Subject: Fiends3 – Paul Griffith, Intergalactic Traders Corp., Houston, TX



Paul Griffith

Intergalactic Traders Corp.

Houston, TX

Nov. 21, 2004


A total of 19 people participated in this tournament.  This is the best turn-out in a while that I know of.  1st place was $20 cash, second place was 2 free packs, and third place was 1 free pack.  Entry fee was $5, and everyone got a free pack.  It was double-elimination, and we were using the official ban list.


First off, the deck:


High Level Monster - 3:

Dark Ruler Ha Des

Dark Necrofear

End of Anubis


4 Star & Lower Monster - 17:

Arcfiend Solider x 3

Breaker the Magical Warrior

Cyber Jar

Giant Germ x 3

Giant Orc x 3


Magician of Faith

Slate Warrior x 3

Tribe-Infecting Virus


Magic/Spell Cards - 10:

Change of Heart

Creature Swap

Heavy Storm

Mystical Space Typhoon

Nobleman of Crossout 

Painful Choice

Pot of Greed

Premature Burial

Snatch Steal

Swords of Revealing Light


Trap Cards - 10:

Call of the Haunted

Dust Tornado

Jar of Greed

Magic Cylinder

Magic Drain

Magic Jammer 

Ring of Destruction

Spell Shield Type-8

Torrential Tribute

Trap Hole


Total Number of Cards: 40


Notes: Today we had a good turn-out of 19 people.  My pal Clayton was their as always.  Joe N. was there as well as Shane Hendrix, Austin Knight, Mark, Frank, Tim and his son, and Kevin H. just to name a few.  I did a little trading before the tournament started and played a couple of warm-up duels.  I also bought a RDS promotional box that had three packs RDS with a variant card, my variant was Vampire Lord, and I got a super rare and an ultimate rare from my RDS packs.  When the tournament started we got our choice of witch pack we wanted, I chose Magicians Force, but I didn’t get anything good.



First round: me vs. Austin Knight:

Austin is one of those little kids that try to annoy you into losing.  He will use a high pitch chipmunk voice, and will call you names while you try to make a move.  When Clayton told me to crush before the game started I simply replied, “Of course.”

First game his annoyance tactics worked.

My LP: 8000 – 6800 – 0

Second game I was dominating him.  He had 2300 lps left when he played his Black Luster Soldier.  I had my Ring of Destruction face down so I activate it and blew up Black Luster Soldier for the win.

My LP: 8000 – 5800 – 2800

Third game I just dominated him, and Ringed my End of Anubis for the game.

My LP: 8000 – 6500


Second Round: me vs. Shane Hendrix:

I really don’t remember much about this duel because I just got dominated. I do remember that Shane runs an awesome zombie beat-down deck and really knows how to use it.

First game all I can say is that it was brutal.

My LP: 8000 – 6800 – 6400 – 4800 – 0

Second game I managed to dominated him after I took a little damage.

My LP: 8000 – 5600

Third game was going good for me until he cleared both of our fields with Cyber Jar.  I had Swords of Revealing Light out when he summoned Jinzo and destroyed my only monster by using Premature Burial to bring back his Exiled Forces and sacrificing them.  I couldn’t draw another monster in time to summon then sacrifice to play my Dark Ruler Ha Des.  He killed me two turns after my Swords of Revealing Light wore out.

MY LP: 8000 – 5300 – 2900 – 0


Third Round: me vs. Mark M.:

Now Mark is one of the better players at the tournament, I thought I was going to lose against him.

First game was a slaughter.  I had little chance of victory.

My LP: 8000 – 6500 – 2900 – 400 – 0

Second game I grabbed control of the field and crushed him.  At one point I had my Ring of Destruction and Spell Shield Type-8 face down, and he had Dark Mimic LV 1 face up defense mode.  I know he wants to sacrifice it so I blow it up.  He then tries to Change of Heart my Dark Ruler Ha Des, but I activate Spell Shield Type-8 so he ends his turn.  I then summon Dark Necrofear and another monster. I attack with all my monsters so he Magic Cylinders Dark Necrofear, but I still win.

My LP: 8000 – 7700 – 7600 – 5400

Third game was awesome, but I managed to pull off a win.

My LP: 8000 – 5700 – 3800 – 3700 – 2900


Fourth Round: me vs. Joe N.:

Well here I am again, dueling Joe for the second tournament in a row.  I asked him if he was using the same deck as last time and he said that he was using a new deck, little did I know how different it was.

First game was all me baby.  I found out he was ripping off my deck, Fiends with two Dark Necrofears and Dimension Fusion.  This pissed me off so I showed no mercy.

My LP: 8000 – 6100 – 4200

Second game was more of a back and forth battle, but I pulled off the win.

My LP: 8000 – 7200 – 4500 – 2900 – 2100


Fifth Round: BYE:

Their were only two undefeated players left, and seven players with only one loss.  Frank and some guy were the undefeated players and Frank won their duel, I got the bye, Clayton played some guy and won, Kevin H. played Tim’s son and Kevin won, and Shane played some guy and won.  Since Clayton and I had both already played, and lost to, Shane Kevin would have to play him, and Clayton and I would face each other.


Quarter-Finals: me vs. Clayton:

Well it was me and Clayton in the quarter-finals, and nether of us were going to hold back.

First game I dominated Clayton.

My LP: 8000 – 7000 – 4600 – 3900

Second game was just like the first.

My LP: 8000 – 5800 – 5600 – 6600

Amazingly not that much to say about a Clayton duel for once!  Well all through our duel I was hoping that Kevin, with his Last Turn deck, would defeat Shane, but it didn’t happen.


Semi-Finals: me vs. Shane Hendrix:

Once again I am playing Shane and his zombie beat-down deck.  Hope I win (fingers crossed).

First game was awesome.  I managed to swarm him, and then I finished him off by Ringing my Dark Necrofear.

My LP: 8000 – 5800

Second game was brutal.  He got me down to 6800 then hit me directly with a pumped up Injection Fairy Lilly.  On my next turn I didn’t have any monsters in my hand, and I didn’t draw one either.  So I set my two useless spell cards face down hoping to bluff my way for another turn but he didn’t bite.  Direct attack for game.

My LP: 8000 – 6800 – 3400 – 0

Third game was just as brutal as the second.  Sadly I lost again. :^(

My LP: 8000 – 7000 – 4900 – 4400 – 1900 – 0



Finals: Frank vs. Shane Hendrix:

What?  Did you all think I wouldn’t tell you who won the tournament did you?  Well I was making some trades while the duel was going on, but I do know that Frank won the best two out of three.  So Frank won the tournament, ye ha!


1st place was $20 cash, second place was 2 free packs, and third place was 1 free pack.


Some after thoughts:

This was a great tournament even though I didn’t come in first.  I didn’t get anything good from the pack of Soul of the Duelist that I got for third place.  But I had a lot of fun and will just have to try harder next time. If you have any questions or comments send them to me at and please label them YU-GI-OH mail for Paul.