Exodia Infinite Draw Combinations Deck

Sergey Pshenichkin (Krowbar)

Dream Wizards (http://www.dreamwizards.com)

Rockville, Maryland

Tournament Dates: Every Sunday (usually)

Registration: 12:30 P.M – 1:30 P.M

Fee: $6 + tax ($6.30 total)

Participants: 32

Prizes: 1st place gets 3 packs, 2nd place gets 2 packs, and everyone else gets 1 pack. Pack types vary. Today 1st and 2nd place got AST packs, and everyone else got PGD packs.


Sunday, July 25, 2004



Exodia cards X5

Manticore of Darkness X2

Gearfried the Iron Knight X3

Royal Magical Library X3


Witch of the Black Forest

Fiber Jar


Des Lacooda X2

Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu



Dimension Fusion

Graceful Charity

Premature Burial

Butterfly Dagger – Elma

Painful Choice

Card of Safe Return

Upstart Goblin


Pot of Greed

Harpie’s Feather Duster

Dark hole

Swords of Revealing Light

Monster reborn

Heavy Storm



Jar of Greed X3

Reckless Greed

Gravity Bind

Call of the Haunted


Side Deck: None


Fusion Deck: None


Total: 40


Before we begin, I think I should explain my deck a bit. Obviously, the point is to summon Exodia, but my deck focuses on the two infinite draw combinations. The first one is done with a Gearfried and a Royal Magical Library on the field and activating Butterfly Dagger – Elma. If you equip it to Gearfried, then the Library gets a counter on it, then Gearfried destroys the dagger, then the dagger’s second effect brings it back to your hand. Equip the dagger to Gearfried two more times to get two more counters on Royal Magical Library, and then sacrifice the three counters to draw a card. Equip the dagger to Gearfried three more times; draw a card, repeat until you get Exodia. The second combo is to use two Manticores of Darkness. Send one to the graveyard, and then sacrifice the second one to revive the first one, and then sacrifice that one to revive the other one, and just keep up the cycle. Play Card of Safe Return before you pull off the Manticore loop, then just keep drawing and stop using its effect once you get Exodia. 


The night before the tournament I made a deck for me and one for my friend Leo, who came with me to play in the tournament and get new cards. Leo came over at about 11:30 and we soon left. We got to the store around 12:20. We traded with some people (I traded a Kuriboh from MRD for a common Kuriboh and a Solemn Judgment), then we registered and traded and played a few duels with a few people until 1:30 when the tourney started.


Round 1: Me vs. Squeak


No, seriously, his name was Squeak. It was an unusual name, but I didn’t ask him about it. I didn’t think it was a big deal, besides, who am I to talk with a name like mine? Anyway…


Duel 1:

This kid told me it was his first tourney, so I felt really bad beating him the way I did. I have a poor memory for details, but I’ll try my best. Anyway, I went first and I played Painful Choice. He gave me Gearfried, but, more importantly, he sent my 2 Manticores to the graveyard. I played Card of Safe Return, then Monster Reborn to revive Manticore of Darkness drew, and then I ended, thus pulling off the Manticore combo before he could play a card. Understandably, he was a bit upset.


Duel 2:

This duel was a bit better. He came at me with gagagigo, but he couldn’t get by my Royal Magical Library. I was a bit confused when he played Gravity Bind. I assume he was either desperate or playing it safe. After a few turns I managed to summon Gearfried and use the Butterfly combo, thus ending the game.


Results: He was a good player, and I got pretty lucky. All he needs is some practice and a few stronger cards. I won, but he got Great Dezard from his pack, which is better than what I usually get (doubles of bad cards I already have).


Round 2: Me vs. Mystery Guy (Name?)


He had an accent that sounded Indian, but I didn’t get his name. Leo and I were about to trade with him, but the round started. When we found out we were playing each other, he said “now that is irony”. Anyway…


Duel 1:

He went first, set a monster, then I used pot of greed, then graceful charity, then I had the same three cards from round 1 duel 1, so I used the same combo (Painful Choice, Card of Safe Return, Premature Burial on Manticore, Manticore loop).


Duel 2:

This duel was pretty good. I defended myself well, but his Blue-Eyes White Dragon was too strong and killed me quickly. I had 4 Exodia cards in my hand, but he used Card Destruction. He was so proud of himself because he thought that once they died I had no way to bring them back, though he was mistaken. However, he wiped out my LP before I could play Fiber Jar.


