Trample, Damage, and Evil Beatdown- Possessed Demon- The Counterspell- Henderson, Nevada

Note: this tourney allowed cards that will be banned in the future (Raigeki, Harpie's Feather Duster, etc.)

Entries: 20+
Prizes: 1st: about $60 (?) store credit
2nd: about $50 (?) store credit
3: $25 store credit
4: $15 store credit
Jinzo ( attack without fear of traps)
Airknight (owns Spirit Reaper)
Guardian Sphinx (...bounce)
Giant Orc ( Goblin's cousin)
Slate Warrior ( spreads the disease)
Spear Dragon X3 (NO ONE IS SAFE!)
Archfiend Soldier X3 ( Finishes the job)
Mad Dog of Darkness X3 (Marron's Makeover)
Tribe Infecting Virus (Theme Decks fear me)
Witch of the Black Forest (oh, the possibilities)
Exiled Force (suicide troops)
Spirit Reaper (WALL)
Pot of Greed ( *evil sneer* hehehe...)
Graceful Charity (topdecked so many times)
Mirage of Nightmare (help me...)
Raigeki (stay out of thunderstorms)
Dark Hole (the universe continues to shrink...)
Harpie's Feather Duster (Stupid dust)
Heavy Storm (tornado on the farm)
Mystical Space Typhoon X3 (eye of the storm)
Monster Reborn (return to me, my legion)
Premature Burial (mudbath)
Mage Power (*inaudible chanting*)
United We Stand (God Bless America)
Creature Swap (foreign exchange student)
Waboku (protection from many things)
Mirror Force (what a horrible reflection)
Magic Cylinder (Detour)
Ring of Destruction (3..2..1..BOOM!)
Imperial Order (Access Denied)
Judgement of Anubis (no more removal)
Call of the Haunted (returns for revenge)
1) Possessed Demon vs. Mike (no deck Type)
Attacked him directly with Archfiend. He change of hearted my monster and sacraficed it for Luster Dragon #2 and attacked. I then summoned Tribe and destroyed Luster and attacked. After the attack, he activated Shadow Spell. Back to my turn, Reborned Luster and Summoned another Archfiend and left him with 200. He gave up after his next draw phase.

The next duel was faster than the first. The best he did was 2 Ookazi's. I creamed him.

Possessed Demon vs. Robert (mild beatdown?)
He got me down to 4400 w/ a Guardian Sphinx and a 1900. I prematured an Archfiend and sac for Jinzo. He sac for Zaborg and attacked for the game.
Next Duel I summoned Tribe and 4 facedown traps. I used IO on his Duster and Magic Cylinder on his Mad Dog. I then Used Ring on Mad Dog and Reborned it, then attacked. I eventually got him down to zero with an Exiled force on Archfiend Soldier and attacked with Spear Dragon.
On the final duel, he summoned Zaborg to destroy my Spear and brought me down to 3200. I played Heavy storm, prematured and sacked my monster for Airknight and Mage Power. I won after a few more turns.
During an Intermission, I practiced with a Gravekeeper, Zombie, and Chaos deck. I lost to all of them (damn!)
Possessed Demon vs. Hazel (Zombie)
I was afraid I was going to lose (I went against him during the intermission and lost) Anyway, I went to 6200 from a Kycoo attack. I reborned his Regenerating Mummy, and somehow (i forgot) attacked with that, Orc, and one of his Pyramid Turtles. He then plays Raigeki and brought me down to 3800. I used Premature on a Spear Dragon and plyed Creature Swap with a Ryu Kokki and Spear. I brought him down to 1600. He set 2 traps facedown and ended. I used Heavy Storm and attacked for Game.
I forgot most of the next duel, But I remember Jinzo with a Mage Power and reborned Regenerating Mummy and won.
Final 8
Possessed Demon vs. Jason (uber random)
This guy and his friends made me laugh my ass off. His deck is Dark Magician borderline random deck. I played Mad Dog then the following turn I set Guardian Sphinx. He constantly attacked it to prevent me from using his effect. That virtually killed him, but I finished him off.
Next Duel He played Scapegoat and I played Spear Dragon. I was having a field day. When he got rid of it. I then played Airknight and he near gave up, but I killed him via trample
Possessed Demon vs. Jason (?) (Chaos)
During the intermission I mentioned before, I dueled a chaos deck and got creamed. Before the match, he told me the three people that ran Chaos had the exact same cards in their deck, kinda distastful. Needless to say, I got totally creamed.
I then had to determine if I got 3rd or 4th. I went up against the final chaos deck and got creamed.
me getting 4th (highest I've gotten)
3 Exclusive packs I bought with store credit
me getting a higher rank on the tournament than my friends and cousin.
not getting first
not enough $ for CED (starting Chaos soon...)
mom hurrying me to finish tournament.
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