Ok hey everyone this is my first tourney report from a long time so here it is.

Name: Sebastian

Place: Dragonís den

City: Poughkeepsie

State: New York

Deck name: Hand disruption/control

Ok everyone I donít remember all of my deck but I do remember most of it the reason for this is because I change my deck a lot but I decided to write this article after the third tourney I entered with it well here is what I remember of it.



1 jinzo

1 vampire lord

1 berserk gorilla

2 spear dragonís

1 don zaloog

2 spirit reaper

2 archfiend soldierís

1 sinister serpent

1 exiled force

1 sangan

1 tribe-infecting virus {my most used helpful card}

1 witch of the black forest

1 Gemini elf

1 mad dog of darkness




1 scapegoat

1 pot of greed

1 graceful charity

1 snatch steal

2 mystical space typhoons

1 premature burial

1 harpieís feather duster

1 the forceful sentry

1 monster reborn

1 dark hole

1 raigeki

1 delinquent duo

1 swords of revealing light

1 change of heart




1 mirror force

1 call of the haunted

1 magic cylinder

1 ring of destruction

1 torrential tribute

1 imperial order

2 drop offs { I think}


Ok everyone you make be thinking why I do not run yata in this deck so here is my reason its because im tired of making this game so cheap for people to lose easily by this bird you may think but itís a great way of winning fast and easy yeah but you have to think about all you are doing is taking the easy way out playing a bird that just keeps pecking at your opponent till they get tired and quit and basically it doesnít leave this game interesting at all its just killing this game of all the people I know who play this card its so stupid I see chaos decks use that win move chaos emperor, witch with reborn or some other way from grave then blow up get yata and lock. This game needs to get a little interesting so I got tired of yata in the mean time and tried some other stuff. So here is my tourney report.

Round1. Me vs. sorry to say a Noob (beat down deck)

Actually I mean this person I remember from before but actually when I played him I didnít realize he wasnít really a noob after all this time he has gotten better so this is how he played. Game one he had just a lot of stuff out like berserks and stuff and annihilated me with life.

Him 6200

Me†† 0

Game 2. He then gets annihilated by my hand disruption he had nothing to stop me so I got it easy spirit reaper and don killed hand totally and tribe in this game helped.

Him 0

Me 8000

Now third game It was really making me think was I going to be beaten first round ok this game was great we did great against each other back and forth till about my third turn. I got out spear dragon which just kept hitting and hitting and hitting him he never got any advantage on field I had ring to kill what he got and mirror force. But he did get me low this game I was surprised he didnít draw something that could kill me like change of heart or snatch steal.

Him 0

Me 200


So next round its me vs. ? {good deck/ kinda control}

I donít know what he was playing but it was a little control and hand disruption thatís all I saw really. First game destroy field and hand of course with the help of forceful, a reaper, drop offs thatís it I remember its drop off, and tribe for when he got jinzo back twice so did I get back my tribe. People tip always play sinister if you play graceful or try to get it helps out with yata and can save you and provide you with hand control for delinquent and stuff. See I may not be good with names I donít really know this person played him once and thatís it. He did have some control second game but I luckily got tribe when I needed it the most itís a good card imo its so useful for me and I donít know why I traded it a while ago. donít know the score for this one but I had both of them with don and tribe and my friends those weird looking babies from delinquent duo and the forceful sentry but reaper never dies for me the ultimate reaper.


Round 3. Me vs. Chris {trying to make a good beat down deck}

Ok he is a great player may have some bad cards but he does good and I do give him props for his effort on making a good deck. I barely had any creatures but I had reaper and hand disruption and vamp came in effect from waiting so long it did get trampled on by a berserk but hey it did help and I got It back later by premature. I love all my cards but most of them did not show up to help when I needed them but thatís yugioh its sometimes luck to pull what you need and sometimes its how you build your deck and this round I won but he did great and did do a lot of good to his deck and he is a great player.


Round 4. Me vs. gary {bs player and chaos player}

I donít like this guy he gets so angry over a game he loses and I feel upset after a game but you donít say you are a better player then someone I felt bad a little but he needs to calm himself down. I donít want to explain this one because I donít like chaos decks and there is no point to it except getting chaos and killing life points. Tip: use thunder dragons in chaos they help a lot for advantage in hand and speed in deck.


Round 5. Semiís me vs. un hun {warrior/hand disruption/beat down} ok this deck has everything I have to call him one of the best players I know heís 22 I think and is a technical player he does a lot to make every move smart and learns from his mistakes I have to call him one of the best players there does what he needs and doesnít I donít want to say it but B$#c% about his loses sry if thatís all I could think of saying about what he doesnít do. So each game I had to think out my moves I donít know the life in these games I keep it written down but I lost all the scores I had after second round so im sry. Now you may be bored of all of this hand disruption stuff but control does kick in all of this with scapegoat mystical and more spells like harpieís so I have to think like he does. Bluffing does go in effect in these games like I said a technical player he does think all his moves through and makes my mystical stuff that wont help him or me. So I do win this game I can say spirit reaper and drop off this whole match and spear against his sinister. After we shook hands and he said good luck in finals so I said thanks and my final challenge was kyle.


Ok we know the routine so you know my opponent here is what happens. Its me vs. kyle {chaos}

Ok I hate this deck chaos isnít original but we had fun trash talking but friendly trash talking was a fun game the store wasnít paying attention really to what we were saying me and him talked and walked with our cards back and forth but he bluffed twice once at the end and once in the middle of the game with a reload. I did win both games but kyle knows he cant walk the walk I am just kidding if kyle you are here we had a good game and a little friendly talking during the game that threw each other of us off a little but we did what we had to do after all it was for 65 store credit a lot of ching ching $_$ L0L. Now its time for the props and slops of the day.



Me winning second tourney in a row biggest amounts of money there too. 135 credit total.

Me doing the best I could do.

Me and my brother having fun there too.

Me giving my brother the money I owed him lol with credit.

Me getting a lot of marvel packs with credit and now saving for halo 2 awesome game I hope like halo.

thatís about it this isnít a prop or is it???



Nothing bad everything was great except having me losing a ruling to someone but I still get the win luckily.


thatís it and thanks for reading.



My name is Sebastian again and my email is kgamefreak1@aol.com if you want to give me any type of deck advice and deck fixes or just want to talk email me and we can so c ya and thanxs again.