Subject: Fiends1 – Paul Griffith, Intergalactic Traders Corp., Houston, TX



Paul Griffith

Intergalactic Traders Corp.

Houston, TX

Nov. 12, 2004


A total of 6 people participated in this tournament.  Tournament turn-out has been low lately.  1st place was $8 store credit.  Entry fee was $5, and everyone got a free pack.  It was double-elimination, and we were using the house ban list witch is Yata-Garasu, Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End, Harpies Feather Duster, and Raigeki.



First off, the deck:


High Level Monster - 3:

Dark Ruler Ha Des

Dark Necrofear

End of Anubis


4 Star & Lower Monster - 17:

Arcfiend Solider x 3

Breaker the Magical Warrior

Cyber Jar

Giant Orc x 3


Magician of Faith


Slate Warrior x 3

Tribe-Infecting Virus

Wall of Illusion

Witch of the Black Forest


Magic/Spell Cards - 12:

Change of Heart

Creature Swap

Dark Hole

Graceful Charity

Heavy Storm

Monster Reborn

Mystical Space Typhoon 

Painful Choice

Pot of Greed

Premature Burial

Snatch Steal

Swords of Revealing Light


Trap Cards - 8:

Call of the Haunted

Dust Tornado

Imperial Order

Magic Cylinder

Magic Jammer

Mirror Force

Ring of Destruction

Torrential Tribute


Total Number of Cards: 40


Notes: As you can see I have made some serious modifications to my deck since my last report.  I have trimmed it down and added a few new cards.  Also the deck is only half monsters now.

Even though their was only six players their, there was still a good mix of talent.  Jonathan was there with a vastly improved deck since the last report.  Also my pal Clayton was their as always.  He has changed his deck to a chaos direct damage theme.  Justin S. was also there, and his deck hasn’t changed from the cookie-cutter chaos theme he has always been using.  Then their was Dustin Fontenot and his friend Tim.  Last but not least their was Juan G.  He also ran chaos.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE:  I received a few complaints from my friends at the tournament I reported on last time that I made us all sound like two year olds.  Well that is not true, Clayton and I are 19 Chris and Jonathan are both around 13, and Justin is 11.



First round: me vs. Dustin Fontenot:

I played Dustin earlier and whipped the floor with him so I was fairly confident that I was going to win.

First game was no contest.  I just smacked him down, and their was nothing he could do to stop me.

My LP: 8000

Second game he caught me off guard.  I started off with only one monster in my hand, and was unable to claim field control.

My LP: 8000 – 4500 – 3700 – 2900 – 600 – 0

Third game he got out his Black Luster Soldier really fast. He hit me once directly with it.  Then I Changed of Hearted it and attacked him directly but he used Magic Cylinder.  Then I sacrificed it for my End of Anubis, and controlled the rest of the game.

My LP: 8000 – 5000 – 2000


Second Round: BYE:

I got a bye this round sense their was only three undefeated players left.


Third Round: me vs. Juan G.:

Juan was probably the toughest player at this tournament.

First game was a slaughter.  I just couldn’t get field control, and he finished me off with a Jinzo and some other monster in a direct attack.

My LP: 8000 – 6100 – 4500 – 4000 – 0

Second game I grabbed control of the field and crushed Juan.

My LP: 8000 – 6600

Third game was a lot like the first one.  I got smoked.

My LP: 8000 – 7700 – 6200 – 3900 – 0


Fourth Round: me vs. Clayton:

I really enjoy dueling Clayton because about 51% of the time I can win.

First game I grabbed control after we traded several blows, namely from his Cemetery Bombs, Ceasefire, Secret Barrels, and his Barrel Behind the Door/Ring of Destruction combo he loves to use.

My LP: 8000 – 5600 – 2100

Second game I took a big hit, but then he used Snatch Steal and it stayed on my monster for two turns.  Then I got control of the field and stomped him into the ground.

My LP: 8000 – 5200 – 6200 – 7200


Semi-Finals: me vs. Justin S.:

Justin has lost some of his sting over the last few weeks, and was getting easier and easier to defeat.

First game was pretty tame.  I got control of the field and pummeled him into mush.

My LP: 8000 – 6800 – 6000 

Second game was nothing like the first.  We were going all out on each other, but I finally managed to win.

My LP: 8000 – 6400 – 4500 – 3400 – 2950 – 1050


Finals: me vs. Juan G.:

Well it was down to me and Juan, and neither of us was going to back down.

First game I had no chance.  It was over before I realized we had started.

My LP: 8000 – 4800 – 0

Second game was awesome.  We were trading hits left and right.  At one point I was at 3500 lps and Juan had around 2300 lps.  He hit my facedown Cyber Jar and we each got two monsters on the field.  I also received my Ring of Destruction and my Dark Ruler Ha Des.  Juan ended his turn so I drew my card, set Ring of Destruction, and then I sacrificed one of my monsters to summon Dark Ruler Ha Des.  I ended my turn and blew up my Dark Ruler Ha Des for the win.

My LP: 8000 – 7400 – 5800 – 4200 – 3500 – 1050

Third game I took the lead and dropped him down to around 2000 lps.  I had 5600 lps at that point and a Giant Orc in my hand.  I drew my card and it was “my precious” Ring of Destruction (pun very much intended to all you Lord of the Rings fans out their).  So I summon Giant Orc and set Ring of Destruction, and ended my turn.  You all know what happens next.  I blow up Orc for the win.

My LP: 8000 – 5600 – 3400

And so Ring of Destruction wins me another tournament.


1st place was $8 store credit.


Some after thoughts:

This was a great tournament even though it was small.  I have claimed my second tournament victory.  I got two packs of Soul of the Duelist, but only got a Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV4 and a Mind on Air, both of witch were just regular rare.  I made a slight typographical error the last time I submitted a report as to my e-mail address so if you have any questions or comments send them to and please label them YU-GI-OH mail for Paul.  Sorry about the mix up to every one who tried to reach me before but instead got somebody who didn’t have any idea what you were talking about?