Mighty Morphin’ Deck – Lucas P. – KardKaptors – Edmonton Alberta, Canada


Team Kaobi! O_O! –Captain Ginyu Pose-

July 30, 2004

$5 Entry

Boosters for 1st & 2nd place

Amount of Boosters Varies by Amount of Participants

Round Robin

I think there were 7 People? =/ I dunno <<;


          I hate having to wake up so early. <<; But my clothes needed a washing and they need something called time for that, so I had to make some time for a washin’ xD!. Seeing the growing popularity in Control Speed & Scientist decks, I needed to find a way to stop a deck that relied heavily on spells and tributing. Seeing as this is Mah Mighty Morphin’ Deck ^o~! A Lv. 5 Monster from an old set will come to my aid.


Deck list

Total: 42 Cards


Monsters: 15


Airknight Parshath

Spell Canceller (Card Mentioned Above =D)

Kycoo The Ghost Destroyer(Need Some Force, Masked Sorcerer wasn’t working)

Breaker the Magical Warrior (I dislike playing this, but it’s good)

Tribe Infecting Virus

D.D. Warrior Lady

D.D. Warrior Lady

Tsukuyomi (Joseph Told Me It Was Tech In Japan.  So it must Be Good! xD)

Witch of the Black Forest


Fiber Jar (Let’s hope that when we get a banned list, this guy won’t be on it ^~)

Spirit Reaper (Helps even out hand disadvantage after Fiber Jar)

Yata Garasu

Magical Scientist

Sinister Serpent


Spells: 20



Mystical Space Typhoon

Mystical Space Typhoon

Mystical Space Typhoon

Mirage of Nightmare

Premature Burial

Snatch Steal

Monster Reborn


Harpies Feather Duster

Dark Hole

Change of Heart (Another good card I dislike playing)

Metamorphosis (Severely underplayed, Baltar is a Bitch to deal with)


Delinquent Duo (Not Many Cards Stop Baltar, You should drop the ones that do)

Confiscation (Tim told me about playing Baltar, and how I should play)

The Forceful Sentry (Prenegation to protect it =D)

Painful Choice

Graceful Charity

Pot of Greed


Traps: 7


Imperial Order

Call of the Haunted



Ring of Destruction

Torrential Tribute (I dislike playing this, but I had to lower # of spells)

Mirror Force (Last semi-good card I dislike playing)


Side deck: 15



Vampire Lord

Goblin Attack Force

Goblin Attack Force

Goblin Attack Force

Kycoo The Ghost Destroyer

D.D. Warrior Lady

Exiled Force

Book of Moon


Mask of Restrict

Mask Of Restrict

Skill Drain

Skill Drain

Skill Drain

Round 1: Lucas vs. Lawrence (Speed Control)


To be honest Lawrence is one of the guys who I’m afraid of playing, it’s one of the speediest decks around and I enjoy playing it, but it’s really hard to beat.


The first game I got owned with Dark Magician of Chaos and Airknight Parshath.


The second was more interesting because I side decked in a lot of things. I slipped some Skill Drains (Stop Airknight, Sorcerer, DmoC) and Mask Of Restricts, to keep him from using Monster Gates, or Tribute summoning a large monster, I got this one I think through a Yata Lock? =/ Can’t remember.


The third was one of the most fun and tough games I’ve ever played. Skill Drain and Mask of Restrict helped A LOT, they were able to shut down a better portion of the deck. I don’t think my Goblins did much if anything, but slowly I was able to beat him down.


Round 2: Lucas vs. Wil (Burn Deck)


Wil plays a good burner deck, and I always enjoy having a round with him.


The first game I beat him quickly with Yata Garasu. =/


The second game was much quicker. He burned me up a lot with Solar Flare Dragons, Secret Barrels, and Ceasefire. I had 500 lp left and he summoned Solar Flare Dragon and ended his turn. =/


The third game was insane. I was able to use Fiber Jar about 3 times (Whenever he cut, it went to the top of my deck =/). It was so great. I needed to stop him from playing more effect monsters and spells, so that calls for Baltar.

<<! But what do I have? A Face up Spell Canceller =/

Tsukuyomi hit the field, flipped Canceller face down and I was able to metamorph it. Control was taken and I beat him quickly after that.


Round 3: Lucas vs. Waiyip (Not sure, I saw magnets though =/)


First game I was getting screwed over badly by Mirage of Nightmare, after I finally got that thing under control I was able to bring out Baltar and slap em’ up from there in.


Second game was awesome. I got close to all of my hand advantage within the first 2-3 turns. Airknight and Kycoo made short work of him.


Round 4: Lucas vs. Tony (Turtle/Speed Control)


Tony is one of my best friends and teammates, I knew his deck rather well and was able to use that to my advantage.


First Game I got owned with Magical Scientist and Catapult Turtle, I was launched to death first turn. =/


Second game I side decked all of my anti-speed and anti-effect cards, and slipped in Jinzo over Airknight. It worked great, I was able to get out Jinzo and Spell Canceller at the same time, locked and beat him for the win ^o~ v


Third game was good; we were both getting good top decks mid-late game. I hit a card out of his hand with Spirit Reaper. He top decks some recursion or something. A Jinzo and Dark Magician of Chaos massacred Spirit Reaper. I had a little bit of life left and a set Mask or Restrict. =D. He tributes DmoC for Turtle and shoots Jinzo at me for the win. Very well played.


Round 5: Lucas vs. Tim (Speed Control)


If you want info on Tim, see my description for Lawrence. Another one of my friends. He’s the reason I main decked Spell Canceller, so I would have somewhat of a head start if I got it out early game.


First game I was able to Canceller/Yata Lock him. It was thuper =D


Second game, Tim told me he was a bit off today. And I could tell. I was able to Yata lock him quickly, but being mah greedy self. I played Delinquent Duo while already ahead and dropped his DMoC. He brought it back with something, I and I got slapped up for a turn. I drew, and  think I got a dark hole (irrelevant). I flipped my Snatch Steal (used as a bluff) and took his Dark Magician, tributed it for Spell Canceller and it was downhill for him.


He knew that I had a Spell Canceller, he gave it to me through Painful Choice, and when I snatched his Dark Magician, it slipped his mind to chain Scapegoat. Poor Tim. =D





Round 6: Lucas vs. Kurt (Chaos… EW OO)


Bah, I’m sorry if you’re reading this Kurt. But usually you’re just a slap around guy. But now are a force that one should try to prepare for.


First Game I lost to Kurt. I drew Sinister Serpent and Breaker, and everything else was crap. No hand advantage.


I side some anti chaos for a fear of a BLS or CED, neither show up, and I get beat down again.


Okay Doke. It was now a cut off for Top 4.


Top 4 are.


Tony (Turtle/Speed Control)

Lawrence (Speed Control)

Kurt (Chaos)

Lucas (Baltar Control)


To my luck.  I play Kurt again! Oo;; See above for details.. It was over fast.


Props & Slops Time



Round Robin

Spell Canceller


$5 Entry

Perry? <<; God…

Speed Control, those decks are fun to watch.

Making top 4

Getting my second Mask of Restrict



Chaos, so many people around here have stopped playing Chaos due to how it’s boringness and unoriginality. And those who still play it, walk around on top of the rest.

No Entry Prize

Hot Day

Waking up early

Balia didn’t come xD!



Lucas Potts