Army of Dark Demise
Hong An Nguyen
The Arena
Salina, Kansas
August 28, 2004
$5 Entry Fee
Normal Monsters: x3
x2 Gemini Elf ( First attack wave )
x1 Archfiend Soldier ( I replaced him with Slate Warrior after the tournament )
Effect Monsters: x14
x1 Breaker the Magical Warrior ( Army General )
x1 Jinzo ( Second in command )
x1 Cyber Jar ( Reinforcements )
x1 Fiber Jar ( A second chance )
x1 Witch of the Black Forest ( Army Recruite )
x1 Tribe Infecting Virus ( Secret Weapon )
x1 Exiled Force ( Self sacrifice )
x1 Spear Dragon ( Defense break )
x1 Spirit Reaper ( The living & the dead fear those who don't die )
x1 Goblin Attack Force ( Strength in numbers )
x1 Magical Scientist ( Call to battle )
x3 Berserk Gorilla ( Second attack wave )
Spell: x17
x1 Monster Reborn
x1 Change of Heart
x1 Premature Burial
x1 Raigeki
x1 Harpie's Feather Duster
x1 Heavy Storm
x1 Dark Hole
x1 Pot of Greed
x1 Graceful Charity
x1 Swords of Revealing Light
x1 Creature Swap
x1 Mirage of Nightmare
x2 Nobleman of Crossout
x3 Mystical Space Typhoon
Traps: x6
x1 Imperial Order
x1 Ring of Destruction
x1 Call of the Haunted
x3 Waboku
Total: x40
Fusions: x3
x1 Thousand Eyes Restrict
x1 Dark Balter the Terrible
x1 Punished Eagle
Side deck: x3
x1 Barrel Behind the Door
x1 Trap of Board Eraser
x1 Card Destruction
My deck is a beatdown, plain and simple.
I didn't get to the Arena until noon.  The tournament had already started, and they told me
I couldn't enter.  I was pretty disapointed, and I walked around talking to people. I ran into
Brandon,a friend of mine.  He said that he got a by because he entered a little bit later and he
had nobody to duel against, so I asked Bud (the guy in charge) If I could just duel Brandon, and
so he let me enter.
Round One: Me V.S. Brandon (Chaos turned beatdown)
Brandon used to have chaos, but traded them to turn his deck into a beatdown.  He wasn't that
bad.  He had all the cards needed to have a beatdown, but my deck was just better.  I beat him
in the first round easily with an assault of Gorillas and blah blah blah.  In the second round, he
managed to summon a Jinzo, and I had nothing strong enough to destroy it, so I lost.  That was
when I started to get worried.  I really didn't want to lose to Brandon.  Luckily, I didn't
2 - 1
Round Two: Me V.S. Josh (He won the tournament)
Josh ran  chaos, and there's nothing I hate more than chaos.  In the first match, he pulled out his
Black Luste Soldier.  I had nothing to destroy it, so that was it.  In the seond match, I had total
control of the field with my beatdown monsters.  He only had 300 life points left, and he had
Sinister Serpant down in defense mode and I had Berserk Gorilla.  I had a creature swap in my
hand.  I luckily, I drew a Goblin Attack Force.  I summoned it, used creature swap, gave him my
Berserk Gorilla, and attacked with Goblin for game.In the third match, he had 
destroyed my witch and I chose to get Jinzo because I had change of heart in my hand.  I drew, 
it was a spell.  Jinzo was the only monster in my hand, I used change of heart, but he countered
with Imperial Order.  I didn't play any monsters, so he was pretty sure I only had magic, so he
payed for Imperial, and that was all she wrote.
1 - 2
The first three rounds of the tournament didn't really matter, cause even if you lost all three,
you'd still be in the tournament, so I was fine with my loss. 
Round Three: Me V.S. Colby (Another chaos turned beatdown)
Nobody out-does me when it comes to beatdown... it was over quickly.
2 - 0
We entered Round Four.  We were set up in brackets now, and it was single loss elimination.
Round Four: Me V.S. Brandon (Again)
I dominated the first match.  In the second match, he somehow pulled off another victory!!!!
I was really angry, I was like "What is going on here!?! I shouldn't be losing to him!" and I didn't.
2 - 1
Round Five: Me V.S. Craig (Burner)
I was really worried when I found out I had to verse Craig. For a long time, he was the best
dueler at the Arena.  I wasn't sure if I could pull off a victory.  I knew before our duel, that he
was running a burner, so I took out 2 wabokus and put in trap baord and barrel.  In the first
match, I was able to keep him from pulling off any stratedgy by using nobleman of crossout
on his face down monsters.  I beat him pretty quick.  The second match, he had Chain Energy,
Mask of Restrict (I had Jinzo in my hand), Gravity Bind, and Toll all out on the field.  I had Breaker,
Magical Scientist, and Goblin Attack Force.  Luckily, I drew Harpie's Feather Duster, and the duel
was over.
2 - 0
Semi-final: Me V.S. Sean or Shawn (Beatdown)
I had only dueld Sean once before.  He had every card needed to have a good beatdown, but
as I've said before, nobody out-does me.... nobody.
2 - 0
Finals: Me V.S. Josh (Again)
You already know what's going to happen.  I beat him in the first match.  I had a whole field of
monsters from cyber jar, and he didn't have anything to stop it.  In the second match, he used
Chaos Emperor's Dragon's effect for the game.  In the third match, he beat me with Jinzo...I
think. Oh well
1 - 2
There were 10 prize Holos:
Dark Magician Girl
Judgement of Anubis
Fiber Jar
Sages Stone (or something)
Spear Dragon
Tyrant Dragon
Slate Warrior
Machine King
(and two others that I can't remember cause they weren't any good anyway)
First place got to choose 4 cards
Second got to choose 3 cards
Third got to choose 2 cards
Fourth got to choose 1 card
Josh chose first, he got Judgement of Anubis
I chose next, I got Dark Magician Girl (she's so pretty)
Chris (third place) chose Fiber Jar I think... I didn't really care
Sean (fourth place) chose Tyrant Dragon (Grrr!!! that was my next choice!)
Next, Josh chose ....something, who really cares
I chose Slate Warrior (I've been wanting one for a while)
who really cares who got the rest, I chose Machine King, cause he was the best of what
was left.
I got to enter the tournament
I traded a Tyrant Dragon for a Dark Ruler HaDes (that's why I wanted another tyrant dragon)
I got second
I got Dark Magician Girl (I never thought I'd have one)
I traded a Freed the brave wanderer for a Spirit Reaper (My deck is nearly complete)
It was a lot of fun
I got second
It would've been so cool if I had gotten first, cause I almost didn't get to enter
I couldn't find a Sinister Serpant or Snatch Steal (that's all I need and my deck will be complete)
After the tournament, I took out Archfiend Soldier and Spear Dragon to put in Slate Warrior
and another Spirit Reaper.
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