Subject: RegnR8's Absolute Rule of the Monarchs - Tournament Report for Dec. 11, 2004


RegnR8's Absolute Rule of the Monarchs
Tournament Report for December 11, 2004

Sports Cards and Collectibles
Fayetteville, Ga
$5.00 to play and you get a pack for entering
1st place 3 packs
2nd place 2 packs
3rd place gets nada, zip, nothing
Advanced Format
5 rounds Swiss Format
20-25 people today

Hi all,

Welcome to this week's edition of the Tournament Report! I hope this report finds you well and winning!

It was freakin' cold this morning and the large French Vanilla with cream and sugar from the Dunkin' Donuts was better than ever! Yummm.

They were giving out Rise of Destiny when you sign up this week and I got an Ultimate Insect LV3. Wahoo! Craptacular!

Amazingly, I made no changes to my Monarch deck during the week. Usually, I tweak it a little, but this week, I left it alone.

Here's the deck:

Absolute Rule of the Monarchs

x2 Mobius the Frost Monarch
x2 Zaborg the Thunder Monarch
x3 Night Assailant
x3 Peten the Dark clown
x1 Sinister Serpent
x3 Berserk Gorilla
x1 TIV
x1 Breaker
x1 Fiber
x1 Cyber

x1 PoG
x1 Change of Heart
x1 Snatch Steal
x1 Premature Burial
x2 Scapegoat
x2 Enemy Controller
x2 NoC
x2 Creature Swap
x1 Painful Choice
x1 Heavy Storm
x1 MST
x1 Monster Reincarnation

x1 Dust Tornado
x2 Bottomless Trap Hole
x2 Horn of Heaven
x1 Call of the Haunted

x3 Kinetic Soldier
x1 Share The Pain
x1 Royal Decree
x1 Scapegoat
x1 Magic Cylinder
x1 Divine Wrath
x2 Magic Jammer
x1 RoD
x1 Raigeki Break
x1 Book of Moon
x1 Enemy Controller
x1 Jinzo

First pairings were called and I have to face a gentleman who, when he is there, I always end up playing him first. I usually win, too.


Monarch VS Some stall thing or something, I couldn't figure out what the overall theme was.


He wins the die roll and goes first. I get 2 Mobius, Peten, Sinister and Horn of Heaven in my first draw. He sets a monster and a S/T card.

I draw Enemy Controller. I set Peten, Horn of Heaven and Enemy Controller.

He sets another monster and S/T card and ends his turn.

I draw NoC and he activates Acid Trap Hole on my Peten. I remove it from play to special summon another Peten. I NoC his Man Eater Bug, tribute Peten for Mobius, destroying his set S/T card and attack his face down Dreamsprite (?). OK. Unusual.

He draws and sets another monster and an S/T card.

I draw Cyber Jar and tribute my Mobius for another Mobius destroying his other set S/T card and attack his Banisher of the Light.

He draws and SETS ANOTHER MONSTER!! Argh! This is getting annoying. Then he activates Swords. Rgh.

I draw a Bottomless Trap Hole. I set it and Sinster Serpent and end my turn.

He sets another monster. Surprise.

I draw a Night Assailant and set it. Swords is keeping him alive.

He sets a S/T card, flips up Princess of Tsurugi and gets me for 1500LP damage. I had three S/T cards set. He sets another monster.

I draw MST and set it.

Swords is gone and he MST's my Horn of Heaven. I chain my MST to his set Acid Trap Hole, which he chains to my Sinister Serpent. Woot! He flips Magician of Faith and gets Swords back and activates it. My Night Assailant flips up and I destroy his set Battle Footballer. Stupid Swords.

I draw a Gorilla and end my turn.

He keeps setting monsters and ending his turn. What is he doing? I have no idea.

I get another Night Assailant to eat another of his Battle Footballer and summon the Gorilla.

I have a Bottomless set when he tributes the MoF for a Patrician of Darkness and I send him packing!

Swords is finally gone again and I attack his defense position Princess, then attack with Mobius and I get Cylindered. Ohhh how annoying.

He SETS a MONSTER! Wow! Didn't expect that one!

I draw Change of Heart and take his Sasuke #2, then I finally get to attack him for some damage!

