Mega Assault Cannon (BeatDown)

B. Miller

A & B Sport’s cards and collectables

Webster, New York

Tournament date: Sunday August 1st 2004


Ok here’s my deck:


Tribute monsters (3):


Jinzo x1 (Trap master)

Dark Master Zorc x1

Summoned Skull (switch for End of Anubis if I get it)


Non Tribute (20)


Gemini Elf x3

Archfiend Soldier x3

Mad Dog of Darkness x3

Berserk Gorilla x3

Cyber Jar x1 (awesome card has won me duels many times)

Yata x1 (Quote the raven nevermore!)

Injection Fairy Lilly x1

Sasuke Samurai x1 (bye bye MEB and Fiber jar…)

Tribe Infecting Virus x1 (Good bye theme decks)

Mask of Darkness x1

Magician of Faith x1

Witch of the Black Forest x1


Spells (13):


MST x3

Raigeki x1

Premature Burial x1

Swords of revealing light x1 (man this has saved my @$$ a lot)

Monster Reborn x1 (I take back your Vamp Lord before you can)

Heavy Storm x1 (oops sorry… Not!)

Contract with the Abyss x1 (for Zorc)

Change of Heart x1

Graceful Charity x1

Dark Hole x1

Pot of Greed x1


Traps (9):


Waboku x3

Dust Tornado x2

Call of the Haunted x1

Ring of Destruction x1

Trap Jammer x1

Magic Cylinder x1


Total 45 cards


Side Deck (15):


Reload x1

Ante x1

Kycoo x1

Delinquent Duo x1

Robbin’ Goblin x1

Robbin Zombie x1

Sinister Serpent x1

Magical Scientist x1

Mystical Knight of Jackal x1

Catapult Turtle x1

Chaos Sorcerer x1

Helping Dark Driceratops x1

Guardian Sphinx x1

Airknight Parshath x1


Fusions (8):


Empress Judge x3

Punished Eagle x3

Rabid Horseman x2


Entry Fee: $5.00

Prizes: 1st 3 packs or $12.00

         2nd 2 packs or $8.00

         3rd 1 pack or $4.00

        All others 1 free rare       


# Of People: 11


Round 1

Duel 1

Me vs. Joey (little kid w/ huge deck)


We cut and shuffle each others decks and I let him go first.  And what do u know on his first turn he pulls off the Lord of D. combo and summons 2 BEWD. Now that put my BeatDown on the def. so I set a monster and a magic cylinder and end. He goes sets a monster and ends I go wth he didn’t attack. I set another monster and end, he does the same thing!!!!  So I draw and thank the lord its Witch of the BF so I set and end. He actually does something this turn he sacrifices Lord of D and a face down monster for a third blue eyes and attacks with all three I let him destroy my monsters as opposed to flipping cylinder and get out Cyber Jar with witches effect form there I set cyber and end. He attacks and I get 2 Archfiend a Gemini a MST and Raigeki (w00t!). from there I go on the offensive and win.

Me 8000 -

Joey 8000-4200-0


Round 1

Duel 2


He pulls nothing and I go all out with berserk and gorilla. Only damage I took was from 1 Neo bug…

Me 8000-6200

Joey 8000-6100-2300-0


Round 2

Duel 1 & 2


Me vs. Kid w/ a Hybrid Beatdown


I don’t remember much about this duel except that he was really annoying with a lot of Man eaters, trap holes and magic drains.

I won both games…



Duel 1


Me Vs Dan


Dan is an awesome duelist before today I had only beaten him once. First game was really close I only won cus he went to power up IFL and attack directly for the game and I Cylindered it for the win…

Me 8000-?-3700-1700

Dan 8000-5700-6700-4700-1300-0



Duel 2

I don’t remember much except that he completely crushed me…



Final Duel


It get really close he is at 2200 I’m at 1600 I Raigeki and attack direct with mad dog for 1900 he doesn’t have I monster to play I attack again and advance to the finals while he gores to face  some kid named Micca for 3rd




Jeff runs an Awesome Hybrid Beatdown. Other than this kid Rogan who occasionally comes he’s like the best person there. First game it went really close but I won. second game I was within I turn of winning he dark holes and he attacks with slate warrior and ends I heavy storm and set cyber jar he plays Sasuke samurai and destroys cyber and attacks direct with slate for the win.  In the final game we go back and forth attack for attack I block both his harpies’ duster and Raigeki with MST. It gets really close like 2400(him) to 2200(me). He goes for a direct attack with Giant orc to for the win but I Waboku. On my turn I get out change of heart on his orc then power up IFL for the win he tries to counter with mirror force but I use Trap jammer and win to become reigning champ for the week!!!!




-        I Won and took the cash for winning since the owner wont let me weigh the packs

-        Jeff and Dan for Awesome duels

-        My Dad for Driving me

-        Traded a couple rares for an invader of darkness NM and traded that for  a mint condition Double Spell

-        My Yata, Gemini, Cyber Jar and IFL for helping me Win




-        Almost losing 1 duel to a newbie first round

-        People who run 3x MEB, 3x Trap hole, 3x old vindictive magician, 3x magic Drain and 3x Bottomless trap hole in the same deck…

-        My deck still needing a few cards to be complete


Ideas to help my deck or Comments Email me @: Thanks a lot…


                -Ben Miller