Dark paladin the avatar of light and darkness

Jeff, Morey

Phoenix rising

St.Catherines, Ontario, Canada

August 2004-08-15



A total of 38 people showed up this timeJ


First the deck list

< 5 star monsters

King of the swamp x3

Skilled dark magician x2

Skilled white magician x2

Roulette barrel

Magician of faith

Reflect bounder

Breaker the magical warrior

D.D. warrior lady

Peten the dark clown x2

Witch of the black forest

Cyber jar

Spirit reaper

Sinister serpent


> 4 stars


Black luster soldier- envoy of the beginning


Dark magician

Buster Blader


Magic cards (thatís right not spells, magic, spells sound stupid and girly)


Pot of greed

Graceful charity

Monster reborn

Premature burial


Dark hole

Harpies feather duster

Heavy storm

Change of heart

Snatch Steal

The forceful sentry


Nobleman of cross out

Card destruction




Mirror force

Waboku x3

Ring of destruction

Torrential tribute

Imperial order

Call of the haunted

Last turn

Now for the duel report:



Round 1

Me vs. Carlos

Well I got off to a rough start only draw 2 monsters skilled white and sinister serpent he was pounding me with gearfrieds and kept flipping flip effect monsters so I almost gave up until o yeah I drew my black luster soldier I kept removing every monster on the field until he looked happy so I used forceful sentry and took out 1 of his 4 pieces yay me then after removal after removal bam he hits me with fissure so after a turn or two I drew king of the swamp buster blader and another king of the swamp so I searched for polymerization and fused to make dark paladin I hit him with that against his tribe then he pulled chaos emperor dragon used the effect and we were both at like 700 life points so the it was just top decking from there after like 3 turns of drawing useless magicís I finally drew D.D warrior lady and attacked him directly for game.


Round 2

Me vs. old school (this guy runs nothing after magicians force)

Well this one started off pretty good I drew good hand I started with skilled white in defence mode the he put down tribe and attacked he lost 300 lp and decided not to call it he didnít want to lose a card from his hand unless he had to so my turn again I switched him to attack mode and layed down spirit reaper so hes gonna lose a card anyways I attacked tribe with skilled white the attacked him directly with spirit reaper another 400 lp damage and he was force to discard graceful charity ouch he wasnít fairing so well after about 3 or 4 turns I had D.D warrior lady, skilled white, spirit reaper and reflect bounder and cause I kept attacking to get cards from his hand he was down to only 2 left and he had basically no life left but somehow on his turn he drew a 4 star monster and summoned paladin of white dragon and tributed for blue eyes now im in trouble so I drew for my turn and got o yeah change of heart so I used it and attack with all for game.


Round 3

Me vs. some kid (sorry I couldnít remember his name)

So here we go I basically had black luster soldier and paladin and jinzo by like the 3rd turn I attacked and won.


Round 4

Me vs. my friend Alex

Ok this one was pretty tough he was running a warrior deck and trouncing me for most of it he hit me twice directly with matta the zappers for 4600 all together and the with the battle damage from monsters I had taken like 6800!!!! So I was getting worried until bam I drew roulette barrel and yes o yes I rolled 3 getting rid of his stupid Mattaís so he then played marauding captain with no other monsters and attack roulette barrel so I drew for my turn and o yeah here comes black luster soldier and I attack then hit him again directly he was hurting he then I cant believe it played a sinister with ryroku and killed him I was worried but then I yes came a king of the swamp searched for polymerization and fused my dark magician and buster blader together to form dark paladin and then used him to attack him for game.


Round 5

Me vs. nobody I had a buy yay


Round 6

Me vs. This guy who was running the same kind of deck as me revolved around dark magician more then dark paladin.


So we started off kind swapping hits with small monsters† until bam he draws chaos emperor dragon I hate that card its so cheap I have one but I donít use it anyways he attacks one of my skilled darks on the field so then I was hurting I went to my turn and drew my chaos monster luster soldier and attacked him then he went drawing dark hole and used it then I drew ring and put it down at the point we were both with 1900 lp from death me at 1300 I think him 1900 I think anyways he drew skilled dark and I said hey if I donít win nobody does and ringed for a tie.


So we both tied for first place got 2 packs then I headed out with my friends to Pizza Pizza to celebrate my like 12th first place of the season yay me so we ate and went home



-         My buy

-         David buying me some pizza

-         Me pulling enemy controller from my packs and selling it for 15 bucks

-         Nick for giving me all my paladin stuff really cheap



-         Having a tie

-         Me frigin forgetting to bring something for a friend

-         And thatís it so goodbye to all


Thanks for reading everybody see you all later.




Email: allergictocheese@msn.com

Name: Jeff Morey