Big burn, billy whitaker, games of berkely, berkely CA 11/20/04

16 people participated in this tournament most with very challenging, different, creative, and

original decks.

My deck

Monsters 16

3 peten the dark clown

2 des koala

2 stealth birds

1 sinister serpent

1 magician of faith

1 mask of darkness

1 stone statue of the Aztecs

1 gear golem the moving fortress

1 amazon archer

1 fiber jar

1 spirit reaper

1 lava golem

Magics 15

3 level limit-area B

2 wave motion cannon

2 book of moon

2 scapegoats

1 swords of revealing light

1 heavy storm

1 mystical space typhoon

1 change of heart

1 pot of greed

1 enemy controller

Traps 9

2 barrel behind the door

2 secret barrel

2 waboku

1 gravity bind

1 ring of destruction

1 magic cylinder

Total- 40 cards


              Alright check it out this tournament uses the advanced format which I like becuase it leaves no room for cheap lucky moves. Plus there is always something new to challenge you.

Round 1

Duel 1

I played a little kid but it was still challenging, I do my usual first move which is secret barrel to inflict at least 1200 damage and off we go. If it was not for the level limits this kid would have creamed me, none the less a good duel.

Duel 2

Mostly the same as the first except for barrel dragon kept burnin my face down monsters, but a final series of tailed coins and stealth bird flips ended the duel nicely

 Round 2

I got a by, which means I don’t duel anybody and I hate it becuase I just sit around and watch duels go on, but on the other hand it’s a free win so I guess I cant complain.

Round 3

Duel 1

I remember I played this kid named Esteben(I hope I spelled that right) I don’t remember much of this duel but I think he was running anti chaos/beatdown in my opinion a good deck. I eventually burned him down to 1200 life points with a gravity bind active, his only option was to use scientist and negate gravity bind with ryu senshi but at 1200 life points this duel was mine.

Duel 2


Yes fiber jar saves me from total annialation

Round 4

Duel 1

me vs. Jaelove

oh my god what a tough duel, Jae was running zombies plus look at your hand control. He stomped me the first duel I didn’t have a chance.

Duel 2

almost the same but luckily I burned his life points down lower than mine, got mask of darkness on the field, got my ring of destruction back and won (yaeh)

Duel 3

this was the only duel all day that went to three and the highlight of this duel was lava golem, mask of darkness, ring of destruction and barrel behind the door. I gave him lava golem, set barrel behind the door and ring of destruction. next turn I inflicted a heavy 6000 damage with ring & barrel, plus an extra 1000 from lava golems effect. Then he sacked the lava golem for mefist the general I think did 1800 to me and discarded something from my hand, I forget what.

Next turn mask of darkness proves himself worthy once again, got my ring back, top decked a heavy storm and that was game, I could not believe I won. Fiber jar had something to do with that duel to but I don’t remember the details

Round 5 final


I really don’t remember this duel, I was too excited about beating Jae, but it was pretty quick. And I won


to everyone who participated in the tournament you know who you are

to whomever traded me that fiber jar for a end of Anubis just before we started

to six packs of SOD in which I got an ultimate mobius the frost monarch


none really, my homie got knocked out in the second round that sucks

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