XYZ Deck

Charles Powell

Games Workshop


United Kingdom

December 26th 2004

16 partcipants

Advanced Format



I run an XYZ deck, and I think that this is my best deck I have made so far. So if you want to take a look, here you go.


Monsters (19)


Blowback Dragon

Machine King


X-Head Cannon x3

Y-Dragon Head x3

Z-Metal Tank x3

Cannon Soldier

Kinetic Soldier

Cyber Jar

Exiled Force

Tribe-Infecting Virus

Magician of Faith

Sinister Serpent


Spells (15)

Limiter Removal x3

Scapegoat x2

Heavy Storm

Change of Heart

Nobleman of Crossout

Pot of Greed

Mystical Space Typhoon

Premature Burial

Painful Choice

Swords of Revealing Light

Smashing Ground

Dimension Fusion


Traps (6)

Ring of Destruction

Magic Cylinder

Call of the Haunted

Sakuretsu Armor


Interdimensional Matter Transporter


Fusions (17)

XYZ-Dragon Cannon x2

XY-Dragon Cannon

YZ-Tank Dragon

XZ-Tank Cannon

Super Roboyarou x3

Super Robolady x3

Dark Blade the Dragon Knight x2

Thousand-Eyes Restrict

Dark Balter the Terrible

Ryu Senshi

Fiend Skull Dragon


Side deck (15)

Magical Scientist

Cannon Soldier x2

Magician of Faith x2

Kinetic Soldier

Barrel Dragon

Nobleman of Crossout

Smashing Ground x2


Solemn Judgment

Sakuretsu Armor

Dust Tornado

Raigeki Break


With that said, let’s get on with the tourney report then shall we? So I got there at roughly 12:00 noon, and there were already 5 other people there. By the time 12:30 rolled around, every participant had showed up. There were a good… 16 people! Wow, nice turnout this weekend. We all spent the next 30 minutes trading, prepping, and getting checked in. Before we knew it, it was 1:00, and the tourney was up and running.


Match 1

XYZ vs. Harry’s Insect theme deck


Duel 1

He went first. I drew X, Scapegoat, Y, Z, and PoG. Ooh, nice. He began with 1 FD monster, and that was it.


I drew another Y, then activated PoG. I drew Kinetic and another Z. Set Scapegoat FD, played Y in attack and attacked his FD Leghul.


He drew, Fissured my Y, RFG his Leghul for Gigantes, and attacked. I sprung my Goats and he attacked one.


I drew T-Virus, played it, discarded Z and called Rock, then attacked. 8000-6400

He drew, and set 1 FD monster.


I drew IMT, set it, played X, attacked FD Swarm of locusts with T-Virus, then attacked directly with X. 8000-4600


He drew, set another FD monster, and ended.


I drew Pre, attacked his FD Skull Mark Ladybug, he gained 1000, I then attacked directly with X. 8000-3800


He drew, set 1 FD monster.


I got my Smashing Ground, attacked FD Prickle Fairy with T-Virus, lost 400, then Smashed it Main Phase 2. 7600-3800


He drew, and busted out Question. Wow, what a surprise (really). I’m not good with memory games, I guessed wrong, and he brought his Gigantes back. He then played 1 FD monster, and attacked my T-Virus.


I drew the Blowback Dragon, sacked my X for it, then Pre’d on X,  flipped to destroy his FD monster, got all three tails, so attacked his FD Swarm of Scarabs with X, then attacked Gigantes with Blowback. To prevent my X from being destroyed from Gigantes destroying Pre, I chained with IMT to remove X from the game until end of turn. 6800-3400


He drew, set 1 FD monster, and ended. Jeez, is that all this guy does? Oh well.


I drew another X, flipped for Blowback, this time getting 2 heads, 1 tails, destroyed his FD Parasite Paracide, then attacked with X, Blowback, and my 3 Scapegoats (LOL) for the win.


Duel 2

He went first again this time. I drew 2 Y, PoG, Kinetic and Z. He played 1 FD monster.


I drew another Z, played PoG, drew T-Virus and Smashing Ground, played Y in attack and attacked his FD Parasite Paracide. Argh, that’s a bit annoying.


