World Championship 2004
July 25, 2004
Anaheim Convention Center
Kevin Alcantar "Rage"
For those who have read my previous reports know that Fiend Anarchy was a budgeted deck. In three days I got all the cards I needed to boost it up. Here's Fiend Anarchy Unleashed:

x3 Dark Necrofear
x1 Dark Ruler Ha Des
x1 Jinzo
x3 Giant Orc
x3 Archfiend Soldier
x1 Newdoria
x3 Night Assailants
x3 Kuriboh
x1 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
x1 Slate Warrior
x1 Dark Jeroid
x1 Tribe Infecting Virus
x1 Witch of the Black Forest
x1 Sangan
x3 Mystical Space Typhoon
x1 Heavy Storm
x1 Dimension Fusion
x1 Dark Hole
x1 Creature Swap
x1 Pot of Greed
x1 Graceful Charity
x1 Card Destruction
x1 Swords of Revealing Light
x1 Tribute to the Doomed
x1 Monster Reborn
x1 Nobleman of Crossout
x1 Waboku
x1 Magic Cylinder
x1 Ring of Destruction
x1 Magic Drain
x1 Solemn Judgement

I don't remember all the duels but most of them were Paladin decks which I like and would run if  Fiends weren't around. I went around and went up against my little bro and his Weenie Rush deck.

Duel 1: FAU vs. Wennie Rush
He went first and set 1 card and played Mataza the Zapper. I drew Monster Reborn, Dimension Fusion, Nobleman, Waboku, Necrofear, and Jinzo. I remember him activating Gravity Bind and then me playing Waboku facedown. I kept taking hits from his Inaba White Rabbit until I played Jinzo and wiped him out.
Me: 8000 - ?
Him: 8000 - ?- 0

Duel 2:FAU vs. ? Deck
This guys name was Randy and he looked pretty confident when he challenged me so I knew I was going to lose. I didn't touch his life points until I RoD one of my monsters.
Me: 0
Him: 8000 - 5800

Duel 3: FAU vs. No Theme
This guy was funny and instantly became one of my friends. I don't know how to contact him and don't know his name and if he reads this email me to hotmail to my email at the bottom. I remember he destroyed me and after he recommended I got another Dark Ruler for Necrofear.

Duel 4: FAU vs. Dark Magician
I dueled this guy 2 times and beat him. He wore a green Legend of Zelda shirt and also became my friend. If you read this also email me at the bottom. I remember taking his Dark Megician with Necrofear and owning him twice. I don't remember the life points but I defeated him twice.

Duel 4: FAU vs. Chaos (Chris)
This guy also became my friend. He played Japanese Envoys but that was okay with me. He had a red Anaheim Angels hat and a red shirt. If you read this also email me. I  remember Card Destruction before he summoned an Envoy and Kycoo. I dueled him twice and he won once and I won once.

Duel 5: FAU vs. Above 3 (Double Duel)
I really don't  remember I just remember the No them guy losing to me first and then me taking hits directly from Goblin Attack Force from Dark Magician guy and losing. Then my partner Chris using Scapegoat and United We Stand and winning and then everyone  laughing a lot afterward since Scapegoat sucks and then Zelda guy lost. LOL!

-Me dueling a lot
-Me dueling different decks
-Me Making Friends with Chris and everyone else
-Me getting another messed up Jinzo from Chris
-Me dueling a lot of Paladin decks

-Me leaving before 3:00
-Me missing the final
-Me not dueling more
-I not asking my new friends for emails
Anyone have questions send 'em to and if you are Chris or Zelda guy or No theme Funny Guy then tell me right away.