From: Evan Harrington [ ]
True Beatdown Deck(42), Evan H., BookBarn in Joplin, Missouri
about 30 participants Saturday, July 18 2004
Monsters 20
1 Jinzo
2 Spear Dragon
3 Berserk Gorilla
2 Slate Warrior
1 Injection Fairy Lily
1 Tribe-Infecting Virus
3 Goblin Attack Force
1 Breaker The Magical Warrior
1 Magical Scientist
1 Sinister Serpent
1 Fiber Jar
1 Sangan
1 Witch of the Black Forest
1 Yata Garasu
Traps 5
1 Mirror Force
1 Magic Cylinder
1 Ring of Destruction
1 Waboku
1 Imperial Order
Spells 17
3 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 Heavy Storm
1 Harpie's Feather Duster
1 Dark Hole
1 Raigeki
1 Change of Heart
1 Monster Reborn
1 Swords of Revealing Light
2 Creature Swap
1 The Forceful Sentry
1 Delinquent Duo
1 Confiscation
1 Pot of Greed
1 Graceful Charity
Fusion Deck 15
3 Thousand-Eyes Restrict
3 Dark Baltar the Terrible
3 Ryu Senshi
3 Punished Eagle
3 Roaring Ocean Snake
round 1- me vs. lava golem burn deck
i start out with magical scientist, typhoon, creature swap, breaker, r.o.d., and draw sangan. he uses his turn by with leaving goblins in attack mode and saying "go". I respond by summoning magical scientist, paying 1000 for punished eagle, then playing creature swap. I have the eagle attack the scientist for 1800 then attack with his GAF for a total 4100 damage. next turn plays graceful and dumps sinister and night assailant.. he uses the shallow grave to reborn his sinister and i reborn my scientist. he sacs my GAF and scientist for his Lava Golem and sets a gravity bind like any idiot who expects his opponent to have a useless hand. my turn i draw creature swap and take 1000. i play typhoon on his gravity bind, activate creature swap to give him back his golem, then set ring of destruction. his turn, he draws something, takes 1000 to bring him down to 2900. i activate r.o.d. on lava golem to inflict 3000, ending the game.
2nd game was quick as well. he wanted me to go 1st for some reason so open up with confiscation and the forceful sentry, eliminating his imperial oreder and raigeki. i leave a Slate Warrior face-down 'cause he didn't have anything to attack with unless he wanted to attack with sinister or cyber jar. he set cyber and waboku. i drew graceful, then i played it to discard magical scientist and magic cylinder. i just drew jinzo so i sac'ed my slate for jinzo, moster reborned scientist, set waboku, used scientist to summon dark baltar and attacked for a total 2700 damage. the rest isn't worth saying. he just set sinister a few more times and took lots of damage, and finished by attacking scientist with GAF but i finished him off next turn with spear dragon.
round 2- me vs. chaos deck
1st game- he wasn't using a very good chaos deck, subbing his beatdown monsters with 3 thunder nyan nyans and running 3 MOFs as well only for the two envoys. for a while we did the beatdown dance by duking it out with GAFs, 1900ers, Mental Monkeys(Berserk Gorilla), Raigeki, Change of Heart, Jinzo, Tribe-Infecting Virus, etc. until he drew BLS and summoned him. he brought me down to 1200 but he was at 2700 so he was vulnerable as well. he was lucky enough to set IO but next turn i used breaker to scrap it and then played creature swap to inflict 4400 damage.
2nd game- we did the beatdown dance a little more but as we all know the true beatdown deck always wins the beatdown dance, whittling each other down to 5400 and 3200. he played Chaos Emperor Dragon and reborned his witch. i had a waboku face-down but he thought it was something else so he blew everything up to try to pull the yata-CED combo on me but i chained with waboku so he just ended his turn after he sought out yata. comically next turn i drew fairy lily and finished him off.
round 3- me vs. bad beatdown
game 1- this guy has lots of money but no skill so he had a pitiful resemblence of my deck using trap holes and man-eaters and magic jammers but didn't use sinister or scientist or typhoons, you know what kind of guy i'm talking about. i owned him with cards like creature swap and mirror force. he didn't use any of the sinister 6 but feather duster so he couldn't stop any of my traps and didn't use anything for monsters but fiber, cyber, morphing jar, Jinzo, yata and like 17 beatsticks. when i got jnzo out it was game.