Well, he sets ANOTHER monster and then plays Soul Release and removed some stuff, but I didn't care because I was sure I was going to kill him next turn anyway.

Which I do with 2 Gorillas and Mobius.


For some bizarre reason, he chose to let me go first. I draw Gorilla, MST, Horn, Scapegoat, Heavy then NoC. I summon the Berserk, set Horn and Scapegoat and end turn.

He draws and plays PoG. He sets and monster, plays Swords and sets another S/T card. Here we go again.

I NoC his MoF, he tries to Magic Drain it, but I discard Heavy Storm. I MST his SoRL and attack with Berserk.

He sets another monster.

I attack his Sasuke Samauri and end turn.

He plays Dark Core on my Gorilla and does nothing else.

I draw Mobius and have Premature in hand, but have no monsters in the graveyard.

He uses Premature Burial on his Sasuke Samuri and equips it with Gravity Axe - Garl, Grill, Girl, Growl or whatever it's called, and attacks me for 1000lp.

I draw Snatch Steal, take his Sasuke and tribute it for Mobius, destroying his set Acid Trap Hole and attack for 2400lp.

He RoDs and Barrel's my Mobius next turn and that HURT a lot!

I Premature Burial my Mobius and attack his Man Eater Bug and he eats my Mobius. Smeggin' Hell!

He sets a S/T card later and I am at 1400LP and he's at 400. I am CERTAIN it is Cylinder. I manage to Call Mobius back, but do not attack because I am afraid of his set S/T card.

I set a Night Assailant and flip it next turn, eating his set monster and attack. This gets him down to 200LP. I still do not attack with Mobius.

Next turn I attack with the Night Assailant and it IS Cylinder and he has to activate it or he's dead. I kill him next turn with my Night Assailant! Yeah! That rocks!

RECORD 1 - 0


Monarch VS a Kid with a bunch of annoying stuff.


I think this kid was probably about 11 or 12. He had asked to duel me earlier in the day but, I declined because we were waiting for the first pairings and I didn't want to duel anyone just yet. He got his wish in this round though.

I win the die roll and go first, drawing Fiber Jar, NoC, Call of the Haunted, MST, Peten and a Gorilla. I summon the Gorilla and set MST.

He plays Dark Core on my Gorilla. Deja Vu. He sets a monster. Double Deja Vu. He sets a S/T card and I activate MST on his Needle Wall.

I NoC a Hade Hane and tell him he couldn't set that without tributing for it. Oh no, now I realize I am playing with someone who doesn't know how to play as well as he should. I go ahead and let that slide and set my Fiber Jar.

He summons something and attacks my Fiber Jar and tries to get the Hade Hane I NoC'd earlier back into his hand. I tell him he can't do that. I'm getting a little annoyed now. He sets 2 S/T cards and ends his turn after the Fiber flip.

I had gotten Scapegoat, Horn of Heaven, PoG, NoC and Mobius in the flip and draw Zaborg. I play PoG and draw two Peten. Hmmm. Well, that should sort of be ok. I set a Peten, Horn and Scapegoat.

He summons a monster and I negate it with the Horn/Scapegoat trick (gotta love it) and tribute my Peten for Mobius next turn and destroy all his S/T cards.

I kept attacking set monsters like Rouge Doll and crap like that. He starts top decking and draws into like, three monsters in a row which he set every turn. He tries to Fissure my Mobius when I had tokens on the field. He claimed he didn't know the tokens were monsters. Hmmm.

I kill him the turn after he tried to Fissure my Mobius. He ran out of monsters to set. Ha.


He chose to go first. I draw Change of Heart, Premature, Scapegoat, Enemy Controller and Horn of Heaven. That sucks a lot. He plays PoG. That sucks even more. He sets a S/T and monster.

I draw NoC. Dang. I'd enjoy a monster right about now, thank you. I NoC a DUMB Cat's Ear Tribe. What a waste! I set Scapegoat and Horn. That's all I can do.

He activates Needle Wall and sets another monster.

I draw another Horn! NO!!!!! Give me a monster, PLEASE!

He tributes his two monsters for Blue Eyes and I negate the summon with Horn/Scapegoat. WHEW!!! That was too close.

