Skill Drain Beat Down Deck Tommy Combs Sword and the Stone Whitesburg, KY July 31, 2004



Cards 46


Monsters 19


Summoned Skull 2x



Goblin Attack Force 3x

Giant Orc 3x

Zombyra the Dark 3x

Beserk Gorilla 2x

Gemini Elf 2x

Luster Dragon 2x

Witch of the Black Forest

Cyber Jar


Magic 16

Mystical Space Typhoon 3x

Axe of Despair 3x

Dark Hole

Swords of Revealing Light

Premature Burial

Heavy Storm


Pot of Greed

Monster Reborn

Change of heart

Graceful Charity



Traps 11

Skill Drain 3x

Waboku 2x

Ring of Destruction

Magic Cylinder

Blast Held by Tribute

Call of the Haunted

Imperial Order

Big Burn


            O.K. there were only 16 people at this tournament. It was done in a four round Swiss format. The top four moved on to the finals. This tournament was open only to people 13 and older. By the way I am a 33 year old Librarian. I was the oldest one in the tournament.

            My first duel was against a boy with a sloppy beat down deck. I won 2 to 1. I lost the first duel just because of a bad draw. Second duel I went first and on my second turn I change of hearted his black luster soldier and hit him for 8200 points. Black luster soldier 3000, berserk gorilla with axe of despair 3000, Goblin attack force 2300. Third Round lasted a little longer but my skill drain came into play with 2 goblin attack force. It is nice when they can attack every turn.

            My second duel was with a guy with a beast deck. Nothing much to tell about this one. I won 2 to 0. His effect monsters just didnt stand up well to skill drain. The only points I lost in those battles were the 1000 to activate skill drain.

Giant Orc, Summoned Skull and Gemini elf decided to beat him mercilessly.

            My third duel was against a girl named Amanda. She was running a chaos deck. I lost this one 2 to 1. I just couldnt get skill drain into play the first duel. Black Luster envoy beat me senseless. Second duel I was able to beat her. Third duel chaos emperor dragon got me.

My fourth duel was against the store owners wife who was running a spell caster deck. I won 2 to 0. During the first duel my hand was just perfect. The second duel lasted longer. She brought out injection fairy lily and I flipped skill drain. I killed injection fairy lily with goblin attack force and then hit her with zombyra. Her next turn she activated ring of destruction and killed herself accidentally. I felt bad about that one.

I made it to the final four with a record of 7 wins and 3 losses. Amanda with the chaos deck made it with the same record of 7 wins 3 losses. Her husband (named Jason) whom I had not faced but was running a chaos deck to was 7 wins and 3 losses. Another guy (Brandon) who as running a yata deck was 8 and 0. The finals worked as the two winners in the first match battled for first and second, while the two losers battled for third and fourth.

My first duel was against Jason. I lost 2 to 1. Since I traded him for the skill drains I think he cursed them. I couldnt even find them against them. I swear they were all 3 on the bottom of my deck every hand.

My second duel for third was against Amanda who lost to Brandon of the Yata deck. First duel I was losing 1200 to 2600 and ringed black luster envoy to kill us both. Second duel she ringed goblin attack force with axe of despair to kill us both. After that we decided to just call it a draw and share third place.

By the way Jason won the tournament with his chaos deck.

If you have any comments or ideas for improvements to my deck please feel free to email me.