Duel 3:

Being all jazzed up after his victory, the poor guy must have been jumpy. He played his Card Destruction as soon as he drew it, killing one Exodia piece. I defended myself, which was easy because he was afraid of “something sneaky”, i.e. Sangan or Witch of the Black Forest. I flipped my Fiber Jar, resetting the game. Since he had to ask what it did, I assume the poor guy didn’t know and thus didn’t expect it. He must have been upset. After that I set my Sangan. Once he killed it, I revived it with Monster Reborn then played Dark Hole, giving me my fifth Exodia card and the win.


Results: He was a decent player, nothing too special, but he wasn’t bad. For some reason he kept trying to rub in the fact that he beat me once and killed 4 Exodia cards, even though I mentioned a few times that I’m not afraid of losing Exodia pieces because I have Fiber Jar. Oh well, he paid for it with his terrible prize, a pack with a Gora Turtle. He was a good player, but he needs to take his time and think how to use his cards most efficiently. Had he waited to play the Card Destruction a bit later in the third duel, things might have been different. Oh well…. Leo was eliminated, but he didn’t mind too much. The day actually went pretty well for him.


Round 3: Me vs. Andy


Duel 1: See Round 2, Duel 1. My luck today was unbelievable.


Duel 2: After my 1 turn victory Andy seemed depressed. Maybe it was because he had a bad hand, maybe it was because he didn’t think he could win. Maybe he was tired, or maybe he wasn’t depressed, just deep in thought. Anyway, we both defended for a bit. He tried to attack me, but couldn’t break through my Library. I managed to get really lucky, and drew Exodia manually, no Sangan, Witch or anything, although I had to go through about half my deck with cards like Jar of Greed, Pot of Greed, Graceful Charity, etc…


Results: I can’t really make any judgments on Andy’s skills, and I guess I won’t get the chance. It seemed to me he just had a stroke of bad luck, especially when he got a Pyramid Turtle in his pack. It got worse when his deck got stolen. After the tournament I gave him some of my common cards that he needed for the new deck that he was building. I didn’t need them, I was never going to use them, and he just had his deck stolen. Unfortunately, the thief (thieves?) also got Leo’s Harpie’s Feather Duster and my 1st edition Black Skull Dragon, which was my favorite card. When I noticed it was gone, I was livid. But I digress…


Round 4: Me vs. Christian


Duel 1:

Christian was one of the store favorites to win, and he was really tough. I managed to defend myself with Library while he drained his LP with Lilly. He used Snatch Steal on my Library, but that only helped me gain LP. He eventually used Ring of Destruction to get rid of it. At the end all he had was a defense mode Tribe-infecting Virus and Lilly with 900 LP, and All I had in my hand was the Exodia head. I drew Raigeki (wow, what a top-deck), played it, attacked him with Exodia, and beat him.


Duel 2:

I defended myself well, but I was beaten with raw power.


Duel 3:

This duel was pretty good. He was really frustrated with my libraries, and I managed to stall for a while, but it was futile when he attacked me with my Gearfried, Tribe, and Lilly, though I did manage to hold drag out the duel and put up a good fight before losing.


Results: I lost in round 4, the semifinals. The other guy who lost in the semifinals got Ring of Destruction, but I got stuck with Pharaoh’s Treasure. Leo and I decided to go to lunch, then we came back to work on our decks. We got one duel done before we left.


Props (in no particular order):

Me for getting further than I have in a long time.

Leo for getting the XYZ and Strike Ninja he wanted

Judges who knew what they were talking about.

People who complimented the genius combos of my deck (I don’t think it’s all that special, but it surprised a lot of people who didn’t seem to have ever heard of the combos).

My opponents for challenging me

Dream Wizards for hosting

Pojo for posting

You for reading


Slops (in no particular order):

Store thieves

Crappy prizes

Me for losing (I’m very hard on myself)


My email: Metalkrowbar@yahoo.com


Please feel free to email me any comments, questions, suggestions, flames, deck ideas and fixes, etc….  Honestly, I don’t check my email as often as I should, but I’ll try to do so more often. Thank you for reading!