Archfiends hit, Mazera rules


The Dicepool

Leuven, Belgium

Swiss, 22 people entered

Entry: Ä5 (TP pack included Ä3)


First of all, I would like thank for being the greatest site ever and of course for posting this!


Anyways: hereís the deck

Total amount of cards: 44


Tribute monsters ( 1 trib) :4


Mazera DeVille (special summon)x2

Great maju Garzettx1

Summoned Skull x1


Non-tribute monsters :16


Warrior of Zerax3

Desrook Archfiendx3

Tribe-Infecting Virusx1

Shadowknight Archfiendx1

Terrorking Archfiendx2

Berserk Gorillax2

Infernalqueen Archfiendx2

Witch of the Black Forestx1



Spell cards :15




Dark Holex1

Axe of Despairx1

Change of Heartx1

Tribute to the Doomedx1

Nobleman of Crossoutx1


Monster Rebornx1

Pot of Greedx1

Graceful Charityx1

Premature Burialx1


Trap cards :9



Mirror Forcex1

Bottomless Trap Holex1

Magic Jammerx1


Sakuretsu Armorx1

Trap Holex2

Seven Tools of the Banditx1


The tournament:


For those of you who read my last article: this tourney was about the same as the previous one, except it had a few more contenders and also a few more good players.


When I got to the shop it was already 11 AM, which was the original starting time of the tourney, but our judge is a bit lazy and slow, so itís alright, it only started at 11.30. My friend Piet (also seen in last tourney report) was so kind to lend me his pot of greed and his graceful charity, and gave me my third warrior of zera, I felt unstoppable. He runs a tribute-heavy deck with lots of annoying monsters, with newdoria as centrepiece. That can be annoying. I pulled a tiger axe, the same I got on the last tourney, and I traded it with the judge for a premature burial, because I somehow lost mine.


First round


I was facing Jeremy, a friend of mine that ran a Paladin deck, but it depended mostly on cheating while shuffling, like he needed his cards to be in the right order. We handed our decks to each other and I gave his deck a good shuffliní :D

Me: 8000-5000-3100

Him: 8000-4900-2400-0

This one wasnít that hard, I went first with a fairly good opening move, with berserk gorilla face up, but he got hold of it and somehow managed to deal me 3000 damage, I donít remember how it happened, but on my next turn I pummelled him down to 4900. he dark holed and hit me with mad dog of darkness, but I summoned Mazera to finish him off, after reborning the gorilla. He looked sad.


Me: 8000-6400

Him: 8000-5200-3200-0

This game was quite predictable, my hand sucked so I summoned warrior of zera with a set trap hole, hoping to lure a good monster out. He used change of heart and attacked, but couldnít sac it, I think his hand sucked too. Next turn I draw graceful, drawing pandemonium and Mazera, I brought him out, getting rid of his hand, he topdecked a sangan and set it, I summoned gorilla and attacked the face down with mazera, attacked directly with the gorilla, it was over next turn. He looked even more sad.


Second round


Me vs. Martin, the little kid with the Łberly weird deck, I canít figure out what to call it


Me: 8000-7000-4100-2100

Him: 8000-5400-4300-1200-0

This match was quite hard, I remember using seven tools on a mirror force, while I was attacking with a sangan and a warrior of zera. He got the upper hand after soul exchanging my terrorking for his helpoemer, he hit me with it, but I used tribe and reborned terrorking, can you say game?


Me: 8000

Him: 8000-5200-3400-1500-0

This one was a bit disappointing because he just didnít hit me! I summoned mazera on the first turn, and had hand and field advantage all the way. Not much to say actually.


Record: 4-0

Third round: me and my friend Piet cursed the dreaded Mantis tournament software, because we were matched up already.


Me: 8000-7200

Him: 8000-5200-2400-0

He cursed lending me his pot and graceful, because it turned my crappy opening hand into a killer hand, summoning Mazera on the first turn, discarding half his hand. I only took damage from premature burial, and I finished it early.


Me: 8000-6000

Him: 8000-6000-5100-3100-0

He went first, but had a bad hand, I attacked directly with the gorilla, he used magic cylinder on me, but I didnít help him out much, because next turn, I reborned a Gemini he had discarded and attacked directly, after dark holing the field to get rid of his face down monster, it was a newdoria, a bit of luck for me there. I got another gorilla and ended the game. Gotta love those gorillaís they just keep beating my opponents down.


Too bad for Piet, but I donít understand why I can beat him, his cards are way better than mine, with cylinder, duster, 2 MSTís and a lot of 1900ís.


Fourth round: hereís where it almost went wrong

Me vs. Maxim, we were the only ones with 3 wins, he runs a lot of great cards, combined with a lot of commons, bringing his deck to about 60 cards. I donít know how he had won 3 matches


Him: 8000-Ö-3600

I donít really remember anything, and the score sheet is messed up, so I can only say: I lost by decking out, I couldnít get rid of his gravity bind, it was really silly.


Me: 8000-Ö-900-0

Him: 8000-Ö-900

Here I have to say the same thing, but this time he did actually kill me, it was close, but I hate to say it, it was sheer bad luck for me.


Record: 6-2


Fifth round

Me vs. little kid who was scared of me, but really had a good deck for a little kid, though he wasnít a spoiled brat.


Me: 8000-5400

Him: 8000-5500-3500-0

He started out quite good, though he was always saying he was going to lose. But then, he actually lost, when I got my beloved gorilla and a terrorking out, attacking a face-down newdoria with the king, negating the effect, just gotta love that guy!



Him: 8000-6900-2700

The only damage I took was from my own premature burial, but I didnít draw strong monsters, so I attacked with a desrook for 1100 lp, and got out the king on the next turn.


Sixth round

Me vs. Manuel (chaos), his deck is good, he also runs a Mazera, but he seems to think 1 warrior of zera and 1 pandemonium are enough to effectively run him, but after some shuffling it becomes dead weight. His deck is strong though and I had a hard time beating him. Too bad I misplaced the score sheet, actually I just lost it, so I canít really tell you the details, except that he won the first duel, and I won the next 2; and it never was by large margin.


Record: 10-3


I was really pleased to find out that my friend Jeremy, with the Paladin deck, had defeated Maxim, thus making me first, Maxim second and Jeremy third. Manuel was really pissed because he too had only lost 1 match, but didnít get a prize. I won 3 TP packs an a starter deck Joey LOL! I gave Piet one of the TPís, because his pot and graceful had helped me a lot, but he pulled elfís light. I pulled a goddess with the third eye, maybe a good addition to the paladin deck?



Me for winning!!!!!!!!

Piet for ending fifth, at least itís better than ninth

The dicepool for organizing the tournament, and giving me a free die

Wilson, the judge for being lazy and slow so I could enter the tournament

Jeremy for ending third and placing me first!

Me for beating Manuel



Piet not pulling anything good

Piet for still only being fifth

Stefan, last tourneyís second, for ending ninth

The starter deck for being Joey, which is the crappiest of all, but hey, itís free!

Me for still not getting my own pot and graceful


Thanks for reading to the end, e-mail, hate-mail, fan-mail, but please no Ďget the staplesí or Ďyour deck sucksí-mail