Girl Power Deck

Daniel Roco

Altermundi Card Store

Villa Alemana, Chile

July 29, 2004

32 Participants


††††††††††††††† Hi!, This itís my first Tounament Report, please be nice. As you already know, my name itís Daniel, from Chile, South America. Iíll start saying this was a regional tournament, for promoving the Invasion of Caos gift box. There was allowed using japanese cards, but you must have the translation printed, so everyone can read it.

Well, itís time tosay something abut my deck, rigth?


Girl Power Deck:


Monsters x 20


2x Harpie Lady (My favorite monster J)

1x Cyber Harpie (A strong pretty ovious choice)

2x Harpie Lady Sisters (Special summon for the deck itís always a nice surprise for your oponent)

1x Harpieís Pet Dragon (Maybe not the strongest 2 tributes monster in the game, but I like boost monters bythemselves)

3x Amazoness Paladin (A good four stars self-boosting monster)

2x Amazoness Swords Woman (All damage to oponent, good)

2x Amazoness Fighter (No damage?, Cool)

1x Amazoness Chain-Wielder (Steal Yata-garasu, Vampire Lord and Jinzo for your oponent handitís pretty convenient)

1x Amazon Archer (In Gravity Bind or Tool case)

1x Amazoness Tiger (Amazonessís bodyguard)

1x Witch of the Black Forest (Search monters)

1x Sangan (Search monsters)

1x Cyber Jar (Dark Hole/Serch monstre effect all in one)

1x Magician of Faith (Spell recovery)


Spellsx 14


1x Harpieís Feather Duster (Stample)

2x Mystical Space Typhoon (Destroy face up spells and trap cards is necessary, especially in A Legendary Ocean themed decks)

2x Amazoness Spellcaster (Increasing Paladin and Tiger attack, and decreasing Swords Woman power)

2x Elegant Egotist (CallHarpie Lady reinforcements to the field)

1x Pot of Greed (Draw cards)

1x Graceful Charity (Draw more cards)

1x Swords of Revealing Light (In bad-looking moments)

1x Butterfly Dagger-Elma (It always come back, I like that)

1x Change of Heart (Necessary)

1x Monter Reborn (Basic)

1x Dark Hole (Necessary)


Traps x 11


2x Amazoness Archers (Genocide, specially against Magician of Faith)

2x Mirror Wall (Cute surprise defense)

1x Dramatic Rescue (Mostly for summonig Harpieís Pet Dragon for free)

1x Spell Shield Type-8 (Ryrioku Field/Magic Jammer Effect, I like that)

1x Magic Jammer (Proteccion)

1x Fairyís Hand Mirror (Stealling opponentís equip spell cards)

1x Raigeki Break (Dark Ruler Hades/Yata-garasu destroyer)

1x Bottomless Trap Hole (Special summoned monsters nigthmare)

1x Seven Tools of the Bandit (Proteccion)


Total x 45


Cyber Harpie

Wind/Winged-Beast - Level 4 - 1800/1300

Effect: This Monster counts as a {Harpie Lady}.


Amazoness Chain-Wielder

Earth/Warrior - Level 4 - 1500/1300

Effect: If this Monster is destroyed in battle and goes to the Graveyard, you may choose to pay 1500LP to choose a Monster card in your opponentĎs Hand, and add that card to your own Hand. You may use the card as your own, and when it gets sent to the Graveyard, it goes into its original ownerís Graveyard.


Side Deck x 15


3x Fire Princess (I heal he/she burns, sound good)

3x Marie the Fallen One (Graveyard effect, hard to stop)

3x Cure Mermaid (800 life ponts, thatīs all)

1x Injection Fairy Lily (Jinzoís killer)

1x Spell Canceller (Traps proteccion)

2x Gravity Bind (Proteccion)

2x Light of Intervention (Flip effects negation)


My strategy is mostly tclear their field with my trap cards Mirror Walll and Amazoness Archers and then summon as many self-boosting monters I can and make my opponents cry.Well, the tournament was

single-elimination, very common. The side deck strategy itís clearly a Fire Princess burning deck, good against burning and defense decks. The winner got 5 packs of any booster pack he/she likes or the Invasion of Caos gift box, the 2nd place got choice of 3 packs, the 3rd got choice of 2 packs and the 4th got choice of 1. The rest some gift cards from the card store owner, a pretty nice lady.


