Subject: Fiends2 – Paul Griffith, Intergalactic Traders Corp., Houston, TX



Paul Griffith

Intergalactic Traders Corp.

Houston, TX

Nov. 14, 2004


A total of 9 people participated in this tournament.  Tournament turn-out has been low lately.  1st place was $25 store credit, and second place was 3 free packs.  Entry fee was $5, and everyone got a free pack.  It was double-elimination, and we were using the official ban list.


First off, the deck:


High Level Monster - 3:

Dark Ruler Ha Des

Dark Necrofear

End of Anubis


4 Star & Lower Monster - 17:

Arcfiend Solider x 3

Breaker the Magical Warrior

Cyber Jar

Giant Germ x 3

Giant Orc x 3


Magician of Faith

Slate Warrior x 3

Tribe-Infecting Virus


Magic/Spell Cards - 10:

Change of Heart

Creature Swap

Heavy Storm

Mystical Space Typhoon

Nobleman of Crossout 

Painful Choice

Pot of Greed

Premature Burial

Snatch Steal

Swords of Revealing Light


Trap Cards - 10:

Call of the Haunted

Dust Tornado

Jar of Greed

Magic Cylinder

Magic Drain

Magic Jammer 

Ring of Destruction

Spell Shield Type-8

Torrential Tribute

Trap Hole


Total Number of Cards: 40


Notes: As you can see I have made some ingenious modifications to my deck for the implementation of the official ban list.  Even though their were only nine players their, there was still a good mix of talent.  My pal Clayton was their as always.  Joe N. was there as well as Jorge B.  The biggest heavy hitter at this tournament was Allen.  He is one of the best players in the area, and I have never beaten his chaos deck.  Juan was also there as well as a few others I can not recall.



First round: me vs. Allen:

I was playing Allen right before the tournament started.  He was running a chaos machine deck and I beat him for the first time ever.  We had just started our second round when the tournament started, and amazingly enough we were paired against each other in the first round.

First game was very weird.  I was dominating Allen when he had just under 2000 lps left.  He had one facedown monster and two face down spell/trap cards.  I had my Breaker the Magical Warrior with out its counter in attack mode on the field and Ring of Destruction facedown.  He summons X-Head Cannon in attack mode so I activate my Ring of Destruction.  He then chains his Limiter Removal and Barrel Behind The Door.  So that’s 1800 x 2 = 3600 x 2 = 7200.  So I lose 7200 lps in one fail swoop, so much for my Ring of Destruction that has been winning me so many hard duels as of lately, but I hang in their and claim victory.

My LP: 8000 – 800

Second game was more of a trading hit match for the first half of the game.  Then in the second half I took control of the game and won.

My LP: 8000 – 7700 – 6650 – 5850 


Second Round: me vs. Joe N.:

I really don’t remember much about Joe and me dueling because I just dominated him.

First game all I can say is that he Snatched one of my monsters for a turn but that didn’t save him.

My LP: 8000 – 5250 – 6250 – 4750

Second game I just dominated him after I Creature Swapped my Slate Warrior for his Jinzo.

My LP: 8000 – 6500 – 6400


Third Round: me vs. Jorge B.:

Now Jorge and some of his buddies showed up after the first round started so he got a bye while his two friends dueled each other.  It was a good thing he and his friends showed up and brought up the total number of participants to nine so the winner would get a better prize.

First game was a slaughter.  He only managed to gain control of the duel once, and then I destroyed him.

My LP: 8000 – 6600

Second game he grabbed control of the field and crushed me.

My LP: 8000 – 5400 – 2800 – 0

Third game was exactly like the first one.  Jorge just got smoked.

My LP: 8000 – 5700 


Fourth Round: me vs. Clayton:

Well here we are again.  Clayton and I dueling in the fourth round just like last time, but unlike last time whoever won this round would go straight to the finals as the only undefeated player in the tournament.

First game was just us trading blows.  He finally summoned his Black Luster Soldier and I Ringed it dropping us both to less than 1000 lps.  I was then expecting him to Cemetery Bomb, Ceasefire, or Secret Barrel me for the win, but he never drew one.  I finally got an open shot at his life and won.

My LP: 8000 – 5800 – 5700 – 3700 – 700

Second game was a lot like the first.  We were going all out on each other, but when Clayton got me down to 500 lps he flipped one of his Secret Barrels and killed me.  “HA HA HA!”  (evil laugh from Clayton)

My LP: 8000 – 5500 – 2300 – 500 – 0

Third game was sweet.  I grabbed field control after a few hits and dominated.  Toward the end of the match, when Clayton had 200 lps left, I had an Arcfiend Solider and a Giant Germ, both in attack mode, on the field and Clayton had a facedown monster and no spell/trap cards.  So I attacked with my Arcfiend Solider and it turned out to be a Shining Angle so he searched his deck.  The only cards he could get were another Shining Angle or a Mystical Elf.  If he chose the Elf it would go into attack mode, and it only has 800 attack points while my Germ has 1000 attack points, witch is just enough to kill him.  Or he could summon the Shining Angle, witch he did, in attack mode and it has 1400 attack points, so when I kamikaze my Germ into it the Germs effect would deal 500 points of effect damage to him for the win.  It was a win/win situation for me.

My LP: 8000 – 6300 – 5700 – 5300

All through the fourth round Allen was cheering Clayton on because he was a little upset that I had beaten him.  I was expecting more from a 20 year old.


Quarter/Semi-Finals: BYE:

Like I said I was instantly in the finals for being the only undefeated player.  I really didn’t pay much attention to the quarter-finals.  I spent this time pumping myself up, but when the semi-finals started and Clayton was playing Allen I had to watch.  It was a back and forth battle.  Each of them were doing their best combos and both of them were kicking ass.  In the end Allen won and so it was on to the finals. 


Finals: me vs. Allen:

Well it was down to me and Allen, and both of us wanted that $25 store credit.

First game I had no chance, it was so incredibly sad.  I refuse to say how he did 7500 points of damage to me in one turn.

My LP: 8000 – 7500 – 0

Second game was more one sided.  At one point I was at 7500 lps and Allen had around 2300 lps.  I had my Ring of Destruction and drew my Dark Ruler Ha Des.  I set Ring of Destruction, and then I sacrificed one of my monsters to summon Dark Ruler Ha Des.  I ended my turn and blew up my Dark Ruler Ha Des for the win.  Thank goodness he didn’t have a Barrel Behind The Door on the field.

My LP: 8000 – 7500 – 5050

Third game I took control of the field and dominated him.  Toward the end he started setting any card he could trying to bluff me into not attacking, but it didn’t work.

My LP: 8000


1st place was $25 store credit and second was three free packs.


Some after thoughts:

This was a great tournament even though it was small.  I have claimed my third tournament victory.  I have also decided that I rock in small tournament format with bans in place, and that might mean that I’ll be winning a lot more tournaments with the current attendance on Fridays and Sundays.  I got four Magic the Gathering booster packs, and a red Champions of Kamigawa theme deck (What did you all think I just played Yu-Gi-Oh and nothing else). If you have any questions or comments send them to me at and please label them YU-GI-OH mail for Paul.