RegnR8's Absolute Rule of the Monarchs - Tournament Report for Dec. 12, 2004


RegnR8's Absolute Rule of the Monarchs
Tournament Report for Dec. 12, 2004


Newnan Sports Cards
Newnan, Ga
Free to play
3 packs for 1st
2 packs for 2nd
1 pack for 3rd
TP5 packs were in this week.
Single elimination
There were maybe 20 or 25 people there this week.


Hi all,


Hope this report finds you well and winning!


This week the store was using the Traditional Format. This sucks and I decided to try out my

Advanced Monarch deck against all the cheap-o Dark Holes, Rageki's and Yata Garasu's. I

really wanted to win this week to show everyone Advanced format decks can beat Traditional

format decks. I knew I probably wouldn't win, but I hoped to do well.


I did try out another Divine Wrath in the deck because I play tested it a little and it worked really



So, here's the deck as it stands today.


Absolute Rule of the Monarchs


x2 Mobius the Frost Monarch
x2 Zaborg the Thunder Monarch
x3 Night Assailant
x3 Peten the Dark clown
x1 Sinister Serpent
x3 Berserk Gorilla
x1 TIV
x1 Breaker
x1 Fiber
x1 Cyber


x1 PoG
x1 Change of Heart
x1 Snatch Steal
x1 Premature Burial
x2 Scapegoat
x2 Enemy Controller
x2 NoC
x2 Creature Swap
x1 Painful Choice
x1 Heavy Storm
x1 MST


x1 Dust Tornado
x2 Bottomless Trap Hole
x2 Horn of Heaven
x1 Call of the Haunted
x1 Divine Wrath


x3 Kinetic Soldier
x1 Share The Pain
x1 Royal Decree
x1 Scapegoat
x1 Magic Cylinder
x1 Divine Wrath
x2 Magic Jammer
x1 RoD
x1 Raigeki Break
x1 Book of Moon
x1 Jinzo
x1 Monster Reincarnation


We got there early and there was a thirteen and under tournament going on and I let someone use

one of my decks and they came in second. I got the packs for his finish and got a Big Shield

Gardna from the TP5 pack, so that was cool.


I play tested a few decks against some Traditional decks and did my fair share of winning. I played

my GK deck against a Traditional Zombie deck and Necrovally killed his Book of Life and I stomped

him pretty good. Then I used my Advanced Horus deck and totally killed him. I didn't want to jinx

my Monarch's by playing with them before the tournament.


After a bit of friendly competition between fellow duelists, the first pairings were announced.


Monarch VS Beatdown




I chose to go first and get Call, NoC, Zaborg, Enemy Controller, Night Assailant and another NoC.

I set the Assailant and EC.


He MST's my EC, sets a monster and one S/T card.


I tribute my Assailant for Zaborg and he Torrentials. That sucks. I set Call and end turn.


He tries to Monster Reborn (BANNED) my Zaborg and I Call it back. He plays Raigeki (BANNED).

He sets a monster and ends his turn.


I draw Divine Wrath and set it, then NoC our Cyber Jars.


He summons GAF and I Divine Wrath it by discarding my Sinister. I draw Premature Burial and get

Zaborg back and attack.


He Fissure's my Zaborg. Ugh.


I draw another Divine Wrath and set it after I get Sinister back.


He draws and ends his turn. He doesn't have any monsters in his hand.


I draw Fiber Jar and set it. I flip it next turn and he chains Waboku. I get Heavy Storm, E.C., MST,

Painful and PoG. I play PoG and get Divine Wrath and Mobius. I play Painful Choice and offer 2

Peten, Sinister, Gorilla and E.C.. He gives me the Gorilla and I remove a Peten from play to special

summon another from my deck. I summon the Berserk, set E.C. and end my turn.


He sets a monster and one S/T.


I draw Zaborg. He Rings my Gorilla. I tribute Peten for Zaborg and destroy his Spirit Reaper.



He sets a monster.


I summon another Gorilla, attack his face down Slate Warrior, then attack directly with Mobius

for the win!


That was good. He only managed Raigeki and Monster Reborn.




He goes first and I get Change, Assailant, two Peten, and Cyber.


He sets 2 S/T cards. That's it? Wow. He must be drawing really terribly.


I draw Sinster, set the Assailant and end my turn. My hand isn't much better.


He summons DD Warrior Lady and attacks my Assailant and removes both from play. Hmmm. OK.



