Location: [C]ards and [C]omics [C]entral

Participants: [16] plus

Entry: [$]6[$]

Official Duelist King Tournament



Creature Cells

Spell Cells

Trap/Fusion Cells


7 Staples

1 Order

2 Search :: Sangan :: Witch


1 Call

1 Breaker

2 Pre-neg

1 Solemn Judgment

1 Scientist

1 Snatch

1 Torrential Tribute

1 Cyber Jar

1 Premature

1 Mirror Force

1 Magician of Faith

1 Mirage


1 Reflect Bounder

1 Painful

GFs (Guardian Forces)

1 X- Head Cannon

1 Scapegoat

3 Ryu-Senshi

1 Sinister

1 Creature Swap


1 Tribe


3 Balter

1 Yata


3 Flare Knight

1 Goblin Attack Force


3 St. Joan

1 Jinzo



2 Chaos :: Soldier :: Dragon




18 Creatures

18 Spells

5 Traps

15 Fusion Techniques



It was a cloudy day at the City by the Bay. It has been about a month since Ive been to a tournament and I was feeling ready to compete. I arrived at CCC at around 12.25. I signed up, got my deck checked and paid. I was surprised when I saw some old friends and remnants of Dim Sum. I just sat around and watched some duels until they announced the Round 1 pairings.


Round 1

Squall vs. Little kid


Game 1

Not too much trouble here. I let him burn me w/ Just Desserts, Ookazis, and Hinotama. I just dropped down a Tribe and Breaker and it was all over.


Game 2

He set some Kickmen into F/D DEF mode and ended his turn. I open up with a Duo and started attacking with Breaker. He had no response to it.


I began watching the match that would determine my next round opponent. One guy was playing an anti-Chaos deck jam packed w/ ish that would tear me up. The other ran a very unique Zombie-control hybrid. They both battled hard but in the end anti-Chaos took it.


Round 2

Squall vs. Unknown Opponent w/ cap on


Game 1

I went first and opened up w/ some draw power and hand disruption. He sets up w/ F/D M/Ts and sets a monster.

After removing my DDWL after combat w/ his Witch, I began my offensive. I believe I got out three monsters. He could not hold it down.



Game 2

He goes first and sets up solid defense. I remove with DDWL and set some M/T. We both were playing at a steady pace, carefully setting up counter attacks. A couple of turns later I recur a Jinzo and pulse Yata. He had no hand so it was over.


After that intense match, I find out I am playing good ol Keanson. Whoo.


Round 3

Squall vs. Keanson


Game 1

I go first again and power up w/ drawing power and a Steadfast Guard. I return his Torrential. He sets a Sangan F/D and another M/T F/D. I MST and bring out a Breaker. He kills it and I end. His Sangan mills me for 1k and he ends. I Snatch his Sangan and attack w/ it and Yata. He uses MST to regain control of the board and hits for another 1000. I revive DDWL and play Yata. I remove the Sangan and Yata attacks--- His hand: Heavy, MST.


Game 2

Keanson makes a daring move when he sideboards, he decides to rotate his Chaos for a Last Turn. He takes the initiative and goes first. He sets a couple of M/Ts and a monster. I play Painful and send out Black Luster. I remove his F/D DDWL and end. He slices up my Soldier w/ a Jowgen. We both end up top-decking. I draw a MST and Order. He tries to play a SPELL but I deny it. A couple of turns later he locks me down with the TRAP Swords, paying 2000. I special Jinzo and storm his MTs, which included a Last Turn [!]. I summon Yata. No resistance and he cleans up his stack.


To my surprise I won. I thought I was in the clearing on my side of the bracket, until I find out I am playing Raymond, Keansons brother. If I am to win that match I would play Warren[sp?] a regular at CCC. If I want

To win this tournament I have to put up a hell of a fight for two more rounds.


Round 4

Squall vs. Raymond


Game 1

I roll a 5 and go first. I Pot and Forceful, set and end. He uses Painful, dumping 2 prenegs and grabbing Sinister. He sets a monster and ends. I use NoC and slice it up. I gain control of the field and manage to pulse three monsters out.


Game 2

He goes first and draws via pot/graceful. He was going on an agro assault from the beginning. I tried to set up some fense but MST and Breaker blow them away. I end up losing a couple of turns later.


Game 3

I go first, and play Forceful and set some cards. I had no monsters on my side of the field and 2 MTs. He attacks and I use a F/D Scapegoat. For the entire game, I only had one open slot which was constantly used. I bring him down to around 800. i special summon Chaos Dragon and blow up. We shake hands and I move up to the finals.


Round 5

Squall vs. Warren


Game 1

I go first and use Pot, Graceful, and Duo/Forceful. On his opening turn, he uses Forceful and burns my Tribe. We both use up our resources quickly. I drown the field and play Yata. He then reached for his Sideboard.


Game 2

Warren goes first and sets up a solid defense. I break through via Airknight and I drop a Yata. He plays down a breaker and slaps up Airknight. I bring him down to around 2400. I play a few beatdown cards and attackd his Sinister w/ mine. Jinzo and Kycoo took it from there.


Final Record: 10-1 games, 5-0 matches



I get my prize and Wilson congratulates me. I have a Strawberry Bar next door and its all dandy.



- to my opponents

- winning

- Yata was todays MVP

- that guy w/ the cool Zombie hybrid deck

- another NorCal regionals coming up


- no one else from SeeD coming, much less playing anymore





- Squall[][]Daniel

- Seifer[][]Mike

- Tidus[][]Lawrence

- Yojimbo[][]Sean








IM: Quickstyle510


See you later space cowboy