Then I draw Call of the Haunted! WHAT THE?!?! My deck hates me.....ugh...

He rolls a five for Needle Wall, destroys a token and sets a monster.

Finally I get a monster. It's TiV, not the best one to draw right now, but good enough. I Change of Heart his Man Eater Bug (Deja Vu for the third time), flip it and eat my last token and attack with TiV.

He Dark Core's my TiV after he doesn't hit the right slot with the Needle Wall. This is aggravating!

He stalls and stalls, doing nothing but getting rid of the occasional monster with Needle Wall and I finally get Mobius out to get rid of his Wall and overwhelm him.

RECORD 2 - 0


Monarch VS Horus and Armed Dragon Level Deck


I go first and draw Zaborg, Horn, Cyber Jar, Call, TiV and Peten. I set Peten and the Horn, ending my turn.

He MST's my Horn and sets a monster and one S/T.

I tribute Peten for Zaborg and destroy his Sinister Serpent. Awww. I wish it could've been something like Fiber Jar. Oh well. I attack into a Cylinder. Bah.

I get TiV on the field and he keeps setting monsters and I'm felling pretty good. I keep attacking his face down Lord of D's with Zaborg, then attacking directly with TiV. I do this for a couple of turns.

He plays Tribute to the Doomed on my Zaborg, Changes my set Night Assailant, flips it and destroys my TiV, then tributes my Night Assailant for Horus LV6 and I Bottomless it! YES!

I play Painful Choice and give him a bunch of monsters, three Gorilla, Breaker and something else. He gives me a Gorilla. I Call Mobius back, summon a Gorilla and attack for the win.


He goes first and I get Peten, Sinister, Night Assailant, Horn and Gorilla. He summons Armed Dragon LV3, sets two S/T cards and ends his turn.

I draw Enemy Controller and set the Horn. He chains MST to it. Crap. I set the Enemy Controller and Sinister.

He tributes the LV3 for LV5 and NoC's my Serpent. Uh oh....This is going to hurt. He normal summons Horus LV4 and I Enemy Controller the LV5. He attacks directly with LV4.

I draw Scapegoat and set it and a Night Assailant.

He attacks with LV4 and I eat LV5. In retrospect, maybe I should have destroyed his LV4 so he couldn't get LV6. He Premature Burial's LV5, then gets LV6 with LV4's effect. This is not looking good for me at all.

I have no monsters and when I activate Scapegoat, he chains with Solemn Judgement and kills me the next turn. He pretty much wiped me out in a hurry.


I go first and draw two Night Assailant, Call, Dust Tornado, Scapegoat and Peten. I set Night Assailant and Scapegoat and end my turn.

He NoC's my Night Assailant. OUCH. That hurt. I have to remove two of them from play. Fortunately, I have one in my hand. He sets a S/T, summons Spear Dragon and hits me for 1900.

I summon Berserk and attack into a Sakuretsu Armor. I set Call.

He turns Spear into attack and I Call the Gorilla back . He sets a monster and has to end his turn.

I summon a Peten and play Creature Swap. He choses his face down card and it's another Spear Dragon. I attack his Spear Dragon with my Gorilla and end my turn.

He sets a monster and I attack it next turn with his Spear Dragon and it's Cyber Jar. I get a lot of monsters and he gets nothing and I attack for the win. That was over quick.

RECORD 3 - 0


Monarch VS Chaos


I go first and get Painful Choice, Dust Tornado, Mobius, Sinister, Peten and Snatch Steal. Pretty good. I set Peten and the Dust Tornado.

He sets two S/T, a monster, and Reload's for 2.

I draw TiV and play Painful. I offer PoG, Change of Heart, Heavy Storm, NoC and Creature Swap. He gives me PoG. I wasn't expecting that. I play PoG, get Night Assailant and Enemy Controller. I tribute Peten for Mobius and he Torrential's. That sucks. Is that even right? Doesn't Mobius have priority? I'm not sure so I let it go. HIS Peten goes to the graveyard and he gets another and special summons it.

He tributes Peten for Jinzo and I activate Enemy Controller. Whew. I have Snatch Steal in hand so, I'm not too worried.