game 2- we danced a little until he played Change of Heart, Raigeki, Monster Reborn, and GAF to finish me off on like the 3rd turn.
game 3- quick and painful. for him. he brought out jinzo with moster reborn to kill my def-mode GAF. i summoned scientist next turn, summoned punished eagle, creature swap'ed him my scientist for his jinzo and attacked him for a nice 4200 damage. next turn all he did was set trap hole. i killed him with yata.
round 4- Exodia deck
game 1- this guy uses a deck with no offense other than exodia, unless you count his three giant germs. i played delinquent duo and he dropped two peices into the graveyard thinking that he might have enough time to pull a backup soldier trick. my magical scientist went on a roll killing nimble momongas and searchers, being protected by waboku and magic cylinder. i love playing people who don't use much trap destruction.
eventually he played backup soldier and had 4 peices in his hand but i killed next turn by creature swapping him my scientist and summoning jinzo for mucho damago.
game 2- i swapped two nobleman of crosouts into my deck from my side deck because i can. he starts out the game by setting a nimble. i summon spear dragon next turn and attack, resulting in 800 damage and two more nimbles. because he now has attackers, i set waboku. next turn he plays feather duster, i chain with waboku, he leaves his nimbles in attack mode and sets a gravity bind because he's used to playing idiots who don't use trap destruction. next turn i typhoon his GB, summon a mental monkey, and attack for a total 100 life gain on his part. he sets another GB and a giant germ. i play pot, then graceful, and discard sinister and jinzo. monster reborn jinzo, summon slate warrior, play raigeki, and kill him off.
FINAL ROUND- me vs. chaos
game 1- this was the other guy at my tourney who wins all the time except when i win. he has this really cool deck using MOFs, Apprentice Magicians, the envoys, and 3 Dark Magician of Chaos. first game took a while as it always does between us. he played lots of Book of Moons and Wabokus which was the main reason it took too long. in the end i couldn't kill him soon enough to keep him from tossing DMOCs into the graveyard and monster reborn them all. he played raigeki =P i died. i got him down to 1700, though.
game 2- i managed to fish out my all-powerful magical scientist by saccing sangan for Jinzo. that would have been really cool but book of moon turns out to be alot more useful than most people think it is. i still used scientist to stop an apprenice mage and an MOF before it got dark holed. near the end he summoned BLS and attacked since my Mirror Force, Ring of Destruction, and Magic Cylinder were all in the graveyard and he knew my facedown was a waboku. i played waboku. next turn i played my favorite move- breaker to kill his IO and creature swap. muhahaha. 4400 damage that turn but he didn't die. next turn he didn't have anything else to do but summon Chaos Emperor Dragon and blow evrything up. unfortunately for him my next cards were witch and monster reborn, while his were Tsukiyama(?) and MOF. i won that game.
FINAL GAME- he kicked it off with a facedown waboku and Apprentice Mage. next turn i played typhoon of course and set fiber jar, not sure why. next turn he set waboku. next turn i flipped fiber of course, and he chained with waboku. so i set a slate warrior because he's probably not going to attack. he set Apprentice Mage and book of moon. next turn i played heavy storm and summoned magical scientist, the man he is. i used the scientist for dark baltar of course and flipped slate warrior. i inflicted 2700 damage that turn. next turn he used graceful. he discarded Tsukiyama and MOF. then he summoned CED and attacked me directly and blew everything up. i took 5700 damage for that. we were at 2700(me) and 4300(him). my turn i draw a useless typhoon and set it. his turn he draws a waboku and sets it. i activate typhoon to destroy it during his turn so he can't activate it. next turn i drew sangan(muhahaha) and attacked him for 1000(he's at 3300). next turn he sets MOF. my next card is IO. i attack with sangan, he fishes out graceful. i set IO and end my turn. he draws heavy storm next, plays it, and i chain with IO. he ends his turn and i draw Breaker next turn and pay 700 for IO(i'm at 2000). i attack with Breaker and Sangan for 2900(he's at 400). he draws Tribe-Infecting Virus next turn and discards graceful to kill spellcasters and then attacks my sangan for 600(i'm at 1400). i seek out Sinister. my turn i draw my beloved creature swap and obviously decided to not pay to keep IO out. i summon sinister, he swears, and i play creature swap. 1300 damage = game. i got 4 tp4 packs for my prize and got a giant red seasnake for it all.