Exodia Infinite Draw Combos Deck Version 2


Sergey Pshenichkin (Krowbar)


Dream Wizards (http://www.dreamwizards.com)


Rockville, Maryland


Tournament Dates: Every Sunday (usually)


Registration: 12:30 P.M – 1:30 P.M


Fee: $6 + tax ($6.30 total)


Participants: 40


Prizes: 1st place gets 3 packs, 2nd place gets 2 packs, and everyone else gets 1 pack. Pack types vary. Today everyone got AST packs.


Sunday, August 08, 2004




Exodia Pieces X5


Manticore of Darkness X2


Gearfried the Iron Knight X3


Royal Magical Library X3




Witch of the Black Forest


Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu X3




Graceful Charity


Premature Burial


Butterfly Dagger – Elma


Painful Choice


Card of Safe Return X3


Pot of Greed


Dark hole


Swords of Revealing Light


Monster reborn


Heavy Storm




The Dark Door


Chain Energy X3




The Shallow Grave X2




Gravity Bind


Call of the Haunted


Side Deck:


Exodia Necross


Contract with Exodia X2


Necrovalley X2


Dancing Fairy






Upstart Goblin


Vengeful Bog Spirit




Gravity Bind X2


Life Absorbing Machine X2


Fusion Deck: None




Total: 40


NOTE: The Gearfried Combo (AKA the Elma Combo)


If you equip Butterfly Dagger - Elma to Gearfried when you have a Royal Magical Library on the field then the Library gets a counter on it. Once Gearfried destroys the dagger, then the dagger’s second effect brings it back to your hand. Equip the dagger to Gearfried two more times to get two more counters on Royal Magical Library, and then sacrifice the three counters to draw a card. Equip the dagger to Gearfried three more times; draw a card, repeat until you get Exodia.


NOTE: The Manticore Combo


The second combo is to use two Manticores of Darkness. Send one to the graveyard, and then sacrifice the second one to revive the first one, and then sacrifice that one to revive the other one, and just keep up the cycle and create a loop. Play Card of Safe Return before you pull off the Manticore loop, then just keep drawing and stop using its effect once you get Exodia. 


My friend Leo left all his cards with me after last week’s tournament, so I made him a Chaos/Warrior Deck to compete. My parents drove me over to his house in the morning, and we played Xbox for a while until his parents drove us to Dream Wizards. We got there around 12:20 and traded for a bit until we went to register. Now, last week it was announced that the ban list would be in effect starting with this tournament. However, it turns out that the judges made a mistake and thus the ban list was NOT in effect, so Leo and I had to adjust our decks. I decided it was too much hassle to rebuild the deck entirely, so I just threw in Painful Choice and I helped Leo adjust his deck before we continued to trade. I managed to get a Dark Magician of Chaos and some other good Dark Magician cards for my Toon World and Toon monsters. We met with some old friends and eventually the tournament began.


Round 1: Me vs. Gustavo


Gustavo was the guy I played last week in the first round. He broke my Manticore Loop in the third game by using Raigeki Break on my Card of Safe Return, but I managed to pull the Gearfried combo on him. He played well, but he couldn’t handle me with a post-ban deck. But that was last week, and this week he came back, and this time, it’s personal!


Duel 1: I played Pot of greed and Graceful Charity. After that I played Painful Choice. He sent my Manticores to the Graveyard; I played Monster Reborn and Card of Safe Return. Once I revived my Manticore I sacrificed it to revive the other one, and pulled the Manticore loop on him. That was it.


Duel 2: Gustavo came at me very ferociously. I defended for a little, but he pretty much dominated me. I tried to hold him off with my Toll and Chain Energies, but he managed to win in the end with a few Life Points left.


NOTE: I side decked in Exodia Necross, G-Bind, and Necrovalley.


Duel 3: I started with a Royal Magical Library and Elma in my hand. He went first and set a monster and a card face down. I drew and set the Library. He set a monster and played another card face down. I drew Gearfried and summoned it. Then I flip summoned the Library, and used the dagger in my hand to pull off the Gearfried Combo and summon Exodia.


Results: Wow, this is very similar to how I beat him last week. We played in the first round, I beat him with the Manticore combo, then he beat me, then I beat him with the Gearfried combo. He got a Venus from his pack. He was good, but he traded away his banned cards in preparation for the ban, so he was out of luck. He is a good player; he just needs some better cards. Leo advanced to round 2 with his Warrior/Chaos deck.