I draw Horn of Heaven, set it and Peten.


He draws and does nothing.


I draw EC, set it and Sinister.


He plays Graceful Charity (BANNED). I'm curious to see if this turns the game around. He discards

Premature and Slate, then plays PoG. He summons Exiled Force and gets rid of my Sinister.



I draw Mobius and tribute Peten for him. He Torrential's and chains Waboku.


He Monster Reborns (BANNED) my Mobius and I activate Enemy Controller.


I draw Scapegoat and set it. I Change of Heart Mobius, attack and set Cyber Jar.


He plays Heavy Storm and I chain Scapegoat. He summons TiV, discards for beast and then attacks

my Cyber Jar. He gets a Slate Warrior and Cyber Jar. I get a Night Assailant and Gorilla. He Fissure's

my Gorilla and then tries to attack again and I tell him he's already out of his battle phase and he does

the Homer "DOH!". He sets a S/T card.


I draw PoG and play it. He chains Imperial Order (BANNED). I flip my Night Assailant, destroying his

Cyber Jar, then tribute the Assailant for Zaborg, destroying his Slate Warrior. Ha! I attack for 2400.


He doesn't pay for Imperial Order and then plays Harpie's (BANNED). He sets a monster and ends his



I summon a Gorilla and attack his WotBF (BANNED) and then directly with Zaborg. He gets a Spirit

Reaper with Witch's effect.


He plays Dark Hole (BANNED), summons GAF and hits me with it.


I summon Peten and attack his Goblin. I set NoC.


He attacks my Peten with another GAF and I summon another to the field. I draw Call, set it and

my Sinister.


He draws, sets a S/T , summons a Spear Dragon and hits my Sinister with it.


I Call my Zaborg back, attack his GAF with Peten and then attack with Zaborg. He plays Waboku on

the second attack and tries to talk me into letting him take it back and play it on my first attack. I told

him he must be crazy.


He draws and sets a monster next turn. I NoC it and that's all she wrote.


I kicked his Traditional Formatted ***!!! He played 6 of the banned cards during our duels and I still won.



RECORD 1 - 0




Monarchs VS Beatdown again.


This is my own deck I am playing against. It is an Advanced format deck too, but I have lost to it

during a tournament recently and if I lose again, I am never loaning any of my decks to anyone ever





I lose the die roll and draw Swap, Peten, Berserk, Scapegoat, Change and Cyber.


He plays Forceful Sentry. Grrr....He takes the Creature Swap and I return it to my deck. He sets a

monster and ends his turn.


Ok. That's not too bad. I draw Enemy Controller and Change his set monster. It's Cyber Jar. I flip it

and he gets a Goblin, Gorilla and Serpent. I get a lovely Peten on my side of the field. Great. Well,

wait a second. I can do this. I play Enemy Controller on his Gorilla and destroy it by it's own effect.

I attack his face down Sinster with Peten. Then Swap my Peten for his Goblin. Ok. That was pretty

good. I set Divine Wrath and my second Enemy Contoller.


He tributes my Peten for Jinzo and I negate JInzo's effect and destroy him with Divine Wrath! WOOT!

He then plays Heavy on my EC, sets a monster, one S/T and ends his turn.


I attack into a Cylinder with the Goblin and take 2300. I set a Night Assailant and Scapegoat.


He NoC's ALL my Night Assailant, which is bad, but not too bad because it thins my deck. He plays

Giant Trunade and I do not activate my Scapegoat because I don't want too, yet. He summons TiV

(Whoa! What a good time NOT to activate my Scapegoat), discards for Warrior and attacks me for 1600.

I'm losing pretty badly and I'm getting miffed about it.


I draw a Gorilla, summon him and attack his TiV. I set Scapegoat again.


He activates Nobleman of Extermination and I chain my Scapegoat to it. He sets a monster.


I NoC his Serpent. Yeah! I attack him for 2000 more damage. Ok. I'm getting back into this now.


He draws and sets one S/T card and then starts looking through his graveyard. I tell him he just set Call

of the Haunted and he asks me how I knew that. Duh.


I draw and summon another Gorilla, I attack and he chains Call to TiV for some retarded reason, what the

heck? Ok, I kill him because of his dumbness. He had Jinzo in the graveyard. Maybe he panicked or





He choses to go second. OK. Whatever. I draw PoG (That's one of the reasons why you never chose to go

second), Breaker, Cyber Jar, Night Assailant and Divine Wrath. I play PoG and draw Fiber Jar and EC. I set

EC and the Night Assailant and end my turn.