I Snatch Jinzo, summon TiV, attack with both, then discard my Serpent to destroy his Jinzo. Ha. I love that.

I attack his Fiber next turn before I summoned a monster and get a Night Assailant, Creature Swap, two Zaborg, and Peten.
I set the Night Assailant and Creature Swap as a bluff.

He activates Swords and flips up my Night Assailant. He discards a Thunder Dragon for it's effect. He summons Breaker, Premature's a Thunder Dragon, Reloads for four cards and then breaks my Swap and attacks with my Night Assailant with one monster and attacks for 1600 with the other.

He has Breaker, SoRL, Thunder Dragon and Premature on the field when I play Painful Choice. I offer him three Gorilla and two Peten. He gives me the Gorilla and I get another Peten on the field by removing one from play. I tribute the Peten for Zaborg and get rid of the Thunder Dragon.

He plays Cost Down and tributes Breaker for DMoC and gets some card back, I don't remember and didn't write it down. He attacks my Zaborg and it goes bye-bye.

I draw Call and set it and a Gorilla. I'm hoping to Call TiV back and get rid of his DMoC but his Heavy Storm destroys that strategy!

I set a Scapegoat and when he plays Giant Trunade, I chain it and he summons TiV and discards for beast and I'm dead.


I go to my side deck and take out two Enemy Controller, Monster Reincarnation, and a Bottomless for Book of Moon, Divine Wrath, Share the Pain and RoD.

I chose to go first and draw TiV, Breaker, Zaborg, NoC, Night Assailant and PoG. I get Heavy Storm and Creature Swap with PoG. I set the Night Assailant and Creature Swap.

He plays Painful Choice. I don't like that at all. He offers two Peten, DMoC, Jinzo and Dark Ruler Ha Des. I figure Jinzo is the least of my worries so, I give it to him. He gets his Peten from his deck, tributes it for Jinzo and attacks my Night Assailant and I merrily eat his Jinzo. Woot! He sets three S/T cards.

I play Heavy Storm and he chains Waboku and Reload for one card. I set MST, summon Breaker and end my turn. Stupid Waboku.

He doesn't get any monsters out and I hit him a couple of times with Breaker at 1900atk. I draw Change of Heart and TiV but do nothing with them because I'm saving them and I've already hit him for 3800 with Breaker. I do set a Scapegoat though.

Soon, he does the Thunder Dragon thing, plays Cost Down for a Thunder Dragon, then summons BLS and attacks my Breaker and
a few Scapegoat tokens!

I Book of Moon his BLS then NoC it! HAHAHA!! I Change of Heart his Thunder Dragon, tribute it for Zaborg, destroy my token for Zaborg's effect and attack, getting him down to 1800LP.

He top decks a Dimension Fusion and can't pay for it!! I win!


I stay with my deck and do not make any changes again.

He goes first and I get Heavy Storm, Cyber Jar, Sinister, Premature and Call. He sets a monster and 1 S/T.

I draw PoG and play it, picking up a Share the Pain and Peten. I know he is using Peten, too. I am afraid to summon my Peten and play Share the Pain, because his set monster may be a Peten and we'd end up with two Peten on the field and I've wasted my Share the Pain. I set the Peten and Share the Pain.

He flips Cyber Jar. They say hindsight is 20/20. I should've used my Share the Pain. Oh well, live and learn. I get Peten and a Gorilla in the Cyber flip. I also get Snatch Steal and some other stuff I didn't write down. He gets a Jinzo and Fiber Jar. He leaves Fiber in face up defense. He plays Cost Down for Jinzo (why didn't he just tribute his Fiber for it?), Change of Heart my Gorilla and attacks me with both. I get a Peten to the field.

I Snatch Steal his Jinzo, tribute my Gorilla for Mobius, play Share the Pain by tributing my Peten and he had to get rid of his Fiber Jar. I Premature my Gorilla and attack with everything.

He plays Giant Trunade, gets his Jinzo back for a turn and attacks my Gorilla.

I Snatch his Jinzo again and Premature the Gorilla again and attack for the win. Hooray for me!

RECORD 4 - 0


Hooray! The Monarchs return to the finals after being tossed off their throne for the past couple of weeks!

