The Legend of the Shadows Deck
Matthew "The Shadow" Sita
The Lucky Frog
Springfield, VA
July, 31st, 2004
about 19 people

     Do you guys remember this one duelist that just kept on writing tournament reports and then everyone thought he quit but he never did and just basically became a judge and didn't have the time to write tournament reports anymore?  Well, I'M BACK!!!!!  That's right, Matthew "The Shadow" Sita is back and he is in a GREAT mood.  It has been 6 months ever since my last tournament report (March 2004), so my writing style is a little rusty, and my dueling skills aren't as well as they once were since I'm now a judge at the one tournament where I was once known as the champ.  That's right, Springfield Mall (that's the real name...what?  I'm serious.  I'm not copying The Simpsons) is now my official playground for my exclusive tournaments, but here's where it's messed up: I CAN'T PLAY THE TOURNEYS I JUDGE...hold on...what was that...there's a place not so close called The Lucky Frog where I can play...$1 PIZZAS!!!!  I'M IN!  Some friends of mine (Dead Fishbone, who now wants to be called GyroYam and Uncle) told me about The Lucky Frog and the whole fact that there were people that were known as "unstoppable."  Let's just see about that.  If there unstoppable, then I'm the phenom known as the King of Games.  Time to show you the return of The Shadow's Deck:

Monsters (17):
1 Witch of the Black Forest (My favorite little searcher...)
1 Sangan (...except when it comes to a 3-eyed Critter.)
2 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer (EVIL GHOST, BEGONE!!!)
2 D.D. Warrior Lady (they're so beautiful, the'll send you to another dimension)
1 Magical Scientist (I've seen this card run now I use it.)
1 Breaker the Magical Warrior (BREAK THE IMPERIAL, BREAK THE MIRROR, BREAK EVERYTHING!!! (realizes that it can only "break 1 m/t")...DAMMIT!!)
1 Sinister Serpent (hisssssssssssssss...)
1 Blowback Dragon (The better Barrel Dragon that can blow everyone away.)
1 Tribe-Infecting Virus ((In Kaiba's voice) All of your monsters are now infected by my virus.  Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!)
1 Fiber Jar ((stares at card)...What exactly is that?  No seriously, WHAT IS THAT?  A piece of broccoli?  A tree?  Medamucil?)
1 Jinzo (FEAR MY TINZO...I mean JINzo!!)
1 Reflect Bounder (My new Magic Cylinder)
1 Exiled Force (They gang up on you and blow you to pieces.)
1 Yata-Garasu (The bird that keeps on prevent you from drawing...what?  That means it like you.  lol)

MAGIC (stupid M:TG crybabies) (19):
1 Premature Burial (YOU WAKE UP NOW...NOW!!!)
3 Mystical Space Typhoon (They're the cyclones that just hate Imperial Order, Mirage, face down traps (keeps babbling on).)
1 Mirage of Nightmare ((sigh) if only Card of Sanctity used it's REAL effect from the anime...)
1 Raigeki (hmmmm...wonder why its almost banned (gets "Raigekied" from above)...okay nvm.)
1 Heavy Storm (Oddly enough, every time I use this card, its starts raining real badly outside...)
1 Graceful Charity (Where's her halo?)
1 Scapegoat (MAAAAAAA!!!)
1 Dark Hole (What's wrong with Black Hole?  Couldn't they at LEAST make it B. Hole??? lol)
1 Confiscation (I for one would take this over Delinquent Duo now...(last time I used it I hit Despair From the Dark)...Hawk, your gonna pay for that.)
1 Pot of Greed (SMOKE!!!!! (not really kids))
1 The Forceful Sentry (I force you to...oh, who cares, just lose the Jinzo)
1 Harpie's Feather Duster (Too much dust here (cough-cough))
2 Nobleman of Crossout (...I love this card)
1 Enemy Controller (LEFT, RIGHT, A, B!!!!)
1 Change of Heart (I still think that Upper Deck screwed up banning this card.)

Traps (6):
1 Call of the Haunted (I call forth, my TINZO!!!)
1 Mirror Force (REFLECT THE SHOT!!!)
2 Waboku (My new best friend!)
1 Imperial Order ((Looks at card and cries)IT SAYS NEGATE ALL SPELLS!!!!!, WHY?)
1 Ring of Destruction (From the greatest boss in the world, and the only person I would ever bow down to, Vince McMahon, YOU'RE FIRED!!!!!)

