Envoy Your Last Turn (Last Turn Deck)
Comix Connection York, PA
Number of Duelists: 19
Cost: $5
Deck: 40 cards
Monsters: 16
A Cat of Ill Omen x3
Mask of Darkness x2
Witch of the Black Forest
Sinister Serpent
Jowgen the Spiritualist x3
Revival Jam x2
Breaker The Magical Warrior
Dark Elf x2

Spells: 12
Harpie's Feather Duster
Dark Hole
Pot of Greed
Graceful Charity
Heavy Storm
Mystical Space Typhoon x3
Painful Choice
Monster Reborn
Mirage of Nightmare

Traps: 12
Imperial Order
Ring of Destruction
Call Of The Haunted
Mirror Force
Last Turn x2
Solemn Judgment x3
Wall of Revealing Light x3
Before the tournament:
I got there around 5. The tournament started at 6 and I thought that I would test out my deck a little, since I haven't really had the chance to duel agents a real good deck. So one of my friends let me duel him before we got started. The duel went all in my favor and the deck did well, the flaw? Jinzo, so I took out some of my cards in my deck and put in 2 more Solemn Judgments. and the rest went well from there.

Round one
Me Vs. Mark (Chaos Control)
Duel 1
Me: 8000, 6100, 100
Him: 8000
This guy here is one of them people that play with the Fad decks (decks that you see on-line and every were that are the best) and, he flipped a coin, calling it right. He went first and set one Face down S/T and one monster.
I drew my 6 they were, IO, Dark Elf, RoD, Last Turn Painful and, Jowgen. I set Dark elf and IO and end my turn. he went and used Crossout on my Dark Elf. I flipped IO and he chained with MST, Heh... the he attacked with Thunder Nyan Nyan. My turn and I played painful sending 2 traps 2 monsters and Sinister Serpent. He gave me Sinister Serpent of course. I set last Turn and the card I drew was Wall. I summed Jawgen in attack, he laughed as he thought I was playing Anti-Chaos. I ended my turn, then on his standy-by I flipped wall and paid 6000 LP, then flipped Last Turn.
Duel 2
Me: 8000, 6500, 5500, 3250, 250
Him: 8000, 6000
This duel here I almost lost if it was not for my Judgment. The duel went a bit long as he stopped my Dark Elf's attack with waboku and laughed at me when I had to pay 1000 for attacking. (He is not a very nice person and I had to take him out for good) I finished him off with Last turn after he tried to summon BLS. I Judgmented it away and finished it.
Round 2
Me Vs. Rob (Water Deck)
Duel 1
Me: 8000, 1000
Him: 8000
This duel went well, I went first and by luck I drew Jawgen Last turn and Wall, I set Wall and last Turn and Summoned Jawgen. his Standy-by I flipped Wall and Last Turn.
Duel 2
Me: 8000, 7000, 5300, 4200, 1100, 0
Him: 8000, 6000
This one went down hill he hit me with Bergoths for 3 turns, there was nothing I could do to stop it. He kept Chaining everything I set.
Duel 3
Me:8000, 6300, 4300, 2300, 300
Him: 8000, 6000, 4500, 2150
This went a bit longer then we both hoped we had only 5 minutes till the round was over. We hit one anther back and forth for a while but, in the end I flipped last turn and won.
Round 3
Me Vs. Tony (BeatDown with BLS)
Me: 8000, 4000, 1200 200
Him: 8000, 6000, 5300
He got out his BLS on the 3rd turn but, I flipped Judgment over and ended that quick. I got my Last Turn and Jawgen on a Cyber Jar flip. it was over then.
Me: 8000, 1000
Him, 8000
This was the first time in the tournament I got to flip my Cat of Ill Omen and put wall to the top of my deck. I got Jawgen when my Sangan went to the grave. On turn 4 I flipped wall paid 7000 LP and flipped Last Turn. He shook his head as he never beaten me at all in any of the tournaments, normal we both are in the finals together. Tony and I are the top duelist here in York, PA. That is no lie.(I normally run my Zombie deck as every one knows if you would read any of my posts on CCG Strategies)
Round 3 Simi Finals
Me Vs. Seven (Burn Deck)
Duel 1
