Galactic Goods



The Pwnage


| Creature Count = 17 | ~


| Blowback Dragon |

| D.D. Warrior Girl |

| D.D. Warrior Girl |

| D.D. Warrior Girl |

| Mystic Tomato |

| Mystic Tomato |

| Mystic Tomato |

| Don Zaloog |

| Don Zaloog |

| Don Zaloog |

| Fiber Jar |

| Killer Snake |

| Mad Scientist |

| Initiate Troops |

| Mage Warrior Breaker|

| Exclusivity Virus |



| Magics Count = 19 |



| Earth Crusher |

| Earth Crusher |

| Forced Transfer |

| Forced Transfer |

| Hammer Shot |

| Hammer Shot |

| Calling Reinforcements |

| Calling Reinforcements |

| Scapegoat |

| Scapegoat |

| Confiscate |

| Steadfast Guard |

| Tempest |

| Pot of Greed |

| Change of Heart |

| Theft |

| Early Burial |

| Distressing Choice |

| Cyclone |



| Trap Count = 4 |



| Mirror Wall |

| Mirror Wall |

| Tidal Wave |

| Call of the Dead |



Hi guys, how is it going out there? I hope you guys enjoy these reports I write every week, it takes

alot of brain work to remember all the notes without...taking notes -_-. I used my "kr4zy k0ntr01"

deck today because I felt I could take everyone by surprise, and...its a nice deck too. The build is

pretty nice, I like it, I feel that it could use more S/t removal, dust tornados might make their way

in in the future, I also feel that the deck is in need of Nobleman of Crossout, maybe x2, but I have

 to agree with my man Tony over at the Cotd review team that a well placed D.D. Crazy Beast MIGHT

 be alittler better, but for today, this is the deck!


Nut vs. Floyd


Ha, my cousins both came today, Floyd rarely comes, but I am glad to see he did today, Great kid,

needs some help  with his skills, but his deck is aight...


Duel 1. This match was not really EASY, he set like 2 m/t, but no monster -_-, I was hoping that

he had a valid reason for not getting am onster on the field, because I felt in YGO that he was

smarter then that, but I promptly got rid of his defense quickly and hit him up style with a nice

Breaker, it was kool...


Duel 2. He was kinda sad that he had to play me the first round, then later on he would have to

play Brent come to find out as well -_- poor kid, lol, anyways I told him the reason he had to play

the best first is because fate made it so he would because he has the best potential to beat the best

>_> w/e...


I chilled down, they asked if we would order pizza, I was like >_> Blah, but Glenn asked if I would

go in for half, I figured why not, so we each payed 3 and got the pizza later...I might have to

start doing that more often, buying only half, whenever I buy a full one, it gets wasted...


Nut vs. Jason


Wow, Im taking out the whole family today, this is my long lost cuz Jason, he is cool, he ran fiends

today, they might not have been working for him to well, because later, he sold me both his slates



Duel 1. I flipped fiber like...2 times in this match, lol. I hated the stalling that happened, he ended

 up losing because of my fiber flip on my turn and a don taking out the rest of his life...


Duel 2. I got this one almost as quick as the first, he made no real mistakes here, its just that I

play this game alittle more then alot of people which enables me to have better access to better

cards, which means...Me>all...j/k lol


Me and Glenn talked, it was kool, I talked to him on the net, and he came over and bought a Don

from me for 14, I should have sold it cheaper to him, being as this is his first sale/trade from me

and he needed it BADDDD, but my cell bill NEEDS to get paid eh? The next round started now...


Nut vs. BYE


I nailed the bye right now, so...I think all that was left was like...Glenn, Brent, Chris, someone

else? I thnk maybe Floyd??? I dunno, and me, so I got the bye...


Well all that was left was Glenn, Me, and Chris now...So I had to play Chris!


Nut vs. Chris Nunnery


Wow, Glenn played him and calls him the "RFG guy" lol, he runs things like soul release for like, my

guess, chaos stopper. Either way he has a tendency to make some common mistakes, so do I, thats

what seperates me, the good players, from the great players...-_-


Duel 1. I start out kinda strong with a mirror wall don zaloog combos, wow, I used 1 card, and took

out 2, thats like a Heavy Storm, lol, He was topdecking and got only like...chaos sorcercer? I dunno,

I was able to tackle this one though...


Duel 2. Ha, I started off with a nice hand again, I played alot of my good cards, then he Card

destructioned like everything and I lost alot, but I was able to pull through with a breaker and D.D...


Well, me and Glenn are both undefeated and we are gonna be in the finals together, this is the first

time that has ever happened in GG, lol. So we are told that we shoud play 2 out of 3 matchs, sounds

like fun!


Match 1.


I stole Glenns idea to only cover WHOLE matchs, I think I won this one 2-0, I dunno, I seemed to

get really lucky and had a nice counter to alot of his moves...




Match 2.


This one went in his favor, although I foght valiently -_-...I don't think he BLS made much of a

impact on the game either, he just plain outplayed me, GG Glenn...




Match 3.


I won the first duel I believe, and I called over Jason to see what could be, the last duel of the

tourney, so he came over and watched, he had the slight upperhand on me, then all of a sudden I

bust out dark blade the dragon knight and take out all his light/dark monsters so he is left with only

light/dark monsters so IF he topdecks that BLS, he WONT be able to summon it, unless he hits pot

of greed and gets BLS and painful, I have seen it happen, but I took my chances ^_^




Well I ended up winning the tourney, it was cool, I got my 2 packs, weighed both, nothin, oh well,

anyways I went to my cuz's house and chilled all night, lol, I walked in my cousin Chris' room and we

 were all chillin, he was like "Hey I heard Floyd beat shawns ass" we all teased Shawn LOL, then he

said "I also heard that all of you guys were knocked out of the whole damn tournament before Ricky

even lost once" I was like OMGWTFLMFAOBBQw00t LOL, I was like OMG pwn3d, anyways I chilled

there, played alittle duel masters, traded, got a Bolshack Dragon from Jason, it was all gravy...




3 tourney wins out of a possible 4 is NOT bad ;)

I met a new cool person to hang with over at GG, Glenn...

I was number 1 in the store for 2 out of 3 possible months, AND I also am #1 in the WHOLE city!

Getting to give out only 1 skull servant today! GG Glenn!

LOTS more...