This is an incredible story of my tourney that happened Sat. July 24, 2004
Chaos Power!!!!!!

Pacific Gift Shop
Pacific Mall
Toronto, Ontario
$7 to enter
1st - 4 packs
2nd - 3 packs
3rd - 1 pack
Total of 16 people entered

1 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy Of The Beginning
1 Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy Of The End
1 Spirit Reaper
1 Jinzo
1 Magician Of Faith
1 Blowback Dragon
1 Spear Dragon
2 Thunder Nyan Nyan
1 Archfiend Soldier
1 Mad Dog Of Darkness
1 Cyber Jar
1 Sangan
1 Witch Of The Black Forest
1 Reflect Bounder
1 Sinister
1 Dark Magician Of Chaos
1 Yata
--18 Monsters--
1 Raigeki
1 Heavy Storm
1 Harpies Feather Duster
1 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 Painful Choice
1 Premature Burial
1 Pot Of Greed
1 Graceful Charity
1 Monster Reborn
1 Dark Hole
1 Change Of Heart
1 Creature Swap
1 Snatch Steal
1 Swords Of Revealing Light
1 The Forceful Sentry
1 Scapegoats
--16 Magics/Spells--
1 Inperial Order
1 Call Of The Haunted
1 Magic Jammer
1 Seven Tools Of The Bandit
1 Mirror Force
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Waboku
1 Magic Cylinder
1 Bottomless Traphole
1 Ring Of Destruction
--10 Traps--
Total: 44
No side deck, didn't feel like it.

The Tournament started at 2:00 pm every saturday, so me and my friend decided we'll go today and try to win 1st place. He
came in 2nd the last time we went, which was 2 weeks ago... and the closest i ever got to was third place, but it was my 3rd
time joining the tournament. This will be my forth time join as we entered the shop and paid to enter the tourney. I knew
this time i had to warm up my deck because 2 weeks ago i didn't warm up and my deck was full of magic and traps combined or
bad hand, i got knocked out the first round. So it was 2:00pm already and everyone was set to start.

I'm running a Chaos Deck..... Please don't be hating because i so happened to pull one up, and everyone is playing Chaos,
so my fav saying is "if you can't beat them, join them" but i will change my deck soon...

Round 1 Me vs. Warrior Deck
I played this guy for warm up earlier so i knew it was warrior. He was playing mataza with axe, while adding some
beatdowns warriors to his deck, lead by two maurading captains and don zaloog.

1st game - I knew it wasn't easy because he kinda had a swarm warrior deck where like 3 monsters were already on the
field on the first turn. which was bad for me.. i can't remember what was going on because i knew his deck was capable of
beating mine, but i happened to win the first game.

2nd game - didn't know what was going on either, and can't remember all the lp we had during the entire tourney but i
knew he had 3 monsters on the field and found a way to atk me directly 3 times.

3rd game - Pretty close though, i creature swap his monster with my sinster and atk for the final blow.

Round 2 Me vs. David
This guy is my friend's friend, but i sorta know him a bit. he killed me before in the semi, and forced me to settle
for third :( but i knew this time was pay back and it was a month ago, so this time i was prepared for him and he knew
it.. he knew i would murder him! and in fact i did!
Game 1 - we basically traded hits. both of us clearing field, reborning, etc. But it came down to me having 3 monsters on
the field having to snatch his monster and creature swap the other.

Game 2 - This game had me frightened because i never expected to end so soon. Stupid Cyber Jar helped him and not me,
got 5 m/t's from cyber jar, and it was his cyber so he murdered me with 4 monsters

I forgot to mention, he was also running a chaos deck!! but that didn't scare me! THIS IS ONE OF THE CRAZY KILL I'VE

Game 3 - Do or die for me.. but i didn't feel i will lose! i had faith in my cards. "Believe in the heart of the card" yeah
ok... i try next round. which was the best round for me!! keep reading, its a must read!!! ok this game was pretty much to
the wire.. but his life points were about 2000 higher than mine, so im guessing it would be around 5000 - 2900. all i
remember was that he had no spells or trap on the field and he just summoned CED without blowing it... phew..
(he had one card in his hand, i had 3 (Black Luster, CED, Snatch!!!) i was looking at his field.. ONLY CED?!!?? then i was
thinking.. if i have 2 light and 2 dark, then i will summon my 2 chaos and snatch his for an open field.. so drew, got
sinster... but that didn't matter, i SS both chaos, snatched his... and also had another monster on the field 1900 atker...
3000+3000+3000+1900 that was GAME RIGHT THERE.. and i should have blasted more for fun with CED effect!! it was hilarious!

Round 3 Me vs. dunno his deck, but his deck murdered the most frightened duelist to me.. so i was happy he eliminated this
guy for me :) but i was also afraid he will beat me easily.

