From: Ted Johnson [ ]
Subject: Envoy of the Beginning/ Yata lock deck-Tim, Gatway, Eire, P.A, U.S.A
Envoy of the beginning/ Yata lock deck
Eire, P.A, U.S.A
A total of 15 people participated in this tournament, including me ( ).
First off, the deck:
Normial Monster:
Absolutely nothing here!
Effect Monster:-17:
Black Luster Soldier-Envoy of the Beginning---1
Reflect Bounder---1
Cyber Jar---1
Fiber Jar---1
Exiled Force---1
D. D. Warrior Lady---1
Marauding Captin---1
Witch of the Black---1
Spirit Reaper---1
Don Zaloog---1
Slate Warrior---1
Tribe-Infecting Virus---1
Maha Vailo---2
Magic Cards-18
United We Stand---1
Swords of Revealing Light---1
Painful Choice---1
Monster Reborn---1
Premature Burial---1
Dark Hole---1
The Forceful Sentry---1
Delinquent Duo---1
Pot Of Greed---1
Graceful Charity---1
Change of Heart---1
Snatch Steal---1
Harpie's Feather Duster---1
Heavy Storm---1
Trap Cards-5
Mirror Force---1
Magic Cylinder---1
Ring of Destruction---1
Imperial Order---1
Call of The Haunter---1
Total Number of Cards:40


First round to thered round
I faced bacick decks
Fourth round
I got a bye
The Finials
I had to fase my littol broter and I WON!!!

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