Master O--Beatdown--Odisy 2004,NS/Canada


About 24 people.


1st-3 Packs of choice

2nd-2 Packs of choice

3rd-1 pack of choice


Entry Fee was 2 dollars.


Heres my deck wich needs an upgrade ;)


Monsters 5+


Barrel Dragon

Summoned Skull (2)


Monsters 4-


Harpies Brother (3)

7 Colored Fish (3)

Hysteric Fairy (2)

La Jinn The Mystical Genie Of The Lamp

Man Eater Bug (3)

Cyber Jar

Nimble Momonga (3)

Mask Of Darkness

Witch Of The Black Forest

Magician Of Faith (2)

Penguin Soldier (2)




Heavy Storm




Swords Of Revealing Light

Pot of Greed

Graceful Charity

Ekibyo Drakmord

Mystical Space Typhoon (Used to have 2, but 1 was stolen)

Delinquent Duo

Monster Reborn

Axe Of Despair

Change of Heart

Card Destruction




Magic Jammer (2)

7 Tools Of The Bandit (2)

Spellbinding Circle

Waboku (2)

Horn of Heaven

Skull Lair

Magic Cylinder

Trap Hole


Im not going to write my side-deck simply because I didnt use it. Anyways, my deck is all mixed up, and I dont have raigeki and stuff, but where I live Yu-Gi-Oh! isn't to popular so I make the best of what I got, here goes.


Round 1: Master O vs. Skinny blonde kid (Exodia)


He goes first, sets 2 face down cards, and a monster in face down defence. It's my turn and my hand contains the following ( Penguin Soldier, Axe Of Despair, Magic Jammer, 7 Tools, Waboku and I draw Pot Of Greed. I use it to draw Ekibyo Drakmord and Magic Cylinder.) I  set Waboku and Cylinder, put Pengiun Soldier face down and end. He goes and activates Pot Of Greed. He seems rather happy, he sets another defence and ends. I draw Skull Lair and put it face down. I flip Penguin Soldier, leaving his field open. I summon Hapies Brother with Axe, and attack directly, he uses Waboku, I use 7 Tools. (8000-7000,  8000-5200). He draws, and activates Swords, I use Magic Jammer discarding Ekibyo. My turn I draw a Delinquent Duo and use it, I manage to get rid of the Left Arm, he gets rid of Jar of Greed. I then attack with a pumped Harpies brother and Penguin, devistating him. (8000-7000,  8000-5200-1850). I end. He draws and sets a defence. I draw 7 Colored Fish and summon. I attack with Harpies, killing his Yomi Ship. I then attack with 7 Colored and Penguin For the win. (8000-7000,  8000-5200-1850-1800-0).


Round 2: Pretty much the same thing exept this duel he got a direct attack with Summoned Skull, and I lost LP's with 2 7 Tools and a Delinquent Duo, this match was certainly harder, but I won. (8000-5500-4500-3500-2500,  8000-6200-4400-3400-1600-0)


Next Match is me Vs. A guy my age (Good Yata-Lock Deck)


I go first, and get (SpellBinding Circle, Change of Heart, Axe, Harpies, Penguin Soldier and Man Eater Bug. I set SpellBinding, and Change of Heart, put Soldier in defence. He went, set down 1 card and summoned Gemeni Elf and attacked. I brought Soldier back. My turn I drew Delinquent Duo ( I love this card against Yata decks.) I used Change of Heart, and summoned Harpies with Axe. I attacked directly for sweet damage.(8000,  8000-3700). His turn he used Dark Hole. Summoned Goblin Attack Force and I activated SpellBinding Cirlce, his face down was 7 Tools, so he used and attacked. (8000-5700,  8000-3700-2700). My turn I drew Cylinder, set it, and put Soldier in defence. His turn he summoned Berserk Gorrilla, Attacked and they were both back in his hand. My turn I drew Hysteric Fairy and attacked directly. (8000-5700,  8000-3700-2700-900). His turn he put Goblin Attack Force, attacked and I used Cylinder ending the duel. (8000-5700,  8000-3700-2700-900-0).


Round 2: I went first and made a big mistake. I drew (Trap Hole, Mystical Space Typhoon, Harpies Brother, La Jinn, and Hysteric Fairy.) I set all my cards, and put harpies in attack and ended. He used Raigeki, Feather duster and Yata. It was all downhill from there. I was pecked for 8000 to 0 bit by bit, his LP's were untouched.


