Mechanical Chaos

Adam Goulden

Odyssey 2000

Halifax, N.S., Canada

Aug. 21, 2004

A lot of people competed today. About 30... I think.

I compete at the Odyssey tourney as often as I can. Iím one of the higher ranked duelists there, but Iíve never actually won the tourney. Came close once, though.

I run a machine themed chaos deck (with a Chaos Sorceror standing in for BLS:Envoy). Why? For some reason, Bandit Keith ended up being my favorite character in the series, so I wanted to build a cold hearted heavy metal deck after his. Mine could beat his easily, though...

My Deck:


Tribies (3):


Machine King

Airknight Parshath


Specials (2):

CED: Envoy

Chaos Sorceror


Monsters (15):

X-head Cannon x3

Y-dragon Head x2

Z-metal Tank x2

Reflect Bounder


Cannon Soldier

Cyber Raider (a surprise for people who use equips)

Breaker the Magical Warrior

Cyber Jar

Witch of the Black Forest

Magician of Faith


Spell (14):


Dark Hole

Pot of Greed

Graceful Charity

Limiter Removal x2

Monster Reborn

Premature Burial

MST x2

Snatch Steal

Change of Heart

Harpies Feather Duster

Heavy Storm


Trap (7):

Mirror Force

Mirror Wall

Torrential Tribute

Call of the Haunted

Imperial Order


Magic Cylinder


Fusion (4):

XYZ-Dragon Cannon

XY-Dragon Cannon

XZ-Tank Cannon

YZ-Tank Dragon


Sidedeck (15):

Barrel Dragon

The Fiend Megacyber

Vampire Lord


Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer x2

Nobleman of Crossout

Mystical Plasma Zone

Sakuretsu Armor

Offerings to the Doomed


Kinetic Soldier

Gear Golem the Moving Fortress

Ring of Destruction

Ka-2 Des Scissors


Pre-tourney, I dueled a noob whoís eyes kept getting bigger whenever I made a move. Heh heh. Intimidation is fun. He kept playing defensively, so it was no real challenge. His eyes could have almost exploded when I brought out my CED...


On to the first match,


Adam, Machine Chaos vs. (sorry-forgot-your-name) Unfocused beatdown, or something


I wasnít too worried. His cards werenít in sleeves. No sleeves = N00B

Round 1

I forgot to write down my first hand. It wasnít really an issue, though. He kept throwing La Jinnís in defense. I got my Airknight out and trampled him to death, following up with a direct attack from my WotBF. I did that, like three times. The only damage I took was when I MSTíd his Chain Energy (500 lp to play any card). I ended by hitting him directly with my Jinzo, Airknight, and Chaos Sorcerer.

Me: 8000-7500

Him: 8000-7100-6000-5100-4000-0

Round 2

Ha, I remember my first hand. I had Pot of Greed, Mag of Faith, Cyber Raider, Z-metal, and Premature. He actually hit me once this time. Canít remember how. It was an 1800 hitting one of my Zís. Anyway, he went first and set a monster and pretty much his entire hand in the m/t zone. I used my PoG (the Bong of Greed) and drew Dark Hole, which I activated... with no response. Hmmm, all those traps and no Jammer? I summoned Z and attacked directly... with no response... not even a Waboku? I later got another Z on the field and hit with both. This is where his 1800 smashed one of my Zís. I drew and got Y-dragon Head. I summoned it and fused with my remaining Z and brought out YZ-Tank Dragon, blowing away his 1800. He set a monster (um, you DO know what YZís effect is, right?). I discarded a card and destroyed his set monster, summoned Drillago and attacked for the win.

Me: 8000-7700-7200 (Chain Energy again, I think)

Him: 8000-6500-3500-3200-0

One win. Hooray!

On to the next game...


Adam, Machine Chaos vs. Steven, Way-too-rude-and-full-of-himself-deck


This guy was not a great sport. He kept giving me a hard time whenever I asked if he was done his turn. (He needs to say so)

Round 1

I went first and I had Jinzo, Breaker, Reflect Bounder, Limiter and Waboku. The only monster he managed to get out was an Opticlops, which I destroyed with Breaker. I used Breakerís counter to break a card on his field later on, then Wabokuíd to protect him. I ended up getting out Airknight and attacking for a few turns for the win.


Him: 8000-7900-5800-3000-1100-0

Round 2

This went pretty fast. He went first, and summoned Opticlops again. Whee. I started with PoG, Graceful Charity, Dark Hole, X, and Breaker. I somehow hit him for 300 damage, with Breaker I believe. I set a few cards. Nothing special, just CotH and Imp Order, but enough to bluff him from attacking my counter-less Breaker. Next turn I got out CED and summoned X, then Raigekiíd. The trio attacked directly, leaving him with 1300 lp, then CEDís effect did the rest.

Me: 8000-7000

Him: 8000-7700-1300-0

Aftermath... he wasnít very reactive to losing, but cleaned up his cards and went up to report the progress pretty quickly. He had been complaining a lot about the rules and how they would be so much better with his ďYou Win!Ē spell card (play it and you win). Real original. I didnít really trust him, so I went up to make sure he reported honorably. He did, so its all good. Iíll give him points for that.


Adam, Machine Chaos vs. Jason, Should have more faith in himself beatdown


Jason is alright. I used to play him at another tourney across town. He was very unimpressed when he found out he had to duel me. Especially since I had crushed him numerous times at the other tourney. That was my old deck though. He had never beaten me to date.

We were into the final 8 now. I donít know why they decided to get rid of the third round, but whatever.

I started with Reflect Bounder, Monster reborn, Change of Heart, MST, and CED. I took first blood by using CoH and attacking with his monster and mine. He followed by doing the same thing to me and adding a Spear Dragon. Ouch. I could tell he was afraid of me, but he was doing quite well. I was down most of my life points... when I flipped his Fiber Jar... blarg. It was pretty much downhill from there. I had X on the field after that, and had jsut summoned Z thinking I would break out the fusion, but he Torrential Tributed. Neither of us had any monsters for a few turns, but he got the first one. Archfiend Soldier finished me... It was the only round too, so that was it for me. Oh well. It was an earned victory on Jasonís part, so I shook his hand, and on he goes to the final 4.

He lost in the next round to the guy who ultimately won the tournament.


Now on to the props and slops


1. To J.C. for winning the tourney

2. To Jason for finally beating me

3. To me for getting into the final 8

4. To machines for being my favorite archtype in the world!!



1. To Steven for being so non-sportsman-like

2. To me for not getting farther :(

3. To FIBER JAR for indirectly ending my mechanical rampage...

4. To the packs that the winner and runner-up got for having nothing great in them.

5. To noobie card thieves who think they can do any better by stealing the hard earned cards of higher duelists.

6. For there being more slops than props...


Thoughts? Rants? Complaints? Machine users? Send me your deck fixes and such (I know mine needs improvement)

Adam Goulden