Game 1 - it was kind of a brutal game for him. he caused his own death. I went second so i painful choiced 5 monsters
(dark magician of chaos, 2 thunder nyan nyan, mad dog, sinister) course he gave me sinister but the downfall of that is
because i knew he was smart enough to give me dark magician of chaos, but he didn't because he had a plan of his own! he
monster reborned it and got back monster reborn... he tributed it for another monster, forgot his name but it was from DCR,
and his effect is.. double the atk of the monster tributed. which made him 5600!! he atked me.. but i was still alived,
until i snatched it with an open field for the blow

Game 2 - he sided 3 drop offs, which probably helped him a bit, but he end up winning the second game easily

Game 3 - THIS IS THE BEST GAME I'VE EVER PLAYED!!! read this, its amazing! ok he basically did the same thing as game 2..
had monsters on the field and kept atking me.. until this moment! i had no cards in my hand and my lp was down to 1000,
i survived the atk, so it was up to this draw... i told him.. if i don't draw anything useful, then its game.. he had like
3000 something it was based on this final draw before i will come to an end.. me and him slowly talking... this is
it! u can't pull anything good.. i was praying and hoping... i knew if its nothing good, then its over! so here it goes
"YU-GI-OH! Believe in the heart of the card!" I believe, I believe, I believe... (just kidding i wasn't thinking of that..
but it so happens..) I DRAW.. and a cyber jar came up!!!!! yes.. maybe he will just atk me cuz he had only a card in his
hand, but i knew it wasn't easy, maybe raigeki will kill me.. but instead he summoned and atk the face down monster!
CYBER JAR! he got mad!! and we picked up 5 cards from our deck.. i had 2 1900 atkers on the field! he had one monster
forgot, but it was weak! so he end his turn, i had premature (NOTE I STILL HAVE 1000lp) so i drew, and i played Premature,
200lp left, got back a heavy hitter, and i finally changed of heart his card, and direct atk for the win!!

who would have thought! CYBER JAR SAVED MY ASS!! i can't believe it!!! i was so excited and he was like.... 200 lp left,
damn, u top decked Cyber Jar! IM like YEAH!! the heart of the card! he was shocked but did not look pissed.. just happy for
me because he couldn't believe i pulled something out to beat him! phew.. this was a close one!

after that round i was waiting for my next opponent.. so I asked the store owner which was Albert if i was in the semi's
yet.. because today there was a lot of people there so i thought it will take more than 4 rounds to win.. so he replied to
me, saying im already gauranteed 3 boosters pack, because im in the finals! YAY! i could earn myself 1st or 2nd.. So i
found out who i was facing.. it was the guy that beat me friend in the first round! so i knew i had to take revenge for my
friend, i had too..

Round 4 - FINAL ROUND - Me Vs. Magical Scientist deck

Game 1 - Pretty much a screw up for me.. my life points was lower than his, and i summoned CED, but didn't want to blow
it because i wanted to atk it and then blow it for my lp damage, but he ringed it! so basically i lost.. i knew i should
have blasted it, and depend on our drawings.. but i was stupid enough not to.. oh well he was using his mirage nightmare/mst
combo to have some hand advantage

Game 2 - This was probably more intense than i thought it would, because a lot of people standing around looking at this
duel, when it was just a slow, decision making duel.. damn i thought i won.. i had jinzo, reaper, and mad dog on the field,
and raigeki on my hand so i was ready to blow his lp, but it was his turn no monsters on the field, he had graceful, drew 3
cards, and morph his one star sinister to TER, took my jinzo and killed one more monster... and the unluckiest thing
happened.. if only snatch was creature swap.. i had to snatch TER and atk his lp direct and the others can't atk.. DAMN
THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN GAME! it was 100 lp left for him, he gains 1000, and kept gaining because my TER kept atking sinister
and i had nothing to remove anything since i can't atk with other monsters.. so he deliquent duo my hand, so he still had
2100, and then he snatched the TER i snatched.. so i gain lp but was down a monster.. i drew, and i knew i couldn't do
anything and thought it was over because my lp was 1100.. but he didn't pull anything and i had another turn.. it was a
bad draw, and had to end my turn with him just dumping his cards saying he won because he could do this and that, and i
agree because i couldnt do anything

so i came in 2nd, which is not that bad.. but oh well.... i got 3 packs so i decided to go for DCR since i missed the
whole series.. and i so happened to pull out two ultra rares, cost down and reflect bounder.. YEAH!!!

oh well here comes PROPS and SLOPS

- came in second place for first time - got reflect bounder and gave it to my friend since it was restricted to one
- CYBER JAR, for top decking when most nneeded, MY HERO!
- 2 CED 1 Black Luster with 1900 atk KO,, 9000 for the 3 chaos alone! unbelievable, who said u can't have 2 CED on the
field? LMAO j/k j/k
- i got 2 rare cards in one pack, and coounted and had 10 cards instead of 9 in that pack, so im assuming i got a free
rare card by mistake!
- Watch Bourne Supremacy afterwards

- didn't win the tourney.
- didn't come 1st place
- didn't fulfill my revenge for my friennd
- lost to a scientist deck! omg, well doone, that was the first serious scientist deck I've played so far
- made a bad choice not to blow up CED iin the finals when i should have
- arrived late to the movies and had to settle for the 4th row, which made me have a headache because of how close i was
sitting and because of the movie, which i think did a bad job of filming because it was shaking and shaking in most scene
so my eyes were hurting and it was making me dizzy.

Overall, it was a fun day for me, so to recap.. I earned 3rd place, and 2nd place so far, so i'm guessing 1st will come
the next time i join the tourney again... only been in tourney 4 times.... Thanks for Reading my tournet report! I
appreiciate your time, if you have comments or anything please feel free to email me at