Last Turn for Many-Acadamy Games-Ayer MA


Diego Ortiz

Ayer, Massachusetts

Acamady Games

Last Turn Deck

Saturday 4, December

15 or so people


Well it was the usual routine, i got up early, my dad woke up at 10:15, i packed up me stuff and we left for the tourny at about 10:30'sh. I got there at 11:00 and did some trading for a bit. Then i signed up and the tourny started. Here is my deck:



x3 Jowgans

D.D warrior lady

Shining Angel

x3 Mask of Darkness



Cyber Jar

Injection Fairy Lily 

Magical Scientist

Magician of Faith

x3 Spear Cretin



Space Typhoon

Heavy Storm

Pot of Greed

Change of Heart

x2 Scape Goat

Premature Burial

Swords of Revealing Light

Card Destruction



x2 Last Turn


x3 Wobaku

Call of the Huanted

x3 Wall of Revealing Light

Magic Cylinder

x2 Jar of Greed

Sakurestu armor


Well my deck is quite on the funky side for a last turn deck but it faired pretty well. I know what your thinking, "what!? His deck will be so seciptible to jinzo. He is such an idiot." Or something along the lines of that. Well, i didn't have any trouble with jinzo, well actually i had a littel run in with him but he was gone in a matter of minutes. Anywho, the tourny was swiss style (YES!!) so here we are to round one!


Round One: Last turn vs. brian ( I think a guardian deck?)

Duel one: This one took me awhile because i couldn't get what i needed so i had to beat him down a bit before i was able to get the win.


Duel Two: This one was very quick, i got what i needed a lot faster than i did last duel.



Intermission: I just traded for the entire time, well not really.


Round 2: Last Turn vs. Mike (Some kind of Beatdown)

Duel 1:This one went on for awhile until i got the stuff i needed but when i was going to pull it off he mchizures my jowgan and i lose.


Duel 2: I wasn't able to get the things i needed and i lost. But he got me candy because that was such a good duel and stuff. He's cool



Intermission: Just traded like usually.


Round 3: Last Turn vs. Kevin (i don't remember what deck he was playing, i think it was a warrior.)

Duel 1: This one i was able to get the stuff needed.

Duel 2: This one i was so desperate i had to summon a cyber jar just to defeat his goats. Then he called his jinzo from the graveyard and it was down hill from there.

Duel 3: This one was very close. He was at 800, and i was at 700, he summons a gaf and rings it for a tie.

Duel 4: I got what i needed before he was able to stop me and he lost.



Intermission: Same as every intermission.

Round 4(finals): Last Turn vs. Some kid(Can't remember his name. He ran a heavy beatdown)

Duel 1: I went first and let's just say, I got an unbeatable hand.

Duel 2: He was dead on his 3'rd turn.



The tourny was over and i ended up in 4th place. Not bad but i could have done better i think. After the tourny mike (faced him in teh 2nd round) started collecting harpie girls from the new set and saying stuff like they are his girls and he's gonna get into the pimp business. It was funny for like the first 5 minutes. Then he stopped and it wasn't funny anymore. It gave us one hell of a laugh though. OH and when he saw my japanese water omotics (its naked) he kept on asking me to turn to the page it was on. He's a funny kid. Time for props and slops:


me going to the tourny

me gettting 4th place (it's still good)

me getting a null and void(ultimate rare), hallow life barrier, dark magician girl, a bunch of good warriors, 2 drop offs, thestalos the firestorm monarch(fire deck!!)(and ultimate rare), everything i need for my harpie lady deck, creature swap, and pikaru's magical circle in my trades. (there may be some more stuff)

me pulling a prenumberal soldier lady from my entry pack.

me being able to get all of those trades(thanks to brian and chad not being there)

me to being able to make 4 new types of decks because of the trades

me having a lot of fun



me trading all of my scientist catapult turtle deck cards

me trading my tribe and dmoc

me only getting 4th place (i shoulda' got at least 2nd)

me having to pay $6.50 to get in. (too expensive but i pay it anyway)

some other stuff i can't think of.