Me: 8000, 7000, 6500, 4000, 2000, 500
Him: 8000, 6500, 4400
This duel was all some, I mean the burn he did to me helped out like there was no tomorrow. I got my Last Turn when I flipped Cat of Ill Omen. he hit me with a good burn that almost finished me. I had 500 and was waiting on Jawgen. I toped decked him and finished Steven off with Last Turn.
Duel 2
Me: 8000, 4000, 2500, 1000, 0
Him 8000
He hit me fast and hard. he used Ante on me I only had wall and Dark Elf in my hand I showed him my dark Elf and he showed me Lava Golem. heh... then he gave me a Lava Golem. I couldn't stop it since I used my Judgment when he used his ring and barrel.
Duel 3
Me: 8000, 1000
Him: 8000
This round ended in two turns, I finial got Pot of Greed on my first turn and drew Jawgen and Last turn. The cat was in my hand so I set it. he attacked it with Solar Flare Dragon and I put Wall to the top of my deck. My turn I set Wall and Last Turn and, Summoned Jawgen. His Stand-By I flipped Wall and Last Turn.
Round4 Finals
Me Vs. Scott (Chaos)
Duel 1
Me: 8000, 4000, 2000, 300
This duel was hard, I got two Judgments on my draw and no Wall, Last Turn or Jawgen. I used up my Judgments on turn 4 and my cat flipped and I grabbed Last Turn to the top of my deck. The great thing was when Cyber Jar flipped, I got last turn and Jawgen. but he got a trio and set it then on my turn he flipped it and gave me them (why is this card in a Chaos deck beats me, I guess he was going to use it when he summons CED. Which is a neat idea. He had out a Kycoo and I had an idea of my own, I turned one of the Trio into attack mode. attacked Kycoo with it to drop my Life Points to 300. I Summoned Jawgan, I was about to use his other effect but, I thought about the Tokens he gave me. I would have lost 600 LP if I would have done that. I set Last Turn and on his Standy-by I flipped it, and got the win.
Duel 2.
Me: 8000, 4000, 3500, 2500, 500
Him: 8000, 6000
This Duel went for a while. I got to summon My Dark Elf and Killed off his Breaker. he looked up to me and said "People still use that card?" I told him that it is a great over looked card. back in the day she was great to use when every one ran the Elf Twins. 2000 attack was great against a 1900. Anyway. I also told him that it was great food for Last Turn since I have to pay 1000 for her to attack. My deck was doing great, he Summoned his CED and I used Judgment to stop it, he was telling me that CED still gets it's effect but, I told him he couldn't since the summon was stopped he called over the Judge and he told him are Story. The judged ruled on my favor. (Thank god) I had my jawgen in my hand waiting for Last turn, I got to flip my Cat of Ill Omen and put Last Turn to the top of my deck. This turn gave me the win he had no cards in his hand and I had ring on the field. I thought to my self "all he needed was a Monster reborn or something and I would be finished". I summoned my Jawgen and Kept last turn in my hand. he Drew his top deck and got Monster Reborn. he Shoke his head and ended his turn. I drew and got anther Cat. I set it and ended his turn he summoned DD Warrior lady and attacked my Cat I put Wall to the top of my deck. My turn I set Last Turn and Wall. At this point I just got over what he did. he cold of attacked my Jawgen then play monster reborn but, didn't. I wasn't going to say anything nether. His Standy-by I flipped Wall and Last Turn. and Won the Tournament!!!!!!!
Beating 3 Chaos decks, 1 Water, and a Burn Deck. With a Deck I never used before in a tournament.
beating Tony in the second round.
Taking out the new guy in the tournament that was a jerk to every one.
Far Jawgen.
And AST for Wall of Revealing Light (This is funny but, if you look at Wall of Revealing Light it almost looks like The Pyramid of Light. In a way heh.)