He NoE's my EC. That sucks. He sets one S/T, summons Spear Dragon and hits my Assailant. I eat his

Spear but I take damage in the process.


I draw Scapegoat, summon Breaker and destroy his Call of the Haunted and attack for 1600. I set Scapegoat

and Divine Wrath.


He plays PoG, then activates Trunade and I chain my Scapegoat. He summons GAF and hits Breaker.


I play Painful Choice and offer him Sinister, two Gorilla, Change and Swap. He gives me the Serpent. I think

I could have made hijm a better choice, but it's too late, now. I set Call, Divine Wrath and end my turn. He

summons TiV and when he discards for it's effect, I activate Divine Wrath. Yes. I am liking this card a lot.

He Fissure's a token. Uh, I don't think I would have done that.


I draw Bottomless Trap Hole, set it and Call my Gorilla back to attack his GAF.


He summons Breaker and I Bottomless him.


I draw NoC and attack with the Gorilla.


He Giant Trunade's my Call and my Berserk is destroyed. He summons a Slate Warrior and attacks a token.


I draw Creature Swap and take his Slate Warrior. He gets a token. Hahahahahah!! I attack the token.


He draws and ends his turn.


I draw MST, set it and attack with the Slate Warrior.


He MST's my MST. He summons DD Warrior Lady and attacks a token.


I draw Night Assailant, attack his DD with the Slate Warrior, he removes both from play and I set the Night

Assailant. I set the NoC as a bluff.


He Heavy's my NoC and NoC's my Night Assailant for the THIRD time!! He's not getting any monsters, so

I'm still ok.


I draw Heavy Storm, set it and Fiber Jar.


He sets a monster and ends his turn.


I flip my Fiber Jar and get Peten, MST, Zaborg, NoC, EC. I set the EC and Peten.


He NoC's my Peten and that ticks me off. He summons Exiled Force and attacks me for 1000. I'm winning

4900 - 2100.


I draw another Peten and set it, knowing he will probably use Exiled Force's effect to get rid of it.


He NoC's my Peten AGAIN! That really made me mad. Luckily, he has no other monsters to summon so,

he attacks with Exiled again. It's 3900 - 2100. I need to stop the bleeding!


I draw a Gorilla and summon it. I attack and he chains Waboku. Crap.


Next turn he uses Exiled Force to get rid of my Gorilla, summons a Spear and Calls Exiled back to attack.

I can't recover after that and I am dead.




I am mad. I don't mind losing. I do mind losing to my own decks.


I chose to go first and get Bottomless, Gorilla, Zaborg, Mobius, Call and Divine Wrath. I set BTH, summon

the Gorilla and end my turn.


He plays Forceful Sentry on my Divine Wrath and I am going to take the Forceful out of that deck, because

it hurts me every time. He summons Berserk and I Bottomless it. I draw Peten, set Call and attack for 2000

with the Gorilla.


He NoC's my Peten AGAIN!! Man, I'm getting tired of that! He summons a second Berserk and suicides

with mine.


I draw Cyber Jar. I Call the Gorilla back, and tribute it for Mobius and he chains Waboku to Mobius' effect.


He Fissure's my Mobius and sets a monster.


I draw a Night Assailant and set it.


He flips his Cyber Jar (uh oh - this is a 50/50 chance) and gets Sinister and a Goblin. I get Fiber Jar, Assailant,

Peten, Mobius and Scapegoat. I got the better end of the deal I think. I mixed them up and set them all. He

sets two S/T cards and a monster and ends his turn.


I flip Fiber, get Breaker, Gorilla, EC, Change and Swap. I summon Berserk, attack for 2000 and then set the

EC. I'm winning by 4000LP.


He uses Change on my Gorilla, summons Exiled and attacks with both. He doesn't tribute the Exiled to get

rid of my Gorilla. Ok..Hmmm. I think I would have done that.


I draw Bottomless and set it. I summon Breaker and attack Exiled for 900, the directly with the Gorilla for

2000 more. That gets him down to 1100LP. I'm feeling pretty confident.


He Premature Burial's Exiled, taking him down to 300LP, Fissure's Breaker and tributes Exiled for the Gorilla.

Pretty smooth. He sets a monster and one S/T card.


I draw Night Assailant and play Change of Heart on his face down card. It's his Sinister. Hmmm. This'll be fun.

