A Chaos Control Destruction Deck-Brandon-Shumers Cards and Comics-Ohio

Tournament Date: July 30th 2004

Time: 1:00 pm

Cost: $5.00

People Attending=48


Prizes are as followed:

1st: 1 box and $20.00

2nd: 12 packs and $10.00

3rd: 6 packs and $5.00

All others: 1 pack

Deck Total=40 Cards

3 Monsters 5-8*


Black Luster Soldier-Envoy of the Beginning

Chaos Emperor Dragon-Envoy of the End

14 Monsters 1-4*

Yata Garasu

Tribe Infecting Virus

Magician of Faith

Shinning Angel

D.D. Warrior Lady x3

Witch of The Black Forest


Don Zaloog

Spirit Reaper

Breaker The Magical Warrior

Sinister Serpent

18 Magics

Snatch Steal

Change of Heart


Dark Hole

Harpies Feather Duster

Heavy Storm

Delinquent Duo


The Forceful Sentry

Pot of Greed

Graceful Charity

Mystical Space Typhoon x3

Painful Choice

Monster Reborn

Premature Burial

Nobleman of Crossout

5 Trap Cards


Mirror Force

Call of The Haunted

Torrential Tribute

Imperial Order

Fusion Deck:

Dark Balter The Terrible x3

Ryu Senshi x2

Thousand Eyes Restrict x3

XY-Dragon Cannon

Side Deck

Time Seal

Torrential Tribute x2


Royal Decree x2

Vampire Lord

Magician of Faith

Slate Warrior

Maurading Captain

Scapegoat x2

Solemn Judgment

Book of Moon x2

Now onto the duels…

Round One: Brandon (me) Chaos/Control Deck vs. Jason Exodia Deck

This kid knew how to play an Exodia Deck. Man… He already had 3 pieces from the first two turns. The thing that I remember most about this duel was that I got out CED really early because of Painful Choice. I discarded his cards (3 exodia Pieces) and some of his cards on the field. I had a sangan on the field so of course a yata lock won me the duel because after I special summoned CED, used his effect and got yata, It was all over.

Next Duel… He went first. He had a pot of greed and graceful charity real early. He then set a crap load of s/t on the field and ended. He stopped all of my spells with magic drains and an imperial order. I eventually Got out Jinzo and BLS and attack him directly. He used a painful choice on his 4 remaining exodia pieces and then later summoned Exodia Necross…crap!!! Later that duel when he had me pinned to about 1400-2000 I drew CED and removed dd warrior lady for the win.



Round Two: Brandon vs. Kid with Fiend Deck.

Wooah!… this kid had a great hand from the start. His second turn he got out necrofear x2 and a Terroking Archfiend. I stood no chance and didn’t get anything (as usual!). I lost this duel 8000-zip

2nd Duel, I got out Jinzo, BLS, DD Warrior Lady and a Dark Balter within 3 turns. Good eh? I beat the crap out of his spirit reaper in one turn and won…HA… I also used CED’s effect to see how much damage I could do…guess what… -6400 to 8000.

3rd duel, I crushed him in the first turn by using a Harpies Feather Duster and MST combo. I got out a Scientist and Got out Balter and then I used cyber jars effect. I got raigeki and some others. I removed his Necrofears with 2 DD’s and Got out BLS and attack all of his monsters in attack for the win.



Round Three, Me vs. a little kid.

I don’t really know how this kid got into the 3rd round but I know one thing. He has crappy cards. He drew all high level monsters and I yata Locked him the first round.

2nd Duel, Same as first. Yata Locked him.



Round 4, Me vs. Chaos Deck.

This duel was pathetic. I was crushing him within a few turns but lets see here. This guy can talk. He talked so much trash that I had to get the judge to monitor the duel. He still kept talking because he had both chaos monsters in his hand and eventually he was disqualified.


Round 5, Me vs. my best friend in the world, Daniel.

Daniel Runs the same type of deck as me. Almost the same cards. He Kicked my but with 3 spirit reapers and a vampire lord in the first round. All he did was delay the inevitable which was when I drew my Pot of Greed and drew my Magical Scientist and BLS. Cool beans, that meant that he was through. HAHAHAHAHAAAA…. Sorry Danny, Summon Scientist, SS Balters x3 and my BLS. Bye.

Next Duel, He came back this duel a little. He kicked the crap out of me with 2 DMOC and his crappy Dimension Fusions! I actually remember the LP score. It was 100 to 500 and we both had CED on the field. He didn’t want it to be a tie since neither of us could win and I didn’t want the tie, the same as him. I finally Drew BLS, removed his CED from the game and won.


Round 6, Finals, Me vs. The Store Owner with his stupid Light Deck.

I’ll admit it, he knows how to run a light deck better than I can run chaos. I was getting the crap beat out of me…Literally! So I went to the bathroom. Then I continued. He had 2 Blue-Eyes and Guardian Angel Joan. He had 12000 and something LP and I eventually Lost. Pooh…

2nd Duel, I got my CED after be trampled by his Airnight Parshath. He had about 12 cards in hand and an Infinite Cards on the field. I have no clue what Infinite Cards was doing in his deck???… I eventually Drew CED and wiped out the rest of his LP for a grand total of 4000 and something inflicted.

3rd Duel, I draw a Fabulous hand of CED, BLS and my favorite card for killing his deck, Vampire Lord. I get out vampire lord in the second turn and pick away at his traps. I use painful choice on 2 light and 3 dark monsters. He picks the dark monster…what an idiot! I delinquent duo him. Then next turn I clear his spells/traps with Harpies Feather Duster. Ya baby… you know what time it is…. I summon Yata Garasu, Special summon CED, BLS and then attack with them all (including Vampire Lord) for duel.

That was an easy last duel, I expected more.



My friends cheering for me

I got a misprint card. E-mail me to find out details.

I won 20 bucks J

I had beat my second tourney


I had to beat my friends

I had another Mirror Force Stolen from my little brother

By the way, I only post tourneys I do good in… so don’t expect a tourney report that I lost in the first round by a newb.

My e-mail address: SDarkMagicianBoy@aol.com

My name: Brandon