Fusion (20):
3 Roaring Ocean Seasnake (A bigger, non effect Sinister Serpent)
3 Punished Eagle (Well, my High School team is the Eagles...)
2 Empress Judge (I find the guilty)
2 Dark Balter the Terrible (Mini-Ha Des)
2 Ryu Senshi (Mini 7 Tools)
2 Fiend Skull Dragon (Mini...Mini...Mini-something I dunno...AH HA!!! MINI-TYRANT DRAGON!!!)
2 Rabid Horseman (Feel my monsters wrath...and it's odor...)
1 Deepsea Shark (tribute it for bigger monsters)
1 Reaper on the Nightmare (see the shark)
2 Thousand-Eyes Restrict (Look into my eyes!!!!)

Side Deck (...Do I HAVE to say it?  I mean everyone know it by now...fine...15)
1 Creature Swap (I heard it did good in World...I was about to trade it too, NO IT'S MINE NOW!!!!!)
1 Dark Ruler Ha Des (The King of Fiends and you know this, MAN!)
1 Curse of Anubis (Combo with Spear Dragon)
1 Helpoemer (This card actually isn't so bad.)
1 Magic Cylinder (REFLECT 0WNZ U FOO!!!)
1 Snatch Steal (Until Change of Heart gets Banned.)
1 The Fiend Megacyber (...why?)
1 D.D. Designator (Combo with Confiscation or Forceful...HA-HA YATA!!!)
1 Spear Dragon (My little fusion from GAF and Fairy Meteor Crush...)
1 Spirit Reaper (The little card that won't DIE!!!)
1 Card Destruction (What? It's Ha Des's hand in the picture.)
1 Giant Trunade (This card actually beat Jeffery back in the day.  You remember Jeff?  Remember Serpent Night Dragon? HA-HA-HA!)
1 Swords of Revealing Light (It's...too...bright...)
2 Time Seal (HA-HA TO YOU CHAOS!!!!)

Good Luck Charm (1)
1 The Winged Dragon of Ra (DON'T DISS DA DRAGON!!! (D.D.D.D.))

     After that very long deck list, I can finally say my strategy: My deck is based on making sure my opponent doesn't have any options and then putting them out of their misery with my new toy, my Blowback Dragon!!!  Anyway, this tournament was a 4 round Swiss format and I came around 12:30 only to realize that the tourney starts at 1:30-2:00, so I just look around this new tournament area and I saw one of my own tourney people there, Ian (a.k.a. The Cheese Weasel).  Once Ian saw me, he just shuttered in fear and just kept on saying in his little trademark voice, "!  Why are you here?????"  While I was there, I saw this little kid and his grandfather there.  The little kid was a little bundle of pure spoildness.  I was wondering why he was so arrogant and then I looked through his grandfather's collection and he had EVERY holo in the whole Yu-Gi-Oh TCG!  Every card was there, and he says that he only needs 31 more 1st Edition holos to make his set complete.  I was just shocked for the fact that THIS kid had THIS grandfather that has THIS many cards.  Anyway when I was there, I saw one of my favorite games there, Super Smash Brothers Melee!!!! I was happy to see it there but the problem was that the game didn't have ANY secret characters (BOO NO FALCO!!!).  Anyway, back to the tourney: After some trading and some dueling, they started sign ups which was a decent $3, then they started the pairings for the first round...

Round 1
The Shadow Vs This dude with a hand kill deck

Duels 1 & 2: Him and I have actually faced off before and the last time I faced him, I wiped the floor with him.  This time it was his turn doing the wiping.  Just when I think I have the edge, he completely turns it around and it kills me.  BOOOO!!!

Swiss Round Total: 0-1

Round 2
The Shadow vs. A little kid (Unorthodox deck (basically, a N00B!!!!!))

Duel 1: He said that he didn't think he was gonna win...his instincts were right.  I managed to get out Blowback and every time I coin flipped, it made him flip out.  BLOWBACK RULES!!!!!

Duel 2: He REALLY didn't do that much.  The mighty power from the littlest guy from the deck called forth my mini-Ha Des, Dark Balter and destroyed anything that came against it.  After a couple of turns, I offered the little Scientist to summon the giant Jinzo and gave him the biggest Shadowcut anyone has ever seen.