Round 3: He went, summoned Berserk Gorrilla, and 1 face down. I went, and got (Mystical Space Typhoon, Darkhole, Waboku, Magic Jammer, 7 Tools and Harpies.) I used MST on his MST. I used Dark Hole, and attacked with Harpie. (8000,  8000-6200). He went, set a face-down, Raigekied me, Summoned Goblin, with 2 axes and attacked directly :O (8000-3700,   8000-6200). I went. Drew a Cylinder. Put Cylinder, Jammer and Waboku down and ended. He drew and used Pot of Greed. He used MST on my Jammer, and attack with Goblin, well so he thought. I used Cylinder and blasted him. (8000-3700,  8000-6200-1900) He summoned Gemeni and attack, I took care of that with Waboku. My turn I drew Nimble Momonga and set him. He summoned another Gemeni, attack Nimble, I put two more down and he attacked them as well. (8000-3700-6700,  8000-6200-1900). My turn I got Gracefull. I used it to get Cyber Jar, Ekibyo and Man Eater Bug. I got rid of Man Eater and Ekibyo and set Cyber Jar. He attacked. I drew Hysteric Fairy (2), Axe, Mask of Darkness and Pot of Greed. He got His last Gemeni, Yata-Garasu, Snatch Steal, Jinzo and Injection Fairy Lily. He attack my Hysteric Fairy, and ended. I drew 7 Colored Fish. I used Pot, getting Swords and Change of Heart, I flipped Mask of Darkness, got Cylinder, set it and ended. He Attacked my other Hysteric Fairy, to bad I used Cylinder and ended it clean. (8000-3700-6700-6600,  8000-6200-1900-0)


Semi Finals


Me vs Justin (Beatdown)


I went first getting ( La Jinn, The lovely Cylinder, Hapies Bro (2), Dark Hole and Mystical Space Typhoon. I went First, summoned Harpies Brother, set Cylinder and ended. He Summoned Goblin, set 3 cards,and attacked, good thing cylinder was there.(8000,  8000-5700). I drew, getting Graceful and used it. I drew Pot, Axe and Heavy Storm. I discarded Harpie and La Jinn, and used heavy storm, getting rid of Raigeki, Duster and 7 Tools. Then I used Pot of Greed getting Megamorph (Useless because im winning) and Delinquent duo. I used Delinquent getting rid of Swords and Gemeni. I gave Harpies Bro and Axe and attacked Goblin. (8000-7000,  8000-4800). His turn he used Change of Heart, summoned Goblin Attack Force and attacked directly :O (8000-7000-1900,  8000-5700-4800). My turn I drew HystericFairy, attacked his Goblin, and then attack directly (8000-7000-1900,  8000-5700-4800-2000). His turn he used Kycoo and attacked. Im at 100 and I draw. I get Scapegoat and set. He summons Berserk Gorrilla, they get rid of 2 scapegoat. I draw and set Cyber Jar. He attacks. I draw (Harpies Bro, 7 Colored Fish, Swords, Nimble and Change of heart. HE GETS NO MONSTERS! He got 2 MST, 7 Tools, Delinquent Duo and Jammer. He sets everything and ends. I draw and attack for the win. Phew. (8000-7000-1900-100,  8000-5700-4800-2000-0).


Round 2: Pretty much as long, hard and boring as the first one but I managed to do better.

(8000-5700-3800,  8000-6200-4400-0)


Final Round.


Me vs. Store Owner (Crazy Beatdown)


I went first and got (All 3 Harpies Bro, Dark Hole, Axe and Hysteric Fairy.) I summon Hysteric Fairy with Axe, set Dark Hole and end. He uses Heavy Storm. The Raigeki. The Pot. He sets 4 M/T, summons Goblin attack force with Mage Power for a direct attack. (8000-2300,  8000)

My turn I get Magician of faith and set him in defence. His turn he uses Graceful getting rid of Bazoo and Torriential Tribute. I knew he owned this game from the first move. He summons another Goblin, and attacks with both. (8000-2300-0,  8000). Man I was crushed.


Round 2: Pretty much the same, but he lost LP's whene Summoned Skull attacked directly and whene he stoped Cylinder with 7 Tools. (8000-5700-3400-0,  8000-5500-4500)


Well it was fun and I can't complain about second, well actually i think I can.




I showed lots of people that you dont need Raigeki and stuff to win.

I had fun.

For dueling in the first place.



2nd. (Notice how that's good and bad.)

Didn't get to trade.

Pulled horrible stuff out my packs.

Long walk home. (It was rainy.)


If you want to e-mail me or talk, or have questions, my e-mails