He drew, played the Forest field card, then Neo Bug in Attack mode, and attacked my Y. 7500-8000


I drew my Machine King, played Z, Smashed his bug, then attacked directly. 7500-6500


He drew, then set 1 FD monster.


I drew Heavy Storm, Sacced Z for Machine King, then attacked… another Parasite Paraside? Ugh. That’s starting to piss me off.


He drew, then set 1 FD monster.


I drew, it was X, then played Y and attacked his Swarm of Locusts, then attacked directly with Machine King. 7500-4100


Another FD monster for him and that was it.


I drew and played Painful. I offered Jinzo, Exiled, Cannon Soldier, Limiter, and Sinister. He gave me Sinister. I then played Z, RFG Y and Z to summon YZ-Tank Dragon, discarded Sinister to destroy his FD Milus Radiant, then attacked with both my monsters for the win.


Overall, that deck was a bit rubbish, but it had some pretty good ideas, like those annoying little buggers of Parasite Paracide. I could tell this was his first tournament, so I told him not to worry and traded him 2 DNA Surgerys for that + Insect Barrier combo.


During intermission I traded for a The Creator (now I have two!!) and play tested my Fiend deck. The first couple of games I got walloped, but then I realized that I was missing 4 cards and was only playing with a 36 card deck. So, I righted that wrong, played again, and I did pretty well. Ok now, let’s keep moving through the report.


Match 2

XYZ vs. Paul’s Harpie Lady/Wind Attribute deck


Duel 1

This was a very interesting match. I’ve never seen a Harpie deck in a tourney before, so I was looking forward to seeing some potential.


Paul went first. I drew Pre, Waboku, MST, Cannon Soldier, and Dimension Fusion. Meh, I’ve had worse hands. Anyway, he started with Harpie’s Brother in attack and 1 FD S/T.


I then drew T-Virus, played it and discarded Dimension Fusion to destroy all Winged-Beast types, MSTed his FD MST (go figure), then attacked. I set Waboku down Main Phase 2 and ended. 8000-6400


He drew, played Change on my Virus, RFG his Harpie’s Brother for Silpheed, then attacked with both. I activated Waboku. Hah! Then Main Phase 2 he sets 1 FD S/T, and discards Maryokutai (Who runs that?) to destroy all Aqua. My Virus is gone and I have nothing on my field.


I draw Y, Pre on my Virus, discard Y to destroy all Fairies, then attack. 7200-4800


He draws, activates his FD Jar of Greed, RFG Silpheed for Garuda the Wind Spirit, plays Birdface and attacks my Virus with it to double destroy them, except he gets to get a Harpie Lady to his hand. He then attacked directly with Garuda. 5600-4800


I draw Swords and play it and end my turn.


He plays Flying Kamakiri #1 and ends.


I draw X and summon it, then attack his Garuda. 5600-4600


He set 1 FD monster and turns his Kamakiri to defense.


I draw Z, play it, have X attack his FD Birdface (he gets a Harpie) and Z attack his Kamakiri. He summons Spirit of the Breeze from the effect. I unite my two monsters in Main 2.


He gains 1000 from his Spirit. We’re even now. He switches his Spirit to defense and plays 1 FD monster and ends. 5600-5600


I draw Scapegoat and set it. Swords is gone now, and I attack his FD Harpie Lady 1 with my united X and Z.


He plays a FD monster and ends.


I draw Sinister, play Cannon Soldier and risk an attack on his FD monster with it. It was Zombyra (phew). I then attack his Spirit with my union and end. He has a clear field now.


He plays a FD monster and ends.


I draw Heavy Storm, attack his FD King of the Swamp with CS, then attack directly with the union. 5600-3200


He sets 1 FD S/T, plays Harpie Lady 1, then Elegant Egotists a Sisters from his deck. He then attacks my CS with the Sisters and ends.4750-3200


I draw Kinetic. Where are my Limiters?!? Never mind, I RFG my X and Z for XZ-Tank Cannon, discard Sinister to destroy his FD Enchanted Javelin, and set my Kinetic. I then attack his Harpie Lady 1 with XZ. 4750-2400


He switches his Sisters to defense.