Round 1 - # of participants left: 32

Me vs. a really kreppy guy named Fransisco

Deck type: Spellcaster

1st Duel:Pretty easy, his beatdown deck fall against my traps, no real challenge.

2nd Duel:Thatís was a bit hard when he equip his Maha Vailo with two Axes of Despair, thanks God for Raigeki BreakÖ.

Overall: This guy has too many equip spell cards, but he donítís have a good monster/spell balance .



Round 2 - # of participants left: 16

Me vs. My scary sister

Deck Type: Fiend/Dark

1st Duel: Itís was hard, she oviously know my deck, buy all his fiend-type monsters were fooled by my Mirror Wall strategy (Weak monster, easy food?, Surprise!, Mirror Wall).

2nd Duel: Here I have to use my side deck, she wonít gonna fell again in my traps, soy the Spell Canceller, Gravity Bind/Light of Intervention combo beat she, not because the burning strategy, because she run out of cards.

Overall: Stop showing my deck to potencials opponents.



Round 3 - # of Participants left: 8

Me vs. Gabriel

Deck type: Yata-Garasu

1st Duel: It was really funny when after he finally draws his Yata-garasu (Around his 14t h turn, I destroy it with Raigeki BeakÖOh man, I love that card.

2nd Duel: Hereís was a hard duel, his Yata-Garasu strategy was killing me, but the I draw my Amazoness Chain-Wielder and by making it attack his Breaker the Magical Warrior (1600 attack) I finally steal his Yata-Garasu, and with the capacity of draw again, I sweept the floor with he.

Overall:I hate Yata-Garatu.



Round 4 - # of Participants left: 4 (Semi-Finals)

Goat vs. Diego

Deck Type: Magical Scientist

1st Duel: In one word, easy, he never was able to draw his Magical Scientist, I never let him use Last Will, and my Amazoness Chain-Wielder stole his Sangan, so I destoy his defenses and him.

2nd Duel: Two words, more easy, in this duel I use the Cure Mermaids from my side deck, so when he finally use his Magicl Scientist/Catapult Turtle combo, doesnít make me tickling.

Overall: Magical Scientist decks must have at least two Bad Reaction to Simochi.



Round 5 - # of participants left: 2 (Finals)

Goat vs. Little Yugi (Sebastian)

Deck Type: Yugi Cards

1st Duel: Hard, I finally understand why Yugi beats almos everyone in the anime, his Alpha/Betha/Gamma/Valkyrion combo beats me.

2nd Duel: Movie like duel, he starts and puts a face-down monter and a face-down trap card, then in my turn Mystical Space Typhoon destroy it (It was Mirror Force!), then I play Dark Hole and destroy his Giant Soldier of Stone, the I play Graceful Charity and discard Harpieís Pet Dragon and Amazoness Fighter, Then I play Monter Reborn to bring back the dragon and then sumon Harpie Lady, after that I play two Elegant Egotist to bring out Harpie Lady Sisters and Cyber Harpie, and equip my Harpie Lady with Butterfly Dagger-Elma, 2000+1300+1800+1950+300+300+300:Too much. In his turn he destroy my Harpie Lady with Betha, but it doesít really matter, the duel was mine.

3rd Duel: HARD, the duel was too tight, but when he was ready to beat me, he attack my Amazoness Paladin with his Dark Magician Girl, I activate Amazoness Archers, and not only destroy his Dark Magician Girl, also his preciate Big Shield Gardna, and the I won.

Overall: I almost lost, Yugi theme decks are really tough.



Tournament Overall: I have to admit it, I was soo lucky this time. As prize I choose the booster packs (5 Magicianís Force) , I get Dark Magician Girl (n_n), Catís Ear Tribe, Combination Attack, Maga Ton Magical Cannon and Y-Dragon Head. Iím so much happy!!!


Thanks to:

- To my girls

- To Little Yugi for that match, it was awesome

- To me for pulling a dark Magician Girl (Everybody was so jealous)

- To Claudio for feed me (I was starving)


Thanks for reading my first Tourney Report. If you have any questions,

comments, complaints or whatever, please E-mail me at


And remember, anything itís possible with love and beauty.