and speradragons,it's as simple as that when ur facing someone that sucks REALLY bad.


me: 8000

him: 8000-6100-5700-3800-0

im 1-0 so far



I haven't seen this chick in the tounament for a long time so i don't know what to expect.Didn't have any trouble with her like i thought i would cuz my jinzo and tribe dominated her the whole match.


me: 8000-7000

her: 8000-5600-1300-0


me: 8000-6900-6000

her: 8000-6100-0

im 2-0 so far



this guy named BJ gave me a good run for my money.It was close both duels.I broght out my jinzo with my mataza equiped with 2 axes and beat him barely.


me: 8000-6100-4000-900

BJ: 8000-2800-2000-100-0


the second duel he just beat me barely my jinzo nor my tribe could help.He brought out his horus level 8 and swordsman level 6 and the third duel i lose to him the same way which really really pisses me off.



BJ: 8000-6400-6000-4600-300

im 2-1



This boy named frankie was the only one that was keepin me from coming in first 3 weeks in a row so im in dought that i can beat him.the first duel i get so PO'd cuz he yata locks me on his first turn.Im so glad that yata is gettin banned.


me: yata-locked



then the next two times his deck just falls apart and i just disgarace him.

me: 8000

him: 8000-4000-1600-0


then for the third duel it was the most nerveracking game of my life,at first he negates everything i do but then i just start tearing him a new one.

i was loving it,lol( but he wasn't)


me: 8000-6900-5350


im 3-1



i find myself facing BJ again so im thinkin that i might not win this round but i win both times so i was pretty happy about that

me: 8000-5600-800

him: 8000-6000-4300-600-0


me: 8000-7000-5900-1700

him: 8000-7000-6000-3000-600-0

im 4-1



This was my best friend dualing me for 1st so i knew what to expect.But i guess that didn't help me cuz he beat me the first time then i beat him then he beat me again cuz of a stupid mistake on my part( i was so mad) but is still got second and 2 packs so it was alright.i don't even want to show u the life point damage because im ashamed of it.



id like to give thanks to my best friend justin for helpin me with my deck so THANKS! but u also beat me out for first in the finals so boooooooooo!!! lol JK.

PLZ don't instant message JUST EMAIL PLZ


                By Matthew