I draw MoF. I get my Sinister back and set the Magician, then summon my Kinetic. I attack his Sisters with XZ and attack directly with Kinetic. I’ve got him on the ropes now. 4750-1050


He topdecks a Rising Air Current and concedes.


Duel 2

He went first again. I haven’t gotten to start off yet this tourney, but that’s OK because I haven’t lost yet either. ^_^ I draw 2 Z, Kinetic, IMT, and X. OK, but not great either.


He starts with 1 FD monster and that’s it.


I draw Limiter (sweet!) and play X. I attack his FD Sacred Crane, set Limiter and IMT and end.


He plays Ninja Lady Yae, discards Harpie Lady 2 to return all my S/T’s to my hand. I chain my Limiter, because I think he’s up to something. Sure enough, I see his bright face go a bit darker now, and he plays Rising Air Current and set 1 FD S/T and ends. X gets destroyed.


I draw Sinister, play Kinetic, and attack. Kinetic gets his 2000 boost because Yae’s a warrior, so I’m hoping to do a nice amount of damage, but to my frustration, Paul activates Spirit Barrier so he takes no damage. Yae’s destroyed, so I’m not too riled. I set IMT again and end.


He has nothing, so he just passes.


I draw RoD. OK, time to do some damage! I play Z and attack with both my monsters. I then set the RoD and end. 8000-5150


He topdecks something useless and ends again.


I draw Blowback, but summon another Z, attack with my 3 machines to do 4350, then activate Ring on my Z to win.


That was an interesting match, but still not very challenging. Me and Paul traded and stuff during the break, and then he ran off because he heard someone had a Harpie’s Pet Dragon and almost went insane. In the end I think he got it for cheap, but that’s probably because a n00b had it. Anyway, moving on…


Match 3

XYZ vs. Michael’s Fairy Deck


Duel 1

I was looking forward to this one. Mike hadn’t entered a tourney in a couple of weeks, and he was doing well for his first time back.


Anyway, he went first (while I still haven’t the whole day). I drew Z, Sakuretsu, CotH, MoF, and Change. He went with Venus in attack, and 1 FD S/T.


I drew Scapegoat. OK, I set that with Sakuretsu and Z.


He Changes on my Z and also summons Mudora. He then attacks with all three. I Sakuretsu his Mudora and activate Scapegoat. He attacks 2 and ends.


I drew Painful and activated it. I offered Machine King, IMT, Sinister, Jinzo, and Limiter.


He gives me Sinister. Great. I set MoF and CotH and end.


He plays Sealmaster Meisei and Talisman of Trap Sealing. Crud, there goes CotH + Jinzo combo. Oh well. He attacks Z with Venus and MoF with Meisei. I get back a Limiter.


I draw Pre (yes!!!) and bring back Jinzo with it. I Change his Venus, attack Meisei with it, and attack directly with Jinzo. I then set Limiter and end. 7200-5100


He switches Venus to defense and sets a monster.


I draw MST, and attack his FD Mars with Jinzo.


He sets another monster and ends.


I drew Cannon Soldier and played him. I attacked both his monsters (his FD one was Mercury), then threw my 2 goats at him for 1000. 7200-4100


He makes a last stand with Maha Vailo and attacks my Cannon Soldier. I Limiter and Vailo goes down with 1250 damage, too. Both Jinzo and CS are destroyed end of turn. 7200-2850


I draw X, play it, CotH on Jinzo, and attack with both for the win.


Duel 2

It’s the 6th duel and I have yet to go first. I drew IMT, Sakuretsu, Dimension Fusion, TIV and Swords. Mike opened with 1 FD monster and 1 FD S/T.


I drew Machine King. I activated Swords, flipped his FD Mars, played TIV, which he Trap Holed, but I used priority to destroy Mars by discarding Machine King. I end, feeling safe with Swords out.


He MST’s Swords. Uh oh. He then summons Mudora and attacks me with it. Then he set 2 S/T’s and ends. 6300-8000


I draw a Z, set it and Sakuretsu and end.


He attacks Z and I Sakuretsu his Mudora.


