Fiend Mix Josh Williams at Rick's Collectables in Abilene, TX


Rick's Collectables

Josh Williams

Abilene, TX



Another Sunday at Rick's, a great place not officially sanctioned, but we could be, but now we can't because we're like, "screw the ban list!" Still, we're up to date on rulings, and barely anyone was here, because its the day after Christmas.

Anyway, Rick's has a tourney, from 3-5 p.m. central time on Sundays. To enter, you just have to buy a pack of any kind. I chose Dark Beginnings 1, though I usually get LOD(3.99 after tax!). I'm against DBG, but i got one, common Mask of Restrict, a much needed Mask of Darkness, and a supremely wanted by me card, Torrential Tribute, still Ultra Rare. Rick's is single elimination, which I like, A LOT.


Anyway, here's my cruddy deck:


Monters(Tribute) 5:


Archfiend of Gilfer

Vampire Lord

Dark Ruler Ha Des

Dark Necrofear(people tell me its considered Tribute, I have no clue)


Monters(non-Tribute) 17:

Penguin Soldier


Night Assailant


Exiled Force

Archfiend Solier(2)


Mask of Darkness

Dark Jeriod

Giant Orc

Cyber Jar




Amazoness Swords Woman

Spear Dragon


Magic 9:

Monster Reborn

Mage Power

Rush Recklessly




Graceful Charity


Axe of Despair


Trap 15:


Pitch-Black Power Stone

Magic Jammer

Solemn Wishes

Torrential Tribute

Sakuretsu Armor

Compulsory Evacuation Device

Magic Cylinder

Trap Hole

Trap Jammer

Royal Command

Barrel Behind the Door

7 Tools of the Bandit




You may notice a few small combos, like RoD and Barrel, Jinzo and Amplifier... Anyway, tourney starts late, and I'm pitted vs. a guy from the Marine Corps. *gulp*


Fiend wannabe vs. Warrior?????


1st game:

Good hand, had Jinzo and Mage Power and Mof and Night Assailant. I set 7 Tools and Night Assailant and ended. He pulls Mataza+Axe+Mage Power, so I'm hurting. Luckily, i had the Assailant! Things go on, and I get out Jinzo, then he kills me off w/ Raigeki, 3 Gemini Elves, and another Mataza.


2nd Game:

I don't even wanna say how he got out 3 Mataza's, 2 Gemini Elves, and how 1 Mataza had 3 Axes, Mage, and United. This game lasted about 10 minutes, and that force finished me.


O.K., I'm out of the tourney, but my friend Joel gets there, we find another punk, and we 3-way


Turn order was punk, Joel, me. Punk sets down 3 M/T and monster, Joel sets 1 M/T, then on my turn, he asctivates Destiny Board, and I'm ticked.He's open, so I get Kycoo, Mage, Magic and Trap Jammer, Rod, and Barrel set and NAIL his Life Points. I end then use Barrel and Ring to almost knock out the punk, Joel gets Spirit Message I. Punk sets monster and ends. Joel gets N, and uses premature on an Archfiend Soldier that was killed from Punk's Confiscation I forgot to mention, sorry bout that. I figure, yes, he can't finish FINAL, ha. Joel attacks me and ends. I draw PoG, so I use it and get Graceful and Breaker, so I use Graceful, drew Cyber, Exiled, and Gilfer. I reborn Kycoo, and sac for Gilfer, which I use on Punk's monster, Malice Doll of Demise. At this point, I'm like, what???? I ask if he has Ectoplasmer, he says no. I'm confused, but i get over it, 'cause Punk can't do anything!!! Joel finishes him off and currently has FINA then Premature. I have Breaker, and drew MST. I'm happy, I MST Premature and Break his Destiny Board. I hit him directly, and he's almost gone, then he surrenders. Sad. Later, I dueled this old lady who almost beat me. I did same thing w/ Kycoo that I did to punk on my 3rd turn. She played defense, so I played Spear Dragon. She killed Spear and I did Kycoo, then Ringed Kycoo in Main Phase 2 to finish her. We showed hands (as we do at Rick's when duel is over, we flip hand, facedowns on field, next and bottom card on deck.), she had 4 pieces of Exodia!!!!!! You can guess what the next card was... THE LAST PIECE!!!!!!!!! Everyone, including both of us, in the store is cracking up now, then I had to go.


Maybe I'll do better next time...


Send me suggestions, but do realize I'm a poor kid, so I can't get Raigeki or other good cards like that, k?



Kycoo w/ Ring and Barrel trick.

Mom for driving me to mall (15 minute drive)

Mom's car for having gas



Trevor, a guy, for getting an Airzooka and bugging the CRAP out of us

Me for losing the tourney 1st round

Guy who beat me for losing the tourney in 4th place

Guy I beat last week w/ burn deck for winning whole tourney

I'm Josh Williams, a cruddy poor duelist


Ich hat nein Geld...