Monarch VS Warrior Chaos

I'm ready for this deck. I may lose the first game but I will side deck in my Kinetic Soldiers to give me the edge!


I lose the die roll and get Bottomless, Snatch Steal, PoG, Gorilla and Fiber Jar. He summons GAF and sets one S/T card.

I draw Premature. I play PoG and get Breaker and a Night Assailant. I summon Breaker, remove the token to get rid of his set Premature Burial. That's actually pretty good, because it indicates to me he has no good trap cards in his hand and was forced to set Premature as a bluff. I Snatch his GAF and attack him with both. That's a good hit. I set Bottomless Trap Hole.

He summons another GAF after gaining 1000LP from Snatch, and I Bottomless it.

I draw a Gorilla, summon it and attack with Breaker and the Gorilla. It's 8000 - 1500 now. I'm doing pretty good here.

He summons TiV (crap), discards for Beast and Spellcaster, activates SoRL and ends his turn. He wants the 1000LP from Snatch pretty badly.

I MST the Swords, Premature a Gorilla, summon another, turn the GAF to attack and WHACK him good for game.


I side deck out the three Night Assailant for the Kinetic Soldier.

He knows what I side deck in.

He goes first. I draw two Kinetic Soldier, Cyber Jar, TiV and Painful Choice. He plays Forceful Sentry and gets rid of Painful Choice. He sets 2 S/T cards and ends his turn. He must really have a stinker hand.

I draw a Bottomless and set it. I summon the Kinetic Soldier and he Torrentials. Urgh....There goes one.

He sets another S/T and that's it. Wow. He still has no monsters.

I summon the second Kinetic Soldier and he activates Waboku. I set a Scapegoat and he Dust Tornados it. Dang it.

He plays Change of Heart on my Kinetic and attacks me with it. He sets a monster and ends his turn. Well, at least he got a monster this time.

I attack his face down monster with Kinetic and it's a DD Warrior Lady and he removes it from play. BLEAGH!! There goes the second one. I set a Peten.

He NoC's my Peten. That sucked. He sets a S/T and ends his turn!! Oh my goodness! He hasn't drawn any more monsters.

I summon TiV and attack him for 1600.

He sets another S/T card. Dang. I'm feeling sorry for him now.

I draw a Peten and attack him with TIV again. No response.

He draws and plays Reinforcements of the Army and gets a GAF. He summons it and I Bottomless it!

I set a Scapegoat and he Dust Tornados that one, too! We laugh about how he keeps Tornadoing my Scapegoats and I keep getting rid of his monsters! Ha ha. Yeah real funny there. I'm glad I'm not the one losing monsters, though. I attack with TIV again.

He plays Painful Choice. Uh oh. Here it comes. He has no monsters in his graveyard though, and only one card in his hand. He offers me BLS (of course), Don Zaloog, Magical Scientist, DD Warrior Lady and Reflect Bounder. I think about this for a long time. I'm guessing he has The Warrior Returning Alive in his hand. I don't want him to have the Scientist for sure. I don't want him stalling with Reflect or getting rid of any of my monsters with DD. His Don is the least threatening, so I give him that. I have Snatch Steal in hand, so I can get his Don or BLS.

My hunch was correct. The only card he had in his hand was The Warrior Returning Alive and he uses it to special summon BLS. He summons Don, attacks TIV with BLS and then hits my Peten. I remove it to special summon another and it's defense is higher than Don's attack.

I Snatch his BLS, summon a Gorilla and attack his Don with BLS, then attack again and he Call's his DD Warrior Lady back. I attack with the Gorilla and he removes it from play and I try to attack again with BLS but his attacks have to be consecutive.

He top decks Premature Burial and conceeds.

The Monarchs are victorious and reclaim their rightful place on the throne!!!

I am really happy! The deck performed extremely well this week. I got an Ultimate Horus LV6 in one of my packs for winning and that was a good thing! I got crap in the other two packs but, who cares!?!

We hung out for a while and dueled some more! I tested out my new water deck (it did ok), and my new machine deck (it didn't do so hot). It was fun!

Well, that'll do it for this week's report!

Tune in next time for another thrilling installment!

Until then, happy dueling!!!!