I draw X and I’m like “Great!” I play it and flip my Z, then RFG both for XZ. I discard IMT to destroy his FD Draining Shield. Now I’m feeling lucky, so I activate Dimension Fusion to bring back X and Z. I attack with all 3 monsters, and he Cylinders my XZ. Ooh, I’m hurtin’ a bit now. I union my X and Z and end. 1900-4700


He sets a monster and 1 S/T.


I draw another X and play it, then de-union, attack his FD Hoshiningen with Z, and attack with everything else to win the match.


That was really fun, and Mike agrees. He’s pleased his fairies got 3rd place, and thinks they’ll do better next week too. We sit down and eat and play test other decks until it was time for the last match.


Final Match

XYZ vs. Will’s A Legendary Ocean deck


This guy is good, and I know it. He’s won a lot of tourneys before, and he has a very well put together deck. I know this one’s going to be a toughie, but I’m ready.


Duel 1

Guess what? I actually get to go first! OK, I get TIV, Painful, MoF, Z, Sinister, and Swords. I start with Painful, offering Y, Machine King, IMT, Limiter, and Kinetic. He gives me IMT. I set MoF and IMT and end.


He plays a first-turn Ocean, and I’m thinking “Damn, that’s gonna get annoying later on.” He then plays Mother Grizzly and attacks MoF and I get Limiter back. He sets 1 S/T and ends.


I draw CotH, and I play TIV, discarding Sinister to destroy Beast-Warriors. Then TIV attacks, doing 200 extra thanks to the Ocean. That helped me there, but will it be my downfall later? I set CotH, which he Dust Tornados. So I play Swords and end. 8000-6200


He sets a monster and an S/T and ends.


I get Jinzo, and I tribute TIV for it. I then attack his FD Mother Grizzly and he summons a Nightmare Penguin.


He plays Salvage and gets back both his Mother Grizzlies. I got a bit mad because I hate searchability against this deck, but I have to let it go, huh? He then sets another monster and S/T and switches Nightmare Penguin to defense mode.


I draw another Z, which I play. Jinzo attacked his Penguin, and Z attacked his FD Grizzly. Argh! He summons Yomi Ship.


He switches his Ship to defense and sets another monster. Jeez, this guy’s not much of an offensive type, huh?


I draw Change and Swords disappears. I do Change on Yomi Ship, attack his FD monster with Z, and again, it’s a Grizzly. @*&^$!!! That’s really aggravating! He summons Amphibious Bugroth MK-3. Then I get an idea. I attacked the Bugroth with the Ship, losing 700 in the process, but destroying both monsters! I then attack with Jinzo, only to have a Scapegoat activated. Grrr…I attack one, set Limiter, and end. 7300-6200


I now get really annoyed. He plays Salvage and gets back a Grizzly and Yomi Ship. He sets a monster and ends. This defensive play is not making my day (which rhymes).


I draw my MST, play another Z, Jinzo attacked the FD monster which turned out to be Yomi Ship. Aaah! I don’t want Jinzo to be destroyed! But, nevertheless, I could do nothing, and my trap-negator went to the graveyard. I then attacked a goat with one Z, and he activated Michizure, trying to destroy my other Z. But luckily I saved it with my IMT. I set MST and ended.


He set an S/T, which I MSTed (it was enchanted javelin), and played 7-Colored Fish and attacked a Z. 6800-6200


I drew Waboku and set it.


He set an S/T and played another 7-Colored Fish. He attacked, and I activated Waboku.


I drew Heavy Storm and ended.


He played Change on my Z, and attacked with 2 Fish and Z. Ouch. 1300-6200


I drew RoD and still thought there was hope. I set it and ended.


He played a Grizzly and attacked my Z with it. I desperately Limitered, sending the Grizzly packing and dealing 1400 damage. But, unfortunately, he summoned another Bugroth through the Grizzly’s effect, and used its ability to attack me directly. So I Ringed it and I lost.


Duel 2

I went to my sidedeck for the first time that tourney and chucked Machine King, Kinetic, Dimension Fusion, and Waboku for Scientist, another MoF, Solemn Judgement, and another Sakuretsu.


I went first again, drawing RoD, Sakuretsu, MoF, Z, PoG and Cylinder. I played PoG, getting me Heavy Storm and a Limiter. I set RoD and MoF and ended.