I Premature Burial my Gorilla. I attack him with his Serpent for 300LP damage and he doesn't respond. His

own Serpent kills him! I love it!




RECORD 2 - 0


Monarch VS Cookie Cutter Chaos Control


Ok, this is going to be the stiffest competition yet. I know this deck and it's chock full of broken cards.

The whole nine yards. Delinquent, Yata, Raigeki, CED, Dark Hole, Raigeki, Harpie's, Mirror Force, Imperial,

Graceful, Monster Reborn and, the should be banned, BLS.


He goes first and I get NoC, Change, Scapegoat, MST and Night Assailant. He summons a Shining Angel

and ends his turn.


I draw Peten and set Scapegoat, MST and the Assailant.


He sets 2 S/T cards and attacks my Night Assailant with the Angel and it's destroyed. He summons Don

Zaloog and I MST his Drop Off.


I draw another Peten. I set it, play Change on his Don and attack him with it. I pull CED (BANNED) out of

his hand with Don's effect! OH MAN! That was SWEET!


He summons DD Warrior Lady, plays Change on my Peten, removes the Angel and CED (BANNED) to

special summon Black Broken Soldier. CRAP! I activate Scapegoat on DD's attack and he attacks three

of them, then removes my Peten from play.


I get totally slaughtered. THE END.




I side deck in my Kinetic Soldiers and a Horn for Night Assailant and EC.


I go first and get TiV, Peten, Horn, NoC, Change and Zaborg. Ok. This is an opening hand I can work with.

Lot's of options here. I like it. I set Peten and the Horn.


He sets 1 S/T, summons Don and I negate the summon with Horn. I get a Peten by his effect.


I draw and he Drops Off my Scapegoat which I reluctantly chain. I didn't really want to activate it just then,

but if I didn't, I wouldn't get to use it at all. I tribute Peten for Zaborg, destroy a token and attack for 2400.


Raigeki. (BANNED) He summons a Don and pulls my TiV. Crap.


I draw Mobius, Change his Don and tribute it for Mobius and attack for another 2400. I set MST.


He sets a S/T card and I MST his Waboku. He sets a monster and ends his turn.


I draw Bottomless Trap Hole. I NoC his Angel and attack with Mobius again for another solid 2400. He's

at 800LP. I am sitting nicely at 6600. I set the Bottomless.


He sets a monster and one S/T.


I tribute Mobius for Zaborg and destroy his Angel and attack. Waboku. Man, I could've won.


He Exiled Force's my Zaborg.


I draw a Dust Tornado and set it.


He summons YATA-GARASU (CheapassnoskillBANNED) and I lose even though I was ahead by 5800LP.

I am so mad I shove my cards across the table and curse! That's so STUPID and CHEAP it's unbelievable.

I was DOMINATING that game and some broken 200 atk chicken bird locks me.


OK, so I'm out of the tournament. I don't know what I was thinking. I should have known any deck that

doesn't use those broken cards in a traditional format tournament is at a MAJOR disadvantage.


Let's review shall we? What banned cards really hurt me a lot today. CED did because it was in the

graveyard when he summoned BLS. So, maybe if CED wasn't in his deck, he may not have summed BLS?

Hmm. Maybe. Raigeki? Well, it was inconvenient, but didn't really turn the tide of any duel. Harpie's? Not

really. More of an inconvience again. Graceful was only played on me once today and it really didn't make

that big of a difference. Imperial? It stopped my PoG once, but that was it. Monster Reborn messed me up

a little bit, but not too bad.


The award for the number one most annoying banned card of the day goes to the wonderful Yata-Garasu.

Mild applause buried by thunderous BOOS!!!


I've decided I am never playing with any of the banned cards again and will lose everytime I have to play in a

Traditional Format Tournament.


We hung out, as usual, and dueled some more with real decks that actually have some strategy behind

them. I play tested my revised Horus deck. I changed it to advanced format. I put in 2 LV8's instead of one,

added a third Level Up, dropped a couple of monsters for two Mirage Dragons and man, the deck flew and

kicked major butt. It still needs a couple of things to get it running even better and I added them when I got

home. Oh yeah....I may play with it next week. Both tournaments next week are Advanced, so I'm happy.


We all took a vote in front of the store manager and it was unanimous, we all HATE the Traditional Format

and want to play only the Advanced Format in the future. I think we may have swayed him. Well, we'll see!


That's it for this week. Hope you all have a happy holiday and happy dueling!