Swiss Round Total: 1-1

Round 3
The Shadow vs. _________ (forgot name)
Duels 1 & 2: This round went by so fast, even I forgot what happened.  The only thing I remember was that I won 2-0...stupid temporary short term memory loss...

Swiss Round Total: 2-1

Round 4 (Final Round)
The Shadow vs. EXODIA!!!!!
Well, well, well.  My old enemy has decided to come back.  Unfortunately like always, he's coming in 5 different pieces.  It's been about a year since I've played an Exodia deck and this is one of my favorite matches.

Duel 1: The duel was going back and forth until I Confiscated his Left Arm and then I realized that his deck had no Backup Soldier (shame on you) and then I just started using my Scientist to eliminate his Mystic Tomatoes and used Kycoo to eradicate anything that was in the graveyard.

Duel 2: Probably the closest he has gotten to Exodia without it being summoned.  He used The Shallow Grave to get back his Witch in defense and I got my Sangan in defense.  I could see it in his eyes that he thought he had it won...he would have if he didn't see my OTHER defense monster I set the turn before Shallow Grave.  I even told him "Once I flip this monster over, your going to hate me for the rest of your dueling career."  At first, he was confused, and then he said I was bluffing, but I wasn't.  My turn.  I drew Raigeki, but my old psychic instincts acted up and I was able to see telepathically that he had 5 cards in his hand, 4 of the 5 pieces of Exodia and a Change of Heart.  The last piece missing was the head.  Then I cracked my old Shadow smile and flipped over the monster I was talking about..........MEDAMUCIL MASTER, FIBER JAR!!!!!!  As soon as I flipped it over, he just sat there and stared at my Fiber Jar, then me, then the jar, then he put his head on the table and in a hysterical no, he was banging on the table (Told him he was gonna hate me).  He showed me his hand, and my God I was right, all pieces except for the head and the Change of Heart.  We reshuffled and all I did was draw 1 card because it was one card I needed, Kycoo.  His Life Points were at 1500 and as soon as I said attack, he reshuffled his hand, and said good game, and he was right, he was still a little mad at me for my little Fiber interfering with his Exodia plan.  Basically, Fiber helped me out for probably, the final time for the fact that the Banned List was in effect the day after this tournament.  Oh well, I won.

Swiss Round Total: 3-1

     I was about ready to enter the Top 8 until my cell phone rang and it was my mom saying that I have to leave now. I couldn't believe it...I was about to hit Top 8 and now I have to drop out...well, I'll have to get it next time.  Well, now's the time for Le Props and Slops, which is French for my Props & Slops:

-A 3-1 record is very good for Swiss (got around 4th-5th)
-My deck for being remodified back to my originality (no more warriors for me)
-Me for being able to trade a Gear Golem and a Maha Vailo to get my Reflect Bounder
-To me for not making a chaos deck (I HATE CHAOS!!!!!)
-To the Exodia dude for takin the Fiber Jar maturely...
-To Fiber Jar for saving my butt ever since I got it.
-To the $1.00 a slice offer and $.50 for soda and candy (Note to self: bring more money)
-The banned list (I like challenges)
-To Pojo and the Pojo Team for taking all of my tournament report stuff and posting them here (JAELOVE, try to get me on the Pojo Team, I'll be a great addition.)
-To one of my favorite video games, Dance Dance Revolution (DDR)(I've been playing it ever since I was 12).
-To a song on DDR called Heaven is a 57' Metallic Gray (The BEST and the catchiest song on there)

-To me for losing the first round even though I shouldn't (next time I see him, I want a rematch.)
-The banned list (Taking out Fiber and Cyber Jar makes me mad.)
-To me for not making my 10th Report Anniversary as important as it was, in a way...
-To Uncle and anybody else that has that frickin' Royal Decree (I WANT IT SO MUCH!!!!)
-To my computer for not letting me download the Top 8 World Championship deck lists (CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME HERE?????)
-To that elderly man with the binder of holo's grandson for being a REAL big nuisance

     Well, that basically wraps up my 11th Report.  I am really hoping to come back here more often and write more stuff for you Shadowholics out there.  If you want to contact me somehow, E-mail me via or IM me at SpedyMatt.  Until my next article, don't forget that miracles happen, I'm living proof.  Now for my official quote: "When there's light, there's The Shadow."  Peace out.