He also set a monster and an S/T.


I drew Blowback, flipped my MoF, got back PoG and activated it, landing me Cannon Soldier and CotH. I then tributed the Magician for Blowback, flipped for its effect, got two tails, 1 head, so nothing happened. I then attacked his face down Nightmare Penguin, which returned Blowback to my hand. I set Sakuretsu and Cylinder and ended.


He set 1 S/T, then played Mother Grizzly and attacked. I Sakuretsu’d it.


I drew my other MoF, set it and ended.


He played 7-Colored Fish, then Big Wave Small Wave to summon Levia Dragon. I wasn’t too worried though, because when he attacked, I Cylindered!! 8000-5400


I drew another Limiter, flipped my MoF to get PoG back and play it. I gained Z and Swords. I could tell he was getting really tired of me using my Pot over and over. I decided to end it there. I Ringed Levia, and then Heavy Stormed, thinking I would have a clear field for a double-Limitered Blowback to attack. But to my extreme inconvenience, he chained Scapegoat. So I tributed for Blowback, flipped, got 3 heads, destroyed a goat, then attacked a goat. I then set a Limiter and CotH. 5400-2800


He played a monster face-down and ended.


I drew Y, played it, flipped for Blowback, got 3 tails this time, and attacked his FD Unshaven Angler and a goat. I had him on the ropes now.


He set a monster and a S/T.


I drew Smashing Ground, so I activated Swords, flipping his Bugroth, and then Smashed it. I flipped for Blowback, getting 3 heads again, and destroying his set Needle Wall. Z was then summoned, and I busted out 2 Limiters, destroying his last goat and depleting the rest of his life points.


Duel 3

It had all come down to this now. One final duel to decide who would win the tournament. He went first this time, starting with Mother Grizzly and 2 S/T’s.


I drew Change, TIV, NoC, Y, Limiter, and MST. I decided to do some early damage, so I MSTed his Enchanted Javelin, Changed his Grizzly, played Y and attacked with both. I then set Limiter, which he Dust Tornado’d. 8000-5100


Now he Changed Y, played 7-Colored Fish and attacked with all 3. Owie. 3300-5100


I drew Scapegoat, played TIV, discarded NoC for Fish, attacked Grizzly with Y, he summoned Yomi Ship. I attacked it with TIV anyway, because it’s an Aqua type too, so there was no other way to kill it. They were both destroyed, and I set Scapegoat and ended. 3300-4200


He played the Ocean, and Salvaged Grizzly and Yomi Ship. He played Grizzly and attacked Y with it. 3200-4200


I drew Sakuretsu and set it.


He played Yomi Ship and attacked with both of his monsters. I Sakuretsu’d his Grizzly and then activated Scapegoat. He attacked one and finished.


I drew PoG, which was a very nice topdeck. I activated that and drew RoD and Heavy Storm. I set RoD and that was all.

He Salvaged his Grizzly, played it, then attacked 2 goats. Then set a S/T and ended.


I drew Scientist, summoned him, paid 1000LP for TER, sucked up his Grizzly, then attacked his Ship with it. They were both destroyed, and he added to the carnage by Michizure-ing my Scientist. 2200-3800


He set 1 S/T and that was it.


I drew MoF and set it too.


He played Mermaid Knight and attacked twice destroying my last goat and my MoF. I got Change back.


I drew Smashing Ground, but I wasn’t planning on using it, because I Changed his Mermaid Knight, attacked his LP twice with it, then Ringed it to make the final score 500-0!!! HA-HAH!! I WON!!!


After the finals, we still hung around and duelled and opened our prize packs and shyte. I had a great time and look forward to coming back next time.


Now for everyone’s favourite—



Winning the tourney (duh)

Getting a second The Creator

Pulling Luster Dragon and Big Shield Gardna from my prize packs (would have preferred Needle Worm though)

My friend Cliff for jotting down everything so I could make this report

An 8-1 record



Going first only in the finals

There really wasn’t much else to complain about. ^_^


Well, that was a lot of fun and a great tourney. I saw a lot of friends there and they mostly did well. Until next time, duel your heart out!!


Charles Powell