Round 2: Me vs. Roosevelt (called Rose for short.)


Roosevelt was the guy who beat me last week. I was worried because he knew my deck pretty well. He has a lot of great cards and he is an awesome player.


Duel 1: I defended myself, and I managed to draw the Manticore combo quickly with Painful Choice, Monster Reborn, and Card of Safe Return. See round 1 Duel 1.


Duel 2: I tried to stall with Chain Energy and the Libraries, but it wasn’t enough. His powerful beat down monsters took me down.


NOTE: I side decked in Exodia Necross, G-Bind, and Necrovalley.


Duel 3: After going through about ¼ of my deck, I managed to pull out the Manticore combo with Painful Choice and Premature Burial. Rose didn’t draw anything really powerful in time.


Results: I finally got my revenge on Roosevelt. He had beaten me last week and he had beaten my friend Joel in the previous round. I avenged us both, but of course things weren’t over. Roosevelt’s buddy Detrik (SP?) was next up. We joked about it, saying that Detrik was one of Roosevelt’s hired goons sent to take me out. Leo advanced to round 3 after a difficult match against a Skill Drain deck.


Round 3:  Me vs. Detrik.


Detrik was running a Chaos Control deck. He was confident it would be my downfall.


Duel 1: See Round 1 Duel 1.  My luck was still holding and I managed to pull the Manticore combo before his control cards could really take effect.


Duel 2: He dominated this one. He started with Delinquent Duo and Confiscation. I tried to defend myself, but my defenses couldn’t stand up to his Jinzo and I was Yata locked in a few turns.


NOTE: I side decked in Exodia Necross, G-Bind, Necrovalley, and Prohibition.


Duel 3: My luck held during this game. I used Prohibition on Mystical Space Typhoon and defended myself with Gravity Bind. His Marauding Captain couldn’t break through my witch. He used Tribe Infecting virus to kill both of our witches and grab Jinzo from his deck. With all the monsters he had on the field I knew I wouldn’t stand against him without my Gravity Bind, not to mention I had 4 Exodia pieces and he had a Don Zaloog, so Exodia would be gone even if I survived. Thankfully, he had already summoned Don, so he couldn’t summon the Jinzo he just got, and he couldn’t attack me because of Gravity Bind. Also, I had a Gearfried on the field so his lower monsters couldn’t get through. I knew that I only had one chance before Jinzo wiped me out, so I put all of my faith in the heart of the cards, and I drew the card that I needed. I drew the final Exodia piece, and summoned Exodia to defeat him. It was amazing!


Results: After my upset victory over Detrik, Leo was eliminated in round 3 by Andy. He got a Theban Nightmare, nothing special though.


Round 4: Me vs. Matt


Duel 1: I defended myself for a bit, but I soon managed to pull out the Manticore Combo and defeat him.


Duel 2: He beat me pretty quickly. I tried to stall with Chain Energy, but ended up draining a lot of my own LP. He attacked me with End of Anubis then used Ring of Destruction on it. That was it.


NOTE: I side decked in Exodia Necross, G-Bind, Necrovalley, and Prohibition.


Duel 3: I tried to pull off the Manticore loop, but he used Mystical Space Typhoon on my Card of Safe Return. I couldn’t get any good defenses and his Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning crushed me easily.


Results: I lost in round 4, the final 5 players. I got a Mars in my booster. I’m glad I got a super rare, but it was kind of useless to me without a Sanctuary in the Sky. After I lost Leo and I went and did some trading. He traded his Don Zaloog for a 1st edition Yata and an Exiled Force. I got a few good trades done myself, but nothing special.


Props (in no particular order):

Me for doing pretty well.

Leo for getting a lot of good trades done.

My opponents for challenging me

Dream Wizards for hosting

Pojo for posting

You for reading


Slops (in no particular order):

Crappy prizes

Me for losing (I’m very hard on myself)

Judges who thought you couldn’t use MST on your own Mirage during your Standby Phase.


My email: Metalkrowbar@yahoo.com


Please feel free to email me any comments, questions, suggestions, flames, deck ideas and fixes, etc….  Honestly, I don’t check my email as often as I should, but I’ll try to